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  1. Ben Carson Campaign Stands Its Ground Over Muslim Comments Despite Backlash
  2. Hillary Clinton Meets the Ex-Janitor Who Donated $1,000 to Campaign
  3. Rising Health Deductibles Take Bigger Bite Out Of Family Budgets
  4. Sainthood for Junipero Serra sparks controversy
  5. North Carolina deputy saves 3 drowning kids
  6. Lock up your crullers... run for your life
  7. George Zimmerman: Witness for the prosecution...
  8. Fla Sheriff Deputy Slain
  9. Florida cop once named ‘Officer of the Year’ arrested for child porn
  10. Report: 1 In 4 US Homes Worth Less Than A Year Ago
  11. Obamacare website contractor paid $4M to fix own mistakes
  12. Trump says he won't appear on Fox News
  13. Lib news media suppresses story - 3 somali immigrants murder christian in maine
  14. Trump sues Club for Growth
  15. US-trained Division 30 rebels 'betray US and hand weapons over to al-Qaeda's affiliat
  16. Kim Davis Loses Another Bid to Stall Gay-Marriage Case
  17. AP FACT CHECK: No Clear Evidence That Clinton Aided Birthers
  18. Democrats Attack Jeb Bush's "Multiculturalism" Comment
  19. Bernie and Trump have peaked I think
  20. Reno 'Ghost Adventures' couple found dead
  21. Republicans Favored on Issues Despite Worse Image
  22. Shutdown Déjà vu: Yes, the Federal Government Could Shutter Again Next Week
  23. Gee willikers!
  24. Outsiders rule 2016 GOP field, support for Biden nearly doubles
  25. Fact-checking a viral graphic critical of Bernie Sanders
  26. Marines Trained That Rape in Afghanistan Is a ‘Cultural’ Issue
  27. Mayor: issue driver licenses for immigrants in US illegally
  28. N.J. company fined $308K for dangerous workplace hazards
  29. : Over 700 dead in hajj pilgrimage stampede
  30. China inks big deals with Boeing, Cisco Systems
  31. It's ok when Fox News hurls depraved obscenities on TV
  32. Pope address to Congress ~ Expected to make GOP squirm
  33. No Hate Crime on University of Delaware Campus
  34. Youth coach accused of cursing may end up in jail
  35. Stocks continue downward
  36. Germany Showcases 4-Barrel Laser Gatling Gun
  37. Texas HS Football Assistant Coach Admits to Telling Players to Hit Referee
  38. Teen stands up for blind classmate
  39. St. Patrick's Cathedral ~~~~ the Pope
  40. Ahmed's clock
  41. US drug company sues Canadian government
  42. Saudi Prince Arrested in Gated L.A. Compound
  43. Rape and child abuse 'are rife in German refugee camps
  44. Bully who hit blind classmate arrested
  45. Cops want video of murder to help solve it
  46. Pope Francis' Critics Miss The Point
  47. HHS inspector general finds that Healthcare.org has numerous security flaws (pdf)
  48. What's the record of poised-to-be Speaker of the House (R-Ca.) Kevin McCarthy ?
  49. End NAFTA to keep jobs in U.S. (VIDEO)
  50. 11 Things About Kevin McCarthy
  51. Kentucky clerk Kim Davis to join Republican Party
  52. More women accuse Saudi prince after his arrest on sex crime charge,
  53. Pope does Philly
  54. Obama ~ 'Boehner resignation took me by surprise'
  55. Wayne Besen Now On WCPT!
  56. NASA on eve of big announcement: 'Mars mystery solved'
  57. Tonight Is The Festival Of Families
  58. Demonstrations in Stockholm to support immigration to Sweden and Europe
  59. Russia and Israel in Syria
  60. Should this woman have been arrested
  61. Vatican Press interviews Pope - Sorry I mean Chuck Todd interviews Hillary
  62. John Boehner trashes conservative groups who force agenda
  63. Majority of Americans See Congress as Out of Touch
  64. Homeless city workers are a national embarrassment
  65. Obama does the U.N.
  66. 1.1K 275 6 Comment 250 Tax Havens Are Turning The U.S. Into An Unequal Aristocracy
  67. Grover Norquist loves Trump
  68. (R-Ca) Kevin McCarthy announces run for House Speaker
  69. Carly Fiorina Wants To Leave 1 Out Of 3 Americans Out Of The National Dialogue
  70. Land power with no whitewater navy docks aircrsft carrier in syria
  71. Abc’s dowd: Republicans ‘upset… america is now less white’
  72. Conservative Dissent Brewing Within The Vatican
  73. No Pharmaceutical Tycoon Should Get Rich
  74. Billionaire Carl Icahn attacks ‘entitled’ 1 percent
  75. Pope Francis: Workers Have 'Human Right' to Refuse Same-Sex Marriage Licenses
  76. Gov. Scott calls for more regulation of hospitals
  77. Warning: White Supremacists Approve Of Boehner's Downfall
  78. The Benghazi panel is a scandal of a committee
  79. Planned Parenthood Hearing ~ Shameless unscrupulous GOP Trogs
  80. Warning: Oops: FOUND: The source of Carly Fiorina's fetus claim
  81. ISIS planning ‘nuclear tsunami’
  82. tPF Email from a friend
  83. Georgia to execute woman despite Pope's Plea
  84. Warning: Americans Agree On One Thing: Citizens United Is Terrible
  85. Oops: Congressman uses misleading graph to smear Planned Parenthood
  86. Hillary Clinton Calls For Eliminating Obamacare's 'Cadillac Tax
  87. Carly Fiorina Reveals That She Is Only Out For Herself While Campaigning In SC
  88. Lawsuit: Your Candy Bar Was Made By Child Slaves
  89. GOP State Leaders Should Support A Constitutional Amendment To Overturn Citizens Unit
  90. Majority for Third Major Party
  91. Putin bombing ISIS in Syria
  92. Combining the US military with Canada's?
  93. Hurricane Joaquin
  94. Pope Francis Tries to Halt Oklahoma Man's Execution
  95. Oklahoma ~ Pope tries to stop Richard Glossip Execution
  96. Top Republican Calls Benghazi Committee A 'Strategy' That Brought Down Hillary Clinto
  97. Virginia ~ Execution of serial-killer on hold due to drugs obtained from Texas
  98. Democrats Victorious As Senate Passes CR That Keeps Planned Parenthood Funded
  99. Government Shutdown Averted
  100. Another Policeman Killed.
  101. Quiet Everyone; Donald Trump is playing the Victim
  102. Argentine official says Obama regime wanted nuclear fuel for Iran
  103. Huckabee coming to my Town
  104. World leaders fed food waste at UN lunch
  105. Independent workers booming in the US
  106. Funding for 9/11 First Responders expires at midnight
  107. Israel prepares for War in Syria
  108. Putin drafts 150,000 into army
  109. Warning: Netanyahu fear and war-mongering at the U.N.
  110. Bernie's Fund Raising
  111. Trey Gowdy defends Benghazi panel as non-partisan
  112. Benghazi Investigation Debt Clock
  113. President Obama prepared to act!
  114. Warning: Oregon ~ Active Shooter at College
  115. Warning: Have Americans ever been more divided than we are today?
  116. A C-130 goes down in Afghanistan
  117. Manhattan real estate hits new price record
  118. Possibility of Iranian Troops joining Russian Troops as ground forces in Syria
  119. tPF School Shooters
  120. Warning: Is Kevin McCarthy mentally-challenged ?
  121. Us hiring slowed in september as global economy weakened
  122. GW Bushs Prescription Drug Plan for Seniors
  123. Mississippi won't issue driver's licenses in 75%+ black counties
  124. Vatican: Pope's Encounter With Davis Not a Form of Support
  125. The U.S. Army Tested Remote-Controlled Weapons Systems for Base Security
  126. Hillary to appear on SNL season premier
  127. US Army Cyber Command Moved to Fort Gordon in Georgia
  128. Sheriff out front on Umpqua JC shooting was vehemently anti-gun control
  129. Ben Carson tells the whole truth about police shootings, then quickly backs off
  130. Oregon Sheriff In Charge Was A Sandy Hook Truther
  131. Hey guys, I've been away 9 days. Anything important happening in the news?
  132. John Boehner rips ‘false prophet’ Ted Cruz for ‘spreading noise’ every time he doesn’
  133. Jeb on Oregon massacre: Shit happens, so do nothing!
  134. Rep. Cummings: Benghazi Panel Leaking LIES
  135. Clinton campaign blasts McCarthy for Benghazi panel remarks
  136. Medal of Honor winner’s warning to ISIS
  137. Pope Francis Met With Openly Gay Couple During U.S. Visit
  138. Donald Trump Backs Out of Event With Hispanic Business Group
  139. What the Liberal media won’t tell us – Planned Parenthood tapes
  140. More dismal job news Seven Years into the Obama economy – Things still suck!
  141. Gun Control - The U.K. vs The U.S.
  142. Kansler Merkel is on list for Nobel Peace Prize in 2015
  143. Hillary Clinton Mocks Ben Carson, Ted Cruz on Gay Rights
  144. Yayo Grassi, Gay Man and Pope's Former Student, Opens Up About Meeting with Francis i
  145. No Gun Control
  146. Flooding
  147. The people who made summer 2015 memorable
  148. Female Suicide Bombers
  149. If she only had a Gun, she'd be alive today.
  150. How Hillary Clinton Plans to Tackle Gun Control
  151. House GOP in Turmoil With New Uncertainty in Speaker Race
  152. Mitt Romney Confident Donald Trump Won't Be GOP Nominee
  153. tPF Raw: Home Invader with Machete Shot after Break in!
  154. Tesla introduces new supercar, Right Wing goes nuts
  155. Diversity base police brutality....
  156. Lawmakers raise concerns about Oregon Medicaid transformation
  157. Obama signs disaster declaration
  158. Snowden: I'd go to prison to return to US
  159. Rep. Jason Chaffetz: 'I'm Probably Going to Lose' House Speaker Bid
  160. Baltimore Murder Rate not diminishing
  161. Hillary Clinton Uses McCarthy's Benghazi Comments in First National TV Ad
  162. 4 Students Arrested in Northern California, Suspected of Plotting Killings in High Sc
  163. Dems to release loads of Benghazi testimony this week & next
  164. Ben Carson ~ 'Loss of Gun Rights more Devastating than Bullet Wounds'
  165. Students with guns... students with nuclear reactors?
  166. Warning: Ben Carson Says He Would Have Charged Oregon Gunman, Shouting " He Can't Get Us All"
  167. Warning: Walter E Williams - Morality Crisis
  168. tPF Students protest dress code with 'Scarlet Letter'
  169. FBI probe of Clinton e-mail expands to second data company
  170. Ex-U.N. General Assembly head, five others face U.S. bribery case
  171. Has the House Benghazi panel broken the law ?
  172. Trump leads swing states
  173. More Designations from our Treasury Department
  174. Pot causes sexual degeneration
  175. Out of the mouth of babes
  176. House Dem Alan Grayson files ethics complaint against McCarthy & Gowdy
  177. Warning: Smugglers Tried to Sell Nuclear Material to ISIS
  178. Second IT firm agrees to give Clinton’s server data to FBI
  179. North Carolina GOP Primaries ~ 'Kill RINO's'
  180. Ivy League Professor Calls Ben Carson A Coon
  181. Wrap up Benghazi inquest: Our view
  182. Iraq leans towards Russia in war on Islamic State
  183. Russian backed syrian forces
  184. Woman fires at fleeing shoplifter, may face charges
  185. Warning: Hillary Clinton Releases McCarthy Benghazi Ad
  186. CEO of Fox News tweeted....
  187. French Train Attack hero stabbed in Sacramento
  188. Kevin McCarthy drop bid for Speaker!
  189. Pleading for Paul Ryan
  190. How'bout Newt ?
  191. Marco Rubio's Congressional Voting Record Draws Fire From Democrats and Republicans
  192. McCarthy: House GOP May 'Have To Hit Rock Bottom'
  193. Warning: It happened again
  194. It’s Getting Harder To Move Beyond A Minimum-Wage Job
  195. Issa ~ Wants to be Speaker of the House
  196. Republicans fret about Paul's Senate seat
  197. US Officials Conclude Iran Deal Broke Federal Law
  198. Ben Carson blames Gun Control and Jews for the Holocaust
  199. Republicans Governing: House bill targets health law, Planned Parenthood funds
  200. Armed Protesters To Rally Against ‘Evils Of Radical Islam’ Saturday In Dearborn
  201. Make That... 46... Wait a minute ... 47...
  202. Twice in one day
  203. Blaming the Baby Boomers does today’s young people no favour
  204. ANALYSIS: Why the House Speaker Drama Should Scare You
  205. Great debate on what Hillary has ever done on Bill Maher tonight
  206. L.A.'s Westside Wealthy and the Homeless Collide as Numbers Surge
  207. Monsanto's Stock Is Tanking. Is the Company's Own Excitement About GMOs Backfiring?
  208. tPF Video shows man kicked, stunned by police before death
  209. Clinton's support slides ahead of first Democratic debate
  210. 'Scores dead' in Ankara blasts
  211. Warning: WAYNE BESEN On Air Discussing NRA!!
  212. Fired Benghazi Investigator Says House Probe Is Partisan
  213. The 5 Stories You'll Care About in Politics This Week
  214. House Freedom Caucus ~ More GOP lunacy & chaos to come
  215. Comment Outside Reviews Find Tamir Rice's Shooting Justified
  216. Political Party Identity in a Gun Cabinet
  217. Gallup Gave Up. Here’s Why That Sucks
  218. Wife posts video of husband with maid, could face jail
  219. Finnish minister says refugee situation is out of controlle
  220. SCOTUS to hear Assault Weapons Ban
  221. Hispanics get charged with Hate Crimes too
  222. Iran tests new long range ballistic missile
  223. Memphis officer killed in driveway after domestic dispute
  224. Sen. Schumer: Volkswagen should get hit with max fine
  225. Indigenous People’s Day 2015
  226. How Trump is Beating the Koch Brothers
  227. Liberal Fascists in academia want to arrest anyone who doesn't believe in AGW
  228. Teen’s discovery of skeleton-filled fuselage in jungle could be MH370
  229. Halloween Parades Canceled
  230. Ga. Confederate flag supporters face terrorism charges
  231. Poll: Hillary Clinton has strong lead in SC, Nevada Democratic presidential primaries
  232. Lone Woman At Anti-Muslim Protest Ends Up inside Mosque for coffee, bagels & hugs!
  233. Soldiers Can Set When Grenade Explodes With New Launcher
  234. Uniformed Cop Asked to Leave Olive Garden
  235. Candidate Match Game
  236. Hillary Clinton Takes on Trump in Shadow of His Las Vegas Hotel
  237. Clinton confidant expresses regret over handling of e-mail issue
  238. WTF??? Playboy Magazine to stop showing naked women???
  239. Jebcare ~ Repeal & Replace
  240. Russian-made missile hit MH17 cockpit
  241. The first Dem Presidential Debate ~ Clinton vs. Sanders
  242. Political correctness running amok
  243. Closing Arguments in Trial of Gun Shop Over Cops' Wounds
  244. No charges for the Dentist
  245. Planned Parenthood stops taking money for fetal tissue
  246. Graphic Video Shows Deputies Tasing Man in Restraint Chair
  247. REMINDER! Democratic Presidential Debate Tonight!
  248. Gun Shop Ordered To Pay $6 Million
  249. tPF The Effects of U.S. Mass Media Propaganda
  250. White House walks back Obama's Clinton email comments