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  1. Florida gas station owner: Don’t warm urine in my microwave
  2. Alan Dershowitz: 'Sexual McCarthyism' employed against Kavanaugh
  3. Judge rejects Dem's bid to delay Kavanaugh vote
  4. Democrats’ foul tactics on Kavanaugh may come back to bite them
  5. Wage Growth Sizzles As Unemployment Hits 49-Year Low
  6. Justice Kagan is Concerned About the Supreme Court's 'Legitimacy'
  7. CNN Editor Blames Avenatti For Ruining Democrats' Takedown Of Kavanaugh
  8. Wonder why we mock CNN ?
  9. Former Google boss launches scathing Silicon Valley attack urging tech giants
  10. Merrick Garland steps aside from overseeing Kavanaugh ethics complaints......
  11. The Brett Kavanaugh confirmation to the Supreme Court of the United States
  12. Royal Flush
  13. I think it appropriate that Kavanaugh's is confirmed in October
  14. Kavanaugh is confirmed to the Supreme Court by Senate -- live updates
  15. National Day of Gloating has been Declared!
  16. Pelosi ~ Request FOIA for FBI report on sexual-assault allegations against Kavanaugh
  17. Feinstein's Office Will Be Investigated For 'Leaking' Ford's Letter
  18. President Donald Trump's winning streak
  19. ISIS Warns of Knife Attack 'Surprises' at Concerts
  20. UFC’s Derrick Lewis Says Trump Told Him To Knock Russian Fighter Out
  21. UFC Fighter Gives Shout-Out To Kavanaugh After Win
  22. Susan Collin's scolds Democrats
  23. Lindsey Graham ~ "Slut Whore Drunk was Kavanaugh"
  24. Mitch McConnell ~ The *Dem / Lib Mob Mob Mob*
  25. John Nolte
  26. Susan Collins swings back at Planned Parenthood
  27. Susan Collins just saved the women’s movement and its progress on rape prosecutions..
  28. False reports of sexual assault not as rare as claimed, studies show
  29. Women's March leader Linda Sarsour launches racial attack
  30. Illegal Alien From El Salvador Charged With Brutally Raping Woman In New York
  31. New York ~ Limo Crash kills 20
  32. Tennessee ~ Taylor Swift endorses Democrats
  33. Please don't mock Trump on this one
  34. Trump tariffs raise $4.4 billion and counting.....
  35. The costs of limiting CO2 emissions
  36. Some anti-Kavanaugh protesters were paid, journalist reveals
  37. A teacher’s ‘kill Kavanaugh’ tweet gets her placed on leave
  38. A Senate Democrat Reportedly Outsourced Parts Of The Trump-Russia Probe To Operative
  39. Hurricane Michael
  40. Fire Ted Cruz
  41. Trump apologizes to Kavanaugh during Supreme Court swearing-in ceremony
  42. U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley to Resign
  43. Independents Disapprove Of Dems Treatment Of Kavanaugh By A Wide Margin
  44. Alaska GOP Considering Whether To Throw Murkowski Out Of GOP For Opposing Kavanaugh
  45. Mutiple Pedestrians Struck By Vehicle In Pittsburgh, Driver Fled Scene
  46. Woman Who Caught Jeff Flake in Elevator Makes a $178K Salary
  47. 4 priorities for the Supreme Court
  48. Hillary Clinton and "civility"
  49. How would you answer this?
  50. Feinstein ~ 'Lock 'er Up'
  51. So Much For the "Kavanaugh Bounce"
  52. Trump Tariffs ~ Ford announces massive layoffs after losing $1 Billion
  53. USC Students Demand Firing of Professor Who Said 'Accusers Sometimes Lie'
  54. Previously Deported Illegal Alien Now Sentenced for Child Porn
  55. Federal Government Investigates Transgender Policy in Georgia
  56. Federal Government Investigates Transgender Policy in Georgia After Little Girl Is Se
  57. Portland Antifa protesters caught on video bullying elderly motorist
  58. hurricane michael
  59. CNN Panel Mocks Kanye West as Trump’s ‘Token Negro,’ Don Lemon Laughs
  60. Sears Hires Advisers to Prepare Bankruptcy Filing
  61. Kavanaugh Bounce
  62. FEDS: New York Man Planned Suicide Bombing In D.C. On Election Day
  63. 6 reasons Democrats want to abolish ICE
  64. Supreme Court makes Huge Decision That May Flip a Key Senate Race
  65. Harvey Weinstein sexual assault case in danger of falling apart
  66. Susan Rice's Republican son assaulted at Kavanaugh rally
  67. President Trump Promotes His Own Rally With Jim Acosta’s Photo
  68. Daniel Tosh tweets
  69. FBI Director Christopher Wray ~ 'Kavanaugh Investigation was Limited in Scope'
  70. Fox News stops broadcasting Trump Rallies
  71. Trump calls Fed Crazy after Mkt Sell-Off Global Mkts. tumble after more Trump bashing
  72. Brooklyn Witches Host 'Ritual to Hex Brett Kavanaugh' ......
  73. Rocket launch to ISS goes bad
  74. President Trump and rapper Kanye West meet in Oval Office
  75. Ohio University Journalism Student Arrested For Fabricating Death Threat
  76. NFL Legend Jim Brown At The White House: 'That Flag Is My Flag. I Don't Think We Shou
  77. FACT CHECK: Was A Police Officer Assaulted Every 9 Minutes In 2016?
  78. Herschel Walker calls for CNN to take Don Lemon off air
  79. Two men indicted for allegedly raping baby, filming the attack
  80. Feinstein Shocked Trump Won't Take Her Opinion on 9th Circuit Vacancy....
  81. BP's defense attorney to become top enviornmental lawyer (for realz?)
  82. Hillary Clinton loses security clearance after server scandal
  83. Marsha Blackburn Up In Latest Tennessee Senate Poll
  84. Trevor Noah Calls Fox News The ‘Phony Victims Unit’
  85. Facebook purges 800 Users
  86. Barack Obama Destroyed The Democratic Party For A Generation
  87. Democratic Governor Candidate: Illegals Part Of November 'Blue Wave'
  88. Saudi stock plunge as Trump promises punishment
  89. BBC issues 'ally' badges to heterosexual staff
  90. Hillary Ad Nauseum
  91. Portland mayor stands by decision to allow Antifa to block traffic, hassle motorists
  92. Is Harvard fair? Historic affirmative action trial begins Monday
  93. Closing in on Clinton-Justice Russia collusion conspiracy
  94. Hillary Clinton: #MeToo doesn't apply to Bill, Lewinsky was 'adult'
  95. Canadian Marijuana Investors Blocked from Entering U.S.
  96. Biological Male Wins World Championship In Women’s Cycling
  97. West Virginia botches impeachment of chief justice. Faces constitutional crisis.
  98. "I don't know, son, we're Republicans"
  99. Liz Warren on warpath with new DNA test!
  100. Vandals Hit NYC GOP Headquarters: ‘Attack Is Merely A Beginning’.....
  101. Paul Allen dead at 65
  102. Warning: More Trump Lowlife
  103. The Air Force F-22 Raptor
  104. Breaking: Judge Drops Stormy Daniels’ Suit Against President Trump
  105. Elizabeth Warren may be less Native American than average U.S. white person
  106. Fox News Channel beats MSNBC, CNN combined in weekly viewership
  107. Several Dating Websites Ordered To Pay Back Customers
  108. Trump ~ 'Don't blame me if Republicans lose the House'
  109. Black Power Salute: Why it matters 50 years on
  110. How many times can you say Pelosi ?
  111. Mystery illness’ leaving dozens of children paralyzed
  112. Trump stocks federal appeals courts with conservative judges at record pace
  113. Elizabeth Warren takes political hit with much-mocked DNA rollout
  114. Donald Trump wins support from Native American coalition
  115. Trump threatens to end aid to 3 countries if citizens enter US illegally
  116. Border Patrol Agents Catch 2 Illegal Alien Sex Offenders in Arizona
  117. Gov. Moonbeam Signs ANOTHER Ridiculous Law
  118. Did Transgenderism End Political Correctness?
  119. Trump invokes Kavanaugh in comparison to murder of khashoggi
  120. Debt & Deficits ~ Trump Tax Cuts blow-up Federal Deficit
  121. Hate on the Ballot ~ White Nationalists looking to 'Blend In' ... take over GOP
  122. Obama's Operation Choke Point finally unmasked.....
  123. Jamal Khashoggi's killing took seven minutes
  124. Hillary Clinton's car crashes in parking garage....
  125. Treasury Official Leaked Documents Related To Ex-Trump Campaign
  126. New York City Had Its First Weekend Without A Shooting In 25 Years
  127. Kleenex "Mansize" tissues renamed "extra large" because sexism.
  128. New evidence that Israel was the supplier of the Clinton e-mails to Wikileaks.....
  129. Saudis transfer $100 million to US amid Khashoggi crisis
  130. Former FBI agent sentenced to 4 years in prison for leaking to reporter
  131. Texas Dems ask noncitizens to register to vote,
  132. GOP lawmaker condemns ad warning black men of 'lynchings
  133. Hillary Clinton's dwindling power
  134. Trump-Cruz rally moving to larger venue after 'unprecedented' ticket demand
  135. “You Can’t Out-Trump Trump”: Elizabeth Warren Shows Democrats How to Lose in 2020
  136. Trumps favorability is on the rise
  137. 'Psychopath Trump'
  138. Bolton & Kelly nearly come to Blows
  139. Nikki Haley basically trashes Trump ~ 'Our opponents (Dems) are not Evil'
  140. 'Halloween' Billboard Hijacked to Target Maxine Waters
  141. You could get $6,000 a year under this California senator’s new plan
  142. Pelosi Mobbed By Anti-Communists In Florida
  143. AP-NORC Poll ~ 75% of America believe Kavanaugh lied
  144. Jamal Khashoggi case: Journalist 'died after fight' - Saudi TV
  145. DOJ charges Russian woman for 2018 mid-term interference
  146. Legal Battle Over Missouri Clinic Could Foretell Abortion Fights In Other States
  147. Paul Manafort To Be Sentenced In February; Lawyers Cite His Health Woes In Jail
  148. Video of City Commissioner Fatally Shooting Shoplifting Suspect
  149. 63 fetus remains removed from Perry Funeral Home in Detroit
  150. AZ Democrat Slams Stay-At-Home Moms
  151. Judicial Watch Files Bar Complaint Against Lawyers For Christine Blasey Ford
  152. Why Kashoggi was murdured, he spoke out about Yemen & revealed a secret
  153. Top Democrat suggests Khoshoggi was on a Trump hit list
  154. 'We are going to reach the United States'
  155. Texan Files Class Action Lawsuit Against Beto Campaign
  156. Media Begin Lowering Expectations Ahead Of FBI Report On Alleged Trump-Russia Collusi
  157. Canada is running out of marijuana two days after drug became legal
  158. WaPo Ran Kavanaugh Story With Knowingly False Information
  159. Multiple People Shot’ Near Jaguars Stadium In Jacksonville
  160. Witches Place Hex on Kavanaugh
  161. 1 Million Lethal Doses of Fentanyl Was Inside Suitcase Flown To Nashville From Phoeni
  162. Trump Approval Up, Republicans Leading On Most ‘Important’ Issue
  163. Media CEO Urges Drastic Steps From News Orgs To Hide Left-Wing Bias
  164. Big numbers of Central Americans arriving at Arizona border
  165. BREAKING: Pres. Trump Announces Aid Cuts to Multiple Countries Over Illegal Caravan..
  166. tPF Bedshitting over gender again
  167. Who was Khashoggi?
  168. New Images Show Exactly How Massive The Migrant Caravan Is Traveling to The USA Throu
  169. Trump ~ 'Beautiful Ted'
  170. Bolton tells Russia that its Meddling had no impact on 2016 Election
  171. Trumps' Mid-Term Litany of Lies ~ Mid-Class Tax Cuts, Muslim Caravan, Calif. Riots
  172. Sandra Day O'Connor retires over dementia
  173. Degrading strip search left me with PTSD'
  174. Amy Schumer announces pregnancy on Instagram
  175. Groping suspect says Trump said it was OK to grab women
  176. Journalist Megyn Kelly criticised for blackface comments
  177. GOP Sen. Jeff Flake: ‘I Don’t Know if I Believed’ Brett Kavanaugh
  178. The Stealth F-35 Uses a "Threat Library."
  179. Hurricane Willa
  180. Bombs sent to Clinton's, Obama's, Soros, CNN
  181. Democrat Ben Cardin issues edict on your morality.
  182. Man Allegedly Plotted on Internet to Kill and Eat Underage Girl
  183. Bombs IN OUR LIFE
  184. Mattis to send troops to Mexico border over migrant caravan
  185. I have 2 million followers but no friends
  186. Ex-CIA Chief Brennan message to trump
  187. Mattis expected to send hundreds of troops to border .....
  188. Senate Panel Refers Porn Lawyer Avenatti Kavanaugh Accuser Swetnick To DOJ For Crimin
  189. Saudi Arabia killed Khashoggi in Pre-Meditated Murder
  190. Arrest made after black campaign worker threatened at early-voting location
  191. Russians & Chinese Hack Trumps' iPhone
  192. Tony Joe White
  193. Avenatti Accused Of ‘Twisting’ Words Of Kavanaugh ‘Witness’
  194. How Megyn Kelly blew her megadeal with NBC
  195. Obama Appears With, Endorses Nevada Candidate Just Days After Ex-Wife Levels Abuse Al
  196. WH: NYT’s Article About Foreign Countries Are Listening To Trump Is False
  197. Bull crap!
  198. DHS ~ Kirstjen *Top Gun* Nielsen on the Border ~ 'No intention of Shooting People'
  199. U.S. Economy Grew At A 3.5 Percent Rate In 3rd Quarter
  200. Trump-Its OK to be EVIL!
  201. Man Arrested in Connection With Suspected Mail Bombs.....
  202. A memorable photo at Yosemite.
  203. Twitter now conspiring against Trump ?
  204. North Carolina ~ Trump continues to incite Hate despite MAGA Bomber capture & arrest
  205. Texas Democratic Party Leader Funded 'Voter Fraud Ring,' Says Government
  206. GROWING SCANDAL: Undercover FBI Agent Paid Thousands Supporting Gillum Fundraiser,
  207. California-based Company Offers Paid Protesting Services
  208. NBC Sat On Information That Undermined Brett Kavanaugh Accusers
  209. Christians, Trump Supporters Depicted as ‘Trash’ in Fake NYC Sanitation Ads
  210. Pittsburgh ~ Massacre at Synagogue
  211. Warning: Pittsburgh Shooter Named – is Nazi Robert Bowers – Hates Donald Trump,
  212. Trump ~ 'Can't let a Massacre change (my) Schedule'
  213. Walkaway movement urges liberals to abandon Democrats
  214. Military has begun moving equipment to border ahead of caravan
  215. Robert Mueller's sinking Russian collusion ship
  216. New invasion caravan now leaving El Salvador for the US.
  217. tPF Robert Bowers is eligible for the death penalty
  218. Are Neo Nazis more left wing or more right wing?
  219. The tragedy of Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen! Yemen needs our voices desperately.
  220. Trump blames Media for 'Great Anger in our Country'
  221. Warning: Shots Fired Into Republican Party Satellite Office In Florida
  222. Did the Brazilian Trump Just Get Elected?
  223. Pittsburgh ~ 35,000 sign Petition that Trump is not Welcome
  224. Warning: ‘I’d Like to Be President’
  225. Trump clarifies 'Media is the Enemy of the People'
  226. Pastor removed after interrupting AG Jeff Sessions speech with Bible verse
  227. Trump sends 5,200 troops to Mexico border
  228. Farrakhan‘s Anti-Semitic Slurs Far Pre-Date Bill Clinton’s Appearance With Him
  229. AZ Senate Candidate Trashes State In Sting Video, Staff Admits She's Far-Left
  230. German chancellor Angela Merkel will not seek re-election in 2021
  231. Trump says he will sign order to end birthright citizenship
  232. Yemen Death toll 5 times higher than previously thought
  233. Whitey Bulger dead
  234. Actor James Cromwell warns of 'blood in the streets' if Democrats don't win election
  235. Special Counsel Asks FBI To Investigate ‘False’ Sex Allegations Against Robert Muelle
  236. 'Rain Man'
  237. Kayne West turns on Trump ?
  238. Why Democrats are staying silent about the migrant caravan
  239. Texas Attorney General Cracks Down on Election Fraud.
  240. Warning: CNN's Don Lemon Calls White Men 'The Biggest Terror Threat In This Country'
  241. (R-Iowa) Rep Steve King ~ 'Republicans would be Austrian Nazi's if they were here'
  242. Mexican National Gets 54 Months in U.S. Prison for Making More Than 1,000 Fake IDs
  243. Chicago: 43 Shot, 5 Killed Over Weekend -- 2,530 Shot, 469 Killed So Far This Year
  244. Guatemalan Official: Caravan Used Babies, Women, Elderly As 'Human Shields'
  245. Warning: Stacey Dash at Walk Away Rally I Got Blacked into Voting’ for Obama
  246. Turkey gives official details of Saudi writer's death
  247. 2018 midterm elections ~ Women candidates poised to make History in *Pink Wave*
  248. What would Obama have done with the children coming to the border?
  249. Maryland stunningly reverses, fires football coach amid backlash
  250. Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris accused of breaking fundraising rules