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  1. 'Gotcha' ~ Trump Slams Hugh Hewitt
  2. Omar Khadr wants bail restrictions lifted
  3. Hillary Clinton's Favorable Rating One of Her Worst
  4. Can States Ignore the Supreme Court on Gay Marriage?
  5. Insiders: Scott Walker the biggest loser of the summer
  6. Donald Trump security guard hits protester in face after taking banner
  7. World’s shortest man dies
  8. How to really make America great again
  9. State Department wants one judge for all FOIA lawsuits
  10. MFO peacekeepers wounded in Sinai blasts
  11. The Battle for Ramadi is stalled
  12. Chicago may raise taxes
  13. Tenn. judge refuses to grant straight couple a divorce because of gay marriage
  14. Brookings Unwittingly Show How Immigration Affects Wages
  15. What is wrong with millennial credit scores
  16. The thinning ranks on medicine's front line - The Boston Globe
  17. West to blame for Europe's migrant crisis, say Erdogan, Putin
  18. Kansler Merkel will make big mistake to Germany
  19. Anti-Abortion Activists Torch PP Clinic
  20. Hillary Clinton Paid State Department Staffer to Manage Private Email Server
  21. Biden/Elizabeth Warren
  22. Warning: Snake escape in Florida
  23. Law officers must decide whether to shoot in one second
  24. Harry Reid confirms Senate Democrats will filibuster Iran nuclear deal
  25. Warning: 'Free Kim Davis': This is just what gay rights groups wanted to avoid
  26. Getting nervous
  27. Colin Powell: Iran Deal is a 'Pretty Good Deal'
  28. Chris Wallace Dazes Cheney: Iran's Centrifuges 'Went From 0 To 5,000' While You Were
  29. Speaking Of that Snake Rick Scott!
  30. A Question For Kim Davis Supporters
  31. Palin ~ Wants Trump Cabinet position
  32. Arby’s Fires Manager
  33. Marilyn Mosby Downplays Link Between Freddie Gray Riots And Murder
  34. Gunman ambushes Las Vegas cops waiting at red light
  35. Detroit carjacker to witness: 'You good, I only rob white people'
  36. Virginia Beach police kill two suspects that shot at officers
  37. Republicans Just Shot Themselves In The Foot By Forcing Trump To Sign Loyalty Pledge
  38. Now It Begins... Ex- "Students" Say Trump University Was A Total Fraud
  39. Email Scandal Means Nothing As Hillary Clinton Remains More Popular Than Bush and Tru
  40. Hillary Clinton Seizes The Upper Hand Before Voting Starts With Super Delegate Pledge
  41. Trump’s New National Co-Chairman Questioned His Moral Center in Emails
  42. Hey Peter
  43. Mike Huckabee On Kim Davis: Obey The Law Only 'If It's Right'
  44. Hillarys mistake
  45. Westboro Baptist Church ~ 'Kim Davis adultery caused Gay Marriage'
  46. Hunter who killed lion will resume Bloomington dental practice Tuesday
  47. France ~ Could launch Air Strikes on ISIS
  48. Obama to Give 300,000 Workers Paid Sick Leave With New Executive Order
  49. tPF Celebrating Labor Day
  50. Fox News Rips Kimmy Davis
  51. Warning: Kimmy's Lawyer Runs a Hate Group
  52. Several big U.S. cities see homicide rates surge
  53. Obama’s Iran Deal Sounds a Lot Like Clinton’s Failed North Korea Deal
  54. Cheney ~ 'Be frightened ... be very very frightened'
  55. Da Gaz have ruined Star Wars! (SOB)
  56. Iran ~ Trump, Cruz and Palin are here to save the Day
  57. Ted Cruz Heads to Kentucky to Support Jailed Clerk Kim Davis
  58. Baltimore reaches $6.4 million settlement with Freddie Gray family
  59. Air Force wants owners to give up property near secret Area 51
  60. washington state declares charter schools unconstitutional
  61. New York ~ Gov. Cuomos' aide shot
  62. Warning: Judge orders release of Kim Davis
  63. ESPN : New England Patriots Have Been Cheating For 15 Years, and the NFL Knew It
  64. Man busted for DWBW
  65. Like a Boss.
  66. Family of man fatally shot by Cleveland cop is awarded $5.5M
  67. Democrats rally 41 Senate votes for Iran nuclear deal
  68. I hope this isn't racist....
  69. Man with ‘superhuman strength’ on PCP feels no pain as hit with tasers,
  70. Jeb Bush Follows Trump On Ending Wall Street Tax Break
  71. impossible to afford NYC rents on the minimum wage
  72. Huckabee Aide Physically Blocked Cruz From Getting Into Kim Davis Money Shot
  73. Col. Lawrence Wilkerson ~ 'Cheney is Insane'
  74. 9 Possible Vehicle Shootings Reported On Phoenix Highway In The Past 10 Days
  75. Queen Elizabeth II becomes longest reigning...
  76. That Time Republicans Erased Emails On Private Servers
  77. Survivor guitarist slams unauthorized use of 'Eye of the Tiger' at Kim Davis Rally
  78. White Supremacists Threaten To Assassinate Pope During U.S. Visit
  79. Another Bridgegate Victim ~ United Airlines CEO resigns
  80. Former NYPD Top Cop Peddles Widely Discredited 'Ferguson Effect
  81. Khamenei: Israel won’t survive next 25 years
  82. Marine Corps’ women-in-combat experiment gets mixed results
  83. Great News: Rep. Louie Gohmert is quitting Congress
  84. Immunity for Clinton staffer?
  85. All in all, it looks like a good time to be President Obama.
  86. $4T in short term corporate debt coming due
  87. Al Qaeda Mag Urges Attack on Billionaires
  88. One in Five Voters Say Immigration Stance Critical to Vote
  89. Freddie Gray Settlement Will Prevent ‘Harm To The Community’ [V
  90. Former Baltimore State’s Attorney Blames Marilyn Mosby For Violent Crime Spike
  91. Lockpickers 3-D Print TSA Master Luggage Keys From Leaked Photos
  92. How the liberal media distorts reality
  93. Illegal immigration is a losing Issue for Democrats
  94. Trump On Ben Carson : "He Makes (Jeb) Bush Look Like The Energizer Bunny"
  95. Microsoft case: DoJ says it can demand every email from any US-based provider
  96. House Republicans Just Got a Big Win in Their Lawsuit Against Obamacare
  97. Jindal calls Trump practically every name in the book
  98. The Phoenix, Arizona Freeway Sniper
  99. Trump Prefer Syrian Refugees
  100. GOP Plot To Block Iran Deal Fails In Senate
  101. Newly released FBI enhanced video in Walter Scott shooting
  102. Pagliano claimed the 5th today
  103. Ben Carson Attacks Donald Trump's Faith, Mogul Fires Back
  104. Irate Florida woman to cop ~ 'No Wonder You People Get Shot'
  105. More lies regarding our foreign policy, great job obamillary!
  106. Last known surviving 9/11 rescue dog
  107. U.S. to China: Take back your undocumented immigrants
  108. Steelers Accuse Patriots Of Cheating On Opening Night
  109. Glenn Beck Calls Sarah Palin a ‘Clown': I’m Embarrassed I Supported Her
  110. I bet it was an infidel crane...
  111. Gov Rick Perry drops out of the race.
  112. 9-11 Why United States Was Attacked
  113. DOJ to Judge: Hillary Right to Have Private Account, Delete Emails
  114. The Issue Everyone Is Missing In The Clinton Email Scandal
  115. 26.0K 0 0 Comment 137 Right-To-Die Bill Passes In California
  116. Scott Walker craters — but not because of Trump
  117. Theyre attacking Everyone
  118. Warning: Whoever the nominee is
  119. Change-of-venue motion denied in Freddie Gray trials
  120. Rare legal move in Ontario
  121. Never pick a fight with a librarian
  122. Warning: Hillary Clinton’s Email: Not a Scandal
  123. Scott Walker To Propose Vast Union Restrictions
  124. Scott Walker plunges in the polls in Iowa
  125. Liberals turn up the heat on the Fed
  126. Wild pig with blue fat found near Northern California ranch
  127. Kids getting drunk on hand sanitizer
  128. Building Trust, Or Danger? Debate Over Naming Officers After Shootings
  129. DEA blasted for no-warrant searches of patient records, court battle heats up
  130. Delta State University: One dead in campus shooting
  131. Kim Davis' Name Removed From License for Same-Sex Couple
  132. A Coordinated Suicide Assault
  133. Todays' Gun Deaths ~ Cop and Professor
  134. Uber wins one!
  135. Trump does Dallas
  136. Hillary Clinton Responds to 29-Point Drop in Support Among Women
  137. Boeing and GE Warned About Airplane Engine That Exploded
  138. Now-classified Clinton emails sitting on Google servers
  139. The beauty of the Westminster System - gone in 20 minutes!
  140. Clinton Trounces Trump By 47 Points With Latino Voters, Leads 53-40 With All Voters
  141. Scott Walker Calls Food Stamp Drug Testing 'A Progressive Thing
  142. Wall Street's latest panic: Trump could win
  143. Suspect in Kentucky trooper’s shooting death was a ‘Black Lives Matter’ advocate
  144. 9/11 commemoration ~ Get your gun discount with codename 'Muslim'
  145. Walter Scott killing ~ Officer Slager denied bail
  146. Better buy bread while you still can
  147. Houston Bar Charges $20 Cover For Blacks, Zero For Whites
  148. Houston Zoo forced to remove 'No Guns' signs
  149. Selling weed at gas stations
  150. Should owning a sex dolls be illegal?
  151. North Korea Says It Is Bolstering Its Nuclear Arsenal
  152. Conservative Super PAC Declares War on Donald Trump
  153. Sen. Cornyn calls for special counsel to investigate Clinton emails
  154. Obamacare enrollees must double to make budget projections work
  155. How Healthcare.gov Botched $600 Million Worth of Contracts
  156. The Christian-themed Assault Rifle
  157. Low income Housing tenants angry over NYPD Police being removed from patrol
  158. FDA Bans Sales of of 4 R.J. Reynolds Cigarette Brands
  159. Pope Francis Calls for Ending Tax-Exempt Status of Churches That Don’t Help the Needy
  160. Irving 9th-grader arrested after taking homemade clock to school:
  161. Facebook working on 'dislike' button, Zuckerberg says
  162. The 2nd 2016 GOP debate
  163. Warning: Kim Davis ~ Says marriage licences void without her approval
  164. In Wake of Pier 14 Shooting, Homeland Secretary Blasts San Francisco's Sanctuary City
  165. Red Cross Effort To Shut Down Inquiry Fails; Report Calls For Outside Oversight
  166. Teen-girl and Iraq-Born Refugee Stab girl's mother to death after ISIS Recruitment
  167. Colorado ~ No Weed Taxes today
  168. GOP Goes Back To The Drawing Board For An Oldie But A Moldy
  169. Another huge foreign policy failure
  170. 8.3 Earthquake in Chile
  171. Warning: Drudge Poll on who won debate
  172. More Jobs Haven’t Meant Less Poverty
  173. U.S. making plans for Syrian migrants: Homeland Security chief
  174. Live Coverage Of The Second GOP Debate
  175. Tom Brady endorses Donald Trump for President
  176. CIA confirmed Oswald contacted Cubans, Soviets before assassination
  177. HP ~ To cut 33,000 jobs under another Conservative CEO
  178. Ann Coulter accuses GOP candidates of pandering to ‘f–ing Jews
  179. Iran is hoping for a shopping revolution as Western-style consumerism takes over
  180. Warning: A pilot diverted an international flight to save a dog traveling in cargo
  181. Well, he made the cover of Time
  182. Article 32 hearing for Bowe Bergdahl started
  183. Young Republicans’ Reaction to GOP Debate Hints at Trump’s Decline: VIDEO
  184. Trump in New Hampshire ~ 'Obama the Muslim'
  185. Scott Walker gripes that media was going to crown Carly Fiorina
  186. Corporate 'siloing' an obstacle to charging GM employees
  187. Female genital mutilation trial
  188. U.S. priests accused of sex abuse get second chance in South America
  189. Ouster of gay couple from Fayetteville bar creates national backlash
  190. Whataburger Employee Fired After Refusing To Serve 2 Texas Cops
  191. Warning: Judge wants Alabama court to defy SCOTUS so he won’t have to issue sodomy licenses
  192. 9 whites cops assault and arrest black teen for jaywalking
  193. Is There A 'War On Police'? The Statistics Say No
  194. Donald Trump Cancels Appearance at Conservative Forum As Criticism Mounts
  195. Is Pope Francis anti-American?
  196. Scientists Ask Obama To Prosecute Global Warming Skeptics
  197. Black student admits hanging ‘White Only,’ ‘Black Only’ signs
  198. New Jersey Casino Can Regulate Waitresses’ Weight
  199. Richard Sherman & rapper Wale - Knows BL Matter is BULL$IPP
  200. Marry Christmas Conservatives: Black 13-Year-Old Slams Obama's 'Ahmed' Tweet
  201. Kim Davis may have violated federal law again
  202. Republican debate: Clinton team sees opportunity after GOPers trash Planned Parenthoo
  203. Democratic donors urge Biden to challenge Clinton in U.S. 2016 race
  204. Ariz. gov.: Suspect captured in sniper shootings
  205. Sleeping woman raped at homeless encampment,
  206. Hillary Clinton Willing to Cross Border to Combat Heroin
  207. Dunford vs Mabus
  208. Jade Helm ends with no takeover — and these 6 nutters hope you forget their idiotic..
  209. Murica
  210. Commie Pope to meet casteo but not Cuban human rights dissidents
  211. Pope Offers Solidarity With Cuba, Highlights Hispanics in US
  212. Fort Worth man who invoked gay panic defense gets 35 years
  213. China to build high speed rail from LA to Los Vegas
  214. I feel so sorry for those burned and burning
  215. Hillary Clinton Dances With Supporters on the Rope Line in New Hampshire
  216. Warning: Bill Maher on bomb-makers
  217. Trump tells obama-not-a-muslim crybabies to pound sand
  218. Trump Loses A Quarter Of His Support In New CNN Poll---- Carson Fades, Fiorina Gains
  219. Jackie Collins dies
  220. Ben Carson ~ Muslim should not be President
  221. Carly Fiorina Won GOP Debate, but Trump Still Leads
  222. John Kerry says U.S. will accept more refugees,
  223. Two Americans Freed After Being Held Six Months in Yemen
  224. Obama to nominate first openly gay service secretary to lead the Army
  225. Fatal floods expose delicate balance in polygamous towns
  226. Warning: U.S. Soldiers Told to Ignore Afghan Allies’ Abuse of Boys
  227. Breakthrough in cloaking technology grabs military's attention
  228. Volkswagen issues sales halt; CEO apologizes on emissions cheating
  229. Clinton's lead over Sanders grows
  230. Let's Look At The Disingenuous Birther Donald Trump
  231. U.S. Will Accept More Refugees as Crisis Grows
  232. Muslim Group CAIR Slams Ben Carson as 'Unfit to Lead'
  233. OMG OMG OMG Advocacy Group: Commercialization Of Legal Pot Has Led To ‘Epidemic’....
  234. Alabama ~ Gov. Bentley's wife divorcing him after 50 years of marriage
  235. Clinton Says She Won't Let GOP 'Tear Up' Health Care Law
  236. Scott Walker drops out of POTUS race
  237. Will the Pope be safe in America ?
  238. Warning: Joe Biden Says He Can't 'Rush' His 2016 Decision
  239. Peanut company executive sentenced....
  240. 2016 Democratic Presidential Nomination
  241. Oklahoma Teacher Forces 4-Year-Old To Stop Writing With Left Hand Because It Is Evil
  242. Fox News Junkies Unleash Hate On Death Of White House Staffer
  243. The Pope lands in the US
  244. Hillary ~ 'I oppose Keystone Pipeline'
  245. Navajos slam Obama for inaction
  246. FBI refuses to cooperate in federal FOIA case
  247. The Briefing
  248. Chris Christie Orders NJ National Guard Leader to Lose Weight
  249. Corporate Greed
  250. FBI Said to Recover Personal E-Mails From Hillary Clinton Server