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  1. Two hostages killed in Pakistan drone strike - Obama takes responsibility
  2. Explosive 2009 report from Tulsa reveals deep corruption concerning Deputy Bob Bates
  3. Teen Admits He Ate Pot Edibles Before Jumping From 3rd Story Window
  4. 82nd Airborne Tries Ultralight Vehicles
  5. The Loretta Lynch confirmation
  6. Comcast Calls Off Time Warner Cable Merger
  7. Marxist-Feminist Thought Police Strike Again
  8. Air Pollution and Brain Damage
  9. 'Everybody Loves Raymond' ~ Sawyer Sweeten Commits Suicide
  10. Arizona sheriff acknowledges investigation into judge's wife
  11. Florida ~ Another White cop shoots unarmed Black incident
  12. Ted Cruz: Busy Busy Busy!
  13. The 2015 White House Correspondents' Dinner
  14. Clinton Foundation spends most of the money on themselves
  15. Judge who freed rapist of 14 year old given - lifetime achievement award?
  16. 'Clinton Cash' Author is targeting Jeb Bush Next
  17. Valdosta State University Shuts Down Ahead of Flag Protest
  18. The Westfield High School Stage Collapse
  19. Think of writing your own obituary
  20. Did You Know?
  21. It really is an eye for an eye as a Muslim
  22. Cornel West ~ 'Obama is a Global Zimmy'
  23. Jim Webb, Hillary Buster
  24. Mom Turns 15-Year-Old Son In For Sexual Assault
  25. Common Cause demands Clinton Foundation, Hillary audit
  26. Ted Cruz introduces bills to stop Gay Marriage
  27. Hawaii poised to become 1st state to Raise Smoking Age to 21 ?
  28. Harley recalls nearly 46,000 Bikes
  29. Man Shoots Armadillo, Bullet Ricochets and Hits Mother-in-law
  30. Bruce Jenner Comes Out
  31. Common Core testing refusals.
  32. Student Loan Giant Navient Bemoans Cost Of Mounting Government Probes
  33. You Can Now Bring Guns To Parks In Tennessee
  34. Calbuco volcano in Chile blows for third time - could go on for months
  35. Dog the Bounty Hunter isn't crazy enough for Fox News
  36. 7.8 magnitude quake slams Nepal; hundreds dead
  37. Democrats want to get rid of the Reagan name from the DC Airport
  38. Climate Denial Food Chain
  39. Texas Competes
  40. Candidates Phony Stances
  41. NBC fires Brian Williams
  42. How Google is endangering police officers
  43. Loretta Lynch sworn in as AG
  44. Chris Wallace To CLINTON CASH Author: "You Don't Have A Single Piece Of Evidence"
  45. NBC News Just Admitted The NY Times' Story Based On Clinton Cash "Doesn't Hold Up ...
  46. Orioles COO John Angelos offers eye-opening perspective on Baltimore protests
  47. Baltimore Police Claim Gangs Have "Entered Partnership" to Take-Out Cops
  48. Sheriff's Right-Hand Man Quits In Wake Of Deputy's Killing Of Unarmed Man
  49. More on ferguson
  50. Baltimore Erupts
  51. FOX News' Shocking Poll!
  52. Why So Many Americans Feel So Powerless
  53. Troubled For-Profit Corinthian Colleges Shutting Down
  54. This 2012 Presidential Candidate Has A Good Excuse For Not Wanting To Run Again
  55. Monsanto Roundup Ingredient Is 'Probably Carcinogenic'
  56. America hits bottom: black female Baltimore mayor tells thugs it's ok to destroy
  57. Just When I think ive learned my lesson
  58. Mom Beats Son For Rioting Live on CNN...[Video]
  59. From Scotusblog today
  60. Conservative professor fails entire college class
  61. Iran seizes cargo ship?
  62. House Republicans reveal legislation to continue travel restrictions to Cuba
  63. Partridge Family ~ Suzanne Crough dies
  64. Saudi Arabia foils U.S. Embassy attack, arrests 93 suspects
  65. Why Baltimore is Burning
  66. 200 girls, 93 women rescued from Nigerian jungle
  67. Bernie Sanders To Launch Presidential Campaign
  68. Harry Reid Defends Baltimore Protesters
  69. Sen. Rand Paul Blames Baltimore Protests on Lack of Fathers,
  70. Brutal Baltimore Beatings Worry Press Advocates
  71. Whitehouse responds to Bushs' vile ISIS remark
  72. Two-thirds of Obamacare customers had to pay back subsidy amount to IRS, study shows
  73. Baltimore Councilman: 'System' Has Failed 'Under-Educated' Looters and Rioters
  74. Freddie Gray may have had spinal surgery a week prior to arrest....
  75. Baltimore ~ First time ever a MLB game will play closed-doors ?
  76. "The Socialist Pope" gives cons yet another reason to hate him
  77. Eyewitnesses: The Baltimore Riots Didn't Start the Way You Think
  78. CBC's Neil Macdonald: 'America's police now frighten me'
  79. House Republicans Want To Block Predatory Lending Protections For American Troops
  80. Obama calls Baltimore rioters thugs,
  81. Lot of cool backstories in Baltimore
  82. The Incredible Racism Of Baltimore’s Rioters
  83. Baltimore Calms Down One Day After Chaos
  84. Stephen A. Smith On Baltimore Riots
  85. 0.2
  86. Baltinore ~ Paulie comes unglued when Hillary mentions him
  87. GDP first quarter 2015
  88. Justice Alito: Why Not Let 4 Lawyers Marry One Another?
  89. U.S. Jobless Claims Fall to Lowest Level in 15 Years
  90. Baltimore ~ Meet Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby
  91. Baltimore ~ Freddie Gray Charging documents released
  92. Prisoner in van said Freddie Gray was ‘trying to injure himself,’ document says
  93. Fatal shark attack reported off coast of Hawaiian island of Maui
  94. Sunlight Foundation watchdog group calls Clinton charity a "slush fund"
  95. s Fury rises at Disney over use of foreign workers
  96. U.S. Special Forces Rescue American From Mountain in Nepal
  97. If Greys voice box was crushed
  98. Uh-0h...looks like the police reports are a'changing...
  99. New report says Gray suffered head wound...
  100. Geraldo does Baltimore
  101. Bridgegate ~ Charges coming down tomorrow ?
  102. Fall of Saigon ~ 40 years ago today
  103. New report leaking MEs findings on Freddie
  104. A Few Conservatives get it.
  105. Latest grad from The Fox News School for Stalker Weasel Journalism
  106. FOP calls on prosecutor to recuse herself, defends officers
  107. George Soros owes $7 Billion to IRS
  108. So, Netanyahu was correct?
  109. Will the NRA Defend Gray?
  110. 6 Baltimore police officers, all in custody, to face criminal charges for death
  111. Oh No! Obama's Planning A Military Takeover Of Texas!
  112. Have These Pictures Shown Up Here?
  113. Navy to escort all US flagged vessels
  114. Nearly 50% of the state exchanges are struggling
  115. GOP Texas gov. is pushing for a pre-K boost — but his own party is calling it ‘godles
  116. Must see video: Baltimore cop with inside info on investigation!!!!
  117. Bridget Kelly: 'Ludicrous' To Think I Was The Only One To Know About The Bridge Scand
  118. In other news... White man beaten!
  119. The new loving and accepting Rick Santorum!
  120. CIA-Backed Rebels & al-Qaeda Wing in Syria
  121. NYPD cop shot in the face in Queens
  122. Freddie Gray cops ‘thrown like red meat' to angry mob for political statement
  123. Baltimore sergeant says suspects are challenging cops
  124. Robots will take 30% of jobs within 10 yrs
  125. I predicted Oakland would get busted up over Baltimore
  126. Alan Dershowitz Lays Into Freddie Gray Prosecutor: ‘This Is A Show Trial’
  127. The Duchess of Cambridge has a girl
  128. Experts Caution Convictions In Freddie Gray Case Against Baltimore Police Unlikely
  129. Liberals make excuses for Baltimore riots
  130. On this board 12% of the population are getting 80% of the attention
  131. Ben Carson says he will run for president
  132. Even Small Businesses Are Jumping on the Robot Bandwagon
  133. New York takes for granted these officers who stand between us and danger
  134. Police kill more whites than blacks
  135. Another one gone
  136. Shots fired at Texas cartoon contest 2 Islamic suspects dead.
  137. The cover of Time Magazine...
  138. Ex-CIA official: GOP distorted agency analysis of Benghazi
  139. Boehner struggles with his failed ACA predictions
  140. AT&T just confirmed they fired president for racist texts
  141. How does your state rate in hours of sleep?
  142. Kansas waitress gives Sam Brownback a tip
  143. Up to Speed: Who Is Muhammad Cartoon Contest Organizer Pamela Geller?
  144. Another Randum Act; Shooting.
  145. NYPD Officer Brian Moore Shot in Head Dies From Injuries
  146. Baltimore ~ Conflicting reports on gun incident
  147. Invasion of Texas imminent
  148. Baltimore Killed Freddie Gray
  149. Trade Deficit Stifles U.S. Growth
  150. Hillary to testify before Benghazi Panel
  151. Boone Pickens ~ Hillary Clinton will drop out of 2016 race
  152. Attorney General Loretta Lynch & Vanita Gupta is traveling to Baltimore today
  153. Hillary still ahead of GOP in Polls
  154. Peeping Drones
  155. Have you seen Carly Fiorina's awesome new website?
  156. Airplane Pilots Reporting Increase In Drone Encounters In The Sky
  157. Which GOP'r next to enter 2016 Prez Race ?
  158. Jebby ~'Happy Cinco De Mayo !!'
  159. "Ohio man on lam since 1959 caught in Florida"
  160. Two More Signs Obamacare Is Imploding
  161. Warren’s false claim that ‘auto dealer markups cost consumers $26 billion a year’
  162. Obama’s Justice Department turned down cop training for Baltimore
  163. Contrary to goals, ER visits rise under Obamacare
  164. McDonald’s announces business shake-up
  165. Obama takes fire from all sides for free-trade proposal
  166. Greece Attacks Creditors as ECB Considers Next Liquidity Step
  167. GOP ~ Choose your favorite 2016 Prez Candidate
  168. Idaho Police Officer Greg Moore Dies After Being Shot
  169. Oh, The Irony!
  170. Texas woman accused of stalking her sister before ‘honor killing’
  171. al-Qaeda has a 'deep bench'
  172. O'Donnell to media: Stop using the word "thug"
  173. Idaho high school kid proves that Gov. Otter's education cuts are costly
  174. What the hell is wrong with people? Truck driver shot in head, trailer stolen...
  175. Jim Wright ~ Former Speaker of the House Dies
  176. Deflategate ~ Report show Patriots cheated
  177. 45-7
  178. Carbon Dioxide in Air hits Milestone
  179. EMP threat being taken seriously by the military
  180. Faster than an Abrams: Meet Russia's new tank
  181. Report: Iranian Navy Chases US Warships
  182. Warrant Protection for Cellphone Location Data
  183. So Democrats here is the biggest obstical that Hilary is going to have to overcome!
  184. Jeb Bush invested Florida taxes in Porn
  185. Climate Change in Hell! Temps Dropping!
  186. IRS promoted employees who cheated on their taxes, audit finds
  187. 70 years ago today
  188. State Department: Hillary's private email system 'not acceptable'
  189. Court rules NSA program illegal
  190. Professor: If you read to your kids, you are "unfairly disadvantaging" others
  191. If Only A Republican Public Figure Would Do This
  192. Birth Control? Ask your Boss, Mailman & Congressman
  193. Female firefighter fails fitness test but is hired anyway.
  194. Gov’t spending money on bomb-sniffing elephants & BBQ pollution studies: waste report
  195. 93,000,000+ not in the workforce
  196. Baltimore ~ DOJ launches Civil Rights investigation
  197. Record number of ex-pats see the writing on the wall.
  198. Stephan Colbert funds SC schools to the tune of 800 grand
  199. Subtropical Storm Ana on the move
  200. Tar sands land in Alberta turns liberal after 40+ years
  201. NYPD Officer Bryan Moore funeral
  202. California Water Crisis ~ 'Snowpack Gone'
  203. Is Social Security going to be insolvent faster than estimated ?
  204. Colorado ~ 'White Appreciation Day'
  205. Conservatives win in a landslide
  206. Word of airliner down over GA... rumored ISIS..
  207. South Carolina ~ Another White cop shoots black incident
  208. Propaganda war with militant Islam
  209. Why Texans freaked out over Jade Helm
  210. Today's Republican Arrests
  211. China Preparing for Drone Warfare
  212. If a college lies to a student about their accreditation - should loans be forgiven?
  213. There's big bucks in the demonizing Muslims business
  214. NK claims to launch missiles from submarine
  215. Texas Moves Toward Unleashing Free Market on Pot Legalization
  216. Porn and video game addiction are leading to 'masculinity crisis'
  217. Two Hattiesburg MS Police officers shot dead
  218. Jeb Bush at Liberty U ~ 'Obama's attack on Religious Liberty'
  219. Nearly half of states expect to confront big budget gaps
  220. President Obama makes phone calls on Mother's Day
  221. Is this crap real? Jail for insulting Islam?
  222. Florida man won't be charged in self defense shooting
  223. Deaths of Mississippi officers is 'unfathomable tragedy'
  224. Georgia principle blames Satan for racisss graduation rant
  225. 17 million More Americans insured under Obama
  226. White House Middle East Meeting Combined Thread
  227. Christie: Hey zit-face: Need anotha triple cheeseburg and beer over here NOW!
  228. Warning: More dead police:(
  229. If SCOTUS upholds King vs Burwell.. what is the Republican "offramp"
  230. Baltimore Sun: Cops refused medical treatment to 2600 since June 2012
  231. Wallops Island
  232. The killing of Osama Bin Laden
  233. George Zimmerman shot in face in Lake Mary, appears to be a road rage incident.
  234. Full picture of Clinton charities' foreign government funding remains elusive
  235. Rand Paul Staffer Licking A Tracker's Camera
  236. Cellphone Video Captures Caltrans Sprinklers Watering Freeway Hillsides In The Rain
  237. Jeb Bush ~ Would invade Iraq even knowing what we know now
  238. Jeffrey Sterling Convicted For New York Times Leak
  239. Georgia authorities investigating body of black man found hanging from tree:
  240. Baltimore prosecutor Marilyn Mosby under fire for political, celebrity conduct
  241. Victims of Red Lobster Mother's Day brawl call experience 'horrifying' Read more: ht
  242. R's now content to let constituents refer to POTUS as "Muslim terrorist"
  243. Colorado R's kill award winning program that prevented 4,300 abortions per year
  244. Verizon to buy AOL
  245. Alan West should take just a little longer before blogging...
  246. Is the U.S. becoming less Christian ?
  247. Natalee Holloway ~ Alleged Witness Emerges
  248. Senate Democrats Poised To Knock Down Obama's Trade Bill
  249. US to get lung cancer vaccine from Cuba
  250. Breaking: No charges in the shooting of unarmed teen Tony Robinson Jr.