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  1. Why this guy has a following is a mystery
  2. Do Christians, Jews and Muslims...
  3. who is this man?
  4. Shanah Tovah!
  5. The end times and the mark of the Beast for Christians.
  6. God and tyrants
  7. 'Either You Convert to Islam, Or You Will Be Beheaded'
  8. On Identity
  9. Is it moral to punish innocent people for the sins of their governments?
  10. Do Conservatives lack Freewill
  11. Mr. Evil's OT Homework.
  12. A Palestinian Christian Cry for Reconciliation ... Sabeel
  13. What happens now in the pilgrimage?
  14. Rand Paul at Black Pastor Conference
  15. Russell Brand talks to Alex Jones
  16. Evidence for a Global Flood
  17. Supreme Leader’s Hajj Message
  18. Wisdom from the Tao Te Ching for modern libertarians, anarchists and voluntaryists.
  19. knowledge and human nature
  20. Catholic soldiers of god.
  21. Homeschool family produces youngest female physician in the US
  22. The Event of Ghadir and its Importance
  23. Is government amoral?
  24. 4 coming blood moons
  25. What God ?
  26. The horoscope
  27. nine facts
  28. Why are Jews so disliked?
  29. Revelation 16:3 -- Red Tide
  30. Libertarian Moral Standards Apply to Everybody
  31. Inspiring religious music.
  32. Cast me not into the 'LAKE of FIRE'!
  33. Who has influenced you most?
  34. Mister D, I had a very interesting talk with a Trukish Christian.....
  35. Misunderstanding Buddhism
  36. Unschooling
  37. Buddihism and self involvement
  38. The Pope Denounces Modern Capitalism
  39. The Little Drummer Boy
  40. Pope Francis sets up Vatican child sex abuse committee
  41. Utopian or Tragic View?
  42. Atheism Is Punishable By Death In These 13 Countries
  43. Ask An Asatruar
  44. Religious Misinterpretations!
  45. Odin and Gungnir
  46. The Great Equation
  47. Rise of Satanism
  48. The Overman
  49. Not bad for a dumb redneck
  50. Devine Right to Rule.
  51. A&E’s Suspension of Phil Robertson All a Facade to Give Appearance of Support to Gay
  52. Have you considered Biblical Unitarianism?
  53. Confucius for Christmas
  54. For argument's sake
  55. The Religious Group
  56. Jesus Christ in Quran
  57. Hasidic Jews Protest Israel Military
  58. Book: Lessons from the Holy Prophet of Islam (s.w.a)
  59. Homosexuality in the bible
  60. Why Would Anyone
  61. Quote from Napoleon Bonaparte
  62. Faith and Science: Belief in God doesn't undermine evolution
  63. Aristotle quote that will be wrong in translation no doubt
  64. Antichrist and the Chinese Dragon
  65. Pastafarian Wins Election to Town Board and Takes Oath with a Colander on His Head
  66. Christian Anarchy
  67. Treatment for most of your diseases
  68. Wanted: A Catholic who can clear up some stuff for me.
  69. Pythagoras
  70. A Question for Christians
  71. Great Sermons
  72. ACLU sues Louisiana school board.
  73. Extremist Religion at the root of 21st Century wars
  74. The Ecological Model of Truth
  75. The gullibility of Christians
  76. Evolution/Creation debate - Bill Nye vs Ken Ham
  77. 22 Messages from Creationists To People Who Believe In Evolution
  78. Camel bones suggest error in Bible, archaeologists say
  79. Little Boy Urged to Attend Church........
  80. Nobilty and Sport.
  81. Sam Harris on Religion
  82. New Study: Babies Know Right From Wrong!!
  83. Rev. Billy Graham's "Message To America" ~ 95th Birthday
  84. Best Religious Television
  85. Question for our Jewish members
  86. How Christianity gave us gay marriage
  87. An ethical question
  88. Bible Stops Two Bullets, Saving Life Of Ohio Bus Driver
  89. Anthony Gill on Religion
  90. Op Ed: The real deal with Arizona bill and why it is important to libertarians
  91. Tell me true or false?,,,,,,why?
  92. Mathew Mcconoughey at the Oscars
  93. Religious liberty should be a liberal value, too
  94. Philosophical Legacy of Bakunin (par 1?)
  95. Da Mormonz
  96. Possession
  97. The philosophy of furniture.
  98. Islam and Mormonism
  99. Russell Brand
  100. If Our Founding Fathers Were All Christians, Why Did They Say This?
  101. God hates the World
  102. Was Jesus Horus, Buddha, Mithra, Prometheus?
  103. Red Meat Theory
  104. Bad Religion
  105. Every creeping thing that creepeth.
  106. Astrology
  107. Holy Communion and non-Catholics
  108. Morality as Religion.
  109. Hazrat Fatimah (A.S), the Islam’s Martyrdom Anniversary
  110. Paranormal thread
  111. To me religion is more! Not just faith in the Almighty.
  112. A blessed Palm Sunday to all who believe.
  113. The best ways to deal with ........
  114. Happy Easter
  115. Missouri High School Girl Yelled at for Carrying Bible
  116. Question for our Marxists
  117. Wearing My Religion on me Sleeve
  118. Second grade student says teacher took away her Bible during reading time .
  119. Antichrist's 'desire of women' in Daniel 11:37 et al.
  120. It's amazing to me.....
  121. Good-Evil vs Loss-Gain
  122. neo-Paganism
  123. Labeling and western propaganda.
  124. Jews.
  125. Harvard's satanic black mass to be held despite growing outrage
  126. On this Day In History: Fátima
  127. Another eye opener from the religion of peace
  128. Islam to blame for Boko Haram? Hell yes
  129. Brownie Points With God
  130. Amish "government"
  131. Enochian Magic if only things were more Negative I could post about it
  132. Aleister Crowley, Father of the 20th Century
  133. Satan beleives in you.
  134. Pregnant Pakistani woman stoned to death by family
  135. The Muslim Experience
  136. The Catholic Experience
  137. Blessed are the warmongers?
  138. Authority!??
  139. What Mormons believe about the Family
  140. Christianity with a backbone.
  141. The Islamification of Britain continues
  142. Social Darwinism
  143. Religious Right Plays the Victim
  144. The Runner-Up Religions Of America
  145. Hunting For a New Religion
  146. Happy Halfway to Christmas
  147. More Christianity with a backone.
  148. North Carolina Students Can Now Pray At School, Mention God In Assignments
  149. Interview on Christianity, Part 1
  150. Separation of Church and State
  151. PC crap that annoys me
  152. Explaining Geoism
  153. Freedom of religion! (Hobby Lobby Case)
  154. The one and only photograph of Aiwass.
  155. A story that has several levels of truth.
  156. A real siddhi demonstrated in India.
  157. An opponent's plea to Hobby Lobby
  158. Anyone interested in Gematria?
  159. Thelema in Hollywood.
  160. Magick is a mirror: test if one is evil.
  161. Where did Thelema really originate? Not with Crowley!
  162. When Man is the Measure of All Things
  163. Why Multiculturalism is Regressive
  164. The game! Good or bad hand.
  165. The true history of atheism
  166. How Americans Feel About Religious Groups
  167. The Right to Be
  168. Why did you choose your religion (or lack thereof for the atheists/agnostics)?
  169. So I have had a chance!
  170. The Demon of Man.
  171. INTELLECTUAL CONVERSATION: “Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Sam Harris and Ayaan Hir
  172. Bachmann on blaming child sex crimes upon gays
  173. The Books of Adam & Eve
  174. IRS vs Churches
  175. Does Satan exist?
  176. Howard Stern on religious kooks
  177. State and Society
  178. Mister D
  179. Julius Evola's Anti-Semitism
  180. The Left’s Selective Defense of Conscience Rights
  181. What do you think about Shia?
  182. What do you think about Quran?
  183. Isn't this taking Atheism Too Far?
  184. I'm bored, anyone up for some Illuminati talk?
  185. God or Country?
  186. Many religions heavily concentrated in one or two countries
  187. The Republicans' Guide to the New Testament
  188. Russel Brand's Solution to Our Problems
  189. Happiness in Marriage or any other Relationship
  190. Atheist Air Force airman barred from reenlisting for not swearing "so help me God"
  191. Why is your God(s) the real and true God?
  192. Are your eyes beautiful or ugly?
  193. Why I Can't Believe
  194. Does the Bible Endorse American Capitalism or Favor Communist Central Planning?
  195. Happy Rosh Hashanah!
  196. The “West” should be forgotten
  197. How have your views changed?
  198. Writer finds no mention of Christ in 126 historical texts and says he was 'mythical'
  199. A Church for Libertarians :D
  200. What a coming Muslim UK looks like
  201. Question for atheists
  202. The Bible and It's Translations
  203. Shia Muslims celebrate Eid Al-Ghadeer
  204. The UK is losing its fight against Muslims
  205. Islam - a cult of evil
  206. Socialism vs Communism
  207. The Fourth Dimension
  208. Catholic Bishops say NOPE
  209. The First Federalist: Johannus Althusius
  210. Are Factual And Religious Belief The Same?
  211. LDS Garments are not magical
  212. Today's Religion Topic: Mormonism
  213. Ask A Pagan!
  214. Revolution, Evolution or Revolutionary Evolution?
  215. Are our religious identifications little more than ingrained responses?
  216. The Vatican Must Understand That All Families Are Families
  217. National Cathedral to host Muslim Friday Prayers
  218. The House, November 13, 2014
  219. Mercy and compassion
  220. Baptist conservative pastor visits Nordic countries
  221. The day you meet GOD
  222. Nathaniel Branden, R.I.P.
  223. Path to Enlightenment
  224. Question for biblical scholars
  225. A journey through Christmas!
  226. The Pope offers Olive Branch to American Nuns.
  227. The Greatest Story ever told revised. (BETTER SONGS)
  228. Site of Jesus' trial in Jerusalem: Herod's Palace remains 'found near Tower of David'
  229. Neil deGrasse Tyson: Intelligent Design
  230. If there is a creator... why is that creator the unique creator?
  231. The Green Arrow Went to Mass Today
  232. Duke University Allows Muslim Call to Prayer
  233. Was Pope Francis condemning birth control
  234. Should Nursing Home Staff Preach Religion?
  235. New Baby Congratulations
  236. WHy the women of the near east should have an olympics!
  237. What Is True Evil?
  238. How to read languages.
  239. The origin of God.
  240. Catholic Priest asks members why young people don't come to church...the results are
  241. The Islam Thread
  242. Literature science.
  243. Life orientation - just do it!
  244. Oklahoma Bill Would Require All Marriage Licenses To Be Issued By Religious Clergy
  245. Cartoons that caused the deaths in Paris
  246. Bridging of Islam and Christianity.
  247. The ten spheres of life.
  248. What scares the new atheists
  249. US Population Turning Away From Organized Religion in Record Numbers
  250. Favorite religious songs