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  1. Snowden
  2. Just a friendly reminder
  3. Praise Allah?
  4. All you need prove is that you were very, very afraid ...
  5. Rush Limbaugh: Fox News wouldn't discuss state of GOP Read more: http://www.politico
  6. Another Legacy of the Racist In Chief and the Worst Lady
  7. Good jobs report? Think again
  8. High School Censors Football Coach, Bans Post Game Prayer.
  9. Desperation at it's best
  10. Someone has some splainin to do
  11. Feebs do good
  12. Only 47% of Adults Have Full-Time Job
  13. War of the Moms
  14. Venezuela, Nicaragua willing to grant Snowden asylum
  15. Zimmerman trial is already over
  16. Plane crash at San Fransisco airport
  17. Police chief killed with rifle lost in ATF gun-tracking program
  18. Driverless cars coming to N.J., state senator
  19. Another fun filled weekend in gun controlled Chicago
  20. Zimmerman Trial, Week 3
  21. Boston Marathon suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to appear in federal court Wednesday
  22. Congress returns this week to face a list of daunting challenges.
  23. Governor Rick Perry announced that he will not seek reelection.
  24. TREYVON MARTIN'S FATHER: Screams Not Treyvon's!!!
  25. Does it matter?
  26. Bin Laden raid files reportedly purged from Pentagon computers, sent to CIA Read mor
  27. buy american
  28. Get your Angry Trayvon iPhone App
  29. Uh-Oh! Now It’s Official
  30. Female inmates sterilized in California prisons without approval
  31. Why are Republicans going to Die-Off soon; because of Laws like this
  32. The Coming George Zimmerman Verdict And The Radically Changed American Justice System
  33. Day Of Rest.
  34. Barack Hussein Obama is at it again, and his IRS Thugs.
  35. Linchpin for Obama’s plan to predict future leakers unproven, isn’t likely to work, e
  36. Immigration reform heads for slow death
  37. 68% of Americans are for Referendums Nationally
  38. A Moment of Sanity In Illinois
  39. Making A Rogue Agency Pay The Price…
  40. Thank you Mr Obama
  41. DC Council's punitive action toward Walmart
  42. Rainstorms Flood Southwest China
  43. In bullies hands, nuts or milk may be a weapon
  44. For Virginia Governor Ultrasound The Gift Scandal Grows
  45. Whoops, Senate Amnesty Bill Unconstitutional?
  46. Palin: I'm considering a Senate Run
  47. Really!
  48. As Alabama Cuts Benefits, Desperate Man ‘Robs’ Bank To Get Food, Shelter In Jail
  49. Just the people you want handling your health care
  50. Trapped: An air escape from Moscow unlikely for NSA leaker Snowden
  51. House Pass's farm Bill
  52. Janet Napolitano To Resign
  53. Lesbian couple attacked
  54. Sources confirm Virginia's Republican Governor Bob McDonnell negotiating resignation
  55. Another Hate Crime Swept Under The Rug?
  56. Why America Owes Its Existence and Military to a Gay Man
  57. A few Wrongful Death Sutes
  58. Dershowitz: Zimmerman Prosecutors 'Should Be Disbarred
  59. Did we see stuff like this with Bush? With Clinton? With Reagan
  60. Snowden complains of hounding
  61. Shame on Walmart!
  62. Long-lasting, painful erections send 10,000 men to the ER each year
  63. The Stupid Unions
  64. Legal Ethics
  65. Possibly 10 years in prison for Facebook post
  66. Couple refuses to let rape victim into their home
  67. More on the Traitor Snowden
  68. A Verdict has Been Reached.
  69. sharknado?
  70. Justice Department To Review George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin Case
  71. FBI records: agents found no evidence that Zimmerman was racist Read more here: http
  72. Zimmerman lawyer to move ‘asap’ against NBC News
  73. deen pays dearly for saying nigger while zimmerman walks for killing a black male?
  74. Enjoy your 'Freedom' - this Tweet says it all
  75. I hope he gets millions from these media scum at NBC
  76. Obama's Greatest Accomplishment--A Part Time Country
  77. michele bachmann wants to spank the president.
  78. Darwin Award Contender -- Suspect Arrested After Posting About Own Wanted Photo
  79. Kristol Explains What's Wrong With the Immigration Bill
  80. Orwellian Doublespeak and Being Barack Obama
  81. Zimmerman juror B37 speaks
  82. rains and mudslides...and no electric
  83. The myth of St. Trayvon
  84. OECD on unemployment in US, Canada
  85. Deal Defuses ‘Nuclear Option’ in Senate
  86. Hispanic networks skip Zimmerman in Obama interviews
  87. Stevie Wonder
  88. Watch the DOJ spring into action....
  89. 2 CVS pharmacies in Sanford, Florida
  90. More White Kids NEED to die in America
  91. 4 jurors say Juror B37 does not speak for them
  92. A Jobless Recovery Is A Phony Recovery
  93. The Problem with Record Bank Profits
  94. There's no fool like an old fool
  95. Rampaging Mob in L.A.
  96. The Mob Is Calling For Zimmerman's Head.
  97. Exclusive: Fired employee to file lawsuit against Zimmerman prosecutors
  98. Why Isn’t This National News?
  99. Class Warfare In The Land Of Fruit And Nuts
  100. This is Sad
  101. Catholic Nun Gang Raped for over a week
  102. Temar Boggs, Pennsylvania Teen, Saved Jocelyn Rojas
  103. Jimmy Carter: George Zimmerman Jury 'Made The Right Decision'
  104. Who Has the World’s Shortest Workweek?
  105. Meanwhile, in San Diego
  106. To those people who say the Jury has decided, so let it go …
  107. Juror pushes for new laws following Zimmerman trial
  108. At last some Common Sense & a Video Camera as Prof in Stand Your Ground Case
  109. Alternate juror in Zimmerman trial says he agrees with the verdict Read more: http:/
  110. IRS Scandal Continues
  111. You should Fear the Hood, not the 17 yead old teen in a hoodie.
  112. The Eisenhower Quote That All Political Parties Really Oughta Pay Attention To
  113. Oakland Cafe has an Amazing Response to Broken Window after Zimmerman Protests
  114. Ungreatful Job Creators ...
  115. Democrats and unions run Detroit into the ground
  116. Jesse Jackson Calls Fla an Apartheid State
  117. Charles Barkley On Zimmerman Trial: "I Agree With The Verdict"
  118. Fact-checks about the case involving George Zimmerman
  119. Justice Department places 'hold' on Trayvon Martin trial evidence
  120. George Zimmerman May Head Back to Court to Face Molestation Charges
  121. Baghdad Barack outed by the AP
  122. Bill Cosby: George Zimmerman Acquittal Not About Race
  123. Jessee Jackson gonna Boycott Florida
  124. The Ruins Of Detroit
  125. liberals and obama are cowards
  126. Stand Your Ground Hearings
  127. Mich. judge rules Detroit bankruptcy unconstitutional
  128. Rep. Massie Introduces Amendments To Stop Unauthorized Operations in Egypt, Syria
  129. The United States of America
  130. Seven Surprising Truths about the World
  131. New Trend: Senior Officers being relieved of command
  132. Dubai Imprisoned Norwegian Rape Victim
  133. The better Tsarnaev photos
  134. Frightful News for Mokhtar
  135. Another way Wall Street Screws us
  136. Cities take note of Detroit's downfall
  137. 6 Dead, 18 Wounded In Shootings Since Friday Night
  138. More Leftwing Liberal FAIL!!!!
  139. Another Weenie
  140. Detroit is not alone
  141. Getting closer and closer
  142. Zim Zim to the rescue ...
  143. Ironic: Fruitvale Station opens the day of the Zimmerman Verdict
  144. George Zimmerman Emerged From Hiding for Truck Crash Rescue
  145. Univision #1 For Month of July
  146. ACLU Position on Civil Rights Trial for Zimmerman
  147. Subway Employee Puts His Penis On Sandwich Bread
  148. Shutdown looms over ObamaCare
  149. zimmerman/martin video
  150. Weiner at it again?
  151. Can we say phony
  152. Florida Boycott list Discredited
  153. 48 Percent Don't Want Obamacare Repealed
  154. Portrait of a Republicrat
  155. Yet another successful liberal giveaway program
  156. Yet another successful Conservative Outreach Program
  157. The Me Generation Isn't Too Keen On Family Bibles.
  158. It was Nice of the Royals
  159. Detroit council supports calls for federal investigation of possible civil rights cha
  160. The Prince is Named
  161. Hero saves Family and Dog for Burning Vehicle - this one has visual proof
  162. Door-to-door postal service a step closer to getting ax
  163. George H.W. Bush shaves head for leukemia patient
  164. I think we're all getting cheated out of some real News
  165. Shhhhh, don't tell anyone, another Oil-Rig Blow-Up
  166. It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s Zimmer Man!
  167. Remember the two Black Teens who killed the baby?
  168. More and More Weiner coming out
  169. Progressive Nightmare
  170. This week in; Racism is a thing of the past.
  171. Juror B29 Says George Zimmerman Got Away With Murder
  172. Products of Liberal Education Sign Petitions
  173. Halliburton Pleads Guilty To Destroying Gulf Oil Spill Evidence
  174. Obama's remarks delay 2 military sex assault trials
  175. Petition to legalize abortion after childbirth
  176. Jordan Davis: Florida Teen’s Shooting Compared to Trayvon Martin Case
  177. Kudos to John McCain
  178. Chris Christie: Rand Paul ‘dangerous
  179. The Clinton-Weiner Comparisons
  180. Ariel Castro takes plea, blames porn
  181. Paying it forward
  182. National Treasury Employees Union Tries to Avoid Health Insurance Exchanges
  183. Bradley Manning was trying 'to hopefully save lives'
  184. Too much medical marijuana can make you sick
  185. ObamaCare--Don't do as we do. . .
  186. Maryland Touts Low Obamacare Health Insurance Premiums
  187. Marihuana Wars
  188. Is the Jefferson Memorial safe after vandal attack?
  189. 7 Dead in FloridaSeven dead after police negotiations with gunman in apartment comple
  190. The Measure of the Greatness of a Society
  191. One state's law allows mentally ill to own rifles
  192. Zimmerman Rescue Staged?
  193. Obama needs to admit he was wrong
  194. Australasian push to outlaw smacking.
  195. Anwar al-Awlaki and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev
  196. Cry me a river!
  197. What happens when too much government kills the private sector
  198. Signs of declining economic security
  199. open adoption records?
  200. Fast-food workers in walkout to protest low wages
  201. one tough little nut buried alive for 3 hours....he lives and he talks
  202. Bwaaaaaa!
  203. Florida shoot man in his front yard, he was getting cigarette out of his mother's car
  204. revisionist history...a true case
  205. Canada's ambassador takes on Obama re: Pipeline jobs
  206. 19 years ago today ...
  207. JPMorgan's Power Manipulation Allegations Settled For $410 Million
  208. Bradley Manning acquitted of aiding the enemy
  209. Ronald Reagan's Welfare Queen(s) discovered
  210. New York-size sodas get green light from appeals court
  211. Look out below! Work more, get less in Obamacare 'cliff'
  212. Government Shutdown Will Not Shut Down Obamacare
  213. Sydney Leathers: Anthony Weiner 'Too Busy Jacking Off' To Be Mayor
  214. second drone strike in four days in Yemen
  215. Detroit Looks to Health Law to Ease Costs
  216. DEA Agrees to $4.1 Million Settlement For Student Abandoned for Days in Holding Cell
  217. Evidence leans towards another scenario
  218. Man arrested with guns during Obama visit gets prison
  219. 'Obamacare' mandate delay will cost $12 billion, affect 1 million workers
  220. Old Man Finds Home
  221. No Problem Georgy, have a nice day.
  222. NBA player stomps on a homeless person
  223. JPMorgan's $7 Billion In Penalty Payouts Dwarfed By Monstrous Profits
  224. The EMP threat back in the news
  225. Pfizer drug giant on list of multinational tax dodgers
  226. The wages of race hate spawned by Obama, Holder & Sharpton
  227. Jobless Claims in U.S. Decline to Lowest Level in Five Years
  228. Simpson wins small parole victory on some charges
  229. Manufacturing in U.S. Expands at Fastest Pace in Two Years
  230. DC Schools Show Improvement
  231. GM Sales Climb 16% In July; Ford, Chrysler Up 11%
  232. Teamsters Ordered to Stop Picketing Funeral Homes
  233. Paul Ryan Concedes he’ll help constituents enroll in Obamacare
  234. Casey Anthony agrees to pay $25,000 so she doesn't have to write her life story
  235. Rapper charged with homicide
  236. mexican-cartels-recruiting-hit-men-from-ranks-us-military/
  237. Man Goes to Jail for Catastrophic Diarrhea
  238. Gay Athletes Could Be Prosecuted at 2014 Winter Olympics, Russian Lawmaker Suggests
  239. A Big Mac miss by The Huffington Post
  240. Jury finds Goldman executive liable for misleading investors
  241. Your ObamaCare News This Morning
  242. Liberals Should be Proud Today
  243. Conservatives should be Proud Day
  244. Attention - Attention GOP'ers: Consider Yourself Informed
  245. House Voting To Repeal Obamacare Before August Recess
  246. 'Brown bag' and 'citizen' too offensive for use in Seattle
  247. They're Going To Send That Eagles Football Player To Room 101.
  248. Houston Nonprofit Group Arms Citizens in Oak Forest Neighborhood
  249. Wisconsin DNR Raids Animal Shelter After Baby Deer
  250. Brawley: '87 rape-hoaxer finally shells out for slander