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  1. Meet Mueller Sexual Assault Hoax Masterminds
  2. National Archives ~ Releases Draft Indictment of Nixon ~ *Road-map for Mueller*
  3. Soros Has Given $1 Million To Group Linked To Fusion GPS For Trump-Russia Investigat
  4. Trump creates more debt in one year to National Debt in U.S. History
  5. Has Mueller already subpoenaed Trump ? Trump says No
  6. Warning: Project Veritas Catches Andrew Gillum Campaign Staffer Calling White People Slur
  7. Quote Originally Posted by stjames1_53 View Post I guess you've proved my point.....
  8. Total immigration to U.S. ties all-time record
  9. Border surge highest since 2011, each illegal immigrant costs $70,000,
  10. MN Democratic Chair Says He Doesn't Believe Ellison Accuser's Domestic Abuse Allegati
  11. Weinstein Update
  12. Al Roker defends dressing as white character for Halloween
  13. US Civil Rights Commissioner
  14. Trump goes Willie Horton
  15. 47% of Americans 'feel like a stranger in their own country,
  16. CNN's Lemon doubles
  17. Poll Shows Registered Voters Think the Media is More Divisive Than President Trump
  18. Black Leadership Group: CNN Must Put ‘Own House In Order’
  19. 108 House Democrats tell Jim Mattis troops should not be sent to the border
  20. Resort employees were fired for being white, tribunal finds
  21. US wage growth hits nine-year high
  22. Trump administration to reinstate all Iran sanctions
  23. Homeland Security says at least 270 criminals are part of caravan
  24. Tim Kaine accuses GOP of 'straight, flat out anti-Semitism' over George Soros
  25. Trump ~ 'U.S. Military will Shoot Rock-Throwers'
  26. Posts Was Border Patrol Agent Rogelio Martinez Really Stoned to Death?
  27. Protesters Delay Release Of Pakistani Woman Acquitted For Blasphemy
  28. Alec Baldwin arrested over parking dispute in New York City
  29. Judge Rules Native Americans in North Dakota Must Comply With Voter ID Law
  30. At least 4 wounded, shooter dead at Tallahassee yoga studio
  31. Judy leighton just admitted she lied
  32. Joe Biden: Illegal immigrants are 'already American citizens' to me
  33. ' Vanilla TV '
  34. Lemon's animosity toward Trump alienates everyday Americans
  35. Sen Grassley begins going after Justice Kavanaugh's false accusers.
  36. Migrant Wants U.S. to Pardon Him for Attempted Murder
  37. Taliban Terrorists Obama Released for Traitor Bowe Bergdahl are Back on the Battlefie
  38. Illegal Aliens Arrested for Trafficking Meth, One Wanted for Murder in Mexico
  39. Roger Stone Rips Michael Cohen for Claims About Trump’s Racist Talk
  40. FBI Arrests Iraqi Refugee in Tucson for Building Car Bomb, Teaching Others
  41. Cop in panties-munching scandal speaks out: ‘My career is over’
  42. Jon Stewart is absolutely right about the divide between Trump and the media
  43. This man is the reason America grants birthright citizenship
  44. Caravan splits up, rips Mexico for directing migrants toward 'route of death
  45. Lawsuit: 100,000 noncitizens registered to vote in Pennsylvania
  46. Former DNC chief Rendell: Dem ideas with 'no basis in reality' will manifest Trump 20
  47. Blowout jobs growth of 250,000 bolsters Trump, GOP
  48. Caravan Riders File Class Action Lawsuit Against the U.S. For Violating Their Constit
  49. Young Activists Can Sue Government Over Climate Change, Supreme Court Says
  50. Poll Are you for Illegal Immigration
  51. Another Kavanaugh accuser admits to fabricating rape story
  52. CNN Writer Suggests Women Go On A 'Sex Strike' Ahead Of The Midterm Elections
  53. Obama Volunteer Arrested For Vandalizing NYC Synagogue With Anti-Semitic Statements,
  54. Mystery Boom,’ Explosion Rattles Several Towns In Pennsylvania, Residents Say
  55. SNL' mocks House GOP candidate who lost eye in Afghanistan
  56. Media nightmare: Black pro-Trump voters
  57. Denver professor forces students to take anti-American pledge
  58. San Francisco Drops a Pretty Penny to Register Illegal Aliens to Vote
  59. U.S. Law Enforcement failed to see the Threat of White Nationalism
  60. Ever notice at Trump Rallies there are no Candidate Signs Trump is stumping for ?
  61. He fought in World War II. He died in 2014. And he just registered to vote in Va.
  62. Pamela Anderson
  63. Cain is able
  64. Its almost here! PARTY TIME!
  65. The 2018 Mid-Term Elections ~ The Referendum Election
  66. New discovery throws light on mystery of pyramids' construction
  67. Reporter Fired After Caught On Tape Saying ‘F**k Could You Imagine John James Winning
  68. This is how you unite a country!
  69. Adults posing as children to exploit 'loopholes' in US law: Top border official.....
  70. Non-Citizens Voting in Texas? "We got TONS of them" Says Election Official on Underco
  71. 8-1
  72. The Democrats' pro-woman fraud
  73. Ellison still wins
  74. tPF Girl Scouts sue Boy Scouts over planned name change
  75. FBI Serving Search Warrant at City Hall Office of LA Councilman Huizar
  76. Tell me this guy isn't nutz
  77. Attorney General Jeff Sessions Is OUT
  78. It’s Going To Be Difficult For House Democrats To Defend Their Slim Majority In 2020
  79. Day after 2018 Mid-Term Elections ~ Nazi at Whitehouse
  80. Warning: Trump pulls CNN Whitehouse Credentials after this incident
  81. Border Patrol Raids Multiple Smuggling Houses In California; Dozens Arrested
  82. Antifa Group Shows Up At Tucker Carlson's House, Tells Him He's 'Not Safe'
  83. Transgender Woman Files Human Rights Complaints Against 16 Women
  84. For GOP, Keeping The Senate Mattered More Than Losing The House
  85. Warning: PATRIARCHY!' Democrats Blame, Shame 'White Women' For Losses In Key States
  86. Federal Court Finds Democrats Unlawfully Gerrymandered A Maryland Congressional Seat
  87. Warning: Ventura County mass shooting
  88. As I predicted, it's all about revenge, now
  89. Senate Judiciary Finds ‘No Evidence’ To Support Sex Assault Allegations Against Kavan
  90. Quick ; Another textualist. Better yet , an Originalist.
  91. Ruth Bader Ginsburg breaks ribs in fall
  92. Jim Acosta violated one of the oldest rules of journalism
  93. The media's Democrat darlings of the midterm elections all failed
  94. Believe All Women?
  95. Larry King Slams CNN: They 'Stopped Doing News a Long Time Ago'
  96. Chris Christie next AG ?
  97. Trump-Loyalist Matthew Whitaker as Acting AG Unconstitutional ?
  98. Terrible fire in beautiful country
  99. Man charged in 3 killings wanted by immigration authorities
  100. James Woods to Antifa Mobs: Banging Down My Door a Death Wish
  101. Unedited Video Clearly Shows Accosta Put His Hands on WH Intern, MORE THAN ONCE
  102. Ian David Long.
  103. Antifa expands its hit list as political violence escalates
  104. Louis Farrakhan denies 'death to America' chant as he rips U.S. foreign policy in Ira
  105. 51.7% of kids live in households getting govt welfare
  106. Michelle Obama in highly anticipated Memoirs 'Becoming' ~ 'I'd never forgive Trump'
  107. Trump ~ 'I didn't know Matt Whitaker'
  108. In A Setback For Trump, Judge Blocks Keystone Pipeline Construction
  109. Las Vegas shooting survivor among dead
  110. HIV-infected man accused of raping scores of teen boys
  111. Michelle Obama reveals daughters were conceived by IVF
  112. Roadrunner Trump Blows Up The ACME Democrats
  113. Why do ONLY DEMOCRATS "FIND BALLOTS" Immediately After They Lose Elections?
  114. Warning: NRA now attacking Doctors
  115. Todays' Trump Descension into Madness
  116. Fed Prosecutors ~ Evidence shows Trump played Central Role in Hush Money Payments
  117. Gunman opens fire on Harris County, Texas deputy
  118. James Comey discussed sensitive FBI business on his private email
  119. House Democrats prepare to battle Trump’s transgender military ban
  120. Illegal immigrant families shattered record in October
  121. Chris Matthews says public 'thoughts and prayers' offerings after shootings should be
  122. FL Judge To Broward County: Your Shoddy Vote Counting Operation Violated Open Records
  123. The Sordid And Possibly Criminal History Of Broward County’s Election Supervisor…
  124. FACT CHECK: Are Republicans Trying To Eliminate Social Security, Medicare And Medicai
  125. California Wildfires ~ Trump blames them on 'Gross Mismanagement’ of Forests
  126. Federal Court Finds Democrats Unlawfully Gerrymandered A Maryland Congressional Seat.
  127. Palm Beach County Bans Cameras from Public Ballot-Counting Procedure
  128. Houston Chronicle Retracts 8 Stories After Fraud Investigation
  129. Warning: The French were shocked and saddened
  130. Illegal immigrant released by 'sanctuary' charged with triple murder
  131. Antifa Protestor Who Helped Storm Tucker Carlson's House Provides Details
  132. She Claimed A Police Officer Raped Her. Surveillance Footage Determined That Was A Li
  133. Gillum, Nelson Lawyers Fight To Include Non-Citizen’s Vote In Florida
  134. tPF Clinics That Provide Abortions Anxious After An Uptick In Threats Of Violence
  135. Topless women charge Trump motorcade in Paris.....
  136. Don't look now, but it's another case
  137. PRAGER: Left-Wing Jews: A Jewish And American Tragedy
  138. Surprise Ballots? Democrats Say They Found New Ballots That Could Torpedo Republicans
  139. (R-MS) Sen. Hyde-Smith ~ 'If he invited me to public hanging, I'd be on front row'
  140. Dems to launch 85 investigations into Trump
  141. Retailers Plan To Clear Deadly Paint Removers From Shelves, As EPA Delays Ban
  142. The Math: It's Almost Certain That Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis Have Won in Florida ..
  143. Trump can't honor vets at Arlington today
  144. Zulu king Goodwill Zwelithini backs white farmers
  145. Can A Woman's Rising Social Status Bring Down Rates Of Domestic Violence?
  146. Who Did This Person Vote For?
  147. Outcry after police shoot African-American security guard 'hero'
  148. Roger Stone Assoc. Jerome Corsi ~ 'Investigators told me I'm about to be Indicted'
  149. Judge Questions How Mueller Will Be Able to Prove Key Element of Concord Mgmnt. Case
  150. Democrat Kyrsten Sinema Wins Arizona Senate Seat
  151. Britain Will Not Offer Asylum to Asia Bibi
  152. Election fraud is a venerated tradition in the Democrat Party.
  153. More Trouble: Florida County Broke State Rules When They Allowed People to Vote by Em
  154. Wisconsin ~ High School Students shout 'White Power' & Nazi Salute
  155. Swalwell calls acting AG an 'assassin' hired to 'take out' Mueller probe.....
  156. Deputy National Security Advisor Mira Ricardel has been fired
  157. Spike in US hate crimes for third year in a row
  158. Republican ELECTION FRAUD In Florida!
  159. President Melania Trump ?
  160. Rick Scott tries to photo-op his way into Senate
  161. Conservative Lawyers say Trump has undermined rule of law
  162. Migrant Caravan ~ Invasion has Arrived
  163. Trump is really in a dark place
  164. FOX news has joined CNN in lawsuit against Whitehouse.
  165. Give him credit. President visited Arlington
  166. At Least 2 Dead, Dozens Injured in Mississippi Bus Crash
  167. Michael Avenatti is in police custody in Los Angeles following domestic violence
  168. Still not seeing a problem?
  169. Climate contrarian uncovers scientific error, upends major ocean warming study
  170. ISIS Group Claims California Wildfires Are Retribution, Vows 'You Will See More Fires
  171. tPF Fox News to Support CNN/Acosta Lawsuit Against Trump Admin
  172. tPF The Death of a Legend: Stan Lee, 1922-2018
  173. A Cheerful Pres. Announces Support for Criminal Justice Reform Bill, w/2nd Chance fo
  174. Parents plan lawsuit against school diversity proposal
  175. Council Candidate Drops Out Of Race After 'Vile Racist Attacks' On His Wife
  176. Roy Clark, country music legend and 'Hee Haw' star, dead at 85
  177. Migrant caravan said to now have reached Guadalajara.
  178. Ahhh Finally a explanition for the thousands of votes
  179. Democrat Lies to Get Elected, Reveals Anti-Israel Positions After Denying them Before
  180. Fire refugees camp in Walmart parking lot amid uncertainty
  181. Woman refuses to hold escalator handrail, case to be heard in Supreme Court of Canada
  182. Kamala Harris compares ICE to KKK, gets slammed for 'disgusting,' 'horrifying' remark
  183. Conservative Lawyers Form Group To Focus On Trump And The Rule Of Law
  184. Schumer told Warner to back off of Facebook: report
  185. Judge DENIES Concord Request to Dismiss Case
  186. Michael Avenatti’s law practice evicted from offices
  187. Warning: Leading Democrat warns gun owners
  188. High court obliges Trump, will enter census citizenship fray
  189. Republic, Wash., considers 'sanctuary city' status to protect Second Amendment rights
  190. Democratic nightmare: Voters warming to Trump
  191. More than 1,000 missing as California wildfire rages on
  192. Why Democrats in Georgia and Florida are refusing to accept the election outcome
  193. Dashcam Video Shows Illegal Immigrant Opening Fire on Police Office
  194. Linda Sarsour accuses jews of having dual loyalties
  195. Broward County Completes Recount Showing Republicans Gaining Votes,
  196. NYPD ousts sex crimes chief who led Weinstein investigation
  197. Indigenous American Women Facing 'Dire' Violence
  198. Tijuana Mayor Denounces ‘Horde’ Of Caravan Migrants, Calls For Swift Deportation
  199. Man Banned from Disney for Life After Holding Up Trump Sign on Splash Mountain.....
  200. Judge: Hillary Clinton Must Answer Written Questions in Email Suit......
  201. Trump likes to play games with other nations now with us too
  202. Michigan College decided to cancel its production of “The Vagina Monologues”
  203. Trump endorses Pelosi for House speaker: ‘Can you believe it?’
  204. Senate GOP is pushing through Trump’s judicial nominees
  205. Migrant caravan meets hostility in Tijuana: ‘Go back to your country!’
  206. Trump says it's 'good time to do a shutdown'
  207. CNN Panel: White Women Trump Voters are Racist & Heavily Invested in White Supremacy
  208. A new Tweet from your "mature" Prez
  209. CNN Legend Larry King: CNN 'Is Not a News Network'
  210. Liberals Say Gillum Lost Florida Election Due to Racism,
  211. Republican Scott wins Florida U.S. Senate seat after manual recount
  212. Carlson Lied. Again
  213. Absentee Ballots Not Counted in Georgia
  214. California National Guardsman Arrested for Trafficking Illegal Aliens -
  215. School has SEVENTEEN children changing gender
  216. Hollywood Liberals Want to Boycott Georgia Because Abrams Wasn't Elected .....
  217. Teen is auctioning virginity for $100K
  218. The LGBTQ migrant caravan no one is talking about
  219. Nissan Chmn resigns after being accused of underrep Income
  220. Active shooter in Chicago Mercy Hospital
  221. Good riddance to bad rubbish
  222. Donald Trump 'circus,' legal battle has 'completely destroyed' career
  223. May all rap and hip-hop "artists" follow his example.
  224. 4 Dead Including Police Officer After Shooting At Chicago Mercy Hospital
  225. Anti-vaccine community behind North Carolina chickenpox outbreak
  226. Pope decries that ‘wealthy few’ feast on what belongs to all
  227. Colorado Man Sentenced To Life In Prison For Killing Pregnant Wife And Daughters
  228. Thanksgiving Could Be Among the Coldest on Record in Parts of the Northeast
  229. Aspiring actress seeks restraining order against Michael Avenatti
  230. Artificial Intelligence is Racist
  231. Illegal immigrant in viral police shootout in U.S. under DACA, ICE says
  232. Fake News Showing Old Footage’ of Illegals Scaling Border Fence
  233. Kirsten Powers: White Women Who Support Trump Are 'Racist'
  234. Court: Hillary must answer questions under Oath
  235. TRUMP WAS RIGHT: Jerry Brown Eased California Logging Rules Back In August
  236. Police Officer In Critical Condition After Mass Shooting At Chicago's Mercy Hospital
  237. Newsweek Reporter Claims She's Never Met Someone With An AR-15 Who Wasn't A Killer,
  238. Did Ivanka pull a Clinton?
  239. Mexican ambassador to the US: There are criminals in the caravan
  240. 5 years after going nuclear, Democrats have reaped what they sowed
  241. LAPD Busts Voter Fraud Scheme on Skid Row
  242. Texas Voter Fraud Ring Busted, Slapped with Nearly 30 Felony Charges
  243. Megyn Kelly finalizing $30M exit from NBC
  244. Voting Fraud and Fraudalent Registration
  245. The coldest Thanksgiving in New York in over a century plus traffic troubles
  246. The Homeless Crisis Is Getting Worse in America’s Richest Cities
  247. Exposing Mainstream Media Lies About the Illegal Alien Invasion
  248. Warning: Tulsi Gabbard Eviscerates Trump as Saudi Arabia's B*tch!
  249. Chief Justice Roberts Issues Rare Rebuke To Trump; Trump Fires Back
  250. Climate Change Slows Oil Company Plan To Drill In The Arctic