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  1. El Chapo gets teary-eyed as he arrives in New York
  2. Senate has found ‘no direct evidence’ Trump colluded with Russia: report
  3. Howard Schultz was interesting on CNN town hall this 2/12/19
  4. Lawyer with bed bugs falling from clothing forces courthouse to close
  5. Black Virginia voters may forgive Democrats:
  6. Copernicus slapped in the face again.
  7. Serial killer Samuel Little sketched his victims: FBI
  8. GOP takes first step toward ‘nuclear’ rules change to speed Trump nominees
  9. Democrats roll out bill to let Americans buy into Medicare at 50
  10. Warning: Lesbian Booted From LGBTQ Commission:
  11. Women's March's Tamika Mallory: Critics Of Rep. Ilhan Omar Are 'Racist'
  12. House Representative Omar today
  13. Dems in voter ID fight: 'Disenfranchisement allegations were always a smokescreen'
  14. US says ex-intel official defected to Iran, revealed secrets
  15. Americans continue their march to low-tax states
  16. The Democrats' total capitulation on the border.....
  17. Exposure to weed killing products increases risk of cancer by 41% – study
  18. More than 30 police officers were killed in Indian-controlled Kashmir
  19. Amazon to NYC- bye
  20. Report: Covington Kids Innocent
  21. McConnel: Trump will sign bill then declare National Emergency
  22. Jessie Smollet..........
  23. HOAX?? Sources: Jussie Smollett staged attack with help of others...
  24. Amazon invading your Privacy? Google too?
  25. William Barr confirmed as New FBI Director
  26. This is the man who delivered the death blow to Amazon deal
  27. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Touts Defeat of ‘Amazon’s Corporate Greed’
  28. Democrats Want Cops to ‘Cut Back’ on DUI Enforcement in Illegal Immigrant Neighborhoo
  29. Minnesota Jewish leaders will no longer treat Ilhan Omar with kid gloves
  30. Gov. Cuomo Lambasts Ocasio-Cortez,
  31. Trump Frees Up $8 Billion To Build The Wall
  32. Planned State of Emergency
  33. Banana Republicans
  34. De Blasio rips into AOC’s Amazon opposition: Working people ‘want jobs’
  35. Two Nigerian brothers could be charged in Jussie Smollett attack
  36. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shows 'basic ignorance of Economics 101
  37. The Trump National Emergency Declaration
  38. Active shooter in Aurora IL
  39. Mueller Investigation ~ Sarah Huckabee Sanders Questioned
  40. ACLU will sue Trump over National Emergency
  41. Roger Stone Gagged
  42. tPF Supreme Court To Decide On Citizenship Question In 2020 Census
  43. tPF Difference Between Obamacare Case And Trump’s National Emergency
  44. tPF Shaq gets into the game to bring Amazon to Newark.
  45. U.S. to slash payouts from 9/11 victims fund
  46. Mueller prosecutors recommend Manafort to serve 19-24 years in Prison
  47. Assylum seekers imprisoned in mexico abandoned factory by Trump admin
  48. Arizona city officials want border wall's razor wire removed
  49. Mexico deports MS-13 gang members found in caravan near Texas border
  50. Sticking by DC, Amazon won't replace scrapped NYC campus
  51. Planned Parenthood kept aborted babies alive to harvest organs
  52. Man Who Identifies As Woman Assaults 10-Year-Old Daughter In Women’s Bathroom,
  53. Political Tweets we like
  54. Tulsi TV on the road - Townhall-style gathering in Keene, NH
  55. Warning: Jussie Smollett - LOL
  56. Avg salary at Amazon HQs is 150,000
  57. Harvard Poll on securing our borders
  58. Warning: Trump Jr's chilling comments about teachers
  59. Why do let Democrats keep you in Poverty?
  60. Seriously Pelosii, Go Away
  61. Mueller wants to convict your grandma because
  62. Hillary Clinton deleted emails under a legal preservation order.
  63. No Federal Financial Bailouts for New York
  64. I'm getting tired of covering for you bra
  65. Police sources: New evidence suggests Jussie Smollett orchestrated attack
  66. tPF House GOP Leader Presses Adam Schiff Over Secret Meeting With Fusion GPS Founder
  67. DNC got hacked becuase
  68. They’re bringing a resolution forward so they can vote against it.
  69. He's back
  70. Jussie Smollett, pals reportedly rehearsed alleged attack
  71. Gay mayor accused of sexual harassment as #MeToo reckoning comes to West Hollywood
  72. tPF House Democrats hire Obama ethics czar for oversight of Trump, Justice Department
  73. All 3 Christian Holidays
  74. 11-year-old arrested after refusing to stand for Pledge of Allegiance
  75. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez didn’t understand Amazon deal
  76. The Wicked Jews Want to Use Me to Break Up the Women’s Movement’
  77. Ilhan Omar's District Is 'Terrorist Recruitment Capital Of The US
  78. Britain’s richest man plans move to Monaco
  79. Monica Witt: from US intelligence officer to alleged Iranian spy .....
  80. Man accused of pulling gun on victim wearing MAGA hat
  81. Democrats Don't Want ICE Notified When Illegal Aliens Try to Purchase Guns .....
  82. Andy McCabe on invoking the 25th Amemdment
  83. Who's tracking you?
  84. Grand Canyon tourists exposed to Radiation
  85. Shinzo Abe Won’t Say if He Nominated Trump for a Nobel Prize
  86. Thousands support petition to sell Montana to Canada
  87. Roger Stone Remains an Idiot
  88. Warning: Majority of Americans Disapprove of Trump's Phony Emergency
  89. Hate' Hoaxers Must Be Shamed and Punished
  90. Most Americans want a special prosecutor
  91. Lara Logan Says Media Is 'Mostly Liberal'
  92. I'm Back! By popular demand!
  93. Warning: Graham vows to investigate ‘administrative coup’ against Trump
  94. Judge Okays suit to halt Obama Library
  95. Covington Teen Sues Wash Post for 250million
  96. Strawberry truck caught with $12.7 million in methamphetamine at the border
  97. Poor people not allowed in AOC's luxury apartment complex
  98. ISIS woman says let me come back to the US becuase I'm sorry?
  99. Gavin Newsom accuses Trump of 'political retribution
  100. Jussie Smollett case: FBI investigates whether actor had any role in threatening lett
  101. tPF Andrew McCabe: Decision To Investigate Trump As A Russian Agent Was Based On Public I
  102. tPF FBI Used Confidential Sources Who ‘Already Had’ Trump Campaign Contacts, Bureau Lawye
  103. Putin warns new weapons will target U.S. if missiles are deployed in Europe
  104. Virginia poll: Gov. Ralph Northam ‘weak,’ but safe
  105. The Democratic Party is in a socialist spiral
  106. Martina Navratilova: 'Insane' to Make Women Compete Against Transgenders
  107. Major Pull of the Race Card
  108. Judge in Roger Stone case orders hearing after he appeared to threaten her
  109. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand Explains Her Support for a third gender
  110. Black student who refused to say Pledge was arrested for disruption, police say
  111. Supreme Court says constitutional protection against excessive fines applies to state
  112. New York officials face backlash over 'congestion' tax push
  113. Smollet now a suspect for filing false report to police
  114. Ocasio blasts critics who claim she didn’t understand Amazon deal
  115. Coast Guard lieutenant compiled hit list of lawmakers
  116. kamala-harris-dad-says-her-pot-use-story-was-identity-politics
  117. Justice Department preparing for Mueller report as early as next week
  118. Smollett charged!!!
  119. Mueller report to be finalized as early as next week
  120. Trump team decides ‘ISIS bride’ will not be allowed back in the US
  121. Couple charged after boy tortured with hot pepper on genitals:
  122. Florida to import Canada Drugs
  123. Utah Gay Hate Crime Was a Hoax
  124. Highest immigrant population in 100 years, over half Latinos
  125. Maxim Model Speaks Out About Her Support For President Trump
  126. “I got something for you”
  127. Oregon on track to be 1st state with mandated rent controls
  128. U.S. judge dismisses boys' lawsuit against Trump climate rollbacks
  129. Alex Jones and Roger Stone Go To Firing Range to Prepare for Civil War
  130. Ocasio-Cortez rips media
  131. Attorney general launches probe into ‘day care fight club’
  132. Chicago police rip Jussie Smollett for staging attack
  133. ISIS bride's attorney slams Trump for 'undermining birthright citizenship
  134. Peter Tork of The Monkees dead at 77, report says
  135. LGBTQ organization ousts Martina Navratilova
  136. NC Unanimously Calls For New Election After Republican Fraud
  137. Cop narrowly avoids point-blank shot
  138. Justin Trudeau CRISIS: Canada PM’s popularity PLUNGES
  139. Bernie envisions a world where
  140. Cohen Public Testimony Monday
  141. Dem 2020 hopefuls Harris, Warren say they embrace idea of reparations for black Ameri
  142. Security upgrades for Texas school district include AR-15's, tracking IDs:
  143. Boston cop wounded when traffic stop turns into gunfight
  144. Warning: Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s deal with feds was illegal: judge
  145. New England Patriots ~ Owner Robert Kraft charged with Solicitation of Prostitution
  146. Warning: R. Kelly charged with sexual abuse
  147. AOC explains why ‘farting cows’ were considered in Green New Deal
  148. ‘Empire’ cuts Jussie Smollett out of season’s final episodes
  149. Horrifying moment a robbery suspect lights a duct-taped woman on fire
  150. Warhammer Trump
  151. Suburban women want the wall, buoying Trump after fleeing in 2018
  152. Bodycam stops bullet in intense shootout
  153. It is unfortunate the liberal progressive media has overused the term racist
  154. Warning: Israel sent lunar rover to the moon today
  155. Warning: This new Liberal Progressive notion of Intersectionality
  156. You have no privacy and never will again
  157. Jeffrey Skilling released from prison after 12 years
  158. Adam Schiff has collusion problems of his own
  159. Migrants attack unarmed officials as they cross from Guatemala into Mexico: WATCH
  160. Minimum Wage Management
  161. Dow's 9-week winning streak is the longest in nearly 24 years
  162. LGBT Magazine Says It's 'Racist' For Trump To Demand Iran Stop Killing Gay People
  163. Liberals outnumber conservatives in only 6 states, down from 9
  164. Suspect setting customer on fire during robbery
  165. Queens high school ‘spiraling downhill’
  166. As 2020 candidates turn left, some Democrats worry about the center
  167. tPF SF cop suspended for racist texts pleads guilty to bank robbery
  168. Feinstein in deep doo-doo over confrontation
  169. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Talks Tax Rates, Suggests ‘$10 Million’ Is ‘Enough’
  170. Hate crime hoaxes are more common than you think
  171. Barack Obama Explains What It Means to be a Real Man
  172. Where in the world does Ocasio Live ?
  173. The American dream is more apt to be realized in South America
  174. AOC is the boss
  175. Democrat Party's identity politics candidates struggle to gain traction
  176. Jussie Smollett reportedly has evidence to dispute police claim
  177. Virginia's Fairfax compares himself to lynching victims
  178. Male only draft- declared unconstitutional
  179. Dog attack on USPS worker caught on video
  180. Wrongfully convicted man gets $21 million settlement
  181. Male Runners Continue Dominating Girls’ High School Track In Connecticut
  182. I cannot take care of myself, I need Gov't to take care of me.
  183. Kamala Harris Says 'Of Course' We Can Afford Green New Deal, Medicare For All
  184. Explaining The Left, Part VI: Do Leftists Believe What They Say?
  185. Microsoft workers demand it drop $480 million U.S. Army contract
  186. Ocasio-Cortez: People Maybe Shouldn’t Reproduce Due To Climate Change
  187. Transgender Athlete Has Plans To Qualify For National Championships For Girls
  188. Former Trump campaign-staffer files Lawsuit against Trump ~ Near Sexual Assault
  189. Chicago police chief: There’s ‘more evidence’ against Jussie Smollett
  190. 'We're All Screwed' on Climate Change and 'Are Dying Now'
  191. John Wayne is next on the hit list
  192. tPF Another Liberal Hoax
  193. Poll shows ‘dramatic shift’ in Americans’ attitude toward abortion
  194. Councilwoman ‘appreciates’ vandal who defaced WWII kissing statue
  195. Free Abortions for All in Oregon
  196. Breaking: Whitaker Spoke To Trump
  197. Trump mocks people who wear Glasses ~ 60% of America
  198. Russia says US asked for advice on dealing with North Korea
  199. Sen. Elizabeth Warren: ‘Child Care Should be a Fundamental Right. Period’
  200. Trump lies that Ivanka created Millions of Jobs
  201. The Michael Cohen Congressional Testimony
  202. Watch Trump Jr. admit to *Crimes in the Past*
  203. The Trump Kim Jong Un Nuclear Summit
  204. Former staffer sues, says Trump kissed her without consent
  205. Trump’s company says it donated nearly $200k to U.S. Treasury
  206. 81-year-old Trump supporter assaulted over his MAGA hat
  207. UC Berkeley (Commie Harris alma mater) to set up safe zones to bar radical liberals
  208. India And Pakistan launch airstrikes against one another
  209. Walmart Is Eliminating Greeters. Workers With Disabilities Feel Targeted
  210. AT&T defeats feds in merger fight to buy Time Warner
  211. So Trump is selling out fellow Americans in Vietnam
  212. Foreign purchase of US Treasurys at a 3 yr low
  213. De Blasio’s $773M school failure
  214. Trump walked out
  215. tPF Cohen Admits He Can’t Corroborate His Allegations Against Trump
  216. CNN's Jim Acosta complains Trump snubbed him at news conference
  217. HOA threatens resident with fine after car leaves unusual shape in snow
  218. Cohen Hearing ~ (R-Fl) Rep. Matt Gaetz under Investigation by Florida State Bar
  219. Bezos wants to put 1T humans in space:
  220. American hostage recovered in Yemen
  221. Trump's Economy Fails to Achieve 3% Annual Growth for Second Year
  222. North Korea’s foreign minister says country seeks only partial sanctions relief
  223. Warning: Trumps GIFT to Kim Jong Un
  224. Bernie Sanders hires illegal immigrant to be press secretar
  225. IRS says tax refunds now up for year
  226. Pelosi tells moderate Dems to stop voting with GOP
  227. Dozens of children die fleeing Isis Caliphate
  228. Average tax refund jumps to $3,100, dents Democrat claims of tax cut trickery
  229. House bill will eliminate private health insurance
  230. Are the Democrats Committing Electoral Suicide? WaPo Says Yes
  231. Ocasio-Cortez Hit With Complaint Alleging She Laundered Money
  232. Felony warrant for liberal who struck Conservative at berkley
  233. Ocasio-Cortez Threatens Democrats
  234. Biggest plunge in restaurant jobs in 20 yrs
  235. Gov. Jay Inslee Announces 2020 Democratic Presidential Bid
  236. White Texas Guy Named Bob O'Rourke Is Going To Run For President
  237. UK Royals to raise baby gender fluid
  238. tPF Humanoid mice using aborted baby parts
  239. tPF Gallup: Trump Approval Above 50% in 17 States,
  240. John Hickenlooper, former Colorado governor running for Potus
  241. Justin Trudeau's reelection bid hits the rocks
  242. Maine governor praises the Electoral College for keeping white people in power
  243. President Trump said the Islamic State’s caliphate is over. That was news to troops o
  244. Bernie Sanders Hires Twice-Arrested Illegal Alien as Press Secretary
  245. Canada has decided to allow US to extradite Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou
  246. Cali's largest county has banned large solar and wind farms on more than 1 mil. acres
  247. Teens rescue boy dangling from ski lift
  248. Fordham confirms that Trump team threatened the school if his grades became public
  249. Neo-Nazi group's new leader is a black man who vows to dissolve it
  250. Trump to sign executive order requiring colleges, universities to support free speech