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  1. Why Wouldn't a Travel Ban Help?
  2. Gov Rick Scott refused to debate Charlie Crist
  3. Whatever happened to Bergdahl?
  4. Houston
  5. WHO: Incubation of Ebola
  6. Great News: Family not Shot to Death by Police
  7. Canadian model busted with 50K Ecstasy pills, 90 pounds MDMA powder
  8. Dallas County announces Disaster Declaration
  9. We're having a congressional hearing on Ebola
  10. Hey Look at what our Allies are Doing, compared to ISIS
  11. Some Fear Ebola Outbreak Could Make Nation Turn to Science
  12. If you have a cellphone Watch this video
  13. ebola
  14. Obama to Sign Ebola Executive Order
  15. Tired of Ebola
  16. Could Ebola Mutate to Become More Deadly ?
  17. biden's son thrown out of usnr for failed drug test
  18. Dallas Texas Presbyterian hospital healthcare worker quarantined aboard cruise ship
  19. Ebola ~ What are the laws for Isolation and Quarantine ?
  20. Hurricane Gonzalo
  21. Military chiefs: ISIL has ‘tactical momentum’
  22. Southern Democrat Michelle Nunn Tries to Buck GOP Tide
  23. Ebola Czar named
  24. Judge Temporarily Bans
  25. Glenn Beck's Advice On How To Stay Safe From Ebola:
  26. Duncan’s Fiancee: Hospital Apologized For His Death
  27. Ebola quarantine currently going-down at Pentagon
  28. TIME ~ 'Paulie Most Interesting Man in Politics'
  29. Cliven Bundy for Prez !
  30. Ebola Immunity - Real?
  31. Obama's Ebola Czar misses his first meeting
  32. 43 of the 48 Cleared From Ebola Monitoring After Contact With First U.S. Victim
  33. Democrats’ New Senate Move: Backing Long-Shot Candidates
  34. Let the bedshitting continue!
  35. Ebola: research team says migrating fruit bats responsible for outbreak
  36. Speaking of Strong Woman - Tina Brown: Obama Makes Women Feel Unsafe (EBOLA & ISIS)
  37. Inquiring minds want to know:
  38. Ferguson ~ Officer Darren Wilsons' account goes Public
  39. And It Begins
  40. Well you knew it was coming - Two children from Rwanda are being kept from Elementary
  41. Pumpkin Fest goes Violent
  42. Monica Lewinsky ~ 'I fell in love with Billy- Boy'
  43. A Day at the SCOTUS
  44. Alabama ~ House Speaker Arrested on 23 Felony Charges
  45. Obama early votes
  46. Oscar de la Renta dies
  47. Islamic State’s Sway Spreads to Lebanon
  48. Oscar Pistorius Gets 5 Years In Prison For Killing Girlfriend
  49. Opera About 1985 Achille Lauro Hijacking Draws Protests At Met
  50. What's the Problem Now?
  51. Desperate Dems Distrubute Despicable Flyier Depicting Lynching at Black Church
  52. McDonald's Profits Plunge 30 Percent
  53. The "in touch" Candidate for President
  54. Christian ministers face jail time and fines if they don't perform same-sex weddings
  55. Mitch McConnell panders to Blacks
  56. American Journalism Icon Ben Bradlee Dies
  57. 3,000 Flock To See Bill Clinton and Alison Grimes While McConnell Rally Draws Cricket
  58. MiddleClass wealth is gone
  59. Chris Christie resumes Thug
  60. Pronouns and Adverbs
  61. Parliament Hill Attacked
  62. Corrupting The Vote
  63. Did Michael Brown have his hands up when he was shot?
  64. Goodfellas ~ Fox Television sued for $250 Million
  65. Blackwater ~ 4 Guards found guilty in Iraq shootings
  66. Guns for me but not for thee
  67. when clowns attack
  68. What? Not News worthy if the Jumper doesn't get in The White House?
  69. UNC ~ Biggest Academic Fraud in History ?
  70. 2014 ~ How Dems are winning the Ad Wars
  71. The 2014 Rove Billionaire Siren
  72. audio of palin brawl released
  73. Is Ferguson ready to explode ?
  74. Marshall County chemical maker wary after ‘near-catastrophic’ fracking incident
  75. Cheney appears to take credit for Ebola containment
  76. Milwaukee Overpass - PISS OFF THE GOP… and … VOTE !!!
  77. Bring $6/gallon gas BACK!!!
  78. Union Demands Kill Jobs
  79. Nurse Amber Vinson free of Ebola virus, family says
  80. Number of Ebola cases nears 10,000
  81. Pat Robertson calls gay rights activists 'terrorists'
  82. Karl Rove...you need to shut it.
  83. Brown family brawl over tee shirt proceeds
  84. Ebola ~ New York City Healthcare Worker in isolation
  85. Camel Cigarette Maker Bans Smoking in it Corporate Offices
  86. Canada to speed up plans to toughen security laws: PM Harper
  87. Fox News
  88. Gender Gap Narrows?
  89. More Americans have married Kim Kardashian...
  90. School shooting happening now
  91. Moscow’s military provocations signal return to Cold War-era gamesmanship
  92. Hannah Grahm found
  93. Ebola ~ Woman arriving at Newark flagged for quarantine
  94. Ebola Cases Top 10,000: WHO
  95. George F. Will: The nastiest political tactic this year
  96. Pleasure Police Getting Personal
  97. US Having Its Coolest Year On Record
  98. Ebola ~ 5 Year Old Hospitalized In NYC
  99. More Americans Renounce Citizenship
  100. Close Iowa Senate Race Could Come Down To How Women Vote
  101. Fox News Host Calls Out Chris Christie
  102. Ebola ~ Blacks getting Attacked
  103. Ebola ~ U.S. Soldiers quarantined
  104. Liberal or Conservative?
  105. Jay-Z: A Profile in Failure
  106. What happened to the Boehner lawsuit against Obama ?
  107. St. Louis Businesses Warned of ‘Civil Unrest’ After Grand Jury Decision
  108. BP denies Oil coagulation the size of Rhode Island on Sea Floor
  109. Tom Delay exonerated by final court. Media silent as the grave
  110. Cheap Gas Prices
  111. Feds identify suspected 'second leaker' for Snowden reporters
  112. Boehner loves W
  113. 'Generation Wuss'
  114. Pope Says God Not 'A Magician With A Magic Wand'
  115. More bad news for Wingnuts...
  116. Gov. Chris Christie to Ebola Quarantine Nurse ~ " Go Ahead, Sue Me"
  117. Ann Romney blasts Democrat for Sexist Slur
  118. Scott Walkers newest ad is a whopper
  119. AT&T Sued For Reducing Speed Of 'Unlimited' Data Plans
  120. Sarah Palin Says She's Hoping To Run For Office Again
  121. Conservatives ready to give leaders hell
  122. 2014 Battle Ground States and the control of the Senate
  123. Americans’ fears about Ebola are fading, Post-ABC News poll finds
  124. Fed Judge orders Shuriff Joe to undergo racial sensitivity training!
  125. Costco says employees 'deserve' Thanksgiving off
  126. Ferguson police force shake-up imminent ?
  127. So, Tell Me Again
  128. More sweetness from the "Religion of Peace" NY woman beheaded
  129. 'Wasting Time on the Internet' Is Now an Actual College Class
  130. Major Poultry Processor Cited For Appalling Labor Practices
  131. DEa raids Colorado Grow Houses
  132. And The Knapps Jusr Keep On Hitching
  133. Another Christie 'Sit Down and Shut Up" moment
  134. Amelia Earhart Plane Fragment Identified
  135. Time for an American Jihad!
  136. Weather Channel Co-Founder Tells Fox News Host Global Warming Is A Myth
  137. People trust NSA more than Google, survey says
  138. US economy grew at 3.5 percent rate in Q3
  139. Former Boston Mayor Tom Menino dies
  140. Plane crash in Witchita KS...
  141. Illinois teacher calls Jamaican students ‘nigger’ after they object to ‘African-Ameri
  142. Rand Paul admits that the GOP brand sucks!
  143. Did anyone catch Angie Johnson singing God Bless America in Game 6 of Series?
  144. Lindsey Graham ~ "White men who are in male-only clubs are going to do great"
  145. Laura Ingraham ~ More Dems and 'Plantation Blacks'
  146. Ted Cruz bashes Jeb Bush
  147. Texas Candidate Says Democrats Should Go Spend Their Food Stamps Instead Of Vote
  148. Suspected Pennsylvania Cop Killer Eric Frein Captured
  149. 20 charts show a side to America most people never see
  150. Costco Still Refuses To Ruin Thanksgiving
  151. Michelle Obama shows us the classy way to handle a heckler
  152. Judge rejects Ebola quarantine for nurse
  153. Florida "cop of the month" rapes woman while on duty
  154. 95% chance as of today.
  155. Nurses plan strike
  156. Prominent GOP fundraiser arrested for Child Porn
  157. FCC reportedly close to classifying ISPs as common carriers
  158. The GOP's "extreme makeover" on abortion
  159. McTurtle campaign/ GOP hit new low!
  160. Predictions: new Ebola cases in US by years end
  161. North Carolina Voting Machine Swiches
  162. Why the GOP could lose
  163. Ebola, ISIS, the Border: So Much to Fear, So Little Time!
  164. Legal Voter Tinkering
  165. An election about rejection
  166. U.N. ~ Pollution and climate change due to human influence unprecedented
  167. Ferguson No-Fly zone was to keep media from covering protests
  168. Mitch McConnell is counting on Kentucky being too Stupid to know the Difference
  169. Rand Paul is about the only Republican making any sense
  170. The funniest newspaper endorsement you will EVER read!
  171. Neocon forecast.
  172. Gene patents
  173. Yesterdays' NASCAR Brawl
  174. Voting machines again displays wrong choice
  175. Party Game ~ Can You Tell the Dems From the Republicans?
  176. Court rejects Obama housing bias rule as 'wishful thinking'
  177. Election Night ~ The 2014 Mid-Terms
  178. Ebola ~ Nose Spray Ebola Vaccine Protects Monkeys
  179. The ‘Obama effect’: Especially chilling in six states
  180. One Day in an Elevator With Obama, Next Week Out of a Job
  181. Low Gas Prices ~ Saudi Arabian reaction to Drill Baby Drill ?
  182. Aqis
  183. Sources: Navy intel chief can't view classified info
  184. Please Don't Vote - A Message From The Republican Party
  185. Mayor Candidate called outside by husband of local RCMP
  186. East Bay college founder sentenced to 16 years for fraud
  187. Justices back air marshal who blew whistle on cutbacks
  188. Voting problems in many states
  189. Gop leading every know race
  190. Turn the Page, Starting Tomorrow
  191. Just reported
  192. Two pastors and 90-year-old man arrested for feeding the homeless
  193. Finally / EVEN on MSNBC the Blame for the WAVE is being Realized
  194. What difference will the republican wave make?
  195. How long will it take for gas prices to start rising
  196. ADP National Employment Report Shows 230,000 Jobs Added in October
  197. Mitch McConnell ~ 'Hope & Change'
  198. Chris Christie ~ 'GOP midterm victories not about Me'
  199. The Creepy Criminal hangs on in Florida -- REALLY?
  200. New Senate committee chairs -- let the entertainment BEGIN!!
  201. Thre Things Democrats Excel In
  202. Marijuana Legalization Passes in Oregon, Alaska, D.C.
  203. anonymous bomb threat, payback for ferguson or elections?
  204. Obamacare ~ What it means for an (R) controlled Senate and what it doesn't
  205. Its a Miracle!
  206. Todays' Market Wrap
  207. Paulies' GOP Victory ~ 'Hillary's Losers'
  208. Remains of Fox Executive Gavin Smith Found
  209. AC/DC Drummer Charged in Attempted Murder-for-Hire Plot
  210. Drone kills Key ISIS / Khorasan Bombmaker
  211. Marco Rubio ~ Goes to Colombia to tell Obama what to do
  212. The backstory on that viral NYC harassment video
  213. Author of Bin Laden book sues ex-attorneys
  214. Guard crew suspended in candy crop from Black Hawk
  215. Why Pregnant Women Eating Cheese or Sushi Could Face a Fine or a Criminal Record
  216. Boehner threatens Obama ~ 'Don't Poison the Well'
  217. Micheal Browns Mother named in Assault and robbery! Let's beat up Gramma!
  218. Navy Seal who iced bin Laden goes public
  219. NYC active monitoring for Ebola triples
  220. Federal Judge Upholds Gay Marriage Bans, Sets Up Supreme Court Decisions
  221. 14-Year Low in U.S. Claims for the Jobless!
  222. Irony ~ Dems retain control of Statehouse in Kentucky
  223. West Virginia ~ Dem Senator switches to GOP Senator
  224. 90-year-old Florida man charged for feeding the homeless -- again
  225. South Carolina Exit Poll Questionnaire
  226. Anyone going to see Interstellar this weekend?
  227. Looks like Eric Holder is going to be your AG for two more years
  228. Longest sentence in Canadian history
  229. The Bullet That Could Make 3-D Printed Guns Practical Deadly Weapons
  230. Ferguson protesters release their demands "Rules of engagement"
  231. Mission Creep ~ 1,500 more Troops to Iraq
  232. Are War-Mongering neocons back ?
  233. SCOTUS to review another Obamacare legal challenge
  234. "BREAKING: Judge Blocks Kansas Marriage Ban"
  235. Governments Attempt to Shut Down the Dark Net
  236. Support for Workplace Protections for LGBT Citizens is STRONG With Americans!
  237. Federal judge approves Detroit’s blueprint to exit bankruptcy
  238. Home> U.S. Last Active Duty Army Vietnam-Era Draftee Retires
  239. Ebola has not gone away, We've simply suppressed/exhausted reporting on the problem.
  240. Quarantined nurse Kaci Hickox ~ To leave Maine and consider Lawsuit
  241. Dennis Rodman I Helped Kenneth Bae Get Released ... Here's the Proof
  242. Tommy Tank's movement to stop NJ Fats - Let the three ring circus of clowns begin!
  243. Scott Walker wants jobless, food stamp recipients to face drug tests
  244. Fifth Seattle teen dies after school shooting
  245. Google fined for showing cleavage
  246. U.S. Cardinal Demoted From Highest Ranking by Pope
  247. Bush Creep ~ Did the 2014 midterms unleash Bush on us again ?
  248. Adventurers' Club of Los Angeles Votes to Keep Women Out
  249. Sarah Palin TeeVee is Tanking
  250. How fast food targets you: The secret science — and sauce — behind McDonald’s, ...