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  1. She Died Well...
  2. 'Fast and Furious' ~ Paul Walker dies
  3. The Rise of Libertarians?
  4. American apologizes for "hostile acts"
  5. Another democrat gone so who thinks they are going to take the whole Congress?
  6. Wage Strikes Planned at Fast-Food Outlets
  7. U.S. Manufacturing Grows at Fastest in 2 1/2 Years
  8. The High Court Strikes down challenge....
  9. Breaking: Conservatives More Likely To Make Up Facts In Order to Justify Their Belief
  10. Maria Callas's Birthday
  11. GOP ~ Racissism is over
  12. Arctic ice cap grows 29% in one year
  13. ATTENTION, @AmazonTania! SOOO Sorry! Almost MISSED This ...
  14. Taking football a little too seriously
  15. White, affluent residents of south Baton Rouge want to secede from the city
  16. Detroit Bankruptcy Judge Rules Pension & Bond Haircuts
  17. Hypocrisy, dogma and sabotage: The right’s stepping into an Obamacare trap
  18. Israel provides humanitarian aid to Syrians
  19. Look At What Fox News Is Calling "Sharia Law"
  20. Chicago ~ on pace for fewest murders in 50 years
  21. Plasti-guns ~ House extends Ban
  22. Union Mucking Up Train Crash Investigations.
  23. More Bad News: Chrysler and GM Gains Pace Best U.S. Auto Sales Since ’07
  24. New GOP Plan Would Save Military From Sequestration by Cutting Social Security
  25. Private sector employment increased by 215,000 jobs from October to November
  26. Priorities
  27. Consumer Reports on healthcare site: ‘It’s terrific’
  28. Nuke 'em Dano
  29. Can Santa Claus be a Black Man?
  30. ALEC ~ donor exodus in wake of Trayvon Martin death
  31. Obama's dog Sunny jumps on a kid at the White House
  32. Space Aliens
  33. MSNBC ~ Martin Bashir resigns
  34. Obama Promised, but who came up with the paln for Detroit?? Rand Paul
  35. Hizballah’s War of Shadows With Saudi Arabia Comes Into the Light
  36. Bill Bratton named NYPD commissioner
  37. Rev. Al Sharpton and other civil rights leaders Launch Fight Against ‘Knockout Gang'
  38. Bondsman: Fugitive with ties to drug cartel spotted in Myrtle Beach
  39. BOOYAH! ACA Enrollments Surge: 56K in first 3 days of December!
  40. Obama creates a TRUE redistribution of wealth
  41. Another American dies in Benghazi
  42. Nelson Mandela dies
  43. When the evolved become unhinged
  44. Jobs number beats — unemployment rate plunges to 7%
  45. The Real Scoop on Racist Communist Nelson Mandela
  46. Detroit bankruptcy and pensions
  47. Obama to Give Wind Farms 30-Year Pass on Eagle Deaths
  48. Obama can't tell the truth on even the little things
  49. Light-Up the National Christmas Tree !
  50. Syrian regime troops accused of gas attack in Qalamoun region
  51. Abandon Pretense of a Constitutional Gov.
  52. Matthews does Obama
  53. 834
  54. Harvard poll shows millenials reject Obamacare:
  55. Atheist billboards rejected
  56. Vanessa's Law
  57. Teen birth rate drops 52% in 2 decades
  58. Surprise, surprise: ObamaCare Creating a Medicaid Time Bomb
  59. Latest ObamaDodge: If you like your doctor you can pay more to get him
  60. This is Pretty Neat!
  61. Rand's Wife Says No To Presidential Bid
  62. Illegal Immigrants Seek Taxpayer-Paid Tuition
  63. Time's Person of the Year
  64. Assault Victim Wins
  65. In Meat We Trust
  66. Something for you soak the rich drones to ponder
  67. Cerberus finally getting-out of the massacre business ?
  68. Here we go again
  69. How long will it take
  70. Senate Confirms Obama's Top Judge After Historic Filibuster Change
  71. One of those Takers after getting $3.19 Obamacare policy
  72. Something Known But Not Confirmed
  73. North Carolina Republican’s DWI and drug possession arrest is his fourth in office
  74. Obama's Handshake Causes Right-Wing Memory Lapse
  75. Apartheid in the US....Jesse Jackson doesn't want to lose his job
  76. Cheney ~ *Better for America to have Tea Party horror*
  77. McKook invokes Godwin's Law
  78. Budget deal?
  79. Guilty for ricin-laced letter
  80. U.S. Ends Bailout of G.M.
  81. 5th Grader Suspended for Shooting Imaginary Arrow
  82. When conservatives become liberals
  83. Pope Francis Named Time's Person Of The Year
  84. More Republicans than Democrats have signed up for Obamacare
  85. 1.3 million struggling Potential American Voters Unemployment Benefits will expirer
  86. (R-Tn.) Sen. Lamar Alexander's chief of staff investigated for kiddie porn
  87. Mandela Memorial Sign Language Interpreter.......
  88. Another cop escalates a traffic stop into a murder rap
  89. U.S. halts aid shipments to Syrian rebels after Islamists seize warehouses
  90. Gulf states call on foreign forces to leave Syria
  91. Foreclosures drop to lowest level in 7 years
  92. FOX insanity
  93. MANDELA and company, revisited:
  94. Rollin Rollin Rollin, Keep them Confirmations Coming.
  95. We've Been Talking W/ Cuba For Six Months.
  96. etna Health Insurance will double Revenues to $100 billion by 2020
  97. Now the Middle Class and Upper Middle Class pay more than 100% of Income tax
  98. No One Paid Attention to Ted Cruz' Publicity Tantrum
  99. ObamaCare: Taking Care of the Chronically Ill
  100. North Korea ~ executes uncle of leader Kim Jong Un
  101. A New Era of Bi-Partisanship
  102. Saudi Arabian top cleric calls suicide bombers 'criminals'
  103. Barack Wins Another Award
  104. Writing Laws in the White House
  105. Ford plans 23 new cars, 11,000 new jobs in 2014
  106. White House Delays #ObamaCare Premium Payments Until December 31st
  107. Teaparty hits new Low
  108. GOP and conservative groups: The breakup begins
  109. Rape Insurance
  110. Heritage Action: Boehner picks fight to clear way for immigration
  111. Another Victory for the Devil
  112. Uh oh, Boehner sends Obama an invitation!
  113. They are Shooting in Schools Again in Colo
  114. Boeing to shift research jobs to South, Midwest
  115. Another gift from the loving nation of Islam
  116. Glock hits a homerun ;)
  117. Consumers have had enough
  118. Denver Post authors revise own article...
  119. Good Guy With A Gun "ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL" In Colorado Shooting.
  120. Another stand your ground
  121. End of the incandescent bulbs
  122. Lessons of Newton
  123. Obamacare hurts my small business
  124. Obama's selfie
  125. Peter O'Toole dead at 81
  126. McKook ~ Wage more neocon Wars
  127. EPA fraud ~ fraudster John C. Beale
  128. Bomb scare ~ Harvard evacuted
  129. Sheriffs Refuse to Enforce Laws on Gun Control
  130. East Indian Fraud
  131. Liberal Hate Rewards Perceived Criminals
  132. The Navy's First Female Four-Star Admiral; and that ain't the only First for The Navy
  133. AP-GfK poll: Health law seen as eroding coverage
  134. Chris Christie ‘ROTTEN & VINDICTIVE' Political PAYBACK SCANDAL Deepens
  135. I knew it I knew it
  136. The efficency of the Federal Government knows no bounds.
  137. The Brits figuring it out
  138. The typical limosine Liberal
  139. Surprise, surprise: Not many paying customers signing up for ObamaCare
  140. Two men sentenced to life for racial killings in Oklahoma
  141. Families of Victims in 'Affluenza' Case File Suits
  142. Obama Hijacks Meeting about NSA Spying
  143. Expanded Medicaid’s fine print holds surprise: ‘payback’ from estate after death
  144. Government Blatantly Wastes $30 Billion This Year
  145. Racist Obama-Deranged Rant Gets Police Officer Suspended
  146. BREAKING: Mark Obenshain to Concede Virginia AG Race Later Today!
  147. Greenpeace protesters and Pussy Riot band members could be freed tomorrow
  148. Are people beginning to get it about big government?
  149. Traffic Stop DNA Swab
  150. duck dynasty dude done
  151. Black Student Calls This Art
  152. Even The NY Post Is Figuring This Shit Out
  153. Another Myth Busted: Dow, S&P 500 hit new highs on Fed's 'Taper Lite'
  154. If November had an Obamacare surge, consider this the December deluge.
  155. Former Top NSA Official: “We Are Now In A Police State”
  156. Mitt the new Documentary on Netflix
  157. Obama to Commute Sentences for 8 in Crack Cocaine Cases
  158. Hillary Clinton: I’ll announce in 2014 if I’m running
  159. Merkel compared NSA to Stasi in heated encounter with Obama
  160. Facebook Pays No Taxes, Instead gets a Tax Refund – (IRS) $295 million
  161. Scott Gurney created Duck Dynasty - Who Starred In A Movie About Gay Porn
  162. High security risk found after HealthCare.gov launch
  163. Supreme Court of Canada strikes down prostitution laws
  164. North Korea fax ~ *We will attack South Korea without notice*
  165. Obama Lifts Health Mandate for Those With Canceled Plans - NEXT
  166. 7 setbacks for global warming alarmists
  167. Someone should remind Phil Robertson
  168. Obama Lifts Health Mandate for Those With Canceled Plans
  169. NY Creates First-Ever Animal Abuse Registry
  170. why are some people so selective in the parts of the old testament they adopt.
  171. Feds begin killing barred owls to help save spotted owl
  172. Is the Black Community Waking Up?
  173. NYC bans styrofoam
  174. Cracker Barrel The Ultimate Liberal Hypocrites
  175. Metro Bus Passengers Overpowering Armed Robber in Seattle
  176. Looks like this prediction from 2004 is panning out
  177. Particularly “painful” and “stressful” week.
  178. Susan Rice Defends Clinton, Calls Benghazi a 'False Controversy'
  179. For the data wonks here, an interesting look at the labor participation rate
  180. America's Terrible Manners Are A Direct Reflection Of America's Moral Decline!
  181. CNN Poll: Health care law support drops to all-time low
  182. Charlie Sheen Joins The Rest Of The Fauxrage
  183. 2013 - what a year!
  184. 800,000 people without power in the wake of an ice storm
  185. Hiding the Hacking at HealthCare.gov
  186. Wholesale electricity prices rose across the United States
  188. Concealed Carry Means Fewer Murders, Says New Study
  189. The Dying Middle Class In America
  190. Why NORAD tracks Santa.
  191. Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!
  192. More love from the Left
  193. PIty...
  194. A little Christmas rumor
  195. Utah Appeals Court Upholds Decision on Marriage Equality
  196. Kidnapped Ethiopian girl rescued by caring, protective lions
  197. Canadian woman killed by wolf/coyote hybrid.
  198. Uh Oh, Mother Jones Has Been Taken Over By The Wingnuts
  199. This latest poll I find remarkable for one reason
  200. Christmas in North Waziristan
  201. If they can't make it in these places. . . .
  202. Piranha Attack! Dozens of Bathers Hurt in Argentina River
  203. The State Government announces where shark baited drum lines will be deployed
  204. 7 Things Congress Actually Did
  205. The color of justice
  206. A&E Caves, Phil's Back. To Funny
  207. Marine PT Standards
  208. Syria signs offshore oil and gas exploration deal with Russia
  209. Winggunnuts in mourning ~ Kalashnikov dies
  210. Are Saudi Arabia's OPEC oil tactics delusional or realistic?
  211. Year end rush for medical procedures not covered next year under Obamacare
  212. Stories of the year for 2013
  213. *Can't buy me a prez* billionaire Harold Simmons dies
  214. It's Long High Overdue Time To Take This Whole PC Single Mother Myth To The Woodshed.
  215. Global Warming at it Worst
  216. The impending end to extended jobless benefits and the impact on people and numbers.
  217. Well President Obama; Work with or confront?
  218. The blame game continues.
  219. Paying Dead Retirees
  220. Most admired man and women in America
  221. Rose Bowl Parade Float
  222. New ObamaCare fees coming in 2014
  223. Portland swaps 163 on-street car parking spots for 1,644 more bike spots
  224. Republican belief in evolution plummets
  225. Proof there's a sucker born every minute
  226. 55 popular tax breaks set to expire
  227. The Most Admired Man in the World for 6th Year in a Row
  228. Over two million have signed up on Obamacare, state websites: U.S. official
  229. Obama's environmental protection hard at work
  230. Alaska, Nevada, New York, North Dakota, Texas and Virginia, keep your HEADS DOWN!
  231. Six Million Sign Up For Obamacare
  232. No-Knock Search Warrant, Dead Officer
  233. "9/11 Families 'Ecstatic' They Can Finally Sue Saudi Arabia"
  234. James Avery, ‘Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ star, dies at 65
  235. Socialist Sworn in as NYC's Mayor
  236. Chrysler--Another Obama Success Story?
  237. US manufacturing expands at solid pace in December
  238. The Economy
  239. All 52 Passengers Rescued On Arctic Research Ship
  240. Can the Obamas do anything right?
  241. Obamacare a success as over 2 million sign up
  242. Crime rates drop in Chicago
  243. Welocme to Animal farm
  244. Colorado Weed
  245. Patients walk out of hospitals because they have no proof of health insurance
  246. Are liberal hopes for New York Mayor de Blasio too high?
  247. 98% of stories ignore that ice-bound ship was on global warming mission
  248. "Let them eat cake!" says Obama as he golfs in sunny Hawaiii
  249. Saudi Arabia hails arrest of Iran embassy bomber in Lebanon
  250. Saudi gets jail and lashes over Twitter libel