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  1. Well if nobodiy's interested in DIY flying saucers....
  2. Government-provided catastrophic healthcare?
  3. Genetically modified potatoes 'resist late blight'
  4. Watch this Giant Glacier break off into the ocean
  5. Transport Ethics
  6. The Myth of the Bell Curve
  7. Sunspot Returns With Year's Biggest Blast
  8. How to CURE Depression
  9. Man can HEAR colors
  10. Angry people 'risking heart attacks'
  11. Quad Machine Gun Helicopter
  12. The House votes to eliminate fine for failure to comply with individual mandate
  13. NASA rovers in search of intelligent budget
  14. 10 Science Myths That Won’t Go Away
  15. Yes, there WILL be rationing
  16. Big Government Will Help You Eat Right
  17. Neil deGrasse Tyson tells CNN: Stop giving ‘equal time to the flat Earthers’
  18. Great lecture on climate change
  19. thank goodness for microsoft
  20. Medical Marijuana college Project.
  21. Max, did you know of this fraud????
  22. Psychosomatic impact on health
  23. Big Bang Discovery ?
  24. Climate Change and Dr. Judith Curry
  25. When Robots Can Kill, It's Unclear Who Will Be To Blame
  26. 9 priests who were great scientists
  27. The Debate Is Not Over
  28. Good bye jobs
  29. Algae as oil
  30. How Obama care (The ACA) harms your children
  31. Puzzling unexplained scientific questions (humorous)
  32. A Tetrad of Lunar Eclipses
  33. A Limey view of Obamacare
  34. Worst U.S. cities for spring allergies
  35. The Cosmos: A Space Odyssey
  36. True Facts About The Octopus
  37. Legalize ketamine?
  38. EPA Conducting Human Experiments w/o Informed Consent
  39. Psychiatry – A Documentary On Pseudoscience
  40. The UK Socialised medical and welfare system: How it works.
  41. What is your measure of Health?
  42. Earthquakes linked to fracking?
  43. Tower pulls water out of air may save drought stricken lands
  44. US Navy and the Technology to Turn Seawater into Fuel
  45. Is global warming just a giant natural fluctuation?
  46. Global Warming Is Bullshit
  47. New taxes under ObamaCare
  48. Studies Show Marijuana Causes Brain Damage
  49. Making History
  50. Molecular Expressions
  51. Water and Air
  52. 47% Of The United States Has Absolutely No Inhabitants [MAP]
  53. Happy Earth Day
  54. A Train Lays its Own Track
  55. Rumblings ( mumblings ) on the sea bed
  56. The problems with implants
  57. Oh Poop.
  58. Emerging Technologies That Will Change the World
  59. Obamacare and Smokers
  60. Scientists Say Microchipping Won’t Be Optional
  61. Creationists Hit the Panic Button After Neil DeGrasse Tyson Demolishes Their Myth
  62. How To Uninstall McAfee Antivirus .
  63. China is building the worlds fastest elevator
  64. Asteroid buzzes the earth
  65. Germs, microbes, and other such things.
  66. Bitcoin Propaganda for Cthulhu and I
  67. Rice Theory: Why Eastern Cultures Are More Cooperative
  68. New Jersey abortion counselor films her own procedure for online film
  69. Cell Phones and Cancer
  70. Global Warming and Climate Change no longer in effect
  71. Neutrality of the net hurt of death
  72. Global Warming to Improve Living Standards?
  73. We Are Dead Stars
  74. Voyager 1 photo from 1990
  75. ‘World’s biggest dinosaur’ discovered in Argentina
  76. Want to solve the health care problem?
  77. Japan Wants To Put A Can on The Moon
  78. The argument about Global Warming is Over
  79. math problems many get wrong
  80. Critics call Obama funding plan for health insurer losses a bailout
  81. New GM tech forces seat-belt buckling before you can drive
  82. Confirmed: Urine is not sterile
  83. Solar roadways
  84. Up? You want to read this ASAP.
  85. Fluoride
  86. Losing the Moment
  87. Hubble, Journey Through the Orion Nebula
  88. Darkcoin is booming according to Wired magazine
  89. Medical isotopes
  90. Google Unveils Self-Driving Car, No Steering Wheel
  91. Mental Illness Test
  92. Gain of function and virus research
  93. The Canadian Arctic and an old mystery
  94. Uh-oh, I'm Screwed!: Cynical People 3 Times More Likely To Develop Dementia
  95. Stunning material .... Carbon is good
  96. Sea rise examined
  97. Female-named hurricanes kill more than male hurricanes
  98. A good reason for quarantine, and monogamy.
  99. Flu vaccine (Flulaval ) and mercury toxicity
  100. US meat processing regulations hurt localization efforts
  101. Cholesterol.
  102. Google Glass Detector Can Cut Off Glassholes’ Wi-Fi
  103. Our own health
  104. Study: 3 day fast can reboot immune system even in cancer patients
  105. Breaking on the VA medical care system
  106. Dunkin' CEO: Our sandwiches are snacks, not lunch
  107. Paying for Obesity
  108. Scientists recreate Spanish Flu virus
  109. VA system eaten by union crocodiles
  110. What if the Earth stopped spinning?
  111. Harley-Davidson goes electric with the LiveWire concept motorcycle
  112. Babe Ruth up to bat
  113. Silly Patients
  114. Pepper, robot that can read emotions, unveiled in Japan
  115. Arcosanti
  116. Technology and the way we use it evades the heavy boot of the State
  117. Mad Baby.
  118. Dr. Ben Carson's solution (same as GW Bush)
  119. Earth's magnetic field weakening 10 times faster
  120. Buzz Aldrin Opens Up About 'UFO' Encounter, Mars Colony Hopes
  121. Heritability Plays Key Role in Chimps’ Intelligence
  122. 5 medical studies you missed but shouldn't
  123. Scientists Are Beginning to Figure Out Why Conservatives Are…Conservative
  124. Stem Cell Research
  125. Weenie Problems
  126. Mini Ice Age?
  127. Our Golden Years are Tarnished
  128. Let's talk Fuels
  129. MERS may now be airborne
  130. Coming your way from Democrats
  131. Missed disaster
  132. Matter in motion
  133. Fusion power is coming:
  134. Women prefer larger government
  135. managing a farm pond
  136. My Criminal ????? brother, my doctor
  137. Holy Russia ... huge craters
  138. Infant's Life Was Saved by Cannabis, Mom Claims
  139. Illegal Immigrants and Infectious Disease
  140. How about a really kick butt electric car?
  141. Perseid meteor shower is back
  142. Scientists spot new objects beyond Pluto
  143. Way to capture Carbon Dioxide
  144. Is Yellowstone close to blowing it's top?
  145. Evolution and Woodpeckers ... very interesting
  146. Avouding High Crime areas- new phone app
  147. Some awesome hiking socks
  148. What you MUST learn about the ACA
  149. Anti-Obesity PSA Will Make You Want To Eat Healthier
  150. The Airglow Halo
  151. Fission to Fusion
  152. Marine life living on the exterior of the International Space Station
  153. Being Barefoot is Healthier
  154. TSA .... ooooops
  155. Iceland Volcano is erupting
  156. Earth quake report from Napa
  157. Can you tell me what this is?
  158. Ice Bucket Challenge anyone?
  159. Missing Malaysian aircraft --- this makes sense
  160. Global warming hoax explained in simple terms
  161. The roots of human altruism
  162. Climate skeptics corner
  163. Asteroid this weekend
  164. Biggest Dinosaur Ever?
  165. Laniakea: Our home supercluster
  166. Scientists Transmit Thoughts from one Brain to Another
  167. Beauty Pageant winner helps Diabetes cause
  168. Do we have a fish expert?
  169. Yahoo refuses NSA and gets $250k a day fine
  170. Apple gets a failing grade for Canadian geography
  171. Americans getting fatter and older
  172. Watch A Roomful Of People Condemn 5 Innocent Men
  173. NASA to award contracts to Boeing and Space X
  174. Blood test to check for depression?
  175. Drug Use Down
  176. The Emotion Code
  177. Apple's new encryption
  178. Artificial Intelligence may not care about human life
  179. Latest OS update
  180. Functional medicine
  181. Vaccination and death
  182. Chronic Lyme Disease - more junk science
  183. Need Health Info Please
  184. Internet Trolls Are Narcissists, Psychopaths, and Sadists
  185. How can they tell there is life on Earth?
  186. Everything you need to know: September equinox
  187. Harvest Moon Arizona
  188. Chief meteorologist- nature rules climate change
  189. Euthanasia and medical ethics
  190. Earth's Water Is Older Than The Sun
  191. Branching Carbon based molecules found in galactic gas cloud
  192. Medical ethics and untested vaccines
  193. This thread sucks
  194. Did life on Earth come from outer space?
  195. The man who gave us the multiverse
  196. Mother saves her daughters life ... touching and heartbreaking
  197. Do you honestly want your children taught common core? Think again if you do.
  198. Common Core faults Fully explained
  199. 10 things you should know about Ebola
  200. To survive we need 1M humans on Mars
  201. Why People refuse to purchase Obama-Care
  202. The origins of HIV
  203. 47 year old speed record by aircraft still stands
  204. Ebola A Nurses Perspective
  205. Stasis for space travel?
  206. Ebola: not contact only
  207. Watch This RAF Tornado Fighter Obliterate An Armed ISIS Pickup Truck In Iraq
  208. How to make a car in 86 seconds
  209. Ebola Medicine completely gone
  210. More than 12 meters thick to cover Earth
  211. Pbs
  212. The Imminent Decentralized Computing Revolution
  213. Stop Plastic Surgery
  214. The Bell Curve 20 Years Later
  215. What the World Eats
  216. Ancient Scottish fish 'first to have sex'
  217. 45,000-Year-Old Bone Pinpoints Era of Human-Neanderthal Sex
  218. Good advice
  219. Flu Shot......
  220. Folks, so you want to remove hair, eh? First read this.
  221. Question of the day
  222. A Handy Guide to Longer Living Through Science!
  223. Sugar
  224. Apps
  225. What Would Happen If You Peed Into a Particle Accelerator?
  226. 7 solar wonders of the world
  227. What we did to NASA was a disgrace!
  228. Ultimate limits of nature and humanity
  229. the bee's knees or bilateral knee replacements .....the adventure begins
  230. Rainbow
  231. Virgin Galactic Spaceship II- crashes
  232. Let's Talk Alcoholism
  233. Bark Lice Moving In Sync Provide An Interesting Look Into The Hive Mind Of Insects
  234. Don't Fart In The MRI
  235. financial help for cancer info
  236. Told the truth and now wants to apologize
  237. Company Refuses To Hire Medical Marijuana User
  238. Incorrect diagnoses in hospitals
  239. What do we know about Climate? Experts discuss
  240. Audi Creates Synthetic Diesel Out of Just Air and Water
  241. Pot reduces growth and halts progression of previously untreatable brain cancer
  242. The crystals that can clean the planet
  243. Obama knew he was lying
  244. High price of solar
  245. The Meaning of Human Existence
  246. Invisible shield discovered protecting Earth
  247. Turn off pain?
  248. ~~~ Computer Talk ~~~
  249. 10,000 decimal places - AH HAH HA HA HAAAHHH!!!
  250. World's Largest Solar Farm Becomes Fully Operational!