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  1. Minorities
  2. Want to Stop Racism in America? Arrest Barack Obama
  3. Homer: The European Bible
  4. Why There Aren't More Female Scientists
  5. Black Prep School President Steps Down After Mocking White Classmates
  6. 60 years later little has changed
  7. The Sadness Aesthetic Among Girls
  8. Mixed Race Families
  9. Racism
  10. WHITES Least Racist, Most Generous Group in History......
  11. Hitler comes around to multiculturalism!
  12. European Court: Gay Marriage is not a Human Right
  13. Are Jews to Blame for America's Troubles or is it Coincidence?
  14. What if a White President Doubled the Stock Market...?
  15. The day of irony.
  16. Something funny.....
  17. Putin on minorities.....
  18. Impeach Obama
  19. Does the racial makeup of the police department matter?
  20. Another Black youth shot by police during "An Investigative Stop".
  21. Black Power v. White Power
  22. Black Power v. White Power II
  23. Don't think there's Racial Bias in News Media and The Justice System; Explain This
  24. Why Isn't the NRA Defending Ferguson’s Blacks?
  25. My Preference for Peaceful Segregation...Adults only Please!
  26. Actor gets real on CNN about the dehumanization of black men
  27. Tiffany Mitchell On Witnessing Michael Brown Shooting
  28. CNN Host: Nat. Guard Said ‘You Never Know’ What Ferguson ‘N*ggers’ Are Going To Do.
  29. Ukraine doll
  30. Check Out These Poser!
  31. The Do's and Don'ts of Dating
  32. Virginia's Former Anti-Gay Governor Is Living With A Gay Priest
  33. White man jaywalks with gun...guess what happens?
  34. Watch A Black Woman Smile In The Face Of Racism - Exposing Ignorance
  35. Baton Rouge cop resigns after he’s caught texting desire to ‘pull a Ferguson’
  36. The Root Cause Of The Black-White Learning Gap
  37. PMS ruins marriages? Junk science
  38. Okay --- former girlfriend with my daughter
  39. Genetic Study on Puerto Ricans
  40. May-December Relationships, What's Your Opinion
  41. How do I know Race Relations has changed?
  42. My 11-year-old has been exploring herself with my “back massager.” Should I stop her?
  43. A Closer Look at the Ferguson records for car pull overs by race & the results!
  44. Does porn have a place in your marriage?
  45. Feminism vs. Truth
  46. 'Dear White Racists' is One of the Best Explanations of White Privilege You Will Like
  47. Florida officer tases 62-year-old woman in the back just for the hell of it
  48. America By The Numbers, racial, cultural, and social landscape of the US is chaining
  49. Bar Under Fire for ‘Racist’ Dress Code
  50. The Israeli exception to US foreign policy advocating gay rights
  51. Video Shows NYPD Officer Hitting Teen In The Face With His Gun
  52. Calling All Cop Defenders - Calling All Cop Defenders - Calling All Cop Defenders
  53. Black Teen Pepper-Sprayed By Cops After Entering His White Foster Parents’ Home
  54. UPDATE: Family filed a lawsuit after police drew their guns, broke out a car window
  55. Question: How dead do you have to be before the "Peace Keepers" stop shooting
  56. White woman defends black man from police
  57. Video Shows Cop Stealing Man's Money, Then Pepper Spraying Him
  58. Black-painted faces at ASU game stir concerns
  59. Black mobs are creators – not recipients – of racial violence.
  60. “Dear White People” is the college movie of our times
  61. Nothing to see here folks, just White People Rioting
  62. This Weeks Addition - Racism is a thing of the past
  63. St. Louis Police Officer calls the job of Ferguson Activist to get her fired.
  64. One Lawyer's Fight For Young Blacks And 'Just Mercy'
  65. Would the US be a better place...
  66. Ancient Human Skulls Reveal When Europeans Could Drink Milk
  67. Without porn, the world would be a better place
  68. #Ferguson “Peaceful” Protesters Attack Young White Boy in Street
  69. Lena Dunham Sex Controversy: Want Female Opinions
  70. School District To Start Punishing White and ‘Black and Brown’ Students Differently
  71. The dark side of Hollywood
  72. The Racist Housing Policies That Built Ferguson
  73. Question: Why is it Black EYE Witnesses don't count?
  74. Five ugly and uncanny parallels between lynchings and police killings in America
  75. Body Shaming
  76. Gay Men and Misogyny?
  77. Ladies, What does your Anti-rape face look like?
  78. Good News for The KKK - Takes Back Operation KKK
  79. Guiana vs Dyson!
  80. Toni Morrison On Race
  81. Porn, and Sex Education
  82. This Teacher TAUGHT His Class A POWERFUL Lesson About PRIVILEGE
  83. Racism - A Must Read
  84. BREAKING! Marriage Equality Gets Green Light in Florida Per U.S. 11th Circuit Court
  85. Unarmed Black Men - A WebSite Born Out of Necessity
  86. #CrimingWhileWhite
  87. More Proof that Change Will Happen - Through The Pocketbook - Racism is Expensive
  88. O'Reilly vs Smiley! Who gave The better Arguement?
  89. Black/African Americans and Their Confrontations
  90. First Age Appropriate Bond Girl
  91. Being a cop showed me just how racist and violent the police are.
  92. Show Outright Defiance and Freedom of Speech
  93. Terrorism Directed at Alternative Sexuality in Chicago
  94. Tea Partiers Protest At White House: 'Hang The Lying Kenyan Traitor'
  95. AW, the Cwevewand Powice got their widdle feewings hurted!
  96. Politically-incorrect anti-feminism (this is awesome)
  97. Poll for Straight Males Regarding Sexuality
  98. Homophobia an extension of misogyny?
  99. Origins of sexuality
  100. Gender Neutral Parenting
  101. It's Not Empowering if You Kill Yourself! F-You Playboy
  102. What does this say about western culture?
  103. Russia says drivers must not have 'sex disorders'
  104. Squirting Is Just Peeing, Say Scientists
  105. How Black Middle-Class Kids Become Poor Adults
  106. Billy Crystal: 'Stop shoving gay sex scenes in my face'
  107. An amazing woman fields a troll on MLK Day and it was nothing short of inspirational
  108. White Man Astonished to be arrested for attacking a Black Man.
  109. Governments, Pedophiles...What's Really Going on?
  110. My Ex Gay Friend
  111. Gay Discussion - Being "In Your Face"
  112. The other "f-word"
  113. Straight People Problems
  114. When A Business Denies You Service
  115. White Male Problems
  116. Catholic problems
  117. Christian problems
  118. Bigoted angst problems
  119. How to stop racism.
  120. Age discrimination is a real problem for my generation
  121. In Defense of Polyamory
  122. This Weeks Addition in; "Racisim is a Thing of The Past - White Men Hunting Blacks
  123. Wife moving to Vegas
  124. The Most Common Type of American Terrorist Is a White Man With a Weapon and a Grudge
  125. Sex toy related injuries have surged since the release of Fifty Shades of Grey
  126. Black Girls Are Being Pushed Out of School
  127. Women's Ideal Body Types Throughout History
  128. Racism At Its Finest: Fund Set Up For Alabama Cop Who Paralyzed Innocent Grandfather
  129. Perth Now on Google Play Newsstand: Teacher spared jail after sex with pupil
  130. Group marriage and civil living contracts
  131. Remembering the First Pair of African-American Sisters to Take Tennis by Storm
  132. When Whites Get a Free Pass
  133. "Same-Sex Couples May Soon Be Able to Produce Biological Children"
  134. I can't believe this just happened
  135. A Really Good Message to ALL Our Racist - Signs of CHANGE
  136. Yes, we fear the police. Here’s why.
  137. Pro-LGBT Anastasia Smirnova fled Russia
  138. Whites being targeted?
  139. One Step at a Time - The Racist are taken Down
  140. Black History Month: The Good Stuff
  141. So I was tagged a Racist in the Thread: Whites being targeted?
  142. Tea Party Is ‘Bald-Faced Racists'
  143. The big “fuck buddy” lie
  144. Indianapolis Park incident involving beating of young girl and her brother
  145. We need more whites to speak out like these ones.
  146. Let's Talk Privilege: What It Is, What It Isn't, and Why You Have It
  147. Heather really wanted a father, not a second mom
  148. If You Were Cloned
  149. How often do you have sex?
  150. Girl Or Woman?
  151. Race relations return to normal in St Louis
  152. The Truth About Homosexual Marriage
  153. Giving women more choices regarding abortion.
  154. First kiss and meaning
  155. Where is the outrage! Where is the Gay Mafia?
  156. Why Feminists Are Humorless
  157. Adoption vs. Ward of the State
  158. Sorry, ladies, but it's all your fault
  159. Rubio: "Being gay is not a choice"
  160. 'Straight Pride' Posters Appear On Ohio's Youngstown State University Campus
  161. Ted Cruz Will Take ANYONE'S Money!
  162. THIS Is What Should Be...
  163. Worst Arguments Against Gay Marriage Evah!
  164. If Women's Roles in Ads Were Played By Men
  165. Log Cabin Republicans Accused Of 'Bullying,' 'Shaming' Their Way Into Western Conserv
  166. Marriage Facts For SCOTUS
  167. Gay Businessman apologizes for Co-Hosting event for Ted Cruz
  168. Anyone Remember James Boyd?
  169. Don't Judge Blacks Differently
  170. 'Brokeback Mountain' Writers to Pen Film Based on Father's Cross Country Walk in the
  171. Breeders vs. Faggots
  172. Here, Some are starting to wake up, the free stuff is not really free
  173. Kiss Cam History at Dodgers Stadium!
  174. supreme court rejects sex change appeal
  175. Nebraska woman attempts to sue all homosexuals
  176. New Research Further Debunks Regnerus Study On Gay Parenting
  177. Texas Preparing to Defy Supreme Court on Marriage
  178. Missouri wrestler infected gay sex partners with HIV after diagnosis
  179. Hooray! It’s International Masturbation Month
  180. FDA proposes 1-year abstinence for gay, bisexual men to donate blood
  181. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton Won't Answer Direct Questions On SCOTUS/Same-Sex Ma
  182. 6 amazing penis facts
  183. Would you marry (or life partner) outside of your race?
  184. This Woman Got Pregnant from Having Anal Sex
  185. In first, federal bill seeks to ban ‘ex-gay’ therapy
  186. Texas Republican Comes Out For Gay Marriage As State House Passes 'Pastor Protection
  187. Boy Scouts President Calls For Ending Ban On Adult Leaders
  188. Girl Scouts welcomes transgender girls
  189. Majority Of Republicans Would Attend A Same-Sex Wedding
  190. Laws to Stop Marriage Equality Grow Increasingly Weird
  191. Gallup Poll: Approval For Same-Sex Marriage Reaches New High
  192. What does it mean to be "openly" gay?
  193. Jindal faces backlash over religious freedom order
  194. TEXAS: Lawmaker Vows To Kill His Own Bill Rather Than Allow Anti-Gay "Defy SCOTUS" Ma
  195. Vatican cardinal calls Irish gay vote ‘defeat for humanity’
  196. Well, it happened ... Father marries son
  197. This photo captures the essence of the Anti-Islam frenzy.
  198. Director of the National Spelling Bee nails it when dealing with bigot
  199. World's First Girls' Tackle Football League
  200. President Obama Proclaims June 2015 "LGBT Pride Month"
  201. Girls and Legos
  202. Gay Marriage News Watch: TN, TX, NC, AL - VIDEO
  203. Dating.
  204. Travis County Clerk’s office plans to extend hours if Supreme Court ruling is favorab
  205. Another Big Leap In Equality
  206. HIV risk among young gay, bi men tied to societal issues
  207. Gay Days!
  208. Amendment for same-sex VA benefits fails in Senate
  209. Sad Stat In Japan: Quarter Of Its Men Still Virgins
  210. Jerry Seinfeld On Diversity In Comedy: "Who Cares? Are You Making Us Laugh Or Are...
  211. Pornhub Crowdfunds First Porn Shot In Space
  212. What Sleep-Related Erections Say About Your Health
  213. Arizona bar apologizes to transgender woman for alleged discrimination
  214. Rep. Ramon Romero Refuses to Allow His Bill to be Hijacked
  215. "Nail in The Coffin" Restoring Marriage To A Respectable State
  216. Mexico Supreme Court Legalizes Gay Marriage
  217. "We'll Never Understand" -- Really Nikki Haley?
  218. One Million Moms Protests Chobani's Sinful Lesbian Yogurt
  219. Tex. Supreme Court: atty. general lacks standing in same-sex divorce
  220. Florida police murder black computer engineer as he listens to music; attempted cover
  221. New ways of combating racism.
  222. Why in the world would anyone associate that confederate rag with racism?
  223. John Oliver shows why the internet is a terrible place for women
  224. Michigan to get out of the Marriage Business.
  225. Poll: Bad news for gay marriage opponents
  226. A black man and a white woman switch mics, and the result is amazing
  227. Today's addition in; Racism is a thing of the past.
  228. Imagine if we could be more open about our fantasies
  229. Misty Copeland makes history as first black principal dancer at Amer Ballet Theatre
  230. Why don't black people play hockey?
  231. What is this Nation coming to? Black teacher hits White student...
  232. anti-transgender tries to buy off girl scouts with $100k- told to take a hike
  233. Country’s First Gay Divorce Firm Opens In Philadelphia
  234. True freedom at last: Montana man inspired by same-sex marriage ruling requests right
  235. Is homosexuality a choice or hereditary?
  236. White Privilege, Racism, White Denial & The Cost of Inequality - Open to Everyone
  237. How I found out my partner was gay
  238. Civil Discussions on Privilege allowed to be derailed.
  239. Cartoon: Harmless bit 'o heritage
  240. The plague of angry white men
  241. Carolina Beach changes town policy after lifeguard flies LGBT flag off stand
  242. Don't GOPers Understand the Confederate Flag Is 'An Insult?'
  243. Gunning for Gays?
  244. Why do (some) lesbians use penis shaped dildos?
  245. Why don't Semi Bald Men shave all their hair?
  246. Serena Williams Drinks, Bathes In, And Makes Lemonade with White Tears
  247. This is what 'black privilege' looks like
  248. Elizabeth Warren lashes out at racism and Republicans who ‘cower’ at Donald Trump
  249. A Black Man's Perfect Rebuttal to the use of a Confederate Flag
  250. More about The Heritage of Hate from North Carolina's KKK