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  1. The Toxic Perniciousness Of Intimidating Public Employees To Not Do Their Jobs
  2. Does anyone See that this is Carter all over Again?
  3. New Immigration Policy...Deportation of all Seniors
  4. The Latest Environmental Threat -
  5. Obama's 3.9 trillion dollar budget
  6. Obama budget seeks new spending, new taxes to boost economy, Tame Debt
  7. Putin backing down
  8. Palin on Putin
  9. Well we all knew it was coming: Graham links Ukraine to Benghazi
  10. Update to the General Sinclair court-martial
  11. Texas ~ Dems Nominate Wendy Davis for Governor
  12. Cornyn, Davis survive Texas primary tests
  13. UN hits at US cannabis legalisation
  14. Issa walks-out of his own hearing
  15. Has the House GOP voted to repeal Obamacare for the 50th time yet ?
  16. Obamacare to be Delayed
  17. Holy Sheet! Pope appears to endorse same sex civil unions
  18. Rachell Canning: The 18-year-old woman who wants to be "unempanicapted"
  19. Barak on the Kimmel show
  20. McDonald's Admits It May Lose The Fight To Keep Wages Low
  21. Texas doesn’t heart the tea party quite as much
  22. More (un)emancipated minors ~ The Duke U Porn Star
  23. Chicago Credit Rating In The Tank[quo
  24. CEO Of Bitcoin Exchange Found Dead In Singapore, Possible Suicide
  25. The Barbara Bush Flip-Flop
  26. The 2014 CPAC
  27. GAO to probe ObombedItCare State health exchanges
  28. ‘Why We Did It'
  29. Liberal Hollywood demands tax incentives in California (or else!)
  30. Not many uninsured signing up, gee what a surprise--NOT!
  31. Why does Crimean independence matter to us ?
  32. These 9 Maps Should Absolutely Outrage Southerners
  33. Conservatives warm up to Christie at CPAC
  34. US Army head prosecutor for sexual assault cases suspended
  35. 6.7%
  36. Tea partyers, unlike Republicans, don’t believe there should be an opposition party
  37. Turkish PM threatens to ban Facebook, YouTube
  38. Womans auto payments hid her death for six years
  39. Rutgers calling for Condi Rice to be banned from commencement
  40. Assange ~ 'Internet is Gateway to Totalitarinism'
  41. McCain ~ 'Least popular & Worst Senator in America'
  42. Malaysian Flight MH370
  43. One of my favorite Days of the year.
  44. At CPAC, a Grand Old Free-for-al
  45. Ex-Chris Christie Aide Fights Order To Give Up Records
  46. Malaysia flight had 2 passengers with fake passports
  47. Rand Paul Wins 2nd CPAC Straw Poll
  48. Rick Perry Pulls a Kanye on Justin Amash
  49. Band of Brothers ~ WWII Vet Bill Guarnere Dies
  50. Pelosi Competes with Reid for Liar's Award
  51. We're Fuked!
  52. Whoops, Another Obama Supporting Union Learns The Hard Way
  53. Rand Paul sweeps CPAC poll
  54. We Are Going To Crush Them Everywhere'
  55. Pot Problems In The Netherlands
  56. Heroin Gains Popularity as Cheap Doses Flood the U.S.
  57. Joran van der Sloot Extradition: Will Face Extortion Charges In U.S. In 2038
  58. The Price Of Conservatism
  59. Henry Ford ~ grandson William Clay Ford Sr. dies
  60. Dems to *Wake Up Congress*
  61. 'Bridgegate' ~ Bridget Kelly may seek immunity
  62. National GOP throws Florida candidate David Jolly under the bus
  63. Young Republicans Supportive of Gay Marriage
  64. Feinstein fit to be tied
  65. 'Fatal Vision' ~ Joe McGinniss dies
  66. Obama Expands California Coastline Protections
  67. Burglars Steal $600k From Joel Osteen's Church (ONE weekend's collection plate)
  68. Honey Maid ‘This is Wholesome’ campaign features same-sex parents
  69. Gov. Chris Christie gave pieces of 9/11 wreckage to his Cronies as gifts
  70. Significant stress on the force
  71. You really ought to go home
  72. NYC explosion...Building collapses in Harlem
  73. Colorado town declares open season on drones
  74. Practically froze him out
  75. How old is the internet ?
  76. IRS scandal may be officially over
  77. Tanker truck crash
  78. Latest ObamaBS: His health insurance is as cheap as a cell phone bill
  79. One Year Later, 'A Pope For All' Keeps Catholics Guessing
  80. Boeing 777 data, etc
  81. Jobless benefits extension Deal reached ?
  82. Former N.J. Governor Jon Corzine's Son Dies
  83. Panel to decide about NSA metadata collection, maybe an end, maybe not
  84. US reports rare case of woman-to-woman HIV transmission
  85. Wanted: Liar, Tool, and Deceiver
  86. Alibaba reveals plan for US stock market listing
  87. Mick Jagger girlfriend L'Wren Scott commits suicide
  88. Putin's popularity soars
  89. Exxon Rosneft ~ Worlds Greatest Venture ?
  90. 'Bunny' Mellon dies
  91. The Jeep Plant Mitt Romney Said Was Moving To China Is Blowing-Up In Ohio
  92. Oops!Christie Port Authority appointees kept campaign manager informed on fallout ...
  93. Canada exits Afghanistan
  94. The Rich Strike Back
  95. We told you so--ObombedItCare premiums to soar
  96. Look-Out: Obama Unleashing Power of DATA on Climate Change
  97. Neil deGrasse Tyson Is Really Starting To Scare Conservatives
  98. Teacher rapes student and won't face jail time
  99. UK Gay Millionaires suing Church of England Over Wedding
  100. Don't get cancer with your new ObombedItCare policy
  101. US stocks drop as Fed announces more Q.E. trimming
  102. National Poll Icon Mr. Amir Khan
  103. PM Candidate Nrendra Modi
  104. Pathetic, Moronic Obsession With Missing Flight
  105. Fred Phelps Dead
  106. The GOP 'No More National Parks' policy
  107. Could Texas vote to go back to Mexican statehood?
  108. BJP Announces Formalisation of Alliance With DMDK, PMK, MDMK
  110. Duke Pumped 61 Mlllion Gallons From 2 Coal Waste Ponds Into River
  111. Rand Paul calls for bipartisan "Church" committee to investigate spying abuses
  112. Party of Stupid ~ Louisiana v MoveOn.org
  113. Election Fraud--Liberal Goal
  114. Ebola Outbreak
  115. 108 Missing in US Mud Slide
  116. Feminist Freakout.
  117. No. 1 on the UK charts.
  118. APS to Review Statement on Climate Change
  119. Chevron Pizza 'Scandal' Leaves Small Town Divided
  120. Wal-Mart's dependence on food stamps, revealed
  121. SCOTUS ~ For-Profit Companies lose Obamacare lawsuit
  122. Mixed up priorities.
  123. Obamacare's Regulatory Costs Double The Benefits
  124. Obama Administration: “Free” Cell Phones for Prisoners
  125. Jesus hates tomboys?
  126. The Washington State Mudslide
  127. Rummy ~ Obama worse than a Trained Ape
  128. Regulatory Horror Story
  129. Sheldon Adelson to host *2016 GOP Prez Primary* this weekend
  130. Hey Politico, Apparently Public Schools Don’t Teach Low-Income Minority Kids Science
  131. Comparison of Putin and Obama
  132. Brief history of Obamacare delays
  133. Not the faulty website, it's the people
  134. Kind of PROUD of my State MI
  135. 'Bridgegate' ~ Christies' *investigative attorneys* announce Chrisite is *innocent*
  136. James Schlesinger dies
  137. Pelosi says.........
  138. Christie lied. He knew but said he did not. Now he says he forgot.
  139. States Rights ~ Connecticut raises Minimum-Wage
  140. What does Obamacare and the 2nd Amendment have in common ?
  141. RIP Rear Admiral Jerimiah Denton,USN (ret)
  142. LA earthquake
  143. Maryland to reportedly abandon $125M ObamaCare exchange for new system
  144. MSNBC in Big Trouble
  145. The Sheldon Adelson Las Vegas 2016 GOP Prez Priamary
  146. Billionaire Koch says Gay Marriage and Tax Increases are OK
  147. 7N6 ban. Sent this to my congress critters
  148. Now, this is Bush's fault
  149. Ray Hutchison Dies
  150. Watch Albuquerque Police execute mentally-ill homeless man
  151. Nancy Pelosi receives Planned Parenthood award named after eugenicist Margaret Sanger
  152. Sign up for Obamacare and you're automatically registered a Democrat
  153. New Yorkers already hate liberal mayor De Blasio
  154. Ex-Army Recruit: Possible Ft. Hood Style Plot
  155. Gap Between Super Rich 0.1% and Poor Grows
  156. The Faux Obamacare Death Spiral
  157. 8.2 Quake off Chile
  158. Possible Terror Attacks in DC and NYC
  159. Most important viral political video of 2014
  160. Good job Democrats
  161. The Keating Five ~ Charles Keating dies
  162. Hobby Lobby, now this is funny
  163. Breaking News: Shooting at Ft. Hood
  164. Shots Fired At Kent State
  165. Martyrdom anniversary of Hazrat Fatima in Iran
  166. Watch The Demise of the Middle Class In Chicago
  167. Convicted Serial Killer Tommy Lynn Sells Executed in Texas
  168. Firefox CEO Steps Down
  169. Owner's anti-gay views cause furor over soon-to-open Sellwood grocery store
  170. Mayor proposes Human Rights Commission, fines for discriminating businesses
  171. Fascist Thugs force Mozilla CEO to resign over opposition to gay marriage
  172. Mississippi Gov signs anti-gay bill into law
  173. Wow, Mississippi is more screwy than I realized
  174. Taking advantage of technology is possibly illegal
  175. While the rich get richer under Obama. . . .
  176. Who truly 'hates gays?'
  177. Afghans line up to vote
  178. More Law of Unintended Consequences With ObombedItCare
  179. Maryland passes decriminalization of Marijuana bill
  180. Rescue at sea of stricken child
  181. Turchinov calls emergency meeting
  182. Mickey Rooney dies
  183. So this years project on working hard.
  184. The Quality of Care you get from Obamacare
  185. Motor City Madman
  186. Gallup ~ Obamacare Lowers Uninsured Rate
  187. Hillary struts her stuff
  188. The cost of the government cancer in easily understood terms
  189. Dartmouth Students Protest
  190. Senate voting on Unemployment Extension Bill
  191. 'Bridgegate' ~ Wildstein looks to have reached immunity deal
  192. Sarah Palin legacy
  193. Lois Learned to face 2 felony charges on releasing personel informations from the IRS
  194. Does a basketball championship mean you can lie?
  195. Peter1469 due to be correct
  196. OkCupid's co-founder and CEO Sam Yagan once donated to an anti-gay candidate
  197. Anybody have the Zimmerman Trial Jurors names ?
  198. The Party Of Morals And Values Is Back!
  199. White House roughed up by its' own rhetoric
  200. Al Sharpton Worked For The FBI?
  201. Hitlers' Obamacare Doctor
  202. Holder slams teabag-nutcase Gohmert
  203. Rand Corp.: Obamacare stats show 9.3 million new insureds, and counting ..........
  204. Mass-Stabbing at School
  205. A very graphic expose of how Obama and the left have corrupted the IRS
  206. Toyota recalls about 6.4 million vehicles globally
  207. Obamacare to cost $2 trillion over next decade, cut employment by 2.5 million
  208. Oh Snap, Hank did it now!
  209. Cuba's Commiecare Slashes 109,000 Healthcare Jobs!
  210. Herbicide Discovered in U.S. Mothers’ Breast Milk
  211. 'Bridgegate' ~ Kelly & Stepian do not have to comply with Subpoenas
  212. Did Michigan Just Trigger A Constitutional Convention?
  213. House Committee Hearing on Lois Lerner
  214. Applications for US Jobless Aid Dip 32K to 300,000
  215. The 2015 Budget Resolution
  216. Analysis: Top White House Women Out-Earn Their Male Colleagues
  217. New Poll Shows Voters in Red States Want to Expand Medicaid
  218. A Short History of Bills Passed by Congress
  219. Another Show Thrower
  220. How much have the Koch Brothers received in Obamacare subsidies ?
  221. Sebilius Resigns!
  222. House committee votes to hold Lois Lerner in contempt of Congress
  223. Massive gun deaths
  224. Bureau of land management versus Bundy family
  225. Stocks dropping again
  226. The Delaware Destroyer
  227. Just following orders
  228. Just doing my job.
  229. mad as hell,
  230. Senator Harry Reid’s Chinese Connection and over $3 Billion in Green Energy
  231. Another Rampage Shooting
  232. OKCupid Funded Anti-gay Candidate
  233. Freedom Summit ~ Huckabee ~ 'North Korea might have more freedom than U.S.'
  234. Police ID supremacist as Kansas shootings suspect
  235. Dutch girl arrested after tweeting terror threat to American Airlines
  236. Former President Clinton supports voter ID
  237. Detroit citizens get water cut off while Ukraine gets $1 Billion in loan guarantee
  238. Another Republican Goes Down as Rick Perry Is The Focus Of a Criminal Investigation
  239. California Democrats Await Fallout After 3 Are Caught Up in Scandals
  240. Save Cano and Gordon
  241. See the T-shirt the Chinese reportedly hid from Michelle Obama
  242. Teen convicted of disorderly conduct for taping bullying to file civil suit
  243. Harry Reid on Bundy Ranch Cattle Battle: "It's Not Over" .
  244. Electile Dysfuction
  245. Another Mass-Stabbing ~ Calgarys' worst Mass-Murder
  246. Which of these signs will prevent another tragedy
  247. N. Korea officials 'target London salon over Kim haircut ad'
  248. MSNBC Accuses State of Forcing Women to Leave Children in Hot Car
  249. Black Alabama Democrat: Its OK for a man to marry a Mule
  250. Oklahoma Gov. Signs Bill Banning Cities From Raising Minimum Wage