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  1. Propeller Slices Through Airplane Window, Right at Passenger
  2. What a nice Veteran's Day letter to editor
  3. Westboro Baptist Church Denied Intervention In Kansas Marriage Equality
  4. ISIS Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Is Either Dead or Alive
  5. Typical of the Ferguson idiots
  6. obama finally gets one right
  7. Regular marijuana users have shrunken brains, lower IQ's
  8. Officer: Off-duty job taken away for not joining group
  9. Ku Klux Klan Opens its Doors to Hispanic, Blacks, Jews and Gays
  10. Missouri police respond to Ferguson Protest Leadership’s ground rules
  11. Paulie ~ Obama is war criminal now ?
  12. Deception Was Intentiomal
  13. Criminal Justice Reform? -- Could happen!
  14. The comfort of a simple existence....
  15. Obamacare may not have enough enrollees to stay solvent
  16. It's not that we can't handle the truth - most of us simply prefer lies
  17. Veteran's Day 2014
  18. Ferguson on edge: Guns fly off shop shelves in case of ‘John Wayne shootout’
  19. The impact of the ACA on me, personally
  20. The top 5 problems with lying
  21. Obamacare Consultant: Stupid American Voter...LOL
  22. Glen Beck ~ Blames his crazed behavior on health issues
  23. Mormon church polygamy: Joseph Smith 'had up to 40 wives'
  24. Oops: Federal agency claims major violations by clinic that treated Joan Rivers
  25. Ferguson ~ 'Prepared for War'
  26. Finally ... The Medal of Freedom
  27. Pope removes Cardinal Burke from Vatican post
  28. Banks Fined Billions in Currency Probe
  29. Rosetta: Rendezvous with a Comet
  30. Arpaio in a convertible instead of a tank for Phoenix Veteran's Day Parade
  31. Vegan mom arrested over unhealthy newborn fights for baby’s custody
  32. The penalties are coming for your wallet!
  33. Remember Who Held Election's Purse Strings
  34. Curse of the World Trade Center ?
  35. Climate Deal ~ A new era of bi-partisanship & cooperation ?
  36. German Journalists Blows Whistle on CIA Involvement in MSM to Produce Pro-West Storie
  37. And you thought Obama chewing Nicorette gum PO'd the Chinese?
  38. Americans are extra stupid: New Gruber talking Cadillac plans
  39. Ferguson ~ KKK promises lethal response
  40. The Al Rokerthon
  41. Least American occupant of White House poised to reward illegal aliens
  42. Mitch McConnell new Seante Majority Leader
  43. China Climate Deal? 'Pffffft,' Say Republicans!
  44. Ban On Same-Sex Marriage Ruled Unconstitutional in South Carolina
  45. SCOTUS and Obamacare
  46. The man who shot UBL
  47. George Zimmerman ~ Frank Taaffe testifies at Federal Grand Jury
  48. Same-Sex Marriage Case Moves One Step Closer to SCOTUS
  49. 'You filthy, abnormal animal’: contents of anonymous letter sent by FBI to MLK
  50. UN calls cops on Ferguson delegation for interruption of proceedings!
  51. (GOP) We're Going to Break The Gridlock in Washington, and Stop The President
  52. Outgoing (D-Arkansas) Gov. Mike Beebe to pardon son
  53. Bush ~ 'I only have regrets violent group of people have risen up again'
  54. Ebola ~ Ebola Patient heading to Nebraska
  55. Massey Energy Coal Mine Explosion ~ Former CEO Don Blankenship indicted
  56. Boehner ~ Govt. Shutdown over Immigration ?
  57. I think ol' Morning Joe had it right today
  58. George F Will calls Bushie's Iraq invasion the worst foreign policy in US history!
  59. Bush Iraq War General ~ Attempts to blame his failures on Obama
  60. Another Redneck Bigot
  61. More insurers, more plans on federal healthcare exchange
  62. Keystone Pipeline is Irrelevent
  63. Gay Blood Donations for the public, Ban could be lifted. Is it Your Choice?
  64. Ferguson ~ Videos of Officer Darren Wilson after shooting
  65. Ferguson officer may return to duty
  66. Three Babies, Three Surrogate Mothers for One Gay Couple
  67. Good News For Arizona!
  68. It's Obama's Fault!
  69. ISIS murders another American; this time a Muslim convert.
  70. Struggle on the home front
  71. Reagan & GWB did it too ... but that of was very different ;-)
  72. "Ebola nurse" Condemns Canadian Ban on West African travel
  73. Pope denounces euthanasia as "Sin against God"
  74. Ferguson Mob plans massive protest "Die-In" today
  75. Islamic State Claims It Has Beheaded American Hostage Peter Kassig
  76. President Obama Does Republicans' Job
  77. New Virus, Read its real
  78. Did the Un just refuse to vindicate Brown family requests
  79. Its different when its personal
  80. New video proves Darren Wilson doesn't know squat about the law
  81. More illegal GOP election antics uncovered by CNN reporter
  82. Nearly 36 million people are slaves,
  83. Manufacturers warn that the world may soon run out of chocolate
  84. Ferguson ~ Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon has declared a state of emergency
  85. Ebola has staged a very convincing "Die-In".
  86. Boehner's 40 Jobs Bills Myth Debunked by Pelosi
  87. four killed in Jerusalem synagogue rampage
  88. Seven big U.S. companies paid CEOs more than Uncle Sam
  89. Newton cop exposed himself to young male drivers during stops, complaint says
  90. CA Tells Court It Can’t Release Inmates Because It Would Lose Cheap Prison Labor
  91. What You Need To Know About The Keystone XL Oil Pipeline
  92. Harvard sued over 'racial profiling'
  93. Listen to Governor Nixon fumble a question!
  94. KKK hit by cyber attack after Ferguson threats
  95. Did pictures of Homeland Security vehicles near Ferguson get man fired?
  96. Genes Show Influence on Sexual Orientation
  97. Finger-gate
  98. PETA accused of killing family dog and apologizing with a fruit basket
  99. The Senate vote on the Keystone XL Pipeline
  100. House of Representatives Declares War!
  101. How Many Pipeline Ruptures Has Alberta Seen?
  102. Boehner hires third lawyer to sue Obama
  103. Bill Cosby?
  104. Who Won The Civil War?
  105. 509 Empty Days on Republicans' Watch, Now They Cry
  106. Rand Paul Helped Kill NSA Reform Bill
  107. Liberal ‘hell no’ caucus rises
  108. Woman who caused Ebola panic after 'dropping dead with blood pouring from her nose
  109. How John Lennon changed immigration policy
  110. Massive air bag recall
  111. Who needs the Police Now?
  112. Two more RW Obamacare memes go POOF!
  113. Ferguson Cop Talk ? ~ *Get a Gun Get More Than One Gun*
  114. Want to afford a house? Move to Ohio.
  115. Ted Cruz ~ 'Obama threatening Govt. Shutdown'
  116. The 114th Congress House Committee Chairs
  117. "Ex-gay leader marries his husband in Oklahoma"
  118. Montana Becomes 34th STATE to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage!
  119. Elizabeth Warren Blasts Obama's Latest Wall Street Nominee
  120. Rev. Al Sharpton: Activists Are Ready For Decision In Ferguson
  121. Valley businessman creates lotion that could protect against Ebola Read more: http:/
  122. Sharpton: Is there a bigger Race Pimp or Dumbass in our culture?
  123. House Republicans remain committed to diversity
  124. Okay, the political sports book is open and i'm taking bets!
  125. Bono seriously hurt in cycling accident
  126. Ferguson ~ 5 arrested last night
  127. Batgirl Bachmann: "Obama turning illiterate immigrants into Dem voters"
  128. President Obama Signs the Child Care and Development Block Grant Act of 2014
  129. Can things be changing?
  130. FSU Library Shooter Was Lawyer Alumnus
  131. Will shovel snow for free Buffalo Bills tickets
  132. Boehner and Republicans Can't Defund President Obama's Immigration Executive Orders
  133. (R-Ok) Tom Coburn ~ 'Anarchy & Violence'
  134. The Obama Immigration Speech
  135. (R-Alabama) Mo Brooks ~ ' I think we can send Obama to Jail for 5 years'
  136. Thank You President Obama?????
  137. Russia banned GMOs for 10 years
  138. The Coming Out of Two Male Super Country Stars!
  139. Angelina Jolie Has Directed an Oscar Contender
  140. The U.S. government thinks China could take down the power grid
  141. Immigration reforms ~ Arpaio sues Obama
  142. Ferguson officer Darren Wilson in talks to resign from police force, sources say
  143. Snowmageddon
  144. Obamacare ~ House GOP sues Obama
  145. Shuriff Joe Arpaio sues Obama
  146. Why Keystone may never be built
  147. NYPD officer fatally shoots unarmed 28-year-old man in Brooklyn's Pink Houses project
  148. Why not just go ahead and announce that Darren Wilson won't be charged?
  149. Video: Police lied. Mike Brown was killed 148 feet away from Darren Wilson's SUV
  150. Paperback Writer ~ How much for John Lennon's Gretsch 6120 ?
  151. South Carolina Same-Sex Marriages Begin Immediately After SCOTUS Ruling
  152. Obama does Vegas
  153. Marriage Equality Endorsed by Procter & Gamble
  154. Protections for LGB Athletes Proposed By IOC President
  155. Marriage Equality Is Embraced By Heterosexuals
  156. Remember the "lost forever" Lois Lerner Emails? Well guess what?
  157. Racist Liberal Black Panthers Planned To Pipebomb Ferguson.
  158. Shhhhh - Top Obama bundler accused of child rape
  159. Living in fear at the dark & deadly hellhole houses
  160. House Intel Committee report on Ben Ghazi torches conspiracy theories
  161. Progressive Radio - WCPT AM-FM Discusses Political Issues
  162. Detroit ~ Americas' new Peoples Republic of China ?
  163. U.S. warns U.S. Citizens ~ Do not go to Acapulco
  164. Marrion Barry dies
  165. Ferguson ~ Another reason to Riot ?
  166. Republicans Won But Bill Maher Says Obama Still "Kicking Your Ass."
  167. Obama's Scriptural Use Repugnant and Out of Bounds According to Fox & Friends
  168. Democrats to Obama: You broke the party, now fix it
  169. Obama Is Damaging Hillary’s Chances
  170. Chuck Hagel Will Resign today
  171. Lindsey Graham: Shame on us Republicans!
  172. ferguson claims another victim
  173. Misappropriation of veterans’ property in LA County: Under Henry Waxman
  174. Black 12 year old Cleveland boy with fake pistol shot & killed by police
  175. Car Containing Explosives Crashes Into US Army Post Fort Sam Houston
  176. Who will replace Hagel ?
  177. Things GET WORSE FOR REPUBLICANS: Poll Finds 89% of Latinos SUPPORT OBAMA
  178. Man Sets His House Afire Then Ambushes Deputy Who responded.
  179. no charge
  180. cops are second leading cause of homicide in utah
  181. The Exclusive Darren Wilson Interview
  182. Ferguson- the Days after Grand Jury Announcement
  183. Illegal immigrants could receive Social Security, Medicare
  184. CNN Ratings Surge as Ferguson Verdict and Unrest Drive Viewers to Cable News
  185. The Wilson Witness who corroborates the "Charge" claim, wrote Racist Journal Entries
  186. Officer Darren Wilson's story is unbelievable. Literally!
  187. Mac Or Cheese ?
  188. I Never Thought This Was Possible
  189. NOT a Fox News Story - Black Residents Standing Guard At White-Owned Conoco Store
  190. Actress Patricia Heaton raises $100,000 to repair damaged Ferguson bakery
  191. One in Five Families will Celebrate Thanksgiving on Food Stamps
  192. Driver's Licenses to Undocumented Immigrants Gets Green Light in Connecticut
  193. Plots To Kill Ferguson Police Chief and
  194. Illegal Immigrants Will Get Social Security And Medicare
  195. Businesses Will Receive Incentives To Hire Illegal Aliens!
  196. 1.5 seconds is all it took
  197. Who reads the newspaper?
  198. How DARE Obama discriminate against LGBTQ whatevers?
  199. Russian doctor rebellion causes headache for Putin
  200. Jian Ghomeshi
  201. Some Democrats are urging a return to basics
  202. Breath test to detect pot is being developed at WSU
  203. Does anyone think flying cars are a great idea?
  204. Cop lapel cam foils false claim of sexual harassment
  205. NYC police interesting facts
  206. NYC police interesting facts
  207. Wilson: No Pension for You!
  208. Republican congressional aide regrets comments about Obama Girls
  209. Tasteless, Offensive and Inflammatory?
  210. Black Teens Beat White Motorist To Death With A Hammer
  211. Your hopeful image of the day
  212. More bad news for Doom-n-Gloom Republicans
  213. Obama to propose $75 million in federal funds for police body cameras
  214. Post Ferguson: Rams Make A Statement!
  215. Manhunt on for mass-murderer
  216. The Effects of Gay Conversion Therapy on A Child
  217. Why?
  218. Liberals Not to Blame for Elizabeth Lauten's Resignation
  219. Should Ferguson Be Re Built With Taxpayer Dollars?
  220. Larry McQuilliams, Shooter In Austin, Had Extremist Views:
  221. Experimental Ebola vaccine triggers few side effects, hospital says
  222. And now for something completely different...
  223. Remember the 3rd man on the podium at the 1968 Olympics:
  224. Conservatives call on Rick Perry not to execute another mentally ill man
  225. Ebola In The Air: What Science Says About How The Virus Spreads
  226. North Korea believes the US created the deadly virus to conduct 'bio-terrorism'
  227. Another police state over-reach?
  228. Breaking: Looks like Ashton Carter will be BHO's pick to replace Hagel
  229. Dodged Some More School Bullets - Utah teen planned to open fire at school
  230. Cruise ship diners may be throwing lobsters overboard to ‘save’ animals
  231. Shocking mistake in Darren Wilson grand jury you won't hear on Fox News
  232. Move over unions- French bosses can protest too
  233. SCOTUS 6-3 Ruling on Same-Sex Marriage Wouldn't Surprise Harvard Law School Scholar
  234. Why Officer Darren Wilson may still be prosecuted
  235. Obama Approval Up Sharply Among Hispanics
  236. President Obama and Mitch McConnell are having a Drink Tomorrow
  237. Should the police be disarmed except for non lethal items?
  238. Homeland Chief Unable to Explain How Executive Amnesty Helps Americans
  239. ADP National Employment Report Shows 208,000 Jobs Added in November
  240. RIP Rolling Stones sax player Bobby Keys
  241. Gub-ment shut down looms 8 days from now
  242. Youth Poverty 2014: Baltimore Teens Worse Off Than Children In Nigeria?
  243. You can't make this shit up...
  244. Accident at Ukraine nuclear power plant
  245. The Cleveland Cops Who Fired 137 Shots and Cried Victim
  246. THE ETHICAL SOCIETY OF POLICE in St. Louis issues a bold statement supporting Rams
  247. No Indictment - Cop cleared in chokehold death of Eric Garner
  248. Jesse Ventura 2016: US Presidential Elections Are Rigged
  249. Da Coach says Rams wrong
  250. Paul G. Cassell on the Wilson/Brown Case