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  1. Navy SEAL who killed bin Laden zings Obama
  2. Assaults on ICE, Border Patrol surge as illegal immigrants get more violent
  3. Don't call the Alamo's defenders 'heroic,' Texas school curriculum panel urges
  4. Trump: Apple can avoid tariffs by shifting production to U.S.
  5. Linda Sarsour Calls For People To Stop 'Humanizing' Jews
  6. Hurricane Trump
  7. Where's the $4,000 Trump promised you ?
  8. Papadopoulos sentenced to 14 days in prison
  9. Ron DeSantis resigning from Congress
  10. Benghazi Hero’s Forced To Delete Tweet Criticizing Obama After Account Is Suspended:
  11. New Texts Show FBI Officials Had Media Leak Strategy To Hurt Trump During Russia Prob
  12. The dramatic rise in corporate cash brought home since the tax cuts
  13. Mike Pence first Vice President in U.S. History to agree to Lie Detector Test
  14. Maxine Waters Sounds Off On Impeaching … Mike Pence — ‘You Knock One Down, And Then W
  15. 9/11 Anniversary ~ 17 Years Later
  16. Hurricane Florence
  17. Illegal immigrants cited in theft of 39 million Social Security numbers
  18. Supreme Court, Democrats finally get their just deserts 31 years later
  19. Kamala Harris is rapidly gaining a reputation as the most dishonest senator
  20. 5 Aliens Charged With Illegal Entry to U.S.
  21. Dem Senator Was Just Identified as No. 1 Benefactor of Lobbyist Cash
  22. Man Accused Of Switchblade Assault On GOP Congressional Candidate
  23. Activists raise $1M to pressure Sen. Collins to vote against Kavanaugh, report says
  24. Ohio teacher resigns after assigning students bizarre quiz
  25. Cardinal Wuerl To Meet With The Pope About RESIGNATION
  26. WaPo says Hurricane Florence is Trumps fault
  27. Jerry Brown puts an old friend in a six-figure state job
  28. NYPD cops busted in major gambling and prostitution probe
  29. NYC to add nonbinary ‘X’ designation to birth certificates
  30. Female infantry Marine booted for fraternization: 'I really want to move on'
  31. Middle-class income rose above $61,000 for the first time last year,
  32. This Starbucks is the First to Be Operated Entirely By Older Citizens
  33. The Starr Report ~ Released 20 Years Ago
  34. 6 Fatally Shot at Multiple Crime Scenes In Bakersfield, California; Gunman ‘Contained
  35. Trump ~ '3,000 people did not Die in Puerto Rico'
  36. Illegal immigrant families exploit 'catch-and-release'
  37. Trump Derangement Syndrome Strikes Again: A College Professor Shot Himself In The Arm
  38. 12,774 Family Units Apprehended at Border in August;
  39. ICE Carries Out Raids In New York City; 16 Sexual Predators Arrested
  40. Supreme Court
  41. Residents of 3 Massachusetts Towns Told To Evacuate As Multiple Homes Are Exploding
  42. Utah Asst DA busted for theft of thousands of dollars in hunting gear.
  43. Kavanaugh Hearing ~ Feinstein receive then sends new information on Kavanaugh to FBI
  44. Ruth Bader Ginsburg blasts Brett Kavanaugh hearings as 'highly partisan show
  45. Licensed gunowner praised for joining cops in shootout with suspect near I-55
  46. 10-Time Deported Illegal Alien Sentenced to 9.6 Years, Also Charged for Rape
  47. Judicial Watch Files Ethics Complaint Against Sen. Cory Booker For Violating Senate R
  48. Party Vowing to Curb Immigration Favored to Win Quebec Election
  49. 'Threats of Rape and Strangling' Force D.C. McAllister Into Hiding
  50. Susan Collins Was Sent A ‘Three-Foot-Long Cardboard Cutout Of Male Genitalia’
  51. Gillibrand: I Never Meant Abolish ICE When I Said ‘Abolish ICE’
  52. Nikki Haley’s View of New York Is Priceless. Her Curtains? $52,701.
  53. Humans at fault for increased threat from Weather.
  54. Manafort to Plead Guilty in Mueller Probe
  55. N.Y. Mom recognized by Trump at the State of the Union Address killed
  56. Mom of MS-13 victim fatally struck by car at daughter’s memorial site
  57. Inmate tries to rape NYPD officer in court
  58. Global warming could help end racism by blurring skin-color differences: Professor
  59. Federal prosecutors weigh charges against former Obama White House counsel:
  60. CNN ranked No. 6 across basic cable in total prime time viewers
  61. Evelyn Rodriguez
  62. Breitbart's Exposure of Leaked Google Video Calls for Hearing
  63. A Nice Surprise at the Airport today
  64. Nunes: Democrats, Journalists Will Be ‘Frightened’ By Declassified Trump-Russia Docum
  65. National Solar Observatory shuts over mysterious ‘security issue’
  66. This is why many ride out these storms
  67. Michael Moore Floats the Dumbest Trump Conspiracy Theory Yet
  68. Warning: Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser comes out of the shadows
  69. James O'Keefe set to Expose Deep State with New Investigation
  70. Soon-Yi Previn claims Mia Farrow abused her in explosive new interview
  71. Taco Bell worker fired for refusing service to English-speaking customers
  72. Illegal Alien Wanted on Three Counts of Raping His Teen Daughter
  73. Illegal Alien Wanted on Three Counts of Raping His Teen Daughter
  74. Sex Offender & Previously Twice Deported Illegal Alien Arrested Again in Texas
  75. Dont think the news LIES and is biased, think again
  76. Massive Fire at Brooklyn Mall That Injured 21, Destroyed 100+ Vehicles Believed
  77. President Trump Directs Declassification of Documents, Text Messages Related To Russi
  78. President Trump Directs DNI, DOJ & FBI To Declassify Docs and Release Unredacted Text
  79. I passionately believe it’s time to abolish the Electoral College.
  80. Week Two: NFL Stadiums Plagued by Thousands of Empty Seats
  81. Beyond ‘deplorables’: Biden calls Trump supporters ‘the dregs of society’
  82. Happy Birthday Adelaide!!!
  83. tPF Lisa Page Testified The FBI Hadn’t Seen Evidence Of Collusion By The Time Mueller Was
  84. Trump rolls back pollution rules for drilling on US lands
  85. Fourth Man Admits To Multi-Million Dollar Scheme Where Children Were Forced To Work
  86. mexican-town-overwhelmed-by-the-stench-of-100-rotting-corpses
  87. Island of fire ants floats through flood waters after Florence
  88. Trump
  89. Reality TV Doctor and Girlfriend Arrested For Drugging, Raping Women
  90. Envoy: US seeking missile, nuclear treaty with Iran
  91. Men need to shut up and step up, do the right thing for a change.
  92. Grassley refuses to delay Kavanaugh hearing, won’t back FBI investigation
  93. The drive to sink Kavanaugh is liberal totalitarianism
  94. George W Bush behind 'worst single mistake' in US history
  95. Why does Kavanaugh Accuser Dr Ford want an FBI Investigation if she is lying ?
  96. Kavanaugh had Female Clerks who *looked a certain way* ~ As Models
  97. Kavanaugh High School Yearbook ~ 'Devil's Triangle'
  98. Officials: 3 killed in shooting at Maryland Rite Aid center
  99. Kavanaugh Accuser’s Classmate Backs Off Claim She Heard About Alleged Assault
  100. Maria Elvira Salazar
  101. DOW and S&P 500 hit record levels
  102. Trump ~ 'Exposing Corrupt FBI (Probe) will be Crowning Achievement of my Presidency'
  103. Romanian Woman Admits To Role In Hacking DC-Area Surveillance
  104. Michael Cohen interviewed by Mueller on Trump Russian Collusion & Conspiracy
  105. Kavanaugh accuser Dr. Christine Ford lays out conditions for Congressional testimony
  106. Las Vegas ~ Trump holds *Kavanaugh Grievance Rally*
  107. Booker wrote an article detailing an instance where he groped a female friend.
  108. (R-SC) Ralph Norman ~ "Ruth Bader Ginsburg was Groped by Abraham Lincoln"
  109. Socialist Activist ‘Removed’ From Government Auditor Job Over ‘Serious Issues’ Raised
  110. Rosenstein proposed recording Trump in order to impeach Trump as unfit ?
  111. Patti Davis, Ronald Reagan’s Daughter, Tells Her Story of Sexual Assault
  112. Hawaii Court Strikes Down Law Forcing Pregnancy Centers to Promote Abortion
  113. #whyididntreport
  114. NYC daycare stabbing: 5 people, including 3 infants, struck in Queens
  115. Feinstein's Fable
  116. Fox News ~ Hannity now Adviser, Lawyer, Confidante, Soothsayer to Trump
  117. (R-Az) Rep. Paul Gosar ~ 6 siblings endorsing his opponent (D) Dr. David Brill
  118. 87 Women Who Know Brett Kavanaugh: The Allegation is ‘False’
  119. AG Sessions: Chicago Murder Rate Spiked Due to Obama’s Consent Decree
  120. POLL: Only 26 Percent of Americans Believe Kavanaugh Sexual Assault Allegation
  121. Twice-Deported Illegal Immigrant Charged With Murder Of New York Woman
  122. Third Named Witness Rejects Kavanaugh’s Accuser’s Allegations
  123. Minnesota Lawmaker Quits Campaign After Daughter Says He Inappropriately Touched Her
  124. Bus driver accused of letting students drive.
  125. College professors allegedly sold drugs, ‘pimped’ out students
  126. Second woman alleges sexual misconduct by Kavanaugh, this time in college
  127. Warning: Brett Kavanaugh and pals accused of gang rapes in high school, says lawyer Michael Av
  128. Televangelist Franklin Graham on Kavanaugh ~ 'They were Teens so its not Relevant'
  129. Sen. Hirono: Investigate Rep. Keith Ellison
  130. Swamp draining
  131. Active Shooter’ Near Business In Marshfield, Massachusetts
  132. Kavanaugh ~ 'I was a Virgin for years after High School'
  133. Kavanaugh Fox News Interview ~ Dr Jekyll Mr. Hyde ?
  134. Americans Spent More on Taxes Than on Food, Clothing Combined in 2017
  135. Ted Cruz forced out of DC restaurant by Progressive haters.
  136. MS-13 Illegal Alien Pleads Guilty to Quadruple Murder Using Machetes
  137. Variety Blames ‘Abysmal Opening’ for Michael Moore’s Film on CNN, MSNBC, Fox News
  138. tPF Crucifictions
  139. Cosby gets three years minimum
  140. Mitch McConnell ~ "We hired a Female Assistant"
  141. White supremacist accused of murder wanted to purge black people from Earth
  142. U.N. laughs at Trump
  143. West Virginia's smartphone voting system will be hacked.
  144. Report: Ford's Team Wants to Dictate Which Media Outlets Are Present at Comm Hearing.
  145. Kavanaugh College Roomate ~ 'Kavanaugh was Belligerent Drunk and capable of Assault'
  146. Dr. Christine Blasey Ford offers Senate 4 people who corroborate her assault claims
  147. 3rd Kavanaugh Accuser
  148. Trump from U.N. ~ 'Democrats running Con Game' on Kavanaugh
  149. Building Inspector Allegedly Hid Cameras In City Hall, Starbucks Restrooms
  150. The Latest: Trump will sign spending bill to keep gov’t open
  151. Excluding himself list of men Trump has defended amidst sexual-assault accusations
  152. 4th Kavanaugh Accuser
  153. BREAKING: Christine Blasey Ford Releases Prepared Testimony Before Thursday's Hearing
  154. Elizabeth Rasor girlfriend of Kavanaugh friend of Mark Judge willing to talk to FBI
  155. CNN And The Hill Spread Retracted Sexual Assault Claim — Without Mentioning It Was Re
  156. Ex-Boyfriend Of Third Kavanaugh Accuser Filed Restraining Order Against Her
  157. The *New* Kavanaugh Hearings
  158. Kavanaugh guilty until proven innocent. -- Democrat Sen Blumenthal.
  159. Blasey's "Lie Detector Test" was short, like a dagger.
  160. Warning: Ford and Kavanaugh Senate Hearing
  161. Lindsey Graham Explodes On Senate Committee Over Kavanaugh Process
  162. Jesuit Publisher to Pope: 'Be a Man! ... Answer the Questions!'
  163. Feinstein used Ford, then threw her under the bus.
  164. Warning: 25-30K people dying every day in Yemen
  165. Will Ford get prison for lying to Congress (or a participation award)?
  166. kavanaugh demonstrated why he should not sit at the USSC!
  167. Media analyst calls Facebook "pathetically laughable".
  168. Where things stand at the Kavanaugh hearing, as of Friday afternoon:
  169. Mark Judge to cooperate with FBI
  170. (R-Az) Sen. Jeff Flake ~ The Elevator Tirade Heard 'Round the World
  171. The US and Canada have told Mexico they could reach a compromise within 48
  172. The Brett Kavanaugh FBI investigation
  173. Jefferson Airplane's Marty Balin dies aged 76
  174. tPF Trump: 'Ford's testimony was very compelling'
  175. Group takes aim at Oklahoma’s failure-to-protect law
  176. Staffer on Maxine Waters Crew Doxxed Senators Private Contact Info
  177. White House limits FBI's investigation into allegations against Bret Kavanaugh
  178. The F-35B Just Went to War for the Very First Time
  179. I Wasn't Confirmed to SCOTUS!
  180. Kellyanne Conway: 'I'm a victim of sexual assault'
  181. Trump on Kim Jong-un: 'We fell in love'
  182. Canada gave ground on the key issue of dairy in new trade agreement
  183. Trump declares rules on pre-existing illnesses ‘safe,’
  184. Sen. Flake: 'Not a Chance' I'd Call for FBI Investigation If I Were Up for Reelectio
  185. Veteran Sex Crimes Prosecutor Who Questioned Blasey Ford Concludes: There Is No Case
  186. There's nothing feminine about lying, hysterical left-wing women
  187. Kamala Harris Receives Anonymous Letter From 'Jane Doe' Accusing Kavanaugh of Rape...
  188. Cotton: Feinstein Will Be Investigated For Leak Of Ford Letter
  189. Researcher Uncovers Christine Blasey Ford’s ‘Hidden’ 80’s-Era High School Social Life
  190. Amazon raising minimum wage for US workers to $15 per hour
  191. Rachel Mitchell memo boosts Republicans in Kavanaugh battle
  192. Harvard Cancels Kavanaugh's Spring Law Class.....
  193. Warning: NYT's Latest Hit Piece: Kavanaugh Allegedly Threw Ice on Someone in College .....
  194. Third Kavanaugh accuser backs away from some of her ‘gang rape’ claims
  195. Trump ~ ‘I Know You’re Not Thinking, You Never Do’ then lies about it.
  196. Why is this woman still teaching at Georgetown U (or anywhere else)?
  197. Just a thought...
  198. Donald Trump Wealth ~ Only attained from Tax Schemes and Outright Fraud from Father
  199. No one's gonna talk about
  200. Ricin suspected in Mail sent to Trump and Pentagon Officials
  201. Mitch McConnell ~ 'Only Senators will see Kavanaugh FBI Report'
  202. Mississippi ~Trump mocks Dr. Ford in what can be called 'Presidential Pornography'
  203. 'Loud obnoxious drunks with prolific pukers' ~ signed 'Bart'
  204. Trump ~ 'Its a very scary time for young men'
  205. Report: Dr. Ford Ex-Boyfriend Says She Coached A Friend Before Taking A Polygraph
  206. ‘Please Stop Emailing Me’ — Judiciary Committee Chief Counsel Sends Blistering Respon
  207. Facebook has been hacked again.
  208. RESIST: Democrat Senator Filed An Injunction To Block Final Kavanaugh Vote .....
  209. At least 5 shot at Philadelphia shopping mall
  210. Wisconsin pizza deliveryman's 911 call helps rescue kidnap victim
  211. We have an active shooter alert in Florence, SC
  212. The Senate Should Not Confirm Kavanaugh ~ signed, 650+ Law Professors
  213. 11 year old arrested for stealing dog
  214. Capitol Police Just Arrested a Democratic Congressional Staffer
  215. Trump sister Judge Maryanne Trump may be implicated in crimes and impeached ?
  216. Just in FBI report
  217. Capitol Police Arrest Ex-Democratic Staffer Suspected Of Doxxing GOP Senators
  218. ACLU leaders blast 'appalling' anti-Brett Kavanaugh ad campaign
  219. Medicare for All PAC launches in US -Canadians flee their country for healthcare
  220. Conservative Women Are Angry About Kavanaugh—
  221. Breaking on the news
  222. US weekly jobless claims drop to a near 49-year low
  223. It's All Gone: The Democrats' Dead Ideals
  224. 'Pot-smoking agitators' injure Republican lawmaker....
  225. Red State Dem Heidi Heitcamp to vote No on Kavanaugh confirmation
  226. Police Say Murder Victim’s Fitbit Identified Alleged Killer As Stepfather
  227. Darpa Funded virus carrying insects
  228. Could the GOP kill two birds with one stone?
  229. Kavanaugh Classmates now withdrawing support
  230. First Time in U.S. History that a SCOTUS Justice disqualifies a SCOTUS nominee ?
  231. The Brett Kavanaugh 'Plea to America' Op-Ed
  232. Italy Arrests World-Renowned Sanctuary City Mayor
  233. Minnesota ~ Trump mocks Al Franken for Resigning ~ 'Folded Up Like Wet Rag'
  234. Surge in semi-trucks order is a good sign for the economy
  235. Man Accused Of Doxxing GOP Senators Allegedly Threatened To Also Dox Their Children
  236. Warning: The Vote to Confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court
  237. New York Times columnist thanks Trump for standing up to Democrats'
  238. Witness Told FBI That Ford's 'Allies' Pressured Her To Change Story, Report Says
  239. Senator Orrin Hatch Tells Hysterical Protesters Exactly What They Need To Hear.
  240. The trial of a Chicago police officer
  241. Ford’s FBI Friend, Monica McLean, Pressured Witness To Modify Testimony and Statement
  242. Clinton campaign lawyer linked to collusion investigation.
  243. Kavanaugh Has The Votes: Key Lawmakers Back Embattled Nominee, Ensuring Confirmation
  244. Sarah Palin warns Lisa Murkowski over Kavanaugh vote: ‘I can see 2022 from my house’.
  245. First Year Anniversary of release of Access Hollywood Tape
  246. Elevator Protester Admits She Works For Soros-Funded Organization
  247. Kanye's Not Alone: Blacks Are Deserting the Dems
  248. Good Bye Good Riddance (R-Maine) Sen. Susan Collins
  249. Hundreds of wild horses in California set for round up, possible slaughter
  250. Maxine Waters hit with 3 ethics violation charges