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  1. This Weeks Addition in Racism is a thing of the past.
  2. Black officer helps white supremacist suffering from heat at KKK rally
  3. Muslim Charities Just Raised Over $100k to Rebuild Black Christian Churches
  4. $2 million payout to minorities who faced "intrusive and intimidating compliance"
  5. Guy Trolls KKK Marchers With Tuba
  6. WATCH: NYPD officers beat young black man who had his hands up over allegedly-stolen
  7. How Do I Know When I've Found My G-Spot? 5 Steps To Finding The Most Elusive Part Of
  8. Female Orgasm May Be Tied to 'Rule of Thumb'
  9. Pride event bans drag queens performing because ‘they might cause offence’
  10. Is YOUR penis 'good looking'?
  11. Latest poll of African Americans: Hillary 82%, Sanders 6%, Webb 3%
  12. Ohio State QB Shuts Down Fan Who Told Him To Stay Out Of 'Black Lives Matter'
  13. Math and sex
  14. Straight Marines Strip Down, Get Homoerotic To Fight PTSD – VIDEO
  15. Boy Scouts to End Ban on Gay Adults Tomorrow
  16. Alabama Gay Marriage Plaintiffs Finally Adopt Child, Celebrate Victory Over Roy Moore
  17. Georgia men crash black child's birthday party threatening to "kill y'all n*****s."
  18. This Weeks WTF ...
  19. Arizona Cardinals make former Texas Revolution player Jen Welter a training camp ass
  20. Black women start a fight in line at EPCOT Center
  21. Today's (July 28th 2015) WFT
  22. The video of police killing of Sam Dubose is apparently so bad ....
  23. ‘Quit faking': Police ignored Native American woman’s pleas for help before she died
  24. Gays and Paedos
  25. Why Aren’t We As Universally Outraged Over Sandra Bland’s Death As We Are Over Cecil
  26. Texas Gay Rodeo Event Features Cowboys, Cowgirls -- And A Few Campy Twists
  27. First Openly Gay Navy SEAL Says He Feared Anti-Gay CIA Workers Would Kill Him in Expl
  28. Police Shootings Won't Stop Unless We Also Stop Shaking Down Black People
  29. White American male with a weapon who believes in his own superiority ....
  30. Cop follows black family home, terrorizes them at gunpoint.
  31. Scott Walker Outlines How He’ll Keep LGBT People Second Class Citizens As President
  32. Reporter expelled from public university ‘Black Lives’ event for not being of ‘Africa
  33. Warning: Blacks are ‘worse than just about ever’ because Obama ‘set a very low bar’
  34. The Ghost Of Ronald Reagan
  35. City pays out $130k settlement for this 2013 action by "Admirable" Cop
  36. Dear White America: Your Toxic Masculinity is Killing You
  37. How do you know Barack Obama has finally gotten the best of the Hate Crowd
  38. Race Baiting 101
  39. In my Life time, JUST 50 Years Ago, On March 7, 1965
  40. White Fragility
  41. Christian Taylor killing ~ Cop who killed the unarmed black is Fired
  42. White man threatens to kill cops, knocks cop out, injures 7 other cops, gets arrested
  43. Michael Sam, first openly gay American Football player, leaves sport after mental hea
  44. Bernie Sanders takes Black Lives Matter activist up on offer to talk racial justice
  45. Nearly half of young people don't think they are exclusively heterosexual
  46. What is your problem with segregation?
  47. Why are Whites Still Pushing Segregation?
  48. What Internet Forum Racist don't want you to read ...
  49. Question for black people, or for Canadians...
  50. Today's Republican Math Problem
  51. Happy Womens Equality Day
  52. not racists
  53. Young black man jailed since April for alleged $5 theft found dead in cell
  54. Dad's reaction to son's doll purchase? Priceless
  55. A double standard
  56. Warning: Why is it racist to say ANYTHING negative about a black person?
  57. Of Mice and Masculinity
  58. Congrats Venus Williams
  59. Congratulations to the first two women to graduate as U.S. Army Rangers!
  60. A question of Trust
  61. Warning: White Methodist Minister, We are not brought up to discuss honestly our feelings.
  62. Here we go again ...
  63. Is This Why Blacks Dislike Police?
  64. Tennis star, slammed to ground and handcuffed outside midtown hotel by White Cops
  65. CA Police Ransacked Public Apartments Without Warrants Under ‘Neighborhood Blitz’
  66. tPF Now you know Why BLack People Vote the way they do ...
  67. Uber driver ‘called police after gay pair kissed in back of his car’ Read more: http
  68. Homophobic People Often Have Psychological Issues
  69. "My Police Academy Teaches the ‘War on Cops’ Myth"
  70. Pornography has a big race problem
  71. Doritos creates rainbow-colored chips in support of LGBT youth
  72. Ok The racist on this forum is going to love this one ... it's really Funny
  73. Traditionalists, you need to see this Facebook page.
  74. Men's rights
  75. Why Are Women Less Likely To Become Entrepreneurs Than Men?
  76. Jeb Bush: Win black voters with aspiration, not ‘free stuff’
  77. Bisexuality, and what bothers me about it
  78. Ain't that the Truth
  79. On women and objectification.
  80. How often do you have sex?
  81. Warning: The Epitome of White Privilege.
  82. Salvery Today, Muslims~E T Williams
  83. Where Christopher Columbus Isn't Welcome
  84. Forced marrage for children
  85. NBA player locked out of Jewelry Store - because Black
  86. QUESTION: Where is the Stand Your Ground and NRA Folks?
  87. Don't talk about his wife!
  88. Dog Whistle Politics
  89. Modern Educayshun
  90. Warning: Black Woman Poses As White Woman - Suddenly Job Offers Come Tumbling In
  91. Why are white student unions creating controversy on college campuses?
  92. Warning: Louisiana Bar Stamps REGGIN on Black College Student's Hand
  93. Officer reassigned after calling Black Lives Matter protesters ‘fools’ in tweet
  94. Obviously not everyone is imagining a Race problem.
  95. We've been told repeatedly that if only Eric Garner hadn't resisted
  96. Warning: The Attack on Planned Parenthood
  97. Third world customs.
  98. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: What Donald Trump and ISIS Have in Common
  99. tPF What are racists ignorant of?
  100. tPF Why are People Dissecting the word RACIST as if they don't know what it means?
  101. Sam's CEO Under Fire For Racist Remarks
  102. tPF Homicide Leading Cause Of Death Of Young Black Men
  103. What Is Cultural Marxism?
  104. Hate
  105. Minority Monday.
  106. tPF Man Spreading
  107. White America’s ‘Broken Heart’
  108. Milo Yiannopoulos is my fucking hero
  109. Teens Arrested for Attacking Marine Won't Be Charged with Hate Crime
  110. tPF Stop Calling Everyone a Bigot
  111. Stop Acting like a Bigot and saying Bigoted things and guess what happens?
  112. What Is "An Honest Discussion About Race" ?
  113. 51 years ago today, we said a prayer before setting out from Brown Chapel
  114. tPF Race: Take Two
  115. Warning: Is it wrong/evil or not?
  116. What KKK?
  117. Race: Final Take
  118. Race: Take Infinity - More White Americans acknowledge racism as a national problem
  119. tPF Joe's Crab Shack Under Fire for Using Photo of Black Man's Hanging as Table Decor
  120. White voters hope Trump will restore the racial hierarchy upended by Barack Obama
  121. Does White Nationalism = Racism ?
  122. TRUMP: "Laziness Is A Trait In Blacks."
  123. "I am f*cking white"-- acid-dropping Trump supporter freaks out
  124. White Trooper Pleads Guilty in Shooting of Unarmed Black Man
  125. Cultures of the world.
  126. Sociology.
  127. Voter ID horror story: NC poll workers forced brown-skinned couple to take a ‘spellin
  128. Nixon Aide Admits Drug War Was Meant To Target Black People & Hippies!
  129. Black SFSU employee and student assault white man
  130. More Than One Medical Student At UVA Believes Black People Don't Feel Pain
  131. Porn is boring and mentally damaging. No wonder we're turned off
  132. Syphilis & other STD's
  133. Cops Taunted Black Veteran as He Died
  134. tPF College Kids Say the Darndest Things: On Identity
  135. Would You Send Your Daughter into the Men's Bathroom?
  136. Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl?
  137. Asexuality
  138. Why Are Blacks Leaving Liberal Cities?......
  139. False Reports of Hate Crimes Beset College Campuses
  140. Racial Tensions of 2016 and the Myth of Irish Slavery
  141. BLM Must Change Tactics if it Wants to Be Respected
  142. Why a housing scheme founded in racism is making a resurgence today
  143. Report: Black America doing much better than 40 years ago
  144. You Might Be a Sexist If...
  145. tPF The New West
  146. This is Great: Woman learns her parents are right wing racists.
  147. Alan Dershowitz: "Black Lives Matter Is Endangering The Fairness Of Our Legal System"
  148. Backlash: Nearly a Dozen States Sue Obama Admin Over Bathroom Mandate.....
  149. 3 white football players allegedly rape black special needs teammate with coathanger
  150. Hollywood Pedophilia Controversy: ‘I Would Love to Name Names’.....
  151. tPF The Forced had of Morality!
  152. What's Wrong With Social Equality?
  153. All access bathrooms.
  154. PopQuiz: School Year starts w/ 3 Teachers, 1 gets fired for Racism, how many remain?
  155. X Men Ad: Casual Violence Against Women......
  156. The left claims that there is no gay agenda
  157. What is LOVE?
  158. Warning: How I Became a Feminist
  159. tPF If boys can be girls is it time to end Title IX?
  160. After Being Rejected For A Booking Because Of His Race
  161. This is what Donald Trump’s talking about, people like you!
  162. Causes and results: Homosexuality
  163. The Strap-on...
  164. How to live within a polyamorious relationship.
  165. The rise of STD'S in senior citizens.
  166. The Official Black Experts Thread ...
  167. Hyper-masculinity and social rejection are responsible for violence in the U.S.
  168. The constitutional argument for marriage equality
  169. Fox Sports Reporter Fired For Cringeworthy Racism (VIDEO)
  170. Black Man wearing $250 Wool Herringbone trousers told his pants were "too street"
  171. Pittsburgh woman sues former employer; says she was fired because she's white
  172. Warning: You deside
  173. "Make America White Again" campaign sign in Tennessee
  174. The Washington Post: I'm happy my husband married 'the other woman'
  175. I've been trying to tell yea this for a long time ... mind your own F'cken Business
  176. "Because we’re magic doesn’t mean we’re not real"
  177. If you hate Muslims .. are you a racist?
  178. Revealed: Jack Daniel was taught by minister’s slave how to distill signature whiskey
  179. tPF Why Don't Feminists Fight for Muslim Women?
  180. tPF The Marines just took ‘man’ out of 19 job titles, and people are losing their minds
  181. Police called when 9-year-old uses the B word
  182. Survey finds excess health problems in lesbians, gays, bisexuals......
  183. What may be the high point of the Obama legacy.
  184. Stand Up if YOU Would like to be treated like Black People? No One Stood Up!
  185. All The Typical Excuses Captured in One Video ...
  186. Criticizing homosexuality now 'crime against humanity'?
  187. Bias in Police Use of Force but Not in Shootings
  188. Live Facebook video caught a Texas couple shouting racial slurs at an African-America
  189. Here are 23 ways that you can be killed in America, if you're black...
  190. If You Don't Want Police to Shoot You...
  191. Neil deGrasse Tyson: Dark Matters
  192. "White Boy Privilege"
  193. Right or Wrong, Why "BLM" Bugs Many People
  194. White America Couldn't Handle What Black America Deals With Every Day
  195. Racism is sad, but sometimes can be Funny
  196. Black Lives Matter protest in Wichita changed to cookout with police
  197. Thumbs Up for Obama: Thumbs Down for DC's Black Lives Matter
  198. Black cop who received racist "White Power" letter's wrote them
  199. "Slavery Denialism"?
  200. A Georgia town is sending police to black residents’ homes to challenge their voting
  201. Men, Want to Explore Your Bisexual Side? Here's One Way to Start
  202. Change to Bet On !
  203. Church does something pretty awesome with their 'Black Lives Matters' sign ....
  204. Identifying Sexism in Olympics Coverage
  205. Swift arrest made after black firefighter's house & pets burned down following racial
  206. DOJ Finds Systemic Racism in Baltimore PD
  207. Have you ever used your sexuality to get ahead...at anything?
  208. The Trump Standard
  209. Lgtbqqiaa
  210. White Male Privilege Is Why We Laugh At Lochte And Vilify Douglas
  211. "The result for them will be amazing"
  212. tPF Does black success matter?
  213. Trump to African Americans: ...
  214. tPF Baggy Pants!
  215. "Donald Trump" Visits Minority Neighborhoods
  216. Donald Trump can forget about The Black Vote
  217. Trump supporter gets schooled on the difference between the Donald and Martin Luther
  218. Warning: Alt Right
  219. tPF College lunacy abounds this fall
  220. Ladies: How often do you need to have sex?
  221. tPF Black Lives Matter
  222. tPF The gender toilet issue.
  223. Racism: What a Shame -- But, What an Amazing Amount of Support
  224. A 100-year journey: The National Museum of African American History and Culture
  225. Warning: White America, It’s Time to Take a Knee
  226. Silence is Complicity, Those Days are over for Black People
  227. tPF The Top 5 Issues Facing Black Americans
  228. White Man Shoots at Police, They Shot Him With Bean Bags.
  229. 400 Years Head Start And How White Wealth Was Created
  230. tPF A Thread About Race For Rational People
  231. Four simple and practical things black people can do...
  232. One thing we should all agree on ...
  233. tPF Whites in America!
  234. Donald Trump Refuses To Apologize To Black Community For Birtherism: ‘I Say Nothing’
  235. tPF Why? or What? causes certain Races to commit certain crimes at a higher rate?
  236. tPF White privilege me ass!
  237. Really? I'M Not a Feminist?
  238. tPF Most say race relations worsened under Obama, poll finds
  239. Donald Trump Says Central Park Five Are Guilty, Despite DNA Evidence
  240. Cop pulls over black teen, notices he is terrified
  241. Larry Elder has a quiet chat with piers Morgan~Fun!
  242. This is what wouldn't have gotten done if Barack Obama wasn't President.
  243. Cops Successfully Disarm A White Person Without Killing Them - Supplemental 10/18/16
  244. 13th - Excellent Documentary by Eva DuVernay on Netflix
  245. 61 Years Ago; Emmett Till was brutally slain in 1955 - and Today this still America
  246. The myth of "White privilage"
  247. Global Gender Gap Report 2016
  248. Warning: homosexuality goes against nature
  249. African American Voters have the power to stop Trump
  250. Female masturbation can apparently open ‘a portal to hell’