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  1. Paul Krugman could receive $25,000 per month for income inequality initiative
  2. Bloomberg to target the NRA
  3. Texting Driver Who Slammed Cyclist: I, Like, 'Just Don't Care'
  4. Deal reached on calming Ukraine tensions
  5. Obama urges Democrats to "forcefully defend" the law on the campaign trail.
  6. Dingy Harry calls Bundy Supporters Terrorists
  7. Feds To Investigate FSU
  8. Where Bundy erred
  9. College Professor Suspended Over Daughter's Game of Thrones Shirt
  10. Now What Will The Gay Community Do?
  11. Sleazy Snoden Shows His True Colours as Putin's Butt-Monkey
  12. Eating Their Own: Union Wants to Unionize Left-Wing Media Matters
  13. PETA shames first lady for use of real eggs in White House Easter egg roll
  14. Liberals Show Their Ignorance About Taxes on Tax Day
  15. Western Lawmakers Strategize On Taking Federal Land
  16. Another ObombedItCare success story--medical homelessness
  17. In Illinois the madness never stops
  18. Earning Your Citizenship the Liberal Way....
  19. Important legislation planned.
  20. Construction underway for 'USS Gabrielle Giffords'
  21. Kraft pulls their weiners
  22. Sixteen Year Old Stowaway
  23. Obama plans clemency for hundreds of drug offenders
  24. Anti-Gun Protestors Struggle to Explain Their Protest
  25. More genius work by a school district
  26. Kenya punked, finally
  27. Interesting position to take
  28. Lady Cardinal, an allegorical tale
  29. STOCK MARKET -- Tuesday, 22 April 2014
  30. Trial ordered for 4 charged in Detroit mob attack
  31. Car Bursts Into Flames, Nearly Feeding Family to Lions
  32. US Soldiers to Poland
  33. WTF is going on in Chicago?
  34. Texas' attorney general on the BLM
  35. Obama administration armed al Quada-linked rebel groups in Libya, leading to Benghazi
  36. Kickstarter censors movie about abortionist Kevin Gonsell
  37. Global warming activists decide to embrace their fanaticism
  38. 'The End is Near"
  39. Chelsea Elizabeth Manning
  40. New home sales plunge 14.5%
  41. Discovery Cancels Coverage Of Everest Jump
  42. Bodies of Aborted Babies Burned to Power Homes in Oregon
  43. Doesn't it appear as if Putin is looking for the slightest excuse?
  44. Afghan security guard shoots dead 3 American doctors at hospital
  45. GOP Rats are Jumping ship from the good ship SS Cliven Bundy
  46. 'Straight from the Horse's Mouth': Former Oil Exec Says Fracking Not Safe...
  47. President Obama Tears Apart CNNís Lazy and Biased Press Conference Question
  48. Study: Obamacare Didn't Necessarily Lead to Health Plan Cancellations
  49. DOJ Pardon Attorney quits rather than pardon criminals
  50. Three American Doctors Shot in Afghanistan!
  51. Obama Divorce: Knew this was coming
  52. California moves to blackball judges affiliated with Boy Scouts
  53. Eric Holder speech to Oklahoma police cadets cancelled amid plans to protest
  54. Some liberals understand that blackballing same-sex marriage opponents is un-American
  55. FBI uses "no fly" list to strong-arm Muslims into turning informer against their own
  56. Jewish NYU students threatened by pro-Palestinian group with "eviction"
  57. Virgin Blue Passenger Plane Hijacked
  58. First lady gets resume from girl with jobless dad
  59. for sale
  60. Teen Girl Poisons Grandmother Over Cellphone
  61. OBombedItCare fiasco deniers have a new spokesperson.
  62. War against Rancher Bundy
  63. Her father humbled himself before God at her bedside each night
  64. Media turning on President?
  65. *Don't bring Blacks to games, be seen with Blacks, post pix of yourself with Blacks*
  66. Toyota to move jobs and marketing headquarters from Torrance to Texas
  67. Driver that struck teen suing dead boy's family
  68. Obama on Human Rights: Malaysia "Has Got Some Work To Do, Just Like The United States
  69. Today in 1967
  70. He's Back - Mitt Romney says he may run for president in 2016
  71. 'I'm in the path of a tornado'
  72. Judge Jeanine Roasts Dirty Harry
  73. Donald Sterling is a Republican
  74. NAACP "There's Room for Forgiveness"
  75. The world cannot punish a man for comments made in private to his girlfriend
  76. DOJ Targets Legal Businesses for Extinction
  77. Knicks Great Larry Johnson Calls for All-Black League
  78. Penelope Soto, Miami Teen, Flips Off Judge And Gets A Month In Jail
  79. Miami hospital will soon charge parking fees to the disabled
  80. HS Students say Pledge in Arabic: One Nation under Allah
  81. KKK Leader Frazier Glenn Miller Was Once Caught Doing a black male prostitute
  82. FedEx worker wounds 6 in Georgia, then kills himself
  83. Evil, overreaching Federal employees at it again.
  84. Arrested for Quoting Winston Churchill
  85. BREAKING: NBA Announces Clippers Owner Donald Sterling Banned for Life, Fined $2.5 Mi
  86. BREAKING: Federal Judge Rejects Wisconsin Voter ID Law, Says It Unfairly Burdens Poor
  87. Obama administration included unborn children in 2012 Child Maltreatment report
  88. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Why arenít we outraged that Sterling was secretly recorded?
  89. BREAKING: The Muslim Socialist Dictator spends more of your Money on Takers
  90. Obama creates the world's 10th largest economy
  91. Maybe The Young Are Starting To Get It
  92. New Study Reveals Men Are Raped Almost As Often As Women
  93. Park Rangers Arrest of U.S. Veteran Protesting Syria
  94. Susan Rice Lied
  95. Another Obama Victory....
  96. Free Speech....
  97. Americans Want to Pull Back From World Stage
  98. Grinch Wants Dr. Seussí Hop On Pop Banned
  99. Fox News Leaves No Question That White House is Involved in a ĎCover-Up of a Cover-Up
  100. The Jeffersons go to D.C.
  101. Divided Pa. Supreme Court OKs warrantless searches of cars
  102. Does this look crazy to you?
  103. The NBA canít legally terminate Sterlingís ownership
  104. SEIU Losers
  105. Harry Reid Deranged
  106. Trailer, Movie "BLUE"....Beware of Environmental Whackos
  107. Ditching Davis
  108. You just had to know this was coming...
  109. Subway removes ham and bacon from nearly 200 stores and offers halal meat only after
  110. Abused boy or was he a lucky boy?
  111. Vet Accused of Keeping Sickly Dog Alive to Harvest Its Blood
  112. Seattle Announces $15 Minimum Wage, Highest In The U.S.
  113. More Than A Million Young People Enrolled In Obamacare Last Month
  114. OBAMACARE News: It is time to drink the tears of your Republican neighbors...
  115. Disease Spreading
  116. Harry Reid Warned
  117. Britain First Defense Force
  118. Prank that resulted in 63 student arrests
  119. Last One Out of TaxLand Illinois Turn Off The Lights!
  120. Stick a fork in Hillary
  121. Donald Sterling has cancer
  122. Wife of American jailed in Cuba calls for Obama help
  123. GOPer issues real apology
  124. What will Donald Sterling do next?
  125. 'He was going to rampage as Columbine & Sandy Hook'
  126. House Committee to Subpoena Kerry over Benghazi Documents
  127. Boehner to appoint select Benghazi committee
  128. More Democrat Racist Trash
  129. First case of mysterious Middle Eastern virus in the US
  130. Mt St. Helens
  131. Occult based killings in the US according to the Australians
  132. About the botched execution
  133. The 2014 White House Correspondents' Association Dinner
  134. Benghazi isn't the only thing the Obama Administration is lying about
  135. MN--Body Of Missing Man Found In RV
  136. SEE IT: Ringling Bros. Circus performers crash to ground during aerial act Read more
  137. So China is gong ot become the largest economy when using the Purchasing power guide
  138. Anarchists are asked: What's your message?
  139. Your smile for the day - A veteran & his service dog are reunited after 2 years apart
  140. Judge Jeanine Pirro...'Impeach Obama Now'
  141. Oregon one of five states with 19 percent of people on food stamps
  142. May Fourth Revisited
  143. Americans Win
  144. The Teen Pregnancy Rate Has Dropped 50 Percent in Two Decades
  145. Donald sterling apologizes
  146. Another Bible Turns up in a school.
  147. Supreme Court rules town meetings can have a prayer
  148. GOP Senate Candidate Thrown Out Of Press Meeting
  149. TN State Senator Under Fire
  150. Guns don't cause gang viloence--Democrats do
  151. Spikes ranging from 35 percent to 120%
  152. Teens Blame Michelle Obama for Their 'Nasty' Tater Tot-Free Lunches
  153. Why NASCAR
  154. Eating the seed corn, the new American reality under Obama
  155. Mortality rate drops in MA after mandatory health care implimented
  156. Brunei Sharia Law Boycott!
  157. New York police keep raiding dead manís home
  158. Woman Films Own Baby's Murder.........
  159. Utah Insurance Rates Set to Explode
  160. Oh look, more illegality by this administration.
  161. Today In Primaries: Establishment Wins
  162. Obama's Internet License Begins Test Rollout Today
  163. NH Parent Arrested for Protesting Book That Contains Graphic Sex Scene
  164. University of Utah eyes tweaks to fight song
  165. 'Rogue' Agency? EPA under fire for allegedly obstructing investigations
  166. Socialist Paradises don't tolerate....
  167. Health insurers: Payment rates above 80 percent
  168. It can't be posted enough: these 41 Senators just blocked Veterans' Benefits
  169. Professor Says Students "cannot thank God."
  170. ObamaProsperity (continued)
  171. EPA corruption
  172. Nasty Hateful Leftist Teacher
  173. US Business being Destroyed Faster than being Created
  174. Bi partisan vote! Lois Lerner Held in Contempt.
  175. Obama's Murdering the Birds
  176. Sicko dem makes sex jokes about Benghazi
  177. FLOTUS hopes terrorists will live by the promise of hashtag
  178. Clinton's State Department resisted labeling Boko Haram as terror group
  179. CEO Of Biggest Fast Food Chain Comes Out In Favor Of A Minimum Wage Increase
  180. More Bad News: U.S. Retailers Post Best Monthly Sales Gain Since 2011
  181. Additional Bad News: Uncle Sam runs $114 billion surplus in April
  182. U.S. Navy SEAL Smuggled 10 Kilos Of Cocaine Into Miami
  183. UFO destroys Taliban base in devastating attack
  184. Whole Foods stock price drops
  185. Trey Gowdy questioning Media about Benghazi...VIDEO
  186. Marc Faber predicts another financial crisis
  187. VA: Record # of Libertarian Candidates on 2014 Ballot
  188. 'Granny Rambo' fights off armed attackers in Detroit with .45 caliber handgun
  189. 'Cannibal cop' serving inmates behind bars
  190. HGTV's Benham brothers: 'If our faith costs us a television show then so be it'
  191. Excellent Job (Pun Intended) democrats on the minimum wage
  192. New Spanish Law Would Require Children To Do Household Chores
  193. Another Racist Democrat
  194. Benghazi ~ (R-Iowa) Steve King wants Ambassador Stevensí Autopsy Report made Public
  195. Bucking the odds: NH Dem "Let people Buy Guns with EBT"
  196. Nazi Pelousy is frothing at the mouth, "Not Fair"
  197. Google AdSense Blocks Conservative Website
  198. Leftists Love Islamist Devils
  199. Bill Maher
  200. Teacher Fired After Breaking Up Violent Fight With Broom
  201. Cotton Stands Tall, takes Dem Hypocrisy.
  202. Another Whopper From The Liar In Chief
  203. Progressive Academic Excellence
  204. 9-11 Memorial Museum
  205. In Honor of the Greatest Profession on earth!
  206. Secret Service agents pulled off White House patrol to protect a top officialís aide
  207. Kindergarteners Could Face Misdemeanor Charges for Bullying
  208. Dozens ride ATVs, motorcyles in off-limits canyon to protest federal land control
  209. Italian Court Supports Sharia
  210. Blue states Losing Business.
  211. Fascist NFL
  212. Gowdy on the Loose
  213. Progressive Excellence, Part II
  214. Sgt. Schultz History Lesson
  215. I Like this woman!
  216. Atheist Military Chaplains
  217. Karl Rove: Hillary may have Brain Damage!
  218. Remember a place called Guantanamo Bay?
  219. Rep. Pelosi Flying Coach?
  220. Christians are under siege in the Middle East
  221. Mark Zuckerberg gave New Jersey $100 million to fix Newark's schools, & it was wasted
  222. ĎSmoking guní email shows Veterans Affairs office gaming the scheduling system
  223. Alec Baldwin Taken Into Police Custody While Riding His Bike
  224. Fight for 15/hr is winning in Seattle
  225. Clay Aiken Wins NC Dem Congressional Primary
  226. MERS in the US
  227. Gross! Democrat Congressman Eats Earwax On CSpan
  228. Finally EQUALITY has come back to Idaho!
  229. Give a state 100 million dollars and watch it become wasted
  230. Sister Sarah to give commencement at high school in Alabama
  231. Fencing Team Banned from North Dakota State University Because of "Weapons Policy"
  232. DC Schools: $29,349 Per Pupil, 83 Percent Not Proficient in Reading
  233. Gridlock in Washington
  234. Even the Cattle are Leaving
  235. Tea Party Wins in Nebraska
  236. US drone strike kills 6 AQAP fighters
  237. H.R. Giger Dead At 74
  238. God Help the USA
  239. Carl Levin Nabbed
  240. OMG New Army helmet Holy Cow
  241. Operation American Spring: A Million-Militiaman March On Washington?!?!
  242. Role of Department of Agriculture
  243. Sriracha CEO Compares California to Communist Vietnam
  244. Rush Limbaugh wins Children's Book 'Author of the Year' award.........
  245. Porn star says Chase shut down account because it was 'a risk.
  246. Prosecute or Not?
  247. Service Dog Calls 911 for Unconscious Veteran
  248. Obamacare Employees paid to do nothing...
  249. Iran Recruiting Afghan Refugees to Fight for Regime in Syria
  250. Government fines GM maximum $35M in safety case