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  1. Obama Budget-Smoke, Mirrors And Another Tax Hike
  2. Apparently it is hard to get states to agree to their demise!
  3. How do you write out 3.77 trillion?
  4. 4-year-old picks up Gun and fatally shoots officer's wife
  5. Background Check agreement reache
  6. Post office drops plan to end Saturday delivery
  7. Oklahoma grandmother uses u-lock to lock her neck & head to Keystone XL construction
  8. 6 Ways Obama's Budget Is Worse Than Everyone Thinks Read More At Investor's Business
  9. Is The One Percenter In Chief Throwing Grandma Under The Bus With His Budget?
  10. Central Park Five (the Central Park Jogger Case) Doc by Ken Burns
  11. US teens show how not to be sociopaths
  12. He Should Have Gotten A Medal
  13. Amnesty--Now Obama Throws Black Folks Under The Bus
  14. US Retail Sales Drop
  15. Abortion clinic workers face prison
  16. Federal Law in Action
  17. Redneck 5 Hunnerd In Texas
  18. How two South Georgia districts ended segregated proms:
  19. Gun Rights Group endorses background check bill
  20. Happy Tax Day
  21. Be ready for the avalnche of bull dung
  22. Explosions at Boston Marathon
  23. Look who paid 18%
  24. Is it too early to ask where DHS and their explosive sniffers were?
  25. It's real: Attack of the giant African land snails in Florida
  26. Immigration bill would spark surge in entries
  27. Boston Marathon Bombing Staged? This eye witness says so!
  28. Maine Hermits Bail Increased After Marriage Proposal Offer
  29. Our Darling Nancy and Friends
  30. Snopes-Kermit Gosnell Trial is Real
  31. A Family Photo When I Still Had One
  32. Eight facts about terrorism in the United States
  33. Patriots Day-Who is to blame
  34. Question
  35. Another Big Win For ObamaCare
  36. Something Does Not Smell Right About The Gold Crash
  37. Woman Charged For Calling 911 Seeking A Divorce
  38. Man Tries To Trade Mcdonalds For Sex With A Hooker
  39. Gun Reform Dies Today
  40. Another Leftist City Driven To The Ground By Giveaways And Union Contracts
  41. Monsters!
  42. Democrats blame the Republicans and the Sequester for the Bombing
  43. Suspect in Boston Bombings Arrested...or not
  44. Perhaps he should not have passed it unread.
  45. Reporter asks if Boston Marathon Bombing was False Flag? (3 times)
  46. Rats Begin Jumping Off ObamaCare Ship
  47. No Gloom and Doom for Union Pacific's Record Frist Quarter
  48. They Picked The Wrong City’ To Terrorize
  49. Second Amendment Doesn't Extend Outside The Home
  50. Guess who has a Hat just like the Bomber Suspect
  51. "Armed" Rally planned for July 4, 2013
  52. One bomber dead, the other on the run
  53. False Flag searches on the Rise! Up 100x
  54. Active Duty Soldier Illegally disarmed!
  55. Can we grade DHS now?
  56. New Times Fugitive Terrorist Question
  57. Woman says Boston Bombers are her brothers
  58. Just How Wacky Are Liberals?
  59. Unarmed Megopolis Paralyzed By Naturalized Citizens
  60. Don't Forget the Saudi Who is Connected to the Boston Bombing
  61. CNN reporting shooting in Watertown.
  62. No Miranda rights given
  63. Obama should just STFU
  64. Al Neuharth
  65. Eighty Thousand To Attend Obama Voters Day in Colorado
  66. Interesting
  67. Gun Fire Erupts At Marijuana Holiday Event 2 Shot
  68. Boston Bombers linked to larger cell
  69. Tea Party Outnumbers Obama’s Astroturf
  70. Affirmative Action At Georgetown
  71. Obama Still Not Scheduled to Visit West, Texas
  72. Divynal's Chrissy Amphlett Dead at 53
  73. Eighth Grader Arrested & Suspended For NRA Shirt.
  74. Boston Bomber was charged with Using WMD
  75. The Complaint Against Dzhokhar Tsarnaev
  76. The Newtown "Props" say they will keep fighting for gun law.
  77. Terror Plot in Canada
  78. Now, Huff Po article had an interesting twist...!
  79. The sex gap
  80. James Lohr Arrested In Connection To Murder Of Colorado Corrections Director
  81. Max Baucus retiring.
  82. New York City Council Wants to Raise Legal Age to Buy Cigarettes to 21
  83. Ron Paul fans furious over Rand Paul's drone flip-flop
  84. Modern Journalists
  85. School board votes to resume paddling
  86. Female Teacher Accused of raping female Student
  87. The Shrill One Signed Off On Benghazi Security Reduction
  88. Swimming Upstream
  89. My blood has now reached the boiling point!
  90. There may not be a shortage of American STEM graduates after all
  91. America The Fallen: The Cost of Progressivism
  92. The Plot Thickens
  93. Constant Failure...
  94. I wonder about those FBI interviews....
  95. Boston Bombing: The Official Story Proves Dzhokhar Is Innocent – a Photo Essay
  96. That Detained Saudi “Student” Named Al-Harbi, Is Actually Osama bin-Laden’s Son
  97. Glenn Beck: Obama Will Be Impeached!
  98. Prepare For US Cities Becoming Militarised Zones
  99. 46 U.S. Senators Voted Against US Sovereignty
  100. Plot Thickens In Saudi National Case
  101. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Unarmed When Barrage of Bullets Hit Boat
  102. Beck: Team Obama Threatening 20 Year Prison Term For Those That Speak To Press
  103. Boston Globe Tweet: ‘Bomb Squad Activities’ Near Finish Line Before Explosions
  104. The Feds Are In Town (Multiple Raids Occur in Oakland)
  105. Two separate watch lists
  106. ...he got the idea from the liberal-leaning Southern Poverty Law Center's "hate map."
  107. Chris Kyle: A Boston Marathon Cover-Up?
  108. Saudi “Person of Interest” Alharbi Visited The White House Several Times
  109. Now officials claim Boston bombing suspect was NOT armed in boat showdown
  110. Falsely Identified “Boston Bombing” Suspect Found Dead in River
  111. Lt. Colonel Roy Potter, Bombing Looks More Like Underground Weatherman Playbook
  112. Citizen Video-Analysts Creating Major Problems For Controlled Media
  113. Bill Ayers to University Students: America’s ‘Game Is Over’ and ‘Another World’ Is...
  114. The Motive Behind The Boston False Flag Operation
  115. What is Governor Patrick hiding?
  116. Obama election Fraud exposed! Officials found guilty.
  117. Navy SEAL Admits Nukes To Be Detonated Nationwide for Martial Law Agenda
  118. The Presidential Wheel Turns
  119. Anti-NRA Rally Is A Pathetic Bust
  120. A reason to stop shopping at JC Penny
  121. Leftist Nazis, the Gaystapo, and Islamofascists
  122. Not Adding Up
  123. DHS and FBI Warn of Terrorists with Cameras Following Boston Bombing
  124. The Revolution Passed In The Night
  125. “Police State” Registry System Being Set Up to Track Your Vaccination Status
  126. Ministry of Truth makes Boston bombing suspect disappear
  127. The good guys are not coming to save us
  128. Fabricated Intelligence and the WMD Pretext
  129. Attempted rape- good news this time
  130. Anti-racism lessons create racism
  131. How come it takes a tragedy for Americans to unite and work as one? Thoughts
  132. Nobel Committee Asks Obama To RETURN PEACE PRIZE
  133. Protect Your Rights Through Learning!
  134. Boston Bomber on wiretap
  135. Immigration Bill would flood the US with Immigrants
  136. Teachers Force Middle Schoolgirls to Kiss Each Other as part of Anti-Bullying Class
  137. Martial Law in northern CA town after 8 year old girl is stabbed
  138. Americans are for background Checks
  139. Bras with Ooomph
  140. Gun Lession Gone Wrong
  141. Report: Obama Spent Twice as Much Time on Vacation/Golf as Economy
  142. WMD used in Middle East
  143. Female DNA found on Boston bomb parts.
  144. FoxNews slams Glen Beck
  145. Obama administration officials threatened whistle-blowers on Benghazi, lawyer says R
  146. Boston Bomber tried to Brainwash Me
  147. Study Reveals 30 Toxic Chemicals at High Levels at Exxon Arkansas Tar Sands Pipeline
  148. The Myth of America's Technology Talent Shortage
  149. Blacks and Hispanics get poorer under Obama
  150. Stock Market at 10 Year Highs - Accross the board
  151. Zimmerman Agrees With Attorneys, Won't Use 'Stand Your Ground' Law.
  152. Cargo Plane Crash Shown On Dash Camera - Apreil 29th
  153. Muslim store owner donates 100% of profits to boston marathon victims fund
  154. US home prices up 9.3 pct., most in nearly 7 years
  155. Handgun-Sales Age Requirement Upheld by Court in NRA Suit
  156. Still sleeping around? Good luck, you'll need it.
  157. Marco Rubio: Gang of Eight’s immigration bill can’t pass the House Read more: http:/
  158. Guy Confronts Boston "Conspiracy Theorist"
  159. 119,000 Private-Sector Jobs in April
  160. Happy 10th Anniversary President George W Bush
  161. Kentucky 5-Year-Old Gets RIFLE AS GIFT And SHOOTS 2-Year-Old Sister DEAD
  162. Three new arrests in Boston bombing.
  163. Notorious 'Gentleman Groper' may get to keep his law license
  164. The 10th Anniversary of Mission Accomplished
  165. Boston Bombing on site Photos
  166. Why is MSM silent on Seattle May Day/Immigration Reform Rally?
  167. Obamacare moves Forward
  168. FBI Has Boston Bomber's Laptop
  169. Are you ready to topple Assad?
  170. Obama censorship at work
  171. Rhode Island Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage!
  172. Maryland Outlaws the Death Penalty
  173. Morning after pill controversy.
  174. DING DING DING - Wall Street Bell Rings Very Bad News For Rush Limbaugh & Clear Chann
  175. Term Limits What do you think?
  176. Campaigning in Mexico
  177. The Pentagon's bunker-busting bomb has been upgraded
  178. House GOP Eyes Another Obamacare Repeal Vote
  179. Looks like Israel said ... Fuck It!
  180. California Burning!
  181. Israel attacks Damascus
  182. Benghazi Redux
  183. Senator criticizes the NRA celebration
  184. Caffeine Crackdown
  185. Totalitarianism In the MSM
  186. To all Political Forum Teachers
  187. Plastic Guns
  188. Big Banks May Finally Pay the price
  189. Air Force sexual assault prevention officer arrested for fondling woman
  190. Get your Obama Zombie Target while supplies last...
  191. Workers Claim Race Bias as Farms Rely on Immigrants
  192. Despite scandal, Ex-SC Gov. Sanford back in office
  193. Last week 2 year old shot dead, this week it's a 3 year old
  194. Rush Limbaugh may leave radio network over advertising fallout
  195. Chief pleads for burial spot for Tsarnaev: 'We are not barbarians'
  196. Delaware Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage
  197. Guilty, First Degree
  198. Interview with the guy who rescued the gals in Cleveland
  199. Blacks now vote at higher rates than whites
  200. America Cheated Out of Fair Election
  201. As Teacher Appreciation Week comes to a close....
  202. jobless claims fall
  203. More Good News for The GOP - Latino Vote is way Up
  204. Black Unemployment Rate Remains At 13.2 Percent
  205. Murder charges sought against Ohio man in ending captives' pregnancies
  206. Low-income students get less merit aid than wealthier classmates
  207. Ariel Castro is blaming his victims.
  208. Finally an Adult reaction to Gun Control
  209. Chicago Workers Open New Cooperatively Owned Factory Five Years After Republic Window
  210. Nice doesnt pay
  211. Happy Mothers Day to All you tPF Mothers
  212. Oil drops below $95 a barrel as dollar rises
  213. McCain Gets Something Right
  214. Anti-Imperialists, you're so quite lately.
  215. Spring is here, hummingbirds arriving.
  216. It was a cognetive choice. But why that choice?
  217. Whole Food's chicken mix-up
  218. Media starting to report on Benghazi
  219. Clash of the Titans
  220. Have the Airlines Gone Nuts? More New Fees
  221. Dont mess with old guys
  222. IRS crimes?
  223. Leading Lib mouthpiece sounds off on Benghazi
  224. It's easy not to commit a crimie when the cops are watching.
  225. Can “666” Be Far Behind?
  226. Obama Is Losing Support
  227. The IRS Scandal Is Escalating
  228. Rats Deserting A Sinking Ship
  229. Freedom of the press in Obamanation
  230. Free the Justin Bieber of Terror!!!!!
  231. Surprise, surprise!
  232. This Phome records Thing is fueling the fire?
  233. You Just Knew The EPA Would Get In On The Act
  234. More Goverment Spying
  235. retail sales show strength
  236. Prom goers stop and rescue and aid car crash victims
  237. FDR/Obama
  238. Sen. Reid is Hiding Something
  239. US Bond bull market over?
  240. Austerity kills
  241. Pope says HELP PEOPLE and stop the "cult of money"
  242. Sen. Reid Announces Niece is a Lesbian
  243. Unconstitutional NLRB Appointments
  244. Fixing Things
  245. Why are we being targeted here at home?
  246. GOP Alters Benghazi Emails
  247. IRS/Obamacare
  248. Gop Altered Benghazi Emails
  249. When did you last receive a bonus?
  250. The 800lb gorilla in the room