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  1. Business Groups See Loss of Sway Over House G.O.P.
  2. Still More Evidence of ObamaThuggery
  3. U.S. stocks jump most since January on debt-deal optimism
  4. House could IMPEACH (Dictator) obama for his thuggery
  5. Liberal Support for obamacare starting to CRUMBLE!
  6. Obama determined to grant AMNESTY to Illegals....
  7. Scott Carpenter, Astronaut, Dead at 88.
  8. Deputy gets shot by illegal in Florida...
  9. Tourists Trapped by Out Of Control Democrats in Cooke City
  10. Obamacare website Cost $634 Million
  11. The Country Wants To Take The Keys Away
  12. Raytheon Awarded $1.6 BILLION Contract Last Night 10/10/2013
  13. AT THE CLOSING BELL ON 10 October 2013
  14. Wow! Toddler Reported dead from ALLEDGED beating
  15. Breaking News on The Trucker Protest
  16. Tavis Smiley: 'Black People Will Have Lost Ground in Every Single Economic Indicator'
  17. Somebody school me on Afghanistan
  18. Ben Carson: Obamacare Worst Thing Since Slavery........
  19. How Did Malala Yousafzai NOT Win the Nobel Peace Prize?
  20. World Food Day - October 16th
  21. Civil Disobedience.
  22. They're Still Heroes For Me....
  23. Million Vet March Storms National Mall; 'Barrycades' Fall, Ted Cruz Speaks!
  24. Debt Ceiling: China Calls for World to Be 'De-Americanised' Chinese government mouth
  25. A job engine sputters as hospitals cut staff
  26. Congress negotiating ‘erms of GOP Surrender
  27. Japan Has Decided To Commit National Suicide Rather Than Switch.
  28. Rep. Peter King says time to 'go after' Ted Cruz 'by name'
  29. Sheila Jackson Lee calls for ‘martial law’ to end shutdown
  30. Today's ObamaCare News
  31. The President Is Very Busy...
  32. Irish Lawmaker Tears Obama a New One!
  33. Economic reality for the liberal pollyannas here:
  34. Walmart Shelves Cleared During EBT Glitch in LA.
  35. How disingenuous do you have to be
  36. Wow Somebody Mad! Conspiracy Theorists and His two kids murdered.
  37. Hospitals Slashing Thousands of JOBS thanks to Obamascare
  38. Pat Robertson calls on Republicans to end shutdown
  39. Liberal Democrats Might Be Maturing
  40. The U.S. Debt Crisis From The Founders' Perspective
  41. On Your Feet: Cap Will D Swenson is awarded Madal of Honor ...
  42. San Fran Chronicle’s Helpful Tip: Lower Your Income to Qualify for Obamacare Cash
  43. A Fox Is Living on the White House Grounds
  44. Boehner Pulls Shutdown Bill In Major Defeat
  45. Economic freedom versus economic performance
  46. Dry Ice Bombs at LAX
  47. Congressman Lies about Obamacare Subsidy...for him
  48. The Senate Deal On The Table?
  49. Warmed my heart, too
  50. Tea party ringleader admits the GOP shut down the government for nothing
  51. The liberal media ate my brain!
  52. House Votes Yes On Senate Bill To Re-Open The Government
  53. Houston Chronicle Takes Back Its Endorsement of Ted Cruz
  54. The Good News
  55. Chinese agency downgrades US credit rating
  56. Examiner Editorial: GM got bailout, now ships jobs to China
  57. So…We keep spending. What comes Next? And Next? And...
  58. Congratulations Ted Cruz on your Incredible Victory
  59. Chicago Tribune: Time for Obama to tell the truth about Obamacare
  60. He Hired Canadians to Screw up aHis Website
  61. The Democrat Shutdown Toll
  62. Congressman Canp to face primary opposition!
  63. On ironically named Wacker Avenue....
  64. Dave Ramsey On the Math of obamacare
  65. Obamacare Website Violates Licensing Agreement for Copyrighted Software
  66. Go Out There and Win an Election: I have been saying this for 5 years
  67. Schwarzenegger wants law changed so he can run for president.
  68. Park vandals
  69. Democrat Shutdown Outrages
  70. The Fines They Are A coming.
  71. 17 Trillion
  72. New Jersey Number 15
  73. Liberals Breaking Liberal Records
  74. HHS official: Sebelius not available to testify Thursday
  75. Saudi Arabia: Take This Security Council Seat and Shove It
  76. Liberals Post Home Address for Death Threats
  77. This weekend's ObamaCare headlines
  78. In U.S., Perceived Need for Third Party Reaches New High
  79. Supreme Court will review EPA global warming rules
  80. Half a million apply for Obamacare but just a few actually enroll
  81. ObamaCare enrollees to join president in Rose Garden
  82. Existing Home Sales Plunge to 15 Month Low...
  83. October is National Women’s Small Business Month
  84. 21 October Website Peoblems - Obama Needs to Explain
  85. Still saddened, but no longer shocked by school shootings
  86. No, it's cool, he has white friends.
  87. Oprah.....flat-out, unequivocal no
  88. Chris Christie Drops Appeal of Gay Marriage Ruling
  89. ObamaCare Train just keeps on Rolling - Ohio panel approves Medicaid Expansion.
  90. Did anyone listen to Thom Hartmann today?
  91. S&P 500 ekes out a small gain to set a new record
  92. By By Republican Party; Texas Judge Switches to Democratic Party
  93. Transparency and Photo Ops
  94. Rep. Conyers Announces New Direction
  95. I Agree With Professor Gates
  96. U.S. Chamber of Commerce president to Ted Cruz: 'Sit Down and Shut Up'
  97. Craigslist and Snap
  98. Grayson is a Monster
  99. Michael Landsberry survived 2 Afghanistan tours, died protecting students from a Gun
  100. Another Loss for ObamaCare Haters - Judge Declines to Halt 'Obamacare' Subsidies
  101. What To Expect When You're Expecting... A Dismal Jobs Report
  102. Nukes Transferred And Top Nuclear Commanders Fired
  103. "Heads're gonna roll!!"
  104. Texas Football team wins 91 to 0, accused of bullying
  105. Bill O'Reilly - America Is Going Commie.
  106. If you like your plan you can keep it! Or maybe not!
  107. 300,000 in Florida lose their health insurance because of Obamacare
  108. Boeing soars on strong demand for new planes
  109. Kynect.Ky.gov - Kentucky’s health insurance exchange enrolls 1k per day in two weeks
  110. Obama: Fate Of Immigration Reform Rests With House GOP
  111. "No, I will NOT yield" - F"ck Yea, this is how you handle The GOP Monkey Court
  112. Now WTF; Another Navy Lock Down
  113. Life Under Obama, More Good News
  114. Hidden Code on ACA Website ~ NO Reasonable Expectation of Privacy
  115. Police State Advances on Press
  116. And now the fun starts
  117. New administers of Obamacare admit inability to deal with fraud
  118. Michelle Obama’s Princeton classmate is executive at company that built Obamacare web
  119. Kraft Cheese Recall
  120. Protesting covert NSA surveillance operations
  121. Lou Reed Dies
  122. Obama unaware of NSA spying on world leaders?
  123. 60 Minutes: Benghazi Revelations of Betrayal, No Mention of Hillary, Obama
  124. New York slaughter of mom, 4 kids: "its a scene youll never forget" cops say
  125. U.S. Cities Grapple With Finances
  126. Welfare Recipients outnumber Full Time Workers.
  127. Backfire Poll: Bad press is increasing interest in Obamacare
  128. Texas ~ abortion restrictions ruled unconstitutional
  129. One Fox News chart that will mislead you about welfare & jobs in three different ways
  130. Poor Downtrodden Goverment Workers
  131. Poor Liberal Lost Her Health Care Plan..
  132. Fusion, the new network aimed at millineals
  133. Mitch McConnell tells donors: No more shutdowns
  134. Penn State to pay $59.7M to 26 Sandusky victims
  135. McAuliffe opens up double-digit lead over Cuccinelli in Virginia governor’s race
  136. Obama administration knew millions could not keep their health insurance
  137. Ted Cruz goes tells pro-amnesty Fusion that amnesty is unfair to legal immigrants
  138. Seal Team 6 Families Suspect Inside Job
  139. Critical Obamacare Center Crashed On Sunday (Obamacare Is NO Apple Inc.: Part 3)
  140. US kills Two Top Leaders of Terror Group that attacked Kenya Mall
  141. Navy's Stealthy New Destroyer gets Hull Wet
  142. Lawyers Advise Toronto Police to Arrest Dick Cheney
  143. Home Sales Collapse At Fastest Pace in 40 Months, Along With Affordablility
  144. Liberals and the Insurance Companies
  145. Retail Sales for September... Meh...
  146. Why Rights Aren't Put Up For a Vote
  147. Democratic Congressman Blows Up At GOP During Obamacare Hearing
  148. Grover Norquist Slams Ted Cruz
  149. Enough already, say respected conservatives
  150. Krauthammer-obamacare-will-collapse-on-its-own
  151. I Love Me some Judge Jeaninne.
  152. More Employers Need To Follow Costco's Example
  153. Liberals coming after your parental rights...BEWARE
  154. Watch Keith Ellison
  155. Food Bank CEO Suggests Welfare Cuts May Spark Riots
  156. GOP Governor: There Seems To Be A War On The Poor
  157. The Sebelius Hearings
  158. Kudos to Australia
  159. Insanity Reigns
  160. Ted Cruz Praised As A GOP Jesus Christ At Iowa Fundraiser
  161. A Random Act of Kindness.
  162. Watch This Kid
  163. Private Employment On Downward Trend; ADP Payroll Prints Plunge To Lowest Since April
  164. Obama approval sinks to new low
  165. interview with a Marine sniper scout
  166. House Republicans Skip Obamacare Briefing They Furiously Demanded
  167. IMPEACH obama FAX..........
  168. Driving while googling
  169. Beautiful Key Takeaways from The Health Care Hearings on Capitol Hill
  170. Dick's Trip (or, Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho. It's off to Prison You Go).
  171. The GOP Expected to continue Throwing Childish Tantrums
  172. Former Homeland Security Head To Shovel Millions To California Illegal Criminals.....
  173. BREAKING NEWS: G.O.P. Unveils Own Health-Care Web Site
  174. Same Old GOP - Senate Republicans Block 2 Obama Nominees
  175. Alternative Wave Engergy, from Down Under
  176. Greta Van Susteren Clarifies CBS News' Interview With Obamacare Opponent
  177. Second Circuit Court of Appeals Blocks Stop and Frisk Ruling Removes Judge From Case
  178. Obamacare enrollments got off to very slow start, documents show
  179. Obamacare Targets
  180. Feinstein's committee cements bulk collection of NSA data
  181. October ISM Manufacturing Highest Since 2011; "No Impact From Government Shutdown."
  182. Weekly update on Obamacare sign ups Week 4 = 900,000 plus & 330,000 requests for subs
  183. Steve Schmidt, Former John McCain Adviser: A Lot Of Republicans 'Wish Ted Cruz Would
  184. JPMorgan Has Even More Problems Than We Thought
  185. Why Bill Kristol left Fox News
  186. 60 Minutes Benghazi Report Takes A Huge Credibility Hit
  187. Shootings at LAX
  188. Charlie Crist launches Governor bid
  189. Federal Workers Sue Government For Withholding Pay During Shutdown
  190. Another Republican Defects
  191. Juror B-29 ~ *Zimmy ruined my Life*
  192. Security for the NYC Marathon
  193. Paul Dennis Reid died....
  194. If Dueling Were Legal In Kentucky
  195. The Snowden Manifesto
  196. Virginia ~ Why the GOP will lose it
  197. And so it begins...Obama slipping in the polls as expected.
  198. Nazi-looted modern art found in Munich flat
  199. The Civilian And His Gun.
  200. Central Connecticut State University in lockdown
  201. Top Hospitals Opt OUT of obummercare
  202. Now Now Juan
  203. Liberal Civility
  204. Cloward-Piven = Leeroy Jenkins! = Barrack Obama! ACA = ... abusive FAIL!
  205. Gunfire in N.J. Mall
  206. SAC Capital To Pay $1.8 Billion Penalty For Insider Trading: Feds
  207. An Electable Repubican
  208. Liberals Pretend Obama's Shutdown cost $24 Billion....
  209. End of the line for Dolphins Incognito ?
  210. Statement From Edward Snowden
  211. Toronto Mayor Rob Ford ~ Crackhead
  212. Holder ~ *Zimmy may still be prosecuted*
  213. The Magic Number
  214. Terry McAuliffe Beats Ken Cuccinelli In Governor's Race
  215. Washington Times Ends Rand Paul's Weekly Column After Plagiarism Charges
  216. What does Christie re-election mean ?
  217. Conservative School Board Intact
  218. New York Magazine: Meet the De Blasios, New York City's new first family
  219. For Millions of Americans, Delay is not an option!
  220. Shades of Solyndra
  221. November 5th 2013; was a Good Day for Democrats
  222. Need Liberty & Revenue ? ~ Tax Pot & Secede
  223. October Mortgage Purchase Applications Plunges To Decade Lows
  224. These are the folks who are going to running your health care
  225. She's been delayed. Feel Ashamed democrats. feel ashamed
  226. First there was the lie....
  227. Liberal Politifact labeled....
  228. Poll Finds Anger At Congress Hasn't Died Away Since Shutdown Ended
  229. Q3 GDP Grows To 2.8%; Unaffected By Government Shutdown...
  230. Teacher tried to force child to say the pledge
  231. Obamacare Flawed for many....not good for liberty as well
  232. What is wrong with this statement?
  233. Another Barbershop massacre
  234. This weeks WTF is going on in Florida Law Enforcement Story
  235. Florida to vote on Stand Your Ground Law repeal
  236. Breaking: In Historic Vote, Senate Passes ENDA
  237. The Twitter IPO
  238. Yea, who's it hurting anyway? You the Jack Ass Tax-Payer!
  239. Rand Paul ~ Breitbart Columnist
  240. Philippines Super Typhoon ~ Massive loss of life expected
  241. More Trayvon Martins
  242. Obama Personally Apologizes for Americans Losing Health Coverage
  243. Benghazi story being reviewed
  244. Bloomberg giving NYPD bodyguards jobs to ‘keep their mouths shut
  245. 7.3%
  246. Apology Interview Lies
  247. Lara Logan Apologizes For Botched '60 Minutes' Benghazi Report
  248. This One Voted for Obama
  249. The Blocking of the Release of the Sandy Hook 911 Tapes
  250. It's The Year 2013: Dear Birthers, Get over it already