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  1. Christians and Muslims: Looks Like Obama Was Right
  2. Boston Bracing for more Global Warming Tonight
  3. Miami Getting Ready For More Global Warming Tonight
  4. Clarence Thomas Speaks the Obvious!
  5. Brian Williams' Story About Rocket Fire In Israel Comes Into Question
  6. It’s Not Just Brian Williams
  7. Look who's bashing Chris Kyle
  8. Aspen police chief stands by take-down arrest of student (video)
  9. Jobless father of 26 by 15 women blames former job as bouncer for size of brood
  10. American ISIS Hostage Kayla Mueller is Dead Family Says
  11. 4,000 Lynching Victims Named
  12. U.S. Embassy in Yemen closes
  13. REPORT on Bobbi Kristina
  14. ISIS latst victim, an American
  15. Senator Sanders Exposes Republican Ploy to Cut Social Security Disability
  16. "Oops! Jeb Bush Site Publishes Private Info Of Thousands"
  17. Bill banning job discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity moves ah
  18. Jon Stewart to exit 'The Daily Show' ?
  19. jeb bush's $100k/ticket fundraiser
  20. "Marriage begins in Alabama, HRC calls for Moore’s impeachment"
  21. NBC News: Brian Williams Suspended
  22. Three Muslim College Students Slain in Shooting Near UNC Chapel Hill
  23. Police open fire on citizen armed with rocks running away from them.
  24. chicago little league team stripped of title for cheating
  25. Obama sends Congress request for military force against IS
  26. Costa Concordia verdict in
  27. Mother of woman slain by Phoenix police files $7 million claim
  28. Public Notice: Republicans to use seat-fillers for Netanyahu speech
  29. Papa John's in NYC owes nearly $800,000 in unpaid wages
  30. House passes Keystone Pipeline Bill
  31. Military spouses are getting threats on social media
  32. Study Shows Heavy Adolescent Pot Use Permanently Lowers IQ
  33. Gov. Scott Walker dodges important issues
  34. "Top Democrat Rips Republicans For Holding The Safety Of The American People Hostage"
  35. "Obama: SCOTUS ‘about to make a shift’ on marriage equality"
  36. 60 Minutes' Bob Simon Dead at 73
  37. Anonymous takes on ISIS
  38. Remember the China herdsman who found a giant gold nugget? The government does...
  39. Another Brian Williams thread, yay....
  40. Just goes to show...
  41. NBC News Journalist Ned Colt dies
  42. The Ebola's are coming...
  43. Tax-Refund Fraud Soaring
  44. Breaking: U.S. Judge Orders Alabama Official to Issue Same-Sex Marriage Licenses
  45. IRS to pay back-refunds to illegal immigrants who didn’t pay taxes
  46. IS now 13 miles away from 320 Marines in Iraq
  47. "Bobby Jindal’s unpleasant record"
  48. Nebraska Judge Halts TransCanada's Use Of Eminent Domain For Keystone Route
  49. White House Stalled ISIS Rescue. Foley, Sotloff, and Mueller Died.
  50. The #RepublicanClassWar's New Front: Social Security for the Disabled
  51. Alabama ~ Watch cop paralyze a man out taking a walk
  52. Scott Walker - multiple threads merged
  53. Report: Domestic Terrorists Attack Every 34 Days
  54. FBI director offers candid view of police, race relations
  55. Was Brian Williams at the fall of the Berlin Wall or not?
  56. You get your balls to the wall, man...
  57. Gas tax part of Senate's $15 billion transportation proposal
  58. Couples Who Choose Not To Have Children Are 'Selfish,' says the 78yr old virgin...
  59. Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber resigns from office
  60. "AL Minister Arrested After Offering to Perform Same-Sex Marriage "
  61. New York City ~ Hits Record for Longest Murder-Free Stretch
  62. (President) Boehner signs Keystone Pipeline bill
  63. Gov. Chris Christie ~ Approval Ratings Plummet To All-Time Low
  64. "NJ Judge Spanks 'Ex-Gays' for Mental Disorder Claim"
  65. 'Laugh-In' Announcer Gary Owens dies
  66. SC Senator Refers Women As A "Lesser Cut Of Meat"
  67. Democrats Introduce Bill To Repeal Sweeping 2001 War Authorization
  68. Better Duel fast or law will change in Idaho
  69. Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber Resigns
  70. Vote with us or step down
  71. Eight WONDERFUL predictions made by Environmentalist Whackos.
  72. What to be healthy?
  73. Refusing Medicaid
  74. Terror attack in Copenhagen
  75. It's too cold so protest cancelled
  76. "Scott Walker's Most Heinous Budget Stunt Yet"
  77. News on Anbar
  78. 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 4th Inf Div
  79. Islamic State releases video purporting to show beheading of 21 Egyptians in Libya
  80. Paraded in cages 'to be burned alive
  81. Minister of Mines Discusses TAPI Project, Contracting Plans
  82. "'Imitation Game' is right: UK must pardon thousands of homosexuals"
  83. Video Purports To Show ISIS Militants Beheading Christian Hostages
  84. Some See Extreme 'Anti-Theism' As Motive In N.C. Killings
  85. As Houston Islamic Center Burns, Firefighter Posts, "Let it burn...block the hydrant
  86. ISIS Bans Cell Phones: Islamic State Chops Off Women's Hands,
  87. Increasing Taxes for the Poor
  88. Boyfriend says Kayla Mueller botched escape plan
  89. Obamacare realities starting to set in
  90. "Here are the senators who have already endorsed Hillary Clinton"
  91. "Meet Oregon's next governor"
  92. Satisfied Patients Now Make Hospitals Richer, But Is That Fair?
  93. "Shame on Staples. Shame on the Republican House, Too."
  94. "Bush Leads Walker In Polls"
  95. SAS told to 'save last bullet for yourselves' in case of Islamic State capture
  96. Republican Claim Obliterated With New Rankings on President Obama
  97. "If Dumb Was Dirt, Greg Abbott Would Cover About An Acre"
  98. "President Obama’s Greatest Accomplishment Is Exposing Un-American Republicans"
  99. Strong cannabis causes one in four cases of psychosis
  100. Fundamental Christian Idiocy
  101. Jeb Bushnesia
  102. Sister of Slain Muslims Blames Movie
  103. Judge Temporarily Halts Obama's Immigration Actions
  104. Innocent Man Facing Years In Prison Now Free, Officers Arrested, Charged With Conspir
  105. Thug spared jail for attacking his bride on their wedding night
  106. Many killed in Haiti Carnival accident
  107. ICD-10 Delay not likely
  108. Egypt seeks UN backing for air strikes against Isis in Libya
  109. Coming Soon to the U.S.A.
  110. #BLACKBRUNCH Stand In Solidarity!
  111. Cab drivers rally against rideshares, stall AM commute
  112. If Fox News Didn’t Obsess Over Radical Islam, They’d Have Nothing Else to Talk About
  113. Obamacare hits 11 Million
  114. "Judge: Texas' gay marriage ban unconstitutional"
  115. "Alabama Is Resisting The Civil Rights Movement All Over Again"
  116. is this murder?
  117. "In Private Meeting Hillary Clinton Asks Elizabeth Warren For Suggestions And Ideas"
  118. Jobs Fair for ISIL
  119. Are the Israeli's as clueless as Americans?
  120. Smoking alcohol: The next Jersey Shore killer?
  121. Yves Bolduc says teen strip search allowed in high schools
  122. Study Suggests Recession, Recovery Have Not Left The Rich Richer
  123. Did South Carolina Sabotage Its Public Historically Black College?
  124. Muslims To Form 'Peace Ring' Around Norwegian Synagogue After Copenhagen Attacks
  125. Teacher fined for posting pro-Hitler image on Facebook aimed at Jews
  126. Bruce Jenner could be facing manslaughter charge after footage of car crash emerges
  127. Pelosi does Cuba
  128. "Going back to the future in 2016?"
  129. Happy 80th Birthday Monopoly !
  130. February 2015 is a sort of special month
  131. Another sick in the head GOP moment
  132. Flash Player faces its third zero-day flaw in a month
  133. Oil Tanker Train Derailment in WVa
  134. Nearly 40 percent of Wal-Mart's US workers to get pay raises
  135. "Justice Dept. could sue Ferguson for racial discrimination"
  136. "First Same-Sex Marriage License Issued in Texas"
  137. Congratulations: You should be proud as Hell of Obamacare. Here's 19M reasons why...
  138. "AL Judge: Destroy Marriage Rather Than Allow Same-Sex Weddings"
  139. Seattle Police Union President to Cops: Get With the Times or Get Out of This City
  140. Carnegie Mellon University wrongly tells 800 applicants they got in
  141. Mosul, Iraq ~ Boots on the Ground ?
  142. What's Wrong with this Country?
  143. Bill O’Reilly Thread
  144. Germany rejects Greek 'Trojan Horse' debt deal
  145. Recent coalition airstrikes on IS
  146. Critics in G.O.P. Say Chris Christie Is in a ‘Bubble’
  147. Covered California Sends Out 100,000 Inaccurate Tax Forms About 1 In 8 Get Wrong Info
  148. Obama addresses the DNC
  149. IS slave trade
  150. Ain't it Great to be Privileged
  151. Obama town hall will focus on immigration - Lowering Da-Boom!
  152. Wisconsin to Skip Debt Payments to Make Up for Walker's Tax Cuts
  153. Man arrested in bombing near Colorado NAACP office
  154. Ariz. Burger King boss wins company award, sells car and watch, gives $120k to employ
  155. Gulf Oil Spill ~ BP loses bid to cut maximum $13.7 billion Gulf spill fine
  156. "HRC Requests Phone And Email Records Of Alabama Judge Roy Moore"
  157. "BREAKING NEWS: All Plano recall petition signatures ruled invalid"
  158. Dubai ~ watch Towering Inferno
  159. Clinton Foundation defends foreign fundraising
  160. Schoolgirls 'travelling to Syria to join Isil'
  161. New Killer Virus
  162. "Cholesterol in food not a concern, new report says"
  163. There will be war!
  164. Aiding Islamic Terrorists Is Our Foreign Policy
  165. Anti-Abortionist pioneer Dr. John Willke dies
  166. The ISIS Lion Cubs
  167. Al Shabab ~ Calls for 'Westgate'-Style Attack in U.S., Canada and U.K.
  168. The 2015 Academy Awards
  169. "Past and present clash over same-sex marriage in Deep South"
  170. TPNN - We Knew All Along...
  171. OKay, tell me th is
  172. Scott Walker Pushes ALEC 'Right to Work' Bill
  173. Inspiring images of over 1000 Muslims forming 'ring of peace' around Oslo synagogue
  174. "Gay Marriage News Watch: AL, TX, KS - VIDEO"
  175. "America Is a Liberal Nation: Poll Finds Huge Support For Tax Hike On The Wealthy"
  176. Republican Govs Fail
  177. Young girl suicide bomber kills seven in Nigeria
  178. Jindal calls for disqualification of the Commander-in-Chief
  179. Toddler dies as measles outbreak hits German capital
  180. Update from Madison!
  181. Judge: Chris Christie Broke His Own Law By Cutting Pension Contributions
  182. ISIS abducts at least 70 Christians
  183. Orrin Hatch Preparing Obamacare Replacement If SCOTUS Strikes It Down
  184. DHS Shutdown ~ Mitch McConnell surrenders to GOP hostage-taking & extortion ?
  185. is it something in the water or what? another liar revealed
  186. Oops, Now you're Screwing with Real Money - NFL players union opposes Wisconsin right
  187. A Real ACA Story
  188. US automakers improve in magazine's annual brand rankings
  189. Feds not pursuing Zimmy
  190. "President Obama will quickly veto Keystone XL pipeline bill when it hits his desk
  191. Obama Vetos Keystone XL Pipeline
  192. Ted Cruz ~ 'Stop Loretta Lynch ! '
  193. Liberal media demands Scott Walker pay homage to "the One" -- or else
  194. Why is the FCC passing secret new rules to regulate the internet?
  195. The Chicago Mayoral Election
  196. IL Governor Rauner Gets $750,000 Tax Break, Proposes Slashing Services to Middle Clas
  197. Quick News Flash of Upcoming Stories
  198. Secret 'Black Site' Interrogation Center Run by Chicago Police
  199. GOP lawmakers clash over shutdown
  200. H&R Block Helped Shape Obamacare, Now Set For Gigantic Payday
  201. Despite wage hike, some Walmart shareholders seek change
  202. Soldiers from the Second Cavalry Regiment roll near Russia
  203. New Cosby accuser: 'Do you remember me?'
  204. Alaska becomes 3rd state with legal marijuana
  205. Senate Democrats Agree To GOP Plan To Fund Department Of Homeland Security
  206. Federal Overreach?
  207. Kerry Blasts Netanyahu: He's 'Wrong' On Iran Deal Like He Was On Iraq War
  208. Senate advances 'clean' DHS bill in 98-2 vote
  209. 3 Arrested in NYC attempting to join ISIS
  210. Regulator Warns Of 'Armageddon' Cyber Attack On Banks
  211. A Town Hall with the President
  212. Morgan Stanley To Pay $2.6 Billion Mortgage Settlement
  213. Global Climate Change dose have a Cost; and Now Everyone can't Deny it.
  214. ISIS executioner Jihadi John identified ?
  215. The 2015 CPAC
  216. BOOM Goes The Participation Argument-Applications for US jobless aid rise to 313,000
  217. Forgotten Pope Benedict lives out his days in the shadows
  218. Should we make spelling easier?
  219. "Same-sex benefits for state workers unresolved"
  220. Net Neutrality prevails!
  221. House Republicans Slip Anti-Abortion Language Into Education Bill
  222. Net Neutrality Prevails In Historic FCC Vote
  223. Dem bill would withhold lawmaker pay if DHS shuts down
  224. GOP fails to fund DHS
  225. Republican Candidate for Governor in Missouri Commits Suicide
  226. Islamic State fighters destroy Iraq antiquities
  227. Legal Weed being peddaled to School Kids
  228. ‘Jihadi John’: Islamic State killer is identified as Londoner Mohammed Emwazi
  229. The Daily Show's' 50 Fox news 'lies'
  230. New aviation threat- thermite
  231. Another mass-murder
  232. Former pop star Gary Glitter sentenced to 16 years for child sex offences
  233. NBA ~ Earl Lloyd dies
  234. GOP threatens DC mayor with jail over marijuana law
  235. Bill O’Reilly’s ex-colleagues call his L.A. riot stories ‘completely ficticious’
  236. GOP Science Chair Didn’t Vaxx His Kids
  237. Black TV executive accuses Al Sharpton of selling out black-owned media
  238. Rand Paul takes Baby Bush to the cleaners
  239. Not to Fear, Scott Walker is here - Scott Walker Thinks Union Members Are Like ISIS
  240. Uninsured Former Arizona Ex-Sheriff Who Fought O-Care Struggles To Pay Medical Bills
  241. Exxon Mobil Settles $9 Billion New Jersey Environmental Case for $250 Million
  242. Regarding the dress
  243. Possible Ebola in North VA
  244. Bad News: People Buying Homes - Pending Sales of Existing U.S. Homes Rise
  245. FCC Chairman Speaks Out On Net Neutrality
  246. "Franklin Graham: White House 'Infiltrated By Muslims,' Doesn't Know Who"
  247. DHS funding extension fails
  248. Holder Portrait Unveiled
  249. Russian opposition politician shot down in front of Kremlin
  250. Net neutrality is a Communist plan to shut down free enterprise on the internet