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  1. Corruption in Afghanistan Shows No Signs of Slowing
  2. Americans are sick and tired of the Middle East.
  3. Chinese Defense Budget Raised by Almost 12%, Now Topping 100 B
  4. U.S., Afghans agree on prisoner handover
  5. Greece Moving Toward Second Bailout
  6. US Preparing to Restart Military Aid to Yemen.....
  7. Al Queda Militants Attacked in Yemen
  8. American Is Held After Shooting of Civilians in Afghanistan
  9. Iraqi Militias Killing Alternative Teens
  10. Egypt Approves Virginity Tests for Protesters
  11. 16 Afghan Civilians killed by US soldiers: Did Obama Lost control over his fighters?
  12. Taliban Vow Revenge Over Killings.....
  13. Poll Finds Xenophobia, Anti-Immigrant Discrimination, Intolerance...
  14. Syrian Army Takes Northern Rebel Stronghold.....
  15. Militants Attack Afghan Government Representatives after Memorial for Slain Victims
  16. 1848 and 2011: Europe and the Middle East
  17. S.O.D. Safe After Truck Rushes Airfield.....
  18. Karzai Demands U.S. Troop Restrictions as Taliban Cancels Peace Talks
  19. The “family” revolution has been prepared in Uzbekistan
  20. Karzai Slams US: Massacre Suspect Flown Back to the US, Leavenworth Kansas.
  21. French Paratroopers Being Gunned Down in Possible Act of Terrorism
  22. Afghani Massacre Suspect's Identity Released.....
  23. N. Korea Says Rocket Launch to Proceed.....
  24. Ordos: The Largest Ghost Town in the World
  25. 2 Brazilian Women Kidnapped in Egypt's Sinai.....
  26. 'This American Life' retracts Foxconn report
  27. Gunman kills 4 outside Jewish school in France
  28. Russian Anti-Terror Troops Arrive in Syria
  29. 6 Countries Responsible for Weapon Proliferation in the World!
  30. Religious extremism in Pakistan
  31. French Slaying Suspect Dead
  32. ‘Destroy All the Churches’
  33. Justin Lin : World Bank executive.... and military defector...
  34. Japanese Ghost Ship Spotted Off Coast of Canada
  35. Reuters Reports Iran Has Not Decided to Build Nuclear Bomb, Probably Years Away
  36. Room for Debate: Islam in Marseille
  37. The Eurozone
  38. Royal Dutch Shell Trying to Figure Out How to Pay Iran 1 Billion it Owes
  39. US and China Coordinate Response to North Korean Rocket Launch
  40. Sarkozy join the club of Internet Regulators! Crackdown on internet in France Started
  41. Oil Discovered in Kenya
  42. Afghan Security Forces Kill Three NATO Troops in Separate Attacks
  43. US Seeks Missile Defense Shield For Asia and the Mid-East.....
  44. Merah Mailed Footage of French Murders to Al Jazeera Television
  45. Middle East Facing Water Crisis in the Coming Decades
  46. Death of Brit stirs intrigue in China
  47. Hundreds of Afghan Women Imprisoned for "Crimes" Such as Being Raped and Running Away
  48. Massive Afghan Terrorist Plot Uncovered
  49. The Afghan Girls Who Live as Boys
  50. Germany Finds Itself Back In World Power
  51. N.Korea Test Fires Short Range Missiles.....
  52. Iran Helps Syria Ship Oil to China.....
  53. Urine-Soaked Eggs in China; an example of Human Urophagia in 21st century
  54. Osama's Wife Admits He Was in Pakistan For Years
  55. Norway - A Successful Welfare State?
  56. Apple and Foxconn Reach Historic Labor Standards
  57. SOS Clinton: Time Running Out For Diplomacy With Iran.....
  58. Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Names Its Presidential Candidate
  59. Gulf State to Fund Syrian Rebels.....
  60. Eurozone Crisis not over
  61. Bin Laden's Family Arrested and Jailed in Pakistan
  62. US, Mexican Leaders Trade Warnings Over Gun Violence.....
  63. Commentary: Fareed Zakaria India, Please Don't Stand Up To Iran......
  64. Arab League Decides Syria is UN's Problem Now
  65. Why Are Liberals and Democrats Weak in Foreign Policy.....
  66. Syria Demands New Garntee to Pull Back Troops.....
  67. Russian Warships Launch Drills from Tartus.....
  68. U.N. Report: Happiness Is...World Socialism
  69. Denmark Moves Toward Renewable Energy
  70. The political prediction for Uzbekistan is not comforting.
  71. meanwhile, in Taiwan...
  72. Libya's Michael Corleone
  73. Eurozone, not so healthy; as I have said
  74. North Korea May be Planning Nuclear Test to Save Face
  75. UN Approves First Observers For Syria.....
  76. Empathic civilisation
  77. Talibans Strikes Across Afghanistan in Spring Offensive.....
  78. Karimov’s future son-in-law serves Kazakh “Big men”
  79. 1.5 Billion in Aid Released to Egypt
  80. Brilliant Taliban Leader Turns Himself in for $100
  81. Gang rape video goes viral, shocking South Africa
  82. India Tests Missile Capable of Hitting China.....
  83. Two more Tibetans Self-Immolate in Zamrgang
  84. Pakistani Women's Lives Destroyed By Acid Attacks
  85. G20 Doubles IM War Chest, Amid Fears on Europe......
  86. US odd man out at Latin American Summit
  87. Yemen's Ousted Leader Blasts Arab Spring Revolts.....
  88. Norwegian Mass Killer Anders Behring Breivik Trial Day Six Details
  89. US to defend Afghanistan for decade after drawdown
  90. The fortune of the Uzbek General Prosecutor became comparable to Karimov’s family ass
  91. China’s Rise, America’s Fall
  92. The fortune of the General Prosecutor has become commensurable...(part 2)
  93. AfPak - 2014 "withdrawl date" is BS
  94. North Korean ICBMs Believed to be Elaborate Fakes
  95. Kentucky Fried Chicken to Pay 8.3M to Poisoned Australian Girl
  96. New Violence Erupts in Syria as Rebels Launch Attack From the Sea
  97. Making Mitt Romney looks poor in comparison....
  98. Invisible Man Cast Shadow Over US-China Talks.....
  99. former head of CIA clandestine OPs: "how can it be more ethical to kill then capture"
  100. N Korea Jamming S. Korea Civilian Flights......Again.
  101. Interview with the Hungarian PM
  102. Why al Qaeda Is Unlikely To Execute Another 9/11
  103. Obama Spokesman on Syria CeaseFire: We May Have to "Admit Defeat."
  104. What Country Has It BetterThan the United States and Why?
  105. France Headed for a Socialist Leader in 20 yrs......
  106. What French Election Result Means For US and the World.....
  107. Putin Sworn in as President for Next 6yrs.....
  108. France Elects Socialist Hollande to Replace Sarkozy
  109. South Korea Moves to Stop Import of Chinese Human Flesh Capsules
  110. New Video of Warren Weinstein Taken Hostage by Al Queda
  111. US Foils Plot Involving Advanced Underwear Bomb
  112. Putin Tells Obama He'll Skip G8 Summit.....
  113. Syrian Oppsiton Chief: Annan Plan in Crisis.....
  114. Afghan police Shoot and Kill 2 British Soldiers.....
  115. New Russian Superjet Crashes into Volcano
  116. Obama Cheers Capture of Top Kony Commander.....
  117. The Fraud Of Austerity
  118. UN Investigating Weapons Sales between North Korea and Syria
  119. Meet the New "More Radical" Insurgent Group in Afghanistan.....
  120. Lockerbie Bomber Abdelbaset al-Megrahi Dies in Tripoli
  121. Afghans Karzai Thanks Obama For US Taxpayers Money.....
  122. TOP Commander of US in Afghanistan Says Troops Will Fight Thru to the End of 2014....
  123. Yemen Soldier Turns into Bomber: Kills 96 Soldiers.....
  124. US Ambassadors to Afghanistan and Pakistan Stepping Down.....
  125. US sends military aid to Yemen
  126. US Senators Penalize Pakistan For Jailing CIA Helper.....
  127. China's economy suffers 'sharp slowdown'
  128. Iran talks end in harsh lesson for west
  129. Egypt faces division in electoral run-off
  130. Nasrallah: Fences Won't Ensure Israel's Existence
  131. West Bank's economy at crossroads
  132. Palestinian prisoners take reins from faltering leaders
  133. Tunisian Islamists Shout Insults at Obama.....
  134. Dozens of Afghan schoolgirls hospitalized
  135. Mubarak verdict
  136. Emirates next to join Arab Spring
  137. A day in the life of Hosni Mubarak
  138. Egypts Dr Morsi announces his 17 pledges to voters
  139. Syria
  140. Israeli terrorists bombing Khan Younis
  141. US Commandos now parachuting into N Korea
  142. Weirdness in Politics, a mailed foot, and a porn star killer
  143. Protests Erupt in Egypt After Mubarak Sentenced to Life in Prison
  144. Stuxnet, Flame and ILOVEYOU2
  145. Big Ben to Renamed Elizabeth Tower
  146. Israel only for the 'white man'
  147. Tunisia to build fence on Libyan border
  148. Saudi Princess Tried to Leave Hotel Without Paying.....
  149. Saudi ties tongues of it's journalists
  150. Egypts run off
  151. Israelis firebomb apartment burning Eritreans
  152. Militants seize Tripoli airport
  153. Leaks Scandal Continues to Rock Vatican
  154. Three Months to Save the Euro
  155. Israel Would Be Justified in Launching Strike Against Iran.....
  156. US Losing Patience with Pakistan; Says Panetta.....
  157. 1000 Years of War in 5 Minutes
  158. Yemen calling for return of stolen land in Arabia
  159. Egyptian TV advert
  160. Head of Egypts judges
  161. Team Shafik
  162. Journey of Mankind
  163. Alberta residents angry after oil spills
  164. Egypts police
  165. Mubaraks funeral
  166. Eurozone Agrees to Bailout Spain.....
  167. Mob Attacks Egyptian March Against Sexual Harassment
  168. US, Pakistan Beginning to Look More Like Enemies.....
  169. Teacher who gave zeros won't appeal suspension
  170. Al Queda Issues New Bounties Ten Camels for Obama Twenty Hens for Hillary Clinton
  171. Rebels actually murderers in killings blamed on Syrian army
  172. Egypts run off
  173. Saudis Got Talent
  174. Another Wahabi liar MP exposed
  175. Saudi controlled Bahrain releases *11* year old *political prisoner* on parole
  176. British Convoy attacked by 'rebels friends' in Benghazi
  177. Vatican: US Saudi and Qatari funded 'rebels' expel Christians from Syrian town
  178. Saudia Arabia Approves 430 Million in New Aid to Egypt.....
  179. Food Prices in Northern Canada Spiraling Out of Control
  180. Exposed; Documented evidence of Israeli ethnic cleansing
  181. Russia Sending Attack Helicopters to Syria.....
  182. Red Cross in Misrata bombed by US and NATO armed rebels
  183. Shia Arabs Being Killed By AQ and Sunni Arabs in Iraq.....
  184. China breaks up arms smuggling ring involving US soldier
  185. UN Official Calls Syrian Conflict a Civil War.....
  186. Tunisia
  187. Obama honours Shimon Perez
  188. Greek Health System Crumbles Under Weight of Crisis.....
  189. Charge; Zionist grandee urged UK to attack Iraq on behalf of Republicans.
  190. Naif Al Saud dead
  191. China Sends First Woman into Space......
  192. Egyptian Court will decide on Tuesday
  193. Greeks Vote In Critical Election......
  194. Islamist claims victory in Egypt president vote
  195. Zionists violate Peace Treaty
  196. Greek Election did not save the EZ; it kicked the can down the road
  197. Report Russia to Send Marines to Syria.....
  198. Taliban to Ban Polio Vaccinations For Children......
  199. Neozionist squatters attack/burn Palestinian mosque.
  200. El Gharaini elected
  201. Pakistans Gilani
  202. Former Egyptian President Mubarak Dead.....
  203. Greek conservatives hope to seal coalition deal
  204. Spanish short-term debt costs reach alarm levels
  205. U.S.-Russia joint missile defense is only way forward: Putin
  206. Mubraraks HORRIFIC human rights legacy
  207. Outlook Darkens as Europe Sinks and China Struggles.....
  208. Syrian crosses into Israel from Golan
  209. Back off America! says Sandmonkey
  210. Women Play Big Role In France's New Cabinet.....
  211. Egypt: Possible re elections in 100 polling stations
  212. IMF Warns of Additional Tension and Acute Stress in EZ......
  213. Pakistan Judge Orders Arrest of PM Nominee......
  214. UN expert; CIA guilty of war crimes.
  215. Syria may have shot down a Turkish fighter
  216. US worried that Israel may strike Syrian WMD sites
  217. Israel Bombs Hamas Targets in Gaza as Truce Unravels......
  218. Islamist Morsi Wins Egypts Presidential Vote.....
  219. Iraq Insists It Has a Role In Syria's Future.....
  220. Egyptian beats pregnant wife to death for not voting for Mursi
  221. Egypt and US of AIPAC policies. Then and now.
  222. US Will Help Turkey Over Plane Being Shot Down.....
  223. Israeli ex-top diplomat backs boycott
  224. Libyan mess
  225. Friedman on the Stalled Arab Awakening
  226. Russia Said to Be Endorsing the Removal of Assad......
  227. Putin to ban western news papers in russia and block on - line sites
  228. Salafisms rise
  229. US Gives Exceptions to China Over Iranian Sanctions.....
  230. Another Journalist Sexually Assaulted in Cairo's Tahrir Square
  231. EGypt's New Leader Vows to Free Sheik Jailed in the US.....
  232. IN UK , Muslim immigrants " more British " than the British .
  233. Queers Against Israeli Apartheid
  234. Syrian Conference Leaves Question of Assad Open.....
  235. Mexico Returns Former Ruling Party To Power......
  236. Iranians Planned to Attack US and Israeli Targets in Kenya; Official Say.....
  237. Events in Asia thread...
  238. Who Poisoned Yasser Arafat ? Russia or Israel?
  239. Clinton Apologizes to Pakistan, Pakistan Reopens Supply Routes......
  240. A Fourth of July message from Iranian Americans.
  241. Palestinians Ready to Exhume Arafat's Body
  242. UK considering ban on produce from illegal neozionist squats.
  243. Wikileaks: The Syria files launched today
  244. Israel preparing for another attack on its neighbors.
  245. Trojan' software extorts money with fake legal threat
  246. Iran: We Can Hit 35 US Bases In Minutes......
  247. American political debate has become boring compared to the developed nations
  248. Canada pledges another $227M in aid to Afghanistan
  249. Crime in Canada is Out of Control
  250. Still think Ahmadinejad isn't a tyrannical anti-Israel nutjob?