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  1. Irony Alert!
  2. DEATH WISH? Media Draws Map to Home of Ferguson Police Officer Who Shot Mike Brown
  3. St Louis Police Chief learned police tactics in Israel
  4. Uh Oh! witness to Brown murder says Brown doubled back and was rushing the officer!
  5. Convicted Child Molester Suing After Being Raped in Garfield County Jail
  6. Rand Paul in Guatamala perfroming charity eye surgeries
  7. Kennedy Autopsy Expert Releases Report on Brown's Autopsy
  8. Just curious, where are the riots over this?
  9. An interesting fact about all that excess military equipment that the police have
  10. Michael Brown apparently executed
  11. Looting is NOT Justifiable... Period!
  12. Federal Appeals Court Demands Longer Sentence For Officer Who Delivered Brutal Beatin
  13. Yet another Ferguson thread...
  14. Meet the Chuck
  15. Honestly.
  16. Who's in charge of Ferguson ?
  17. Thousands Protest LAPD Slaying Of Unarmed Black Man
  18. Fidel Castro Celebrates His 88th Birthday
  19. Fresh Clashes In Ferguson, Mo., As National Guard Arrives
  20. First suspected terrorist to possibly escape charges...
  21. Have we learned and corrected our hardware and procedures?
  22. KKK Leader Condemns KKK Group Fundraising For Darren Wilson
  23. Michael Brown charged officer
  24. Breaking: Man dead after officer shoots suspect in St. Louis
  25. Thought I would look this up for Missouri
  26. The Ferguson Super Thread--Let's Confine Discussion Here
  27. Ferguson ~ Apparently Officer Wilson has told his Story
  28. Michael Brown shooting case to go before grand jury Tomorrow
  29. American Journalist apparently executed by ISIS
  30. High School massacre apparently thwarted
  31. The left's wordsmithing on Race
  32. Father of Texas 'affluenza' teen arrested for impersonating Police Officer
  33. I told you democrats yesterday you'll have to eat your own
  34. New study profiles ‘the cutters’ — those who perform underground genital castrations
  35. Family of man killed by cops at Wal-Mart demands video
  36. Out of control
  37. Officer who pointed gun at protesters suspended
  38. This is soooo concerning regarding the M Brown investigation
  39. Federal Reserve Bank of NY Survey on Obamacare impacts
  40. This is what we are dealing with in society
  41. Well ... I said this was coming and her sit is.
  42. Student Suspended for saying ..."Bless You"
  43. Time Magazine Cover
  44. Standford University Professor paper on the Bulls Riots
  45. Non-White cop shoots and kills unarmed White kid
  46. 10 Photos that show Obama is totally focused on ISIS
  47. The Signal Will get out! The origins of Critical Theory, and how it affects U.S.
  48. No Special Priveleges Jail Privileges For Ferguson Rioters
  49. Just so awesome! The main witness in the brown case is a slug
  50. Rick Perry attempts to fear, hate, war monger his way out of felonies
  51. Eric Holder calling for a Criminal Investigation into the Foley Beheading
  52. Westboro Baptist off to fight terror!
  53. White College Couple Beaten to death by Black Mob at Dallas McDonalds
  54. Chicago- top of the list for international terrorists
  55. Emma Watson she gets college degree
  56. 40,000 Yazidi: Manufactured Crisis Already Forgotten
  57. Man tries to kill woman over eaten cookies, no women riot
  58. 80 mph
  59. St Louis Cop ~ 'I'll kill all'a'ya'
  60. MLK and Bill Cosby to Blacks: “Stop Blaming ‘The White Man”
  61. Fate of fine wine in Arthur Goldman's case is uncertain
  62. Rick Perry Indicted
  63. The Theory and Practice of Jihad
  64. Prosecutor in Ferguson
  65. 6.0 in San Fran
  66. Holder & Brown
  67. People injured at Malmö anti-Nazi demonstration
  68. Harry Reid Offends Asians
  69. Swedish Marijuana Study
  70. Wal-Mart shooting featured in today's paper
  71. Suge Knight shot at Chris Brown's VMA party
  72. Iran releases pictures of downed Israeli ‘Hermes’ drone
  73. Richard Attenborough dies
  74. Active shooter at Fort Lee
  75. Awful Racism Prompts Organizers To Shut Off Comments On Darren Wilson Fundraising Sit
  76. Mizzou Governor, not at furneral because he doesn't want to be a distraction
  77. Burger King May Move To Canada
  78. (R-WI) Gov. Scott Walker says he was unaware of $700,000 donation
  79. Femitheist Wants to Reduce the Male Population by 90% "For Peace"
  80. Nothing on Shark'tons "eulogy"
  81. AT THE CLOSING BELL ON 25 August 2014
  82. 3 White House Reps at Brown Funeral ; NONE at James Foley memorial service.
  83. It Just Dosen't Seem Right
  84. Mexican Pres calls for US immigration reform
  85. Diner Takes Down Bacon Sign That Offended Muslim Woman
  86. Rush Limbaugh Explains Obama's Real Plans to Destroy America.......
  87. One In Six French Support ISIS
  88. Rubble Bucket Challenge
  89. Wrong Comparison
  90. Surprise, the cops are losing those heavy armaments
  91. DHS saw no option but to free 169 illegals convicted of murder
  92. Former Marine Beaten Nearly To Death
  93. Gop man
  94. Gov. Jerry Brown to Illegals: 'You're All Welcome in California
  95. Gun instructor accidentally shot by 9-year-old with Uzi dies
  96. Our racebaiting media isn't all over this.
  97. Bill Gates vs. The NRA
  98. Charlie Crist Wins Dem Primary
  99. Paul Ryan ~ *I'd Drive Romney`s 2016 Campaign Bus*
  100. Jet crashes near Charlottesville?
  101. American Who Joined ISIS Killed In Syria
  102. 'Winner' Of Russian Roulette Charged In Vernon
  103. Black police officers decry union's legal fund donation [Commentary]
  104. Russell Brand Bitches About a Black Conservative.
  105. Beverly Hills Police Arrest TV Producer For Walking While Black
  106. A bizarre instance of Texas justice
  107. NeoCon Report cannot easily be dismissed
  108. California Supreme Court: No More 5th Amendment
  109. Former Cop's Remarks on Training
  110. As Predicted
  111. The legalization of polygamy begins
  112. Joan Rivers in critical condition
  113. Missing New Jersy Man Found
  114. I'll interrupt the Whining and Complaining for scenes of Love, Joy and Celebrations
  115. We Are Market Basket and WE ARE BACK!!
  116. Women traveling to Iraq/Syria to be sex maidens for ISIS men
  117. Ditka & Palin ... again
  118. Wow!
  119. Unreported TeaParty Activites
  120. Google drones
  121. Protestors To Sue Ferguson Police
  122. The Joy Of Flying (continued)
  123. The True Meaning of Labor Day
  124. How much is Bushs' perpetual wars still costing you ?
  125. ‘Hands Up, Don’t Ship!’ Minneapolis UPS Workers Protest Shipments to Missouri Police
  126. Cutest Thing I've Seen All Day! :)
  127. Harry Reid’s Alma Matter Dumps His Name From Building
  128. Texas ~ Federal Judge throws out key abortion restrictions
  129. More violence covered up
  130. More BS ObamaCare Numbers Exposed-Florida
  131. Ron Paul's Homeschool Curriculum
  132. Jamison Winston
  133. Who is John Galt...Part 3
  134. "The Fappening"
  135. 123
  136. Obama Briefed on ISIS Uprising for 1 year
  137. Survivor ~ Jimi Jamison dies
  138. Police officials in Missouri are sued for $40 million by protesters in Ferguson
  139. The Revolving Door Between D.C. and Wall Street Revolves On
  140. BREAKING: Internet video reports to show beheading of US reporter Steven Sotloff
  141. Halliburton to fork out $1.1 Billion for BP oil spill
  142. Why Darren Wilson's Fundraising Pages Mysteriously Shut Down This Weekend
  143. Escalation ? ~ Obama to send 350 Troops to Iraq
  144. Another illegal not deported
  145. That Man,
  146. Dreamer Kills Two Children
  147. Alert to forum --- Cell phone warning
  148. Senate up for grabs
  149. Phil Robertson ~ Fauxs' expert on ISIS
  150. SCOTUS Justice Scalia called for death of an innocent man
  151. What Professional Law Enforcement can do when "she's" afraid
  152. News Outlets Are Suing To Try To Get Michael Brown’s Juvenile Records
  153. DOJ to launch Civil Rights probe of Ferguson Police
  154. Kansas ~ Dem Senate nominee Chad Taylor has officially withdrawn his candidacy
  155. The (R-Va) former Gov. Bob McDonnell Verdict Watch
  156. Paul Ryan Blames Obama for ISIS
  157. ABC News: Goverment Lost Track Of Thousands On Student Visas
  158. The ISIS *Wannabees*
  159. The Fast Food Workers Movement
  160. Federal Appeals Court Withdraws Decision Defunding Obamacare
  161. I knew this Shit Was Coming
  162. Arizona Woman Shoots Intruder
  163. Big Win for Ohio Voters - Judge orders expanded Ohio early voting schedule
  164. Holder will Reform Ferguson Police Department.
  165. American Soldiers IN Iraq Frustrated
  166. Joan Rivers
  167. Can't Afford Medical Care? You Should Have Bought HUM
  168. St. Louis County Police Video - You watch the Video You Decide
  169. If you ever doubted he's a neocon
  170. Betty White is not Dead!
  171. 6.1%
  172. Look Out: Ron Paul & Michele Bachmann Are UNDER FBI INVESTIGATION
  173. Obama: President For The Rich
  174. NORAD ~ F-15's scambled to intercept non-responding aircraft
  175. Breaking News: US chartered plane forced to land in Iran
  176. court overturns same sex marriage laws in Indiana and Wisconsin
  177. Louisiana ruling breaks pro-gay marriage streak
  178. You Can Stop Saying
  179. White Cop Fatally Shot by Black Felon; No Riots!
  180. Nearly 400,000 cases pending
  181. Hikers alert (mountain lions)
  182. Phoenix Floods
  183. Ninety-year-old gay couple marries in Iowa after 72 years together
  184. Here’s a beautiful picture of a man loving his pet dog. They are very, very close.
  185. Atlas Shrugged...the Movie Part 1
  186. Record 92,269,000 Not in Labor Force; Participation Rate Matches 36-Year Low
  187. Common Core Fails...Take Action Now
  188. Why would Bill Clinton want to buddy with Bush ?
  189. New Witness Confirms
  190. World leaders: Legalize drugs
  191. GOP ~ *We need you Obama*
  192. Will there be another Terrorist Attack this 9/11 ?
  193. Rebels sold Steven Sotloff's location to ISIS for thousands, family rep says
  194. Federal Judge Mark E Fuller got off scot-free for Domestic Violence
  195. The national security crisis continues
  196. Hunter schwacks Moose in front of Wildlife Watchers
  197. 'Time To Restart The Iraq War Machine'
  198. Part II Atlas Shrugged...Tonight...8 PM
  199. Obama to Congress: ~ "I Have Authority to Act Against ISIS'
  200. Black mob attacks, nearly kills white boy -- this is Obama's fault, he owns it.
  201. EU and Google anti-trust probe
  202. Another Atlantic City casino goes bust
  203. Net Neutrality, regulations, and the Internet
  204. Obama to arm Syrian Rebels
  205. Here's What's Becoming Of America's Dead Shopping Malls
  206. Why aren't Liberal Women outraged by Sharia Law?
  207. A sad day for Alabama
  208. How Late Will He Be?
  209. Why they stay instead of why men hit them
  210. The sooner you understand Islamic terrorists the better
  211. Early Brain Injury May be a Cause of Autism
  212. Is Rachel Maddow for US Ground Troops in Iraq/Syria ?
  213. The universe may not be expanding after all
  214. Remembering 9/11
  215. Bond Villain 'Jaws' ~ Richard Kiel dies
  216. What were you doing on September 11, 2001?
  217. Army Officer can't see his Daughter in school because he's wearing a uniform
  218. Oscar Pistorius verdict 11 September 2014
  219. Father knocks out man who was sexually abusing his son...
  220. Heh...What do you call a climate conference that no one attends?
  221. Bladerunner
  222. PALIN FAMILY Involved In 20-PERSON BRAWL At Party
  223. DC Teacher Has Class Compare Bush To Hitler
  224. Texas worlds 8th largest oil producer
  225. Ted Cruz ~ 'If you hate Jews you hate America'
  226. This is what will make a difference.
  227. Petraeus ~ Quit Fear-Mongering
  228. George Zimmerman threatened to shoot man in road rage incident
  229. Obamanomics
  230. Another NFL Debacle
  231. $3,252,611,000,000
  232. A Declaration of War ?
  233. How long can California survive without one drop of water ?
  234. Foley's Family Tried To Raide Ransom Money
  235. BREAKING: ISIS releases third beheading video, threatens another British hostage
  236. Another Ambush On The Cops!
  237. Is the Pope becoming to Political
  238. Come on Obama defenders cherry pick a couple more economic reports
  239. Black actress arrested kissing white husband after police think she’s a prostitute
  240. Hurricane Odile takes out Cabo San Lucas
  241. #GoodellMustGo
  242. We're Number 32!
  243. Picking up the ISIS discussion
  244. Chicago Schools No-homework policy
  245. Push To Impose Extra Fees On Solar Customers Draws Outrage In Wisconsin
  246. NFL Creates Team of Four
  247. The Annual Lesson
  248. Iraq leader says Arab powers don't need to strike ISIS
  249. Lindsey Graham ~ *We're all gonna Die*
  250. A sobering change of pace as we all fight over people who won't change anything