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  1. Ted Cruz ~ Apologizes for making Joe Biden Joke after son Beau's Death
  2. Detroit Hopes To Drive Tech Startups Away From Silicon Valley
  3. Restaurateur stumbles on Hitler's cognac stash
  4. Man raises eyebrows carrying rifle through Atlanta Airport
  5. 2016 ~ Getting Perry'd
  6. Scott Walker: The First ALEC President
  7. What is Obama hiding now?
  8. Chinese hackers under investigation after massive U.S. data breach
  9. Writer Called C-Word For Observing That Caitlyn Jenner Possesses Penis
  10. The Colorado Sniper ?
  11. 280K new jobs in May 2015
  12. Attack cat
  13. Captain Cassidy on the Dugger Interview
  14. Comment on social media attracts 3 JDAMs
  15. Kansas May Furlough 7,000 Workers Due To Revenue Shortfall
  16. Why Give Obama Fast Track Authority On Trade Deal? Because He’s African-American?
  17. “I Hate White People:” Black Man Shoves White Jogger Into Oncoming Traffic
  18. More Bad News For Rush Limbaugh
  19. American Pharoah vies for Triple Crown
  20. Teen beaten on video in McDs busted with two guns
  21. RIP: Baghdad Bob
  22. Triple Crown
  23. This isn't justice
  24. Christie accused of breaking grand jury law
  25. Big Pharma seeks special trade deal
  26. NJ police use tear gas on hip-hop fans fighting to get into Hot 97 Summer Jam concert
  27. Former S.C. officer indicted in death of Walter Scott
  28. Toronto to host massive orgy for disabled people
  29. Scalia Speaks Crazy Creationism!
  30. Salinas, Ca. ~ Another Rodney King moment
  31. Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback Threatens to Defund Judiciary
  32. Brian Williams Out as Anchor
  33. Republican's have a problem with ISIS.
  34. New Chicago Police Department rules: No visible tattoos, no knit caps
  35. Thousands Of High School Students Getting Lost In Texas
  36. Indiana 4-H fair to use toy chickens amid bird show ban
  37. Whitehouse & Senate evacuated
  38. Texas abortion law upheld in 5th circuit
  39. jail for gun talk?
  40. Texas teen pool party ~ Cop resigns in wake of Brutality
  41. Supreme Court strikes down law in Jerusalem passport case
  42. Pat Robertson Tells Grieving Mother Her Dead Baby Could’ve Grown Up to Be Hitler
  43. CNN’s ‘Courageous’ Advertorial Mill
  44. Nearly 70,000 kids accepted for pre-K classes as de Blasio’s program expands
  45. The Clinton Correctional Facility Prison Escape
  46. LOL Mosby DA Baltimore
  47. New Hampshire GOP Wants More Presidential Candidates In First 2016 Debate
  48. Suicide bombers at Luxor
  49. CNN making a comeback
  50. U.S. frees hundreds of Cuban criminals because Havana won’t take them back
  51. Obama launches new $34 million climate change initiative
  52. Rick Santorum Finds One Lone Attendee At Iowa Campaign Event
  53. Democratic Leadership Holds the Line Against Jindal’s Agenda
  54. Furthering a failed strategy, Obama to send more ground troops to Iraq
  55. Kansas Republicans Concede They Must Raise Taxes
  56. Treasury secretary Jack Lew booed at Jerusalem Post conference
  57. Trade Deal Targets Medicare, New Leak Reveals
  58. Brooklyn PTA president busted for stealing $14,000 from school account
  59. Baltimore cops speak out
  60. Fla. principal who lost job defending Texas cop
  61. Outrage as US embassy moves July 4 FORWARD a month – so they don't offend Muslims
  62. Truck full of sharks crashes on I-95 in Florida
  63. Arizona pastor prays for God to rip out Caitlyn Jenner’s heart
  64. With traffic fine up, Pa. officers' use of 'nice guy tickets' plunges
  65. Boy Plays in Own Yard, Taken by CPS
  66. Does anyone support the Obama asian trade deal?
  67. Furious hairdresser hits back after customer refuses to let gay stylist cut sons hair
  68. Department Of Justice Uses Grand Jury Subpoena To Identify Anonymous Commenters
  69. Happy King Kamehameha I day
  70. NPR host falsely accuses Bernie Sanders of having duel citizenship
  71. DHS secretly videotaping citizens to 'predict crime'
  72. Where the white people at ?
  73. NAACP leader falsely claimed to be black
  74. Surge in illegal Crossers
  75. Hack of government employee records discovered by product demo
  76. Norway killer Breivik threatened in prison
  77. Marilyn Mosby’s Father Was A ‘Crooked Cop,’ Police Officer Grandfather Sued...
  78. Obamas trade deal in trouble
  79. Austal christens USNS Brunswick
  80. Business Leaders React With Dismay to Defeat of Trade Bill
  81. The Iowa Straw Poll Is Dead.
  82. Secret CIA effort in Syria faces large funding cut
  83. Dallas Police work to secure building after PD headquarters attacked
  84. Duhbya calls for more War
  85. Gitmo releases back on track
  86. 'Sea change' in Catholic sex abuse scandal
  87. After Trade Vote Fails, Obama Pleads With Lawmakers To Reconsider
  88. Just Be Glad You Don’t Live in Kansas under Gov Brownback
  89. Juan Felipe Herrera becomes first Latino to be named US poet laureate by Library of C
  90. Jeb ! ~ (but different than Jeb Bush ?)
  91. Rich Californians balk at limits
  92. U.S. Airstrikes In Libya Kill Algerian Militant Mokhtar Belmokhtar
  93. Small Business Tax Hike That Violates GOP’s Anti-Tax Pledge
  94. Colt Defense files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection
  95. The average American woman now weighs as much as the average 1960s man
  96. Colorado Supreme Court Says Employees Can Be Fired For Marijuana Use
  97. Fredricka Whitfield Apologizes For Comments About Gunman
  98. Rachel Dolezal Resigns As President Of Spokane NAACP
  99. Nobel Prize-winning scientist says he was forced to resign
  100. Jeb Bush's announcement
  101. France against Monsanto
  102. Rachel Dolezal resigns as papers show she once sued Howard University alleging racial
  103. Nancy Pelosi: Trade promotion authority on its last legs
  104. 121 murders attributed to illegals released by Obama administration
  105. ATF To Join NYPD In Fighting New York City Gun Crimes
  106. Fast-food workers tell state board to raise New York's minimum wage
  107. Wal-Mart tapped charity to ease market entry, critics say in complaint
  108. Berkeley ~ Balcony collapse kills 5
  109. Use Of Drone By Lifeguards At Local Beach Reveals Chilling Look At Sharks Near Shorel
  110. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Let Rachel Dolezal Be as Black as She Wants to Be
  111. Will Pope's Much-Anticipated Encyclical Be A Clarion Call On Climate Change?
  112. Trump Makes an Even Dozen
  113. Man Pardond by Gov. Christie
  114. (R) Issa booted out of Benghazi Hearing
  115. Another GOP Music Piracy ~ Trump hijacks 'Rock'n in the Free World'
  116. Russia Is Working On An Anti-Drone Microwave Gun
  117. 92-year-old booked into jail after fracking protest
  118. Loretta Lynch is formally sworn in by Associate Justice Sonia Sotomayor
  119. Rachel Dolezal, former NAACP chapter president, accused of plagiarism
  120. Arlington officials report on fracking fluid blowout
  121. EU Court: Websites Liable for User Comments
  122. FAA investigating near miss at O’Hare Airport
  123. Hate crime case: Man who sucker-punched Marine sentenced to prison
  124. Mom says 11-year-old daughter with autism attacked by adults, teens
  125. Mom and teens arrested in Ohio, idiots!
  126. Rachel Dolezal Violated Ethics Rules While On Police Oversight Commission
  127. Police: Shooting at a church in Charleston, S.C.
  128. De Blasio fires back at former NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly
  129. NYPD pays tribute to 96 Brooklyn cops killed in line of duty
  130. Anonymous hits Canadian Federal Government
  131. 'you're taking over our country
  132. Giant toxic algae bloom off West Coast may be largest ever
  133. House passes fast track trade deal
  134. Nestle is closing in on privatized water in Oregon
  135. Supreme Court: Texas OK to reject Confederate flag plate
  136. Charleston newspaper puts GUN ADVERT on front page hours after church shooting
  137. Watching CNN Dr. Drew/First time
  138. Dylann Roof Was Planning Charleston Shooting 'For Six Months
  139. what is today?
  140. Chinese had access for one year
  141. FCC votes to subsidize Internet access
  142. NRA official blames slain South Carolina pastor for Charleston church shooting
  143. Roof's manifesto allegedly found
  144. Wayne Besen and "I've Got Issues" On Now!
  145. Study Finds Majority of Mass Shootings Are Done By White Males
  146. New Orleans cop Daryle Holloway fatally shot while transporting suspect
  147. How hate took hold of me: My friend and I could have been Dylann Roof
  148. research shows that mass shootings are done with a gun
  149. CAN hold a pistol in you hand, unnoticed.
  150. Police officer trying to restrain woman hit in head by attacker,
  151. U.S. Troops Tested By Race In Secret World War II Chemical Experiments
  152. Dylann Roof and Michael Slager are jail neighbors, police confirm
  153. Council of Concerned Citizens principles
  154. National poll: Bush pulls ahead of Republicans
  155. POLL: Should the confederate flag be flown by Govt Agencies
  156. President Obama does not mince words.
  157. Scott Walker to forfeit donations from group cited in Dylann Roof 'manifesto'
  158. President Obama Will Deliver The Eulogy At Clementa Pinckney's Funeral
  159. Taylor Swift takes on Apple
  160. Texas Volunteer Fireman PRAISES Dylann Roof 'for the good he has done'.
  161. Ain't that a kick in the ass
  162. No brainer
  163. Don't Blame Us for Church Shootings, Council of Conservative Citizens Says
  164. US says Benghazi attack suspect killed in Iraq
  165. Surplus food for the homeless is just an app away
  166. US Is At ‘The Highest Threat Level We Have Ever Faced In This Country’
  167. Court rules against Arizona death-row inmate who filed appeal day late
  168. All Fixed
  169. Poll: Trump jumps to second among N.H. Republicans
  170. Hillary, pay your interns
  171. You’re fired': Fusion’s Jorge Ramos blasts Donald Trump’s anti-Mexican campaign smear
  172. Dylan Roof ~ Notice the peaceful arrest of a racisss mass-murderer
  173. Freddie Gray Suffered A Single 'High-Energy Injury,' According To Autopsy Report
  174. Kurdish forces capture ISIL military base near Raqqa
  175. 18 million federal employees
  176. Confederate flags removed from Alabama Capitol grounds on order of Gov. Bentley
  177. Ikea raises minimum wage for US workers 2nd year in a row
  178. Confederate Flag flys as Rev. Picnkney lies in state
  179. Mississippi Police Chief comes down hard on open carry laws
  180. Fox dumps Sarah Palin ... Again
  181. Strom Thurmond's Son: I am not proud of this heritage. These practices were inhumane
  182. Law Professor: Freddie Gray Autopsy Is ‘Very, Very Helpful To The Defense’
  183. Sheldon Adelson-backed Bill to Ban Online Gambling
  184. Don't Go to Church and Get Hurt
  185. The Verdict is in: Guess Who's The Worst President in US History?
  186. Lone wolf arrests up
  187. Uber protests in Paris
  188. Warning: Bristol Palin Pregnant With Second Child
  189. "More than 1 in 8" unaware they have HIV
  190. Your House, Mr. President?
  191. Univision cancels Miss USA
  192. Supreme Court upholds housing discrimination law
  193. Terror Attack in France?
  194. Same Sex Marriage is NOW THE LAW of THE LAND
  195. Petition for removal of Confederate monuments
  196. Obama Eulogy Lifts Clementa Pinckney With Song and Praise
  197. Guy Waving Confederate Flag Gets Punched In The Face
  198. I can't believe they did not attack
  199. Gay Marriage Decision ~ Mississippi may ban all Marriages
  200. Don't step on my golf course!
  201. Advocates: Supreme Court ruling bolsters global marriage efforts
  202. The Electric Forest
  203. So how much is it worth???
  204. Supreme Court upholds Arizona's independent Redistricting Commission
  205. Turkey plans a buffer zone in Syria
  206. Texas Weighs in!
  207. Puerto Rico debt bomb
  208. American Al Qaeda to ISIS: No Paradise for You
  209. TSA may soon answer your questions via social media
  210. What's Killing the Babies of Vernal, Utah?
  211. The 'Southern Avenger' Repents: I Was Wrong About The Confederate Flag
  212. Michael Moore offers to pay bail, legal fees of woman who removed Confederate Flag
  213. Supreme Court rules against EPA limits on mercury emissions from power plants
  214. US now has more Spanish speakers than Spain – only Mexico has more
  215. South Carolina ~ Loyal White Knights of KKK apply for permit to Protest
  216. Gay-o-phobe fail of the week #2
  217. stand-alone depictions?
  218. NBC cuts business ties with Trump
  219. Six black churches have been destroyed by fires in Southern states this past week
  220. Walmart Apologizes for Making ISIS Cake for Man Denied Confederate Flag Design
  221. 2 Uber managers detained in France
  222. Rand Paul meets with rogue rancher Cliven Bundy
  223. ISIL beheads women for sorcery
  224. Arkansas Clerk Will Resign To Avoid Issuing Same-Sex Marriage Licenses
  225. Christie joins the 2016 GOP Clown Car
  226. Banned From Pride For Being a Gay Libertarian
  227. Cosby Claims He's Not A Public Figure To Keep Embarrassing Docs Sealed
  228. Greece ~ 'Hours Away from Default'
  229. Hyundai Replaces General Motors As Official Automotive Sponsor Of The NFL
  230. Bloody police beating of restrained victim shows body cams are useless
  231. Kids Explain Gay Marriage
  232. Daytona ~ Plans Confederate Flag Exchange
  233. More Trump fallout ~ Mexico drops out of Miss Universe Pageant
  234. 60% are 21 or younger, most US Citizens
  235. Benghazi
  236. NYPD: Homophobes!
  237. Update on dead baby on swing
  238. Baltimore Police Officer turns to Twitter
  239. Another lone wolf arrested
  240. 29 years, three months and five days in solitary confinement
  241. This is what Repub Govs Do
  242. Here We Go!!!!!!!!
  243. The Republican Party’s Very Bad Case Of Future Shock
  244. Fire at black church falsely blamed on whites likely caused by lightening
  245. Attorney General Ken Paxton should resign
  246. 'I can remember the 4th of July'
  247. And the first amendment falls
  248. Can Texas defy Supreme Court's same-sex marriage ruling?
  249. D.C. Navy Yard in Lockdown
  250. Saudi Prince to give away $32 Billion fortune