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  1. Military sexual assault reports jump 46%
  2. Obama’s Secret Iran Détente
  3. Chris Christie, The Next Republican Great John McCain Hope.
  4. Powerful Words
  5. Economy Destroyed Nearly All Full-Time Jobs Created Last Month. Somehow...
  6. 1 Person signs up for Obamacare in North Carolina.....wow!
  7. DC ObamaCare numbers show 5 people signed up for exchange
  8. Rand Paul practicing medicine illegally ?
  9. Simon and Schuster pulls Embassy House
  10. Was Iraq War to initiate Armageddon ?
  11. We can learn....
  12. Cruz does Leno
  13. GOP super PACs gear up to fight tea party
  14. 7,500 Drones Coming To The Sky Near You
  15. Feds seek $864M from BofA over Countrywide loans
  16. Philippine Super Typhoon Kills At Least 10,000
  17. Netanyahu's harsh criticism of U.S. on Iran is a political boomerang
  18. Netanyahu Rejects Iran Deal, Israel-Palestine Too
  19. The 150th Anniversary of the Gettysburg Address
  20. Canada Spy Palace damaged by fire
  21. Video of NYPD’s Futile Attempt to Stop Skateboarding Event Goes Viral
  22. White candidate pretends to be black to win election
  23. Palindrome ~ The War on Christmas
  24. Obama using food-stamp cash to fund Michelle’s ‘Let’s Move’
  25. For the first time a prosecutor goes to jail over wrongful conviction
  26. Technical glitch keeps state-of-the-art USS Freedom in port
  27. Here Come the Cuts
  28. Liberals Learn Lifelong Lesson
  29. Obamacare Website Enrollment 90% Below Government Expectations...
  30. Meet Your Taxpayer-Subsidized Farm Bill Billionaires!
  31. How to stop Moms Against Gun Violence
  32. Black Participation in Workforce hits 31-year low
  33. Some Obamacare Navigators Counsel Lying...
  34. Obama Jealous Much?
  35. GOP ~ If not Christie in 2016 then who ?
  36. Christians Face Culture of Fear, Intimidation in U.S. Military Today
  37. Do Nothing Congress Hits Single Digit Approval Rating
  38. The price of leftist environmental wackoism--ethanol
  39. H.R. 3350 ~ The Keep Your Health Plan Act
  40. Quinnipiac Pools Show
  41. Texas Voter Suppression...
  42. I am shocked....
  43. I thought the tea party hated Govt. ?
  44. ‘Navigators’ Advising Potential Applicant to ‘Lie’
  45. If Only there was some kind of Law in Place to deal with Bottom Feaders
  46. Calm Down Folks, it's just Software
  47. Palestinian negotiating team resigns
  48. Another school shooting
  49. Biggest Obamacare Failure: Just 18% Of Uninsured Expressed An Interest In Enrolling
  50. Low Obamacare enrollment numbers released
  51. 1 in 3 Campaign tries to remove the stigma of having an abortion
  52. Historically black college cancels student health insurance because of Obamacare
  53. Will Obamacare be the end of modern Liberalism?
  54. Tea Party Group Will Primary 87 Republican “Traitors”
  55. Costco, Nordstrom Refuse To Ruin Thanksgiving
  56. Walmart Revenue Guides Below Expectations; Slow Economic Growth To Blame
  57. Typical LIberal Bullshit. Blame Fox News!
  58. Obama to speak on health care amid rumors of fix
  59. Liberal Kirsten Powers..."My Premiums Doubled under Obamacare"
  60. Bulger Sentenced
  61. The Two Most Wonderful Democrats on the Planet Earth
  62. Let's take a look at the Holder Articles of Impeachemnt
  63. Standing Up to America’s Allies on Iran
  64. Obama Will Veto Bill to Fix...
  65. Oh The Horror- More Record Highs
  66. BREAKING:23,000 NJ residents were forced against their Free Will to Enroll in The ACA
  67. Rush Limbaugh: Obama 'Playing Dictator' with Healthcare
  68. Obama is taking my insurance away
  69. Obama's Katrina
  70. Murder charges in Renisha McBride killing
  71. Total Healthcare 'Enrollment' As A Result of Obamacare: -3.9 Million
  72. MSNBC's Toure' is a total dumbass
  73. Joseph Paul Franklin execution
  74. BREAKING: Wal-Mart workers strike, Target workers threaten to join Black Friday walko
  75. Alec Baldwin Show Suspended...
  76. If You Like Your Doctor...
  77. Health Insurers Show Their True Colors
  78. "I'l Obey the Constitution...."
  79. Saudi Arabia’s nuclear bomb
  80. Syrian oil
  81. Civil war shatters Syrian economy
  82. Dictator Obama makes another unilateral change in our immigration laws
  83. Ethanol runs out of gas
  84. Superbugs could erase a century of medical advances,' experts warn
  85. ‘Very good chance of Iran nuclear deal’
  86. The British on al-Qaeda
  87. Iran tests waters for Western investment in oil exports
  88. I posted this on another forum
  89. Mid-West Destruction
  90. America's Longest War: A Film About Drug Prohibition
  91. Racism, Rage and White Supremacy
  92. Sheldon Adelson, top 2012 donor and casino magnate, readies to fight Internet gambli
  93. Today's DOW
  94. Lez Cheney
  95. Buchanan ~ no Kennedy Camelot
  96. Students at Black College are upset with Obamacare....
  97. Zimmy arrested
  98. Cops fire on children-filled van
  99. Walmart holds food drive to help
  100. What Business is it of Theirs?
  101. 80% is a C
  102. Siri Has Political Views
  103. Blackwater Founder Erik Prince 'Regrets' Working for US State Dept.
  104. Virginia state senator injured in home; another person found dead inside
  105. Husband of Katherine Harris Apparent Sucide
  106. Lovely Parents I'm Sure.
  107. The GOP Path to Prosperity
  108. Vancouver bans the knob
  109. Obama Butchers Gettysburg Address
  110. SCOTUS ~ next-up repeal Roe v Wade ?
  111. October 2012 Pre-Election Jobs Report Was Fudged
  112. More Compassionate Conservatism
  113. Unemployment-Gate Starts. BLS Unemployment Numbers Under Fire...
  114. The Face of Liberal/Progessives
  115. MOST Americans open to alternative explanations to 9/11
  116. If You're A Congressman Who Votes To Drug Test Food Stamp Recipients...
  117. This ought to make some heads explode
  118. Obama plunges to 37% approval
  119. Americans Like Obamacare Where They Can Get It
  120. Minister suspended for officiating same-sex marriage
  121. Obama Facing Fraud Charges for Manipulating Jobless Numbers Before Election
  122. U.S. General: Let's Make Obama Resign
  123. Italy's Mount Etna Volcano Blows Smoke Rings
  124. Food Stamp Fraud: Beneficiaries Illegally Sell EBT Cards On Craigslist
  125. Embrace Yourself For Higher Insurance Premiums...
  126. Palin Kill Lauer Interview.
  127. Democrats Versus America
  128. HealthCare.gov Web site crashes as Sebelius visits sign-up site
  129. Cokehead tea partier Trey Radel crying on T.V.
  130. Colo. man informed his dog has successfully signed up for ObamaCare
  131. Give the middleclass a fighting Chance: Warren
  132. Saudi Arabia man arrested for giving out free hugs
  133. Saudi Rage Over Syria Leaves Shiites Anxious About Reprisals
  134. A Sad Tale of ObamaCare and ObamaProsperity
  135. Why Is Trey Radel Still In Cogress
  136. Health-care price inflation is at its lowest rate in 50 years
  137. Quality Healthcare--Obamastyle
  138. Bush does Leno
  139. Reid ~ Castrate the GOP
  140. Joe Scarborough blasts Martin Bashir
  141. Tragicomedy: Woman Priced Out Of Obamacare
  142. Hypocrisy and Credibility
  143. Obama Gives Grand Queen Oprah Congressional Medal Of Honor.
  144. Skakel free
  145. OMG Healthcare.gov
  146. Hall of Famer and Cubs icon Ernie Banks was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom
  147. Father shoots his daughter
  148. Healthcare.gov Website Should Be Shut Down, Rebuilt From Scratch: Expert Warns
  149. Ooops, Someone Fucked Up - Boeing Dreamlifter landed at the wrong airport in Kansas
  150. Hillary Clinton now trailing Christie, Paul, and Ryan, and tied with Cruz in polls
  151. Gloria Steinem, Presidential Medal of Freedom
  152. Officer Awarded For Surgically Removing IED From Man's Neck
  153. Paul on Reid: ‘We’ve got a big bully’
  154. So In February A Knock Out Teen Gets Shot
  155. As you sow, so shall you reap?
  156. Bill O'Reilly Goes After Sarah Palin: 'She Won't Do This Program'
  157. A nice story about American solidarity
  158. Why?
  159. John Boehner enrolls in Obamacare
  160. Everybody in, nobody out! Vermont Approves Single-Payer Health Care
  161. More Poetic Justice From The Open Obama Administration?
  162. The Best Hospitals Are Opting OUT
  163. Sticker shock hits health exchange shoppers
  164. Rush Limbaugh Wets his Pants over The "Nuclear Option'
  165. Police State America, Continued
  166. Just Awful
  167. A Good Use for Obamacare
  168. Regulators Watch Porn & Nap In Industries They're Supposed To Rein In
  169. I Wonder Why
  170. Right Wing Wackos ~ JFK was a Tea Partier
  171. Minimum Wage Poll
  172. Baxter Gets Health Care
  173. North Korea Detains American
  174. Mother faces negligence charges for homeopathic medicine...
  175. Ooops Another HUGE mistatement
  176. Omar Khadr Appeals
  177. Street Justice
  178. More Boeing
  179. It's So Damn Good They Don't Want You To Know About It
  180. Another Great Investment By The Obama Administration
  181. Iran and 6 world powers come to nuclear deal
  182. Wedding Yemen Style
  183. JFK assassination: New motorcade footage pending release
  184. Texas A&M Needs To Fire This Moron
  185. Texas actress has plea deal over ricin letters sent to Obama, Bloomberg
  186. Setting a Password on Obamacare Site...........
  187. Vermont health website: security breach
  188. Man informed his dog has successfully signed up for obamacare
  189. US Pulls Embassy out of Vatican
  190. Netanyahu: Iran Nuclear Deal A 'Historic Mistake'
  191. Dems worry leaders in denial on Obamacare
  192. Pot smokers arrested for DUI: A record high in Washington
  193. Why does Wall Street fear Fed's taper plan
  194. Yet another Obamacare Horror Story Debunked
  195. We need more Failures like this
  196. Secession Movement Sweeping Maryland & Colorado
  197. Illinois liberal deadbeat government doesn't pay their bills on time
  198. Iran deal can be step to overall nuclear solution-S.Arabia
  199. Sandy Hook invetigation to be released
  200. Steubenville ~ 4 more charged
  201. George Zimmerman will be Rich Rich Rich - Not
  202. Banks Threaten To Charge You For Saving Money
  203. Have we been hijacked ?
  204. Boehner's Premiums Nearly Double Under Obamacare
  205. Which states use the most drugs
  206. Spoiler Alert: DEATH PANELS are REAL!!!
  207. The Obamacare success stories you haven't been hearing about
  208. Support for Obamacare Will Go Up Soon; Here's Why
  209. Obamacare Rap
  210. I'm willing to give this a chance
  211. Californians Greeted Canceled Health Plans With Smiles
  212. CNN/ORC poll: Democrats lose 2014 edge following Obamacare uproar
  213. Supreme Court to take another Crack at Obamacare
  214. BREAKING: Lara Logan getting Benghazi'ed
  215. Morning after pill - new weight limit
  216. More Breaking News: Obamacare is a Done Deal
  217. Another Obamacare Anecdote With Cancer Loses Coverage
  218. Obama's Campaign Arm - Promote Obamacare At Your Thanksgiving Dinner
  219. Hillary Clinton takes $450,000 speakiing fee (bribe) from rich guys
  220. No More Political Activity for Tax Exempt Organizations?
  221. Pope affirms Catholic Church's opposition to abortion
  222. WelcomeVisitors to The political Forums
  223. JPMorgan's Soaring Stock Price To Completely Erase $13 Billion Fine
  224. No One in the Middle East Will Sleep
  225. Obamacare Victim: "It's scary -- it makes me want to cry."
  226. Iran ~ *Yes We Can ! *
  227. The Official Turkey Pardon
  228. School Board member on castrating transgender students
  229. Pope Francis slams conservative economics
  230. ‘Thank You, Ted Cruz’
  231. Who's gonna talk politics at Thanksgiving Dinner ?
  232. Transgender student perpetrates hoax hate message incidents at Vassar
  233. Obama delays small business mandate for one year
  234. The Spectacular Collapse of Obamacare's Holiday Propaganda Blitz
  235. Supreme Court orders DOJ to respond to German homeschooler's petition
  236. Liberal gets punched in the head and still doesn't believe in the "knockout game"
  237. The New York Times gives us all a peek of what nipple looks like
  238. Largest N.J. insurer axes minimal health plans
  239. Group gets $1.1 million grant to collect ObamaCare 'success stories
  240. More proof that liberals hate God.
  241. happy hanukkah or festival of lights....
  242. Boy with cancer loses coverage after Obamacare launch
  243. Besties Forever (more spying)
  244. firebomb or christmas tree?
  245. Bear interrupts photo shoot.
  246. A Shameful Display Of Consumerism From The Pleasure Seekers on National Day Of Thanks
  247. Denied entry to US due to depression?
  248. Walmart's Special Message To Striking Black Friday Workers
  249. State appeals sentence for teacher who raped student
  250. Professional Home Thieves