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  1. Xenotransplantation
  2. Hover boards.
  3. "The End of Doom": Ron Bailey on Why The Future Looks Pretty Damn Great
  4. Government-Run Schools Crush Innovation
  5. Elon Musk just unveiled the SpaceX spacesuit
  6. Much easier engineering.
  7. Cellular stuff.
  8. Brett's new science lessons.
  9. 3,700 year old Babylonian tablet rewrites history of math
  10. Birth of farming caused jaw-dropping changes to the human skull, scientists find
  11. Scientists discover lost languages at Egyptian monastery
  12. Eye Test Innovators vs Bottleneckers
  13. Cheap mass produced hard written dvds.
  14. Social media and sexual victimization
  15. Private companies drive the new space race at NASA center
  16. 3 mile asteroid to pass close to earth on Sept 1
  17. Nearly 400 new species discovered in Amazon
  18. eclipse from deck
  19. Footprint find on Crete may push back date humans began to walk upright
  20. What Would Happen If You Never Showered?
  21. Motorized nanobots could fight deadly cancers inside the body – study
  22. Star Trek's William Shatner Debates Safety and Space Trave
  23. Can You Get Addicted to Trolling?
  24. About global warming. How do we really know?
  25. About global warming. How do we really know?
  26. Melanoma treatment & research
  27. Please Answer Questions For Perianne
  28. Neuroanatomy and political beliefs
  29. Cassini’s 20 year mission ends
  30. Surviving an opioid overdose may soon depend on where you live
  31. New robot flies just like a bat
  32. Artificial sweeteners raise risk of type 2 diabetes, study suggests
  33. The Case Against Civilization
  34. World Without Mind
  35. Flossing
  36. Medical Professionals Who Refuse Care to Patients
  37. Brett's simplified equations.
  38. Millionaires Explaining To You Why A College Degree Is Useless
  39. Scientists just discovered the first brainless animal that sleeps
  40. Lunar village vision takes shape
  41. The Case Against Civilization
  42. C. diff
  43. Earth Had Life From Its Infancy
  44. Mars colonists could live in lava tubes
  45. NASA and Russia reveal plan to build SPACE STATION orbiting the MOON
  46. Forcing pharmaceutical companies to disclose what they pay doctors
  47. Scientists propose using a Nano-probe fleet to study asteroid belt
  48. Brain cells that control appetite identified for first time
  49. Mysterious Uranus and why we need to put an orbiter around*it
  50. Lockheed Martin unveils Mar lander
  51. Why Is Health Insurance so Complicated?
  52. How the 'Internet of Things' Will Change Everything: Backscatter technology
  53. Holograms.
  54. Micro-bot
  55. Modern humans emerged more than 300,000 years ago new study suggests
  56. Female brain reacts more strongly to prosocial behavior
  57. Female surgeons have slightly better outcomes
  58. Teleportation breaks and boosting.
  59. Massive feeding research project.
  60. Climate Change - on Mars
  61. Asteroid TC4, that just may hit us in 2079
  62. Washington policies drive rural hospitals in Texas out of business
  63. Smoke Detectors Have a 10-year life expectancy
  64. Failing Body
  65. These Doctors Got Fed Up With Insurance...
  66. The Democrats and incrementalism
  67. China’s 8.5 ton space lab will soon crash to Earth
  68. 2 5 Relationship between sugar and cancer is now clearer, scientists say
  69. Jet electronics - the stuff inside.
  70. Discovery of 50km cave raises hopes for human colonisation of moon
  71. Are 'Flatliners' Really Conscious After Death?
  72. The Beginning
  73. DNA damage found in veterans with Gulf War illness
  74. Epileptic seizures.
  75. I was invited to speak to high school students
  76. New Vaccine May End Pneumonia
  77. A mechanical keyboard I reviewed.
  78. Tech company workers agree to have microchips implanted in their hands
  79. World leaders rehearse for a pandemic that will come ‘sooner than we expect’
  80. Overdoses - leading cause of injury death in the United States
  81. The universe shouldn’t exist, according to science
  82. Why Opioids are such an American Problem
  83. Mysterious object seen speeding past sun could be 'visitor from another star system'
  84. Mitochondrial disease.
  85. Matter does not exist
  86. Solution for gridlock - autonomous flying taxis
  87. Microsoft Engineer Gives Up On Microsoft Edge Halfway Through Presentation, Installs
  88. US winter has shrunk by more than one month in 100 years
  89. Muscular Dystrophy.
  90. Multiple sclerosis.
  91. A.l.s.
  92. Mechanical engineering forumlas.
  93. A robot just got citizenship, and to celebrate it trolled Elon Musk
  94. GOOGLE Waymo Announces 'Fully Self-Driving Cars Are Here,' Taxi Service Coming
  95. Geothermal heat from nuclear energy
  96. The New SpotMini
  97. Slaughterbots
  98. Newly Found Planet Just 11 Light-Years From Earth Could Be Best Bet for Life
  99. Black Death pandemic?
  100. Electric semi truck
  101. Quantum mechanics or Quantum physics.
  102. Handing Out Needles Is Ridiculous
  103. Skull found in China could re-write ‘out of Africa’ theory of human evolution
  104. VA study shows parasite from Vietnam may be killing vets
  105. Why when I open another window...
  106. Liver Flukes from Vietnam may be killing veterans
  107. Ideal robotics ratios.
  108. Flies
  109. The Substitute Phone is designed to help smartphone addicts cope in their absence
  110. Revitalizing and body editing machines.
  111. Aids / hiv
  112. Moon Express says first launch is 'definitely' happening in 2018
  113. Search for Artificial Life
  114. tPF The real reason American health care is so expensive
  115. Rand Paul On Drug Reimportation
  116. Why cuteness wins over neediness when making charitable donations
  117. What If We Destroyed The Moon?
  118. NASA missed an asteroid that skimmed past Earth
  119. US military agency invests $100m in genetic extinction technologies
  120. 3.6-million-year-old human skeleton found, shocking scientists
  121. Paralyzed rats with severed spinal cords are walking again
  122. Huntington's Chorea Updates
  123. Found: another star system with 8 planets
  124. Analogue systems take two.
  125. Help needed: Phantom ‘no sender’ emails.
  126. Breakthrough Junior Challenge 2017 | Relativity & The Equivalence of Reference Frames
  127. Mysterious bright light over Palm Springs is from SpaceX rocket launch
  128. Global FREEZE lasting 120 YEARS threatens ‘more intense’ winters from 2019
  129. Existence of UFOs 'proved beyond reasonable doubt
  130. Restless legs syndrome (RLS) is real
  131. Survivalism
  132. Are Canadian Pharmacies the Solution to America's High Prescription Drug Prices?
  133. Complications of Pregnancy
  134. Chemical engineering.
  135. Vaping
  136. Climate Change Is Turning Green Sea Turtles Female. That’s a Problem
  137. Deep, buried glaciers spotted on Mars
  138. Possible Alien Artifacts in the King's Valley, Libya Montes, Mars
  139. Ms word question
  140. Scientists take a big step toward building a better opioid
  141. Salmonella Alerts & Recalls
  142. New blood test can detect 8 kinds of cancer early
  143. How faster computers gave us Meltdown and Spectre
  144. Saving Kids From Government Schools
  145. 1.7-billion-year-old chunk of North America found stuck to Australia
  146. Fatal Flu
  147. Diptheria
  148. The Y Chromosome Is Slowly Disappearing
  149. Tractor Hacking: The Farmers Breaking Big Tech's Repair Monopoly
  150. Dengue Fever
  151. 5 good reasons to go outside, even when it's freezing
  152. Curiosity’s five-year journey across Mars — in one stunning photo
  153. SpaceX Falcon Heavy Side Boosters Landing Simultaneously at Kennedy Space Center
  154. Scientists warn of unusually cold Sun: Will we face another ice age?
  155. Why the Disease Definition of Addiction Does Far More Harm Than Good
  156. ditching satellite
  157. What You Need to Know About Planned Parenthood
  158. Drinking alcohol tied to long life in new study
  159. Space X wants to beam Internet back to Earth
  160. Antibiotic Wipes are worthless
  161. This cartoon explains why predicting a mass shooting is impossible
  162. Low fat v. low carbs
  163. International team published road map to enhance radioresistance for space colonizati
  164. Scientists Make Major Breakthrough In Fight Against Alzheimer’s
  165. Stratolaunch Taxi Test
  166. Waymo 360° Experience: A Fully Self-Driving Journey
  167. Obamacare's More Popular than Ever!
  168. Scientists detect 'fingerprint' of first light ever in the universe
  169. Granting robots 'a body.'
  170. Photographic memories.
  171. Science & Medical Obituaries
  172. Nasa twins study confirms astronaut's dna actually changed in space
  173. Friedrich Nietzsche On The State
  174. MIT says we will have fusion power in 15 years
  175. Mysterious Object Stuns Military personel
  176. Worst Ever Listeria Outbreak on Record in So. Africa
  177. The Drake Equation revisited
  178. Climate science goes to court next week
  179. Oldest DNA from Africa offers clues to mysterious ancient culture
  180. Can we colonize Mars?
  181. Well done meat and blood pressure
  182. Flatearther Blasts Off in Rocket 1,875ft
  183. Why It Costs So Much To Eat Healthy In The US
  184. Best speech recognition software?
  185. Scientists 'Discover New Organ' in the Human Body ......
  186. Uber ends self-driving car program in California
  187. East African Rift
  188. Far out: Astronomers discover most distant star ever seen
  189. Cell phones and cancer
  190. Reforming Medicare
  191. 'Nightmare bacteria' spreading across the U.S. .....
  192. Is Humanity Unusual In The Cosmos?
  193. Lawyers rank highest on 'loneliness scale,' study finds
  194. US Phone Database to Fall Under Foreign Control, Unless Trump Stops It
  195. The case for sustainable meat
  196. Why Americans' life expectancy is getting longer
  197. 7 Tons of Beef Recalled, May Contain Rubber
  198. The Left's War on Science
  199. Fake pot likely tainted with rat poison kills 3, sickens 100
  200. Rare Earth Minerals
  201. 3D-printed public housing unveiled in France
  202. Risky Behavior? I am Going to Risk it!
  203. Green Haired Turtle
  204. NASA Is Sending Human Sperm Into Space .....
  205. A finger bone from an unexpected place and time upends the story of human migration o
  206. Casino hacked through aquarium thermometer.
  207. Warming, not cooling, donated livers may improve transplants
  208. A startling new discovery could destroy all those global warming doomsday forecasts
  209. Why nuclear fusion is gaining steam
  210. Youth serum / machine.
  211. Myth-Busting: Does constantly changing lanes get you there faster?
  212. Why Modern Life Is Making Us Sick
  213. U.S. Military Veteran Receives World’s First Total Penis and Scrotum Transplant
  214. Number of pre-teen moms in the US at a record low, CDC says
  215. Lab-Grown Meat Is Coming to Your Supermarket. Ranchers Are Fighting Back.
  216. What's a Greater Leap of Faith: God or the Multiverse?
  217. Had triple bypass surgery
  218. Woman’s Runny Nose Was Actually Leaking Brain Fluid, Doctors Say
  219. Falcon 9 Block 5 first launch & landing
  220. Kilauea volcano erupts on Hawaii's Big Island
  221. Bonding cool materials.
  222. Report finds cases of STDs reach all-time high in California
  223. NASA Mars Helicopter Technology Demonstration
  224. FDA approves 1st nonopioid drug to ease withdrawal symptoms
  225. Mechatronics.
  226. Doctor Accused of Giving Chemo to Patients Who Didn’t Need It
  227. Oxygen inna Universe
  228. NASA sending tiny robot helicopter to Mars
  229. Scientists discover new evidence of plumes on Europa- a target in the search for life
  230. Electromagnetic radiation from power lines and phone masts poses 'credible' threat to
  231. The Craziest Congressman In America
  232. Could recent supernovae be responsible for mass extinctions?
  233. Food science has a huge statistics problem. The solution, for now? Stop treating new
  234. Why antibiotic pollution is a global threat
  235. China to explore the dark side of the moon
  236. One Strange Rock
  237. Amazon urged not to sell facial recognition tool to police
  238. Spies Are Going After US Supply Chains, Intel Agencies Say
  239. Why is retirement so stressful?
  240. UFO stories get Tucker Carlson's full attention.
  241. Trees that glow in the dark?
  242. All life on Earth, in one staggering chart
  243. Opioids Are Now Responsible for 1 in 5 Deaths Among Young Adults
  244. Beauty products.
  245. A possible cure for Narcolepsy.
  246. Facebook gave user data to 'at least 4 Chinese companies
  247. Scientists created a psychopathic AI using Reddit images
  248. Scientists claim they can convert CO2 from atmosphere to gas
  249. Supplement: what can we trust- Labdoor
  250. Cut-Up Melons Sicken Dozens in Salmonella Outbreak