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  1. VIDEO: Watch way over 7 Minutes of LEOs & EMS DO NOTHING After Mr. Garners Murder
  2. Homeschool mom who destroyed evolution at a museum heads to the zoo for dragons
  3. Mental health worsening
  4. That's Turrible...
  5. Divorce rates are lower, but so are the number of people getting married
  6. Grand jury decision in Eric Garner case sparks more protests
  7. Vatican finds hundreds of millions of euros 'tucked away': cardinal
  8. Anti-Gay Bigotry and Its Effects On the Economy
  9. House passes nullification of obama amnesty
  10. Well that was Embarrassing - Tea party blows off Bachmann's rally call.
  11. It looks like Anarchy might be winning.
  12. There's No Racism In Missouri?
  13. Feds Find Shocking, Systemic Brutality, Incompetence In Cleveland Police Department
  14. Eric Garner ~ The Days after the Grand Jury Announcement
  15. Hit Him Again
  16. Orion Spaceship Blasts Off in First Test on the Road to Mars
  17. Red Cross Misstates How Donors' Dollars Are Spent
  18. Tamir Rice murderer had dismal record - was relieved of previous duty
  19. Homeless camp cleanout in Silicon Valley
  20. Racial Tension In Ferguson, Missouri
  21. Even Bushie is sad about Garner decision
  22. Missouri AG Confirms Michael Brown Grand Jury Misled by St. Louis DA
  23. TSA considered carry-on bag ban
  24. France balks at proposed trade deal over food
  25. Bridgegate ~ Indictments coming ?
  26. Police Brutality in Knoxville caught on camera
  27. Greta Says
  28. Governor Nixon explains why National Guard was not sent to Ferguson
  29. Military rape
  30. Hillary explains "smart power" to the world's dictators and strongmen
  31. Five out of Six Vegetarians/Vegans Go Back to Meat!!!
  32. Spies at work
  33. Rosebud, MO has a population of 400 .. and looks like most of 'em are racists
  34. Haitians in Anti-Government Clashes, Ask for Putin's Help
  35. Uh Oh, Trouble for Brown's family
  36. Hit out on NYPD
  37. Racial profiling at border stops, airports allowed under new federal guidelines
  38. Landrieu Loses
  39. Patriarchy society: Boy committed suicide after being bullied for being cheerleader
  40. US economy finally starting to hit home - wages/hours up!
  41. Doctor shortgage
  42. Morale low in military
  43. handful of lawyers now dominates the docket
  44. Food stamps at historic high
  45. Thousands march across USA to protest NYC chokehold death
  46. General Mills to remove all natural label
  47. Family of Tamir Rice files lawsuit in deadly Cleveland police shooting
  48. Catholic school enlists 'Santa' to help it stay afloat
  49. The freest place in North America
  50. This Shouldn't Have Been Cut From SNL
  51. Democrats no different than Republicans?
  52. 179 NYC police induced fatalities since '99 - 3 indictments ONE conviction
  53. Bar offers controversial Michael Brown shot special
  54. Swastikas Found On Hanukkah Wrapping Paper
  55. The Royal Couple in the U.S.A.
  56. White Florida deputy shoots black man who witnesses say had hands up
  57. Rectal feeding?
  58. Doc Who Sent Ebola Patient Home Says Care Was Appropriate
  59. Claim: ISIL smuggled a radiological device into Europe
  60. California drought a natural event
  61. Lawmakers agree on $1.1 trillion spending bill
  62. Get Over Your Damn Glibness!
  63. Fox News host on torture report: 'We are awesome'
  64. Tax Deals for Disney, Koch Brothers Empire
  65. IG: IRS paid $6 billion in bogus child tax credits
  66. Peru riled by Greenpeace stunt at Nazca lines
  67. Did Brown charge Wilson "like a football player"?
  68. Harvard Law Students Want Ferguson Exam Delays
  69. Obama Announces $1B for Early Childhood Education
  70. OoOpS Perry on income inequality: "we don't grapple with that here"
  71. Thug Kills White People in Texas
  72. Detroit Exits Largest Municipal Bankruptcy In US History
  73. Elizabeth Warren BLASTS Wall Street SWEETHEART DEAL In Spending Bill
  74. Sex Offender Wins Lotto!
  75. Even A Million Dollars Will Not Persuade Elizabeth Warren To Run For President
  76. Federal Restrictions Plus Bans on Racial Profiling by Eric Holder, A.G.
  77. Time Person of the Year
  78. Warren on Big Banks
  79. WHITE LIVES Matter
  80. CIA Director to speak
  81. 81 percent expect ISIS attack on US, majority says keep Gitmo open
  82. For those that thought Republicans were different?
  83. Remember This Conservatives: Rick Perry: Running for president ‘is not an IQ test’
  84. Heavy rain ... lost TV channel 4
  85. Deal To Fund Government On Verge Of Collapse
  86. The Collapse of Republicans While Democrats Tout Leverage on Funding
  87. Anti-abortion protest allowed
  88. Woman visits Toys R Us, pays off everyone's layaway.
  89. Woman Wins $100K After Being Arrested for Shouting 'Fuck the Police!'
  90. Former Obama Aides Urging Elizabeth Warren To Run For President
  91. Another School Shooting ~ Portland, Oregon
  92. Sen. Elizabeth Warren ~ 'Dodd-Frank is not perfect ....'
  93. Millions of pilgrims in Karbala on eve of Arba’een
  94. Democrats Rage Against Obama Over Wall Street Giveaway
  95. Amy Pascal
  96. Senate Reaches Deal on $1.1 Trillion Spending Bill
  97. Marcus Mariota wins Heisman
  98. "Congress approves plan to allow pension cuts"
  99. One good thing got tossed into the spending bill
  100. Noah's Arc theme park denied 18 million in tax breaks by KY
  101. Cheney on Meet the Press ~ 'My definition of Torture'
  102. Christian Couple Refused Service by Gay Ohio Baker
  103. Islamists running amok in Sidney
  104. Here's a good cop story
  105. What Happened When Two Students, One Black and One White, Participated in a Protest
  106. SCOTUS blocks Arizona abortion law
  107. Sandy Hook ~ Families sue AR-15 manufacturers
  108. Naked cyclist ticketed for helmet fail
  109. The speech that could make Liz Warren the next president
  110. Pennsylvania ~ Mass-Murderer on the loose ?
  111. Spelman College suspends its Cosby professorship
  112. Australia Gun Control & Immigration Contributed To Hostage Death
  113. Black Santa Arrested!
  114. Just When They Quit Calling Themselves Teabaggers...
  115. Losing States May Have to Repay Gay Groups For Marriage Litigation
  116. The Wonderful Revelation of a Swimming Gold Medalist
  117. Surgeon General ~ Senate confirms Vivek Murthy
  118. "Witness 40": Exposing A Fraud In Ferguson (The Smoking Gun)
  119. St Louis Bosnian woman who claimed Hate Crime charged with making false report
  120. Pakistan ~ Taliban massacre over 100 children
  121. Tom Coburn's rambling incoherent farewell speech
  122. Cleveland Police Union Chief Offers Advice To 12-Year-Olds
  123. COURAGEOUS statement; Browns player: "I was Taught That Justice Is a Right!
  124. Thousands of Muslim refugees headed to U.S.A.
  125. Enough is Enough: John Crawford III's family file lawsuit against Walmart and police
  126. Tamir Rice ~ Why you need to be afraid of cops
  127. Solidarity for Australian Muslims after Sydney siege
  128. Hialeah police officer allegedly stops driver over 'F--- the police' song
  129. Obamacare ~ Millions More Sign Up
  130. Been watching this James Mitchell interview on teh Kelly File
  131. 10 Charts to Brighten Your Century
  132. Why You Shouldn't Donate to the Salvation Army Bell Ringers
  133. Valet in Chief
  134. Researchers begin campaign to increase the legal drinking age to 25
  135. Los Angeles Police Will Get Body Cameras
  136. Can We Fucking Lift The Embargo on Cigars Now?
  137. Nordstrom fires worker over police killings post
  138. Nostradamus who?
  139. Thanks to the Cuban Canadian, Obama names another dozen lifetime judges!
  140. Sony ~ cancels 'The Interview'
  141. U.S. Confidence in Police About Average for Wealthy Countries
  142. Special Forces conduct urban training in Dallas and north Texas
  143. Republican Lawmaker Seeks Man's Permission for Abortions
  144. The Next Web: The hackers win: Sony cancels the theatrical release of ‘The Interview’
  145. Marco Rubio Vows To Unravel Obama's Cuba Deal
  146. U.S. Wealth Gap Hits Record High
  147. North Korea Behind Sony Attack
  148. Special forces tactics compromised by Hollywood, media reports
  149. While President Obama continues to mention American values..
  150. New York Public Defenders Walk Out Of Court Protesting Eric Garner’s Death
  151. ‘Bud Weiser,’ ‘Jennifer Lopez’ Among Fake Prescription Names Allegedly Used By Pharma
  152. Pat Robertson: Televangelist claims gays will 'die out because they don't reproduce'
  153. Tonight is the last episode of Colbert Report
  154. 57 Percent of Americans Say Race Relations in U.S. Are Bad
  155. We don't need Marco Rubio's approval for an ambassador to Cuba - he's already there!
  156. Texas theater schedules showing of "Team America"
  157. Vermont bails on single-payer health care
  158. Feds: Half Of Medicaid Doctors Listed Aren’t Accepting Patients
  159. IRS wants to shut down
  160. Jeb Bush paid by Bank that Violated Cuba Sanctions
  161. Oh Ladies ... How you Like Your Man Putin Now?
  162. Paulie likes normalization with Cuba
  163. U.S. South Benefits From Apple's Tim Cook's Generous Donation
  164. Support for Gay Rights by 10 Real Christians
  165. Fed Delays Volcker Rule, Giving Wall Street Another Holiday Gift
  166. Gorbachev Blames the U.S. for Provoking ‘New Cold War’
  167. Ooops - A&M students were PO'd about renaming academic building for Rick Perry!
  168. Uninsured at Low Levels As Republicans Shattered by ACA Success
  169. U.S. ENDS TARP with $15.3 BILLION PROFIT
  170. Well, here’s something you don’t see too often. Or maybe never…
  171. Indiana Cop Told to Stop Selling 'Breathe Easy' T-shirts
  172. Rand Paul trolls Marco Rubio
  173. Bergdahl investigation wraps up; top leaders get briefings
  174. BREAKING! SCOTUS Rules Against Florida's Request for Stay on Same-Sex Marriage
  175. Ferguson : They Lied
  176. Two Cops Shot In Brooklyn
  177. Immigrant workers account for all employment growth since 2007
  178. Japan scientist quits as cell research discredited
  179. Anti-whaling protesters found in contempt of court
  180. Punishment On the Way For Obstructionist Republicans By President Obama
  181. 2014 Bostonians of the Year: Market Basket employees
  182. Professional protesters
  183. Cop Shot Dead In Fla
  184. Rudy "Noun-Verb-911" Giuliani says deBlasio not to blame for shootings ..
  185. You can support cops and grieve cops and still question bad cops.
  186. Boom! If BLM had acted like cops, Cliven Bundy would be dead
  187. Mayor Di Blasio to speak
  188. Wind Company that Sued to Block Release of Bird Death Data
  189. North Korea
  190. Joe Cocker dies at 70
  191. the curia is enough to piss off the pope
  192. Sir Elton John Ties the Knot
  193. Florida: Jan. 6, 2015, Same-Sex Couples Can Be Married By County Clerks
  194. Rep. Michael Grimm to plead guilty to felony count of tax evasion, sources say
  195. Shuriff Joe is at it again!
  196. Argentina court grants orangutan basic rights
  197. Bill de Blasio shows how Liberals should take control of Right Wing planted reporters
  198. Dow, S&P 500 Finish At All-Time Closing Highs (17,959.44/ 2,078.54)
  199. Secretary Robert Gates broke his neck
  200. Study: Southern Whites Have More Black DNA Than Whites In The Rest Of USA
  201. Obama's approval rating with the military
  202. DOW ~ Tops 18,000
  203. David Axelrod, Obama’s longtime adviser
  204. Another white cop won't be charged for shooting a black dude 14 times
  205. Vermont to give up on single payer?
  206. ObamaCare Rise: Nearly 2 Million More Americans Enroll for 2015
  207. Mac just ran a security update without my permission
  208. EastCoasters
  209. BREAKING! Sony Pictures Will Release "The Interview" On Christmas
  210. President Obama's Numbers Surge At End of Year
  211. Keurig Recalling Nearly 7 Million Coffee Makers
  212. H.W. Bush rushed to Hospital
  213. Here We Go Again
  214. Hey lets go Christmas Caroling!
  215. Best CEO in 2014: Tim Cook
  216. No charges for killing unarmed black guy --- (again)
  217. Idaho Pro Same-Sex Marriage Legal Team Awarded Over $400K By Court
  218. NORAD tracking Santa
  219. "The Most Wonderful Time to be Queer"
  220. Watch The Interview Now!
  221. ISIL shoots down a Jordanian aircraft
  222. U.S. prepares to Ramp Up Transfers from Guantanamo
  223. Putin orders vodka price cap as Russia’s economic crisis escalates
  224. Breaking News! Russian Attack!
  225. Inspire magazine
  226. Possible Ebola exposure at CDC
  227. Police officer doesn't kill perp with AR15
  228. Los Angeles court denies Roman Polanski’s motion to dismiss child sex case
  229. Limbaugh insists next Bond must be white, Scottish
  230. The Islamic State is failing
  231. Obama caves to Girl Scouts - dons a tiara!
  232. The 24 most cringeworthy TV news moments of 2014
  233. Worst journalism of 2014
  234. Neil deGrasse Tyson Trolls Christians on Christmas
  235. Unruly passenger ejected from flight after crew wishes him Merry Christmas
  236. The Racist word again
  237. Obama says US less racially divided
  238. Amazon’s Jeff Bezos takes $8B personal finance hit
  239. Leaving Cuba: A father and son risk lives at sea
  240. Femen activist held for trial at the Vatican
  241. Ohio Gov. John Kasich will roll out “responsible
  242. Ramos is Being Buried
  243. Access to health care in peril in medicaid system
  244. Amazon, XBot, Playstation accounts hacked
  245. Gay Couple Spreads Love, Food, and Good Cheer To Homeless
  246. AirAsia Flight From Indonesia To Singapore Goes Missing
  247. Arizona ~ Cop slain suspect kills self
  248. Black man threatened to kill police officers and white kids on Facebook
  249. "Michael Sam: 'A lot' of gay men in NFL"
  250. Islamic State fighters leaving the Sinjar region