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  1. Treat armed citizens as possible security threats
  2. Baltimore Police Fundraiser Under Fire for Planned Blackface Act
  3. Seattle Officials Join Push For Sharia-Law Complaint Mortgages, Loans
  4. Arizona Drug Tested Welfare Recipients — Here Are the Shocking Results
  5. Q: What does Planned Parenthood have to do with veterans' health?
  6. Okay, i'm giving Little Lindsey big props for this one
  7. Gun nutters guarding recruiting stations told to bugger off
  8. Stance will lead Australia to US-style system, says AMA president
  9. Wage gap hits record 373-to-1, Obama efforts to curb 'minimal'
  10. California ~ 'Firepocalypse'
  11. (R-Ak) Sen. Tom Cotton ~ Compares John Kerry to Pontius Pilate
  12. Planned Parenthood losing Corporate sponsors
  13. Breaking: Injuries reported following Louisiana movie theater shooting
  14. What New York’s Minimum Wage Proposal For Fast Food Workers Is Really Worth
  15. Despite All the Panic, Millennial Teens Have Much Less Sex Than Their Elders Did
  16. Department of State IG asks DoN to open criminal investigation
  17. 5 facts about the minimum wage
  18. Dead Man With Weapons Stash Linked to Missing Oxnard Woman Who Believed He Was Alien
  19. First Pompano Church of Satan creeps closer to Pompano Beach commission invocation
  20. Anthem To Buy Cigna, Creating Largest Health Insurer By Enrollment
  21. Mentally ill woman faces life in prison for picking up LA cop’s baton during fatal...
  22. Man leaves dead rattlesnake on Arizona police memorial
  23. Why the Equality Act?
  24. Ted Cruz calls Mitch McConnell a liar
  25. Louisiana Gunman Posted on Internet Forum's.
  26. Don't they know that she is intitled to the Presidency!
  27. Hulk Hogan removed from WWE and Hall of Fame
  28. Chris Hayes nominated for Emmys
  29. Civilian "Gun Enthusiast" Fires Gun While 'Protecting' Military Recruitment Center
  30. Senate GOP setting up 'Obamacare' vote on highway bill
  31. Rubio ~ 'Obama has no Class'
  32. 5 Doctors Bumped Off For Your "Health"
  33. Is This a First?
  34. How many deaths will it take before America changes its gun laws?
  35. Federal judge orders seizure of documents and hard drives from Sheriff Joe Arpaio’
  36. Another Benghazi Hearing
  37. Rubio claims Iran deal means we have to defend them against Israel
  38. Jersey Fats blows another gasket!
  39. Iowa ~ Trump bashes Scott Walker
  40. Jihadi John on the run from ISIS ?
  41. Republicans rebuke Cruz over his charge McConnell lied
  42. U.S. Marshals raid Sheriff Joe's office............
  43. Huckabee goes Godwin ~ Obama responds
  44. Brunei's Shariah Law Spurs Boycott Of Beverly Hills Hotel
  45. Stocks off lows amid China, commodity slide
  46. Florida ~ Americas' youngest convicted killers to be released
  47. White officer pepper-sprays crowd at Black Lives Matter summit in Cleveland
  48. Gun Free Zones ~ Why Trump said Rick Perry needs an I.Q. Test
  49. Obama ~ 'GOP rhetoric would be considered ridiculous if it weren't so sad'
  50. Rick Perry's Solution To Movie Theater Gun Massacres
  51. Jeb Bush ~ 'Estoy Herido'
  52. Bloomberg pins down The Donald's actual net worth
  53. Mike & Ted's Excellent New Adventure
  54. Reading City Council passes gun ordinance
  55. The Satanic Temple Asks Protestors To Sign Over Their Souls
  56. Nearly 100 turn in their magic underwear to Mormon Church
  57. Donald Trump Would ‘Love’ Sarah Palin in His Cabinet: ‘She’s a Special Person’
  58. Racist cops! In Sweden?
  59. Where did Trump come from ?
  60. American accused of killing Zimbabwe's most famous Lion 'Cecil'
  61. Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) Seeks Ouster Of John Boehner As Speaker Of The House
  62. Jonathan Pollard ~ Spy for Israel, to be Released on Parole
  63. Third Video Of Planned Parenthood’s Organ Trafficking Scheme Released
  64. Trump ~ The Ivana Trump rape-allegation resurrection
  65. FDA Bans Some Mexican Cilantro After Human Feces Found In Fields
  66. Is Trump REALLY who 24% of Republicans want as their president?
  67. Illegal arrested for shooting and rape
  68. The video of police killing of Sam Dubose is apparently so bad....
  69. Senior Western official: Links between Turkey and ISIS are now 'undeniable'
  70. (D-PA) Rep. Chaka Fattah Sr. indicted for Corruption
  71. Trump leads all republicans among Hispanics according to poll
  72. Fox News tweaks debate rules
  73. Parts of MH 730 found??
  74. Black racists in Ohio harass white reporter
  75. Human gauntlet to prevent Arctic Drilling
  76. Confederate flags placed at MLK center, church in Atlanta; police, feds investigate
  77. Trump ~ 'I would get along very well with Putin'
  78. 40 years ago today ~ Hoffa disappears
  79. Another Cop Busted on Video: Georgia cop slammed Elderly Black Man - then Lied
  80. Trophy hunting is good for african wildlife
  81. Mittens gives Calgary Ted the business!
  82. Only 5 Northern White Rhinos left in the World
  83. Trump Polling ~ Paulie blames media for 'loss of sanity'
  84. White House considers extradition of Cecil lion killer Walter Palmer
  85. Benghazi ~ The Movie
  86. Glacier Gidget: Planned Parenthood targets minority communities for ethnic cleansing
  87. The First GOP Debate ~ Who's in Who's out
  88. Fourth Video Exposing Planned Parenthood’s Organ Trafficking Scheme Released
  89. Court blocks anti-abortion group's videos
  90. LOL, DARE publishes then kills letter on their site that supports pot legalization
  91. Coast Guard suspending search for missing Florida teens
  92. MSNBC Cancels Three Afternoon Shows in Major Shakeup At The News Cable Channel
  93. WWE ~ 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper Dies
  94. Anyone ordering the Rousey fight tonight?
  95. Trump ~ Trump's companies have sought visas to import at least 1,100 workers
  96. Marriage equality leads to new marriage equality rulings
  97. Hillary attacks Jeb Bushs' 'Right to Rise' campaign platform
  98. Texas ~ Attorney General Ken Paxton indicted
  99. The Dorset, Minnesota Mayoral Race
  100. State Probes Find Zero Planned Parenthood Violations As Antiabortion Group Is Sued...
  101. Artists turn drab Mexican town into mural
  102. Trump surges in Polls
  103. Major climate policy announcement due tomorrow
  104. Huck says he won't rule out using federal troops to shut down abortion clinics
  105. Named and shamed: Californians blast each other for water-wasting
  106. Trump ~ fires campaign staffer Sam Nunberg for raciisssm
  107. White police officer killed by black man during traffic stop
  108. Trump ~ 75% of Latinos have negative view of Trump
  109. Good luck killing the Iran deal
  110. States to sue Obama administration over climate rules
  111. The Rachel Maddow Show is Debunking Machine Gun Bacon NOW
  112. A past perspective on Iran
  113. U.S. Senate ~ Defunding Planned Parenthood fails
  114. Calling All Police Defenders ... You have the Floor
  115. Missouri Man Serving Life for Pot Prepares for First Parole Hearing
  116. Dambusters pilot Les Munro dies in New Zealand aged 96
  117. Yes, Kim Jong Un is receiving an international peace prize
  118. The Stratolaunch Will Soon Be the Largest Plane in the World
  119. Goldman Sachs Group Inc (GS) Agrees To Settle Mortgage Lawsuit
  120. Meet The Organization Behind The Viral Pro-Marijuana Letter That DARE Published
  121. Court Upholds NLRB Union-Organizing Rule
  122. Call Trump
  123. Oops
  124. Black Thugs Start Early in Life
  125. Police civil rights violated. Yes, seriously.
  126. Shots fired near Camp Shelby in Mississippi
  127. (R-Ca.) Duncan Hunters' aide arrested carrying firearm
  128. Koch brothers make push to court Latinos
  129. Watch this guy facepalm as Christie talks Religion & Birth Control
  130. Florida ~ Cop resigns after throwing Peanuts at Homeless Man
  131. Bernie Sanders' Problem With Hispanics
  132. US tries to reassure Japan after documents reveal spying
  133. The FBI now probing the security of Clinton's private server
  134. Physical inactivity to kill as many as smoking
  135. US News and World Report now hiring drug-crazed reporters
  136. Private Sector Employment Increased by 185,000 Jobs in July
  137. Anti-Gay Billboards
  138. Alabama ~ White cop caught on a secret recording discussing ways to kill a Black
  139. Ballistic missiles? Meet the SM-6
  140. Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush Duke It Out Over Women's Health Issues
  141. Paulies ~ Jesse Benton, kin of Paul family by marriage, indicted
  142. Newborn baby with umbilical cord discovered alive on L.A. sidewalk
  143. You couldn't make this up.
  144. New software
  145. The Koch Brothers are 'warriors seeking to right injustices'!
  146. Report of shots fired at Nashville-area theater, officials say
  147. Bill Clinton called Trump ahead of his 2016 launch
  148. Iran ~ Obama compares GOP to Iranian Hardliners
  149. 70 Years ago ~ The Bombs
  150. Breaking: MORE Facebook racism for Trump operatives!
  151. Puerto Rico is in default
  152. Another cop gunned-down
  153. Who Shot J.R.? aka Repub Debates
  154. Arizona ~ Bounty Hunters raid Phoenix Chief of Police Home
  155. Wtf?
  156. Why would the GOP hold it's 2016 Convention in Cleveland ?
  157. Israeli President: Netanyahu's Anti-Iran Stance Harming Country
  158. Blacks Divided on Whether Police Treat Minorities Fairly
  159. The Official 2016 GOP Presidential First Debate Thread
  160. 11 year old arrested for manslaughter
  161. Republican Debate Turns Spectacle and Leaves Trump on Top
  162. United States breaks record!
  163. River in Colorado turns Orange
  164. Chuck Schumer Breaks With Obama, Will Oppose Iran Deal
  165. Sparks Fly During GOP Debate When Rand Paul Goes After Chris Christie
  166. Prosecutors Withheld Evidence Of Freddie Gray ‘Crash-For-Cash’ Scams
  167. Do we need an outdoors persons forum?
  168. US-trained Syrian fighters refusing to fight
  169. Texas judge orders man to get married and write Bible verses or go to jail
  170. Illegal Arrested in Rape and Hammer Slaying of Veteran Read Latest Breaking News fro
  171. Talking nonsense is what you have to do to get anywhere in today’s Republican Party.
  172. Trump ~ Top Strategist Roger Stone exits
  173. Putin incinerates 350 tons of food
  174. Greece: more debt talks
  175. Expanding U.S. role in Iraq strains awkward alliance with Iran
  176. Donald J is on CNN with Jake Tapper in about 15 minutes
  177. Watch Sidney Seau welcome her Dad Junior into the NFL Hall of Fame
  178. More on The Donald
  179. The Resurrection of America's Slums
  180. Frank Gifford dies
  181. Turkey ~ U.S. Sends F-16 Jets for Faster Islamic State Strikes
  182. Ceceil's cub killed by male lion
  183. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals says Texas voter ID law violates Voting Rights Act
  184. Donald Trump Still in the Lead After Debates
  185. Gunfire erupts in Ferguson a year after Michael Brown died
  186. l Police In Riot Gear Clear Large Crowd Of Dirt Bikers In Baltimore
  187. Pistol-whipped Alabama police officer mocked on Twitter
  188. All your base are belong to us
  189. Clinton to Propose $350 Billion College Affordability Plan
  190. Scotland to ban growing of genetically modified crops
  191. Trump ~ GOP tired of talking about Trump
  192. Catholic Bishops In Kenya Call For A Boycott Of Polio Vaccines
  193. Afghanistan airport attack
  194. Trump Stiffs the Government
  195. Obama Is Not Naive About The Middle-East, He Is Confident
  196. The beautiful people move Mac Free safe room to Latest Happenings
  197. Indianapolis teen killed by police after alleged carjacking
  198. Michigan boy, 11, charged with manslaughter in toddler’s shooting death
  199. Trump's Republican support holds strong post-debate - Reuters/Ipsos poll
  200. Digital takeover: 71% mags lose subscribers, online news overtakes TV
  201. China Rattles Markets With Yuan Devaluation
  202. Breaking: #BlackLivesMatter Mob Shuts Down I-70 Both Ways in St. Louis
  203. Ferguson to Erupt ?
  204. The Real Black Lives Matter Wants Activists To Publicly Apologize to Bernie Sanders
  205. Hillarys' response to Trump ~ 'All the GOP candidates are Offensive'
  206. Ted Cruz ~ ‘Foolish for GOP to criticize Trump'
  207. Pope calls rejection of illegal aliens an act of war
  208. What History Teaches Us About Trump's Lead in Polls
  209. Newsman walks off Camera like a boss!
  210. Cory Booker: Voting Rights Act is threatened
  211. Watts ~ 50 Years ago today
  212. Texas cop smells weed in black woman's car & conducts cavity search at gas station
  213. Psst; Keep it Quiet - Over 27,000 Berners Rally For Bernie Sanders In Los Angeles
  214. Anti - Iran Deal Farce Continues
  215. Roger Ailes Picked Trump, and Fox News’ Audience, Over Megyn Kelly
  216. Jeb Bush blames Hillary for Iraq and ISIS
  217. OathKeepers show up in Ferguson
  218. California Gov. Brown's Two New Laws
  219. IS tries a new execution method
  220. Bad For Business: Rush Limbaugh Dropped By One Of His "Original" Affiliates
  221. North Korea ~ Vice Premier Choe Yong-Gon executed
  222. 15.8M Fewer Uninsured Since 2013
  223. Dozens of retired generals, admirals back Iran deal
  224. NC gun nut kills his two small sons
  225. How 'Home Brew' Email Servers Like Hillary Clinton's Work
  226. Massive Explosion w/ Mushroom Cloud in Chinese Port City of Tianjin
  227. Jimmy Carter diagnosed with Cancer
  228. Grizzly and cubs may be put down
  229. Lucky crazy car thief
  230. Bradley Manning may get solitary confinement
  231. A new Chinese missile
  232. The Spy Satellite Secrets in Hillary’s Emails
  233. US Navy Details Future Carrier Air Wing
  234. Dr. Carson in Harlem
  235. White House warns states trying to defund PP that they're likely breaking federal law
  236. California Bans Grand Juries in Police Shooting Cases
  237. David Conley blames victims for bad behavior
  238. Muslim immigrants in Sweden behead two citizens in ikea store
  239. NBC to Trump ~ 'You're Fired !'
  240. Mich. lawmaker won't resign after fabricating male prostitute story
  241. GOP elites plot to purge Trump
  242. Court: Cake shop discriminates against gays
  243. Kerry arriving to open u.s. Embassy in cuba. Don't miss this historic moment
  244. Megyn Kelly to go on *Vacation*
  245. Iowa ~ Jebby heckled as he tries to rewrite Duhbya
  246. The Bush family just got a little bigger
  247. 2016 ~ What's Behind the Al Gore & Joe Biden Rumor Mill ?
  248. OxyContin for Children
  249. Trump to Report for Jury Duty
  250. No one Will Disapprove Of These Gun Grabbers!