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  1. Woman who shot at fleeing shoplifter is charged
  2. HOLY SH1T did anyone look at the Drudge poll for tonight's debate?
  3. 3.6 million votes in advanced voting
  4. Canada legalizing pot? Could happen
  5. Softwood Lumber Dispute (Again)
  6. Intifada 3 ?
  7. Congress Has Spent Millions On Benghazi Investigation With Hunts: Real Costs
  8. Political Prediction Market: Clinton's odds up after Democratic Debate
  9. The Democratic debate winners and losers according to 3 insider
  10. US consumer finally losing the will to shop
  11. Trump Calls Bernie Sanders 'Maniac' and 'Socialist-Slash-Communist'
  12. Gun ring busted for running weapons to Brooklyn from other states
  13. Warning: Charles Koch says he’s a ‘classic liberal’
  14. Ron Paul accuses feds of trying to hurt Rand's campaign
  15. ISIS has surpassed Al Qaeda as the leading jihadist organization
  16. Comment Papa John's Stores To Dish Up Half A Million Dollars In Wage Theft
  17. Comment Concealed Carry In Maine No Longer Requires A Permit
  18. Isis Inc: how oil fuels the jihadi terrorists
  19. Leaked: The Assassination Complex
  20. The compassion of Obama and the Democrats.
  21. Government: No Benefit Hike for Social Security Next Year
  22. Warning: A solid majority still supports the death penalty
  23. Trump, Carson threaten to Boycott next GOP Debate
  24. Fox News commentator lied about career with the CIA,
  25. Kardashians ripped for trying to silence brothel owner
  26. Joe Biden Aide Sends Letter Detailing Vice President's Looming 2016 Decision
  27. Warning: Evidence in .... Republicans win in 2016
  28. Hillary Clinton Opens Door for Julian Castro VP Pick
  29. 2016 Presidential Candidates Raised Big Mone
  30. ‘Experience’ Becomes A Four-Letter Word In The Republican Vocabulary
  31. Wall Street bonuses likely to plunge as trading revenue drops
  32. Marvel (Disney) goes full MSM leftist retard with Captain America
  33. Raise Taxes!
  34. Never eligible to vote, young immigrant plays key role in Clinton campaign
  35. rigging the process and stacking the deck
  36. Tulips and Pansies
  37. Why 6 Government-Funded Insurance Companies Created Under Obamacare Collapsed
  38. Clinton Wants Congress to Fix Spike in Medicare Bills
  39. Trump ~ 'Bush was in office on 9/11'
  40. Obama ~ 'No new Arctic Drilling'
  41. NBC Online Poll: Clinton Wins Debate, Re-energizes Core Backers
  42. Democratic Debate 2016: A Data Guide To Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders And Democrati
  43. Trump suggests George W. Bush to blame for 9/11 attacks
  44. Iranian loses in Syria
  45. Gun-Free Zones are what's killing us, Nebraskan senator finally gets it
  46. Limitless Immigration Creating Permanent Democrat Majority
  47. RAF Authorized to Shoot Russian Jets in Syria
  48. Scott Walker Spent Like a Drunken Sailor, Put Kids on Payroll
  49. Cold War Between 2016 GOP Rivals Bush and Rubio Heating Up
  50. How Hillary Clinton Got Her Groove Back
  51. Hillary Clinton has whopping $33 million in cash
  52. DC To Impose New Tax On Business
  53. CBS Bans Ads for Dan Rather Movie 'Truth'
  54. The prescription painkiller and heroin epidemic, explained
  55. Bill Mahher beats up Bernie Sanders
  56. Bill Kristol: Clinton Better Prepared for WH, But Carson Would Be Better President
  57. Donald Trump Slammed For Calling Bernie Sanders a Commie
  58. Trump disrespecrful to Wall St Journal
  59. Many Germans and Nederländern resist nonwhite invasion
  60. Bernie Sanders Says Proposed Payroll Tax ‘Would Hit Everyone’
  61. Warning: Gay algorithm 67 percent accurate: study
  62. Iraqi forces push north after advances in Baji
  63. Warning: Cop shot to death in Hospital
  64. Homo naledi.
  65. Bigger bite for health law penalty on uninsured
  66. NYPD cops to honor officer killed in 1972 mosque ambush
  67. Clinton Suggests Mandatory buy backs on guns.
  68. I can't tell you how many times I wanted to do this ....
  69. (R-AL) Mo Brooks ~ Hillary will be first president subject to impeachment on 1st Day
  70. Texas Just Banned Planned Parenthood From Its Medicaid Program
  71. Trump Bus Sold
  72. Dubya bashes Cruz
  73. Weight Watchers ~ Oprah makes $70 Million in hours
  74. Jim Webb to exit Dem Prez Race to run as Independent ?
  75. Clinton Rebounds in Democratic Race, Gaining Against Sanders and Biden Alike (POLL)
  76. Senate Democrats Block Anti Sanctuary City Bill in the Senate
  77. Clinton Biden Hoedown
  78. father daughter dance....in jail
  79. Gun Control has an uphill battle
  80. Joe Biden Claims He Privately Supported Bin Laden Raid, Years After Saying He Opposed
  81. Obamacare has entered the death spiral
  82. What Happened 5 Other Times Joe Biden Was Deciding Whether to Run for President
  83. Hillary Clinton Campaign Flexes Muscle Ahead of Possible Biden Run
  84. Comment Paul Ryan Will Run For Speaker Of The House
  85. Two EMS Workers Attacked, Stabbed With Box Cutter In Detroit; Suspect On The Loose
  86. George W. Bush unleashes on Ted Cruz
  87. The False Rise and Fall of Rand Paul
  88. Amazon hate crime?
  89. 01101101 01110101 01100101 01110010 01110100 01100101
  90. Comment New York City Police Officer Randolph Holder Dies
  91. We need a hitman in the White House!
  92. 73% of American eighth graders tested below the proficiency level
  93. Biden is out.
  94. Warning: The Number Of Guns Owned By The Average Ammosexual Has Doubled Since 1994 — To EIGHT
  95. Donald Trump’s bankruptcies reveal how fat cats win
  96. Fractious House conservatives resist Paul Ryan's call to unify
  97. Suspected killer of NYPD officer was on street because judge opted to send him to dru
  98. Dashcam shows Cop shooting wanted criminal
  99. Netanyahu ~ Latest Holocaust Denier ?
  100. HIV-positive rapist jailed for filmed sex with 6-year-old boy:cops
  101. Heartwarming photo of Louisiana police officer comforting lost boy
  102. New Testimony Shows Clinton 'Devastated' by Benghazi Attack
  103. Amazon Sues Writers Of Fake Reviews From Fiverr.com
  104. IRS ~ To recognize Same-Sex Marriages anywhere in U.S.
  105. Three Dog Night ~ Singer Cory Wells Dies
  106. A mammogram in North Jersey costs HOW much?
  107. Warning: Benghazi ~ The Hillary testimony ... again.
  108. Sweden School attack
  109. The number od stupod statements made by controlsexuals has triplged in recent years
  110. American killed as hostages rescued in Iraq
  111. Warning: Walmart removes "Made in USA" logos from website after government inquiry
  112. Ben Carson Leads Donald Trump 28-20 in New Iowa Poll
  113. 7 Ways Joe Biden's 2016 Decision Changes the Presidential Race
  114. More Obamacare news
  115. NEA Board votes Hillary Clinton for primary recommendation
  116. Fantastic! Thanks Mrs. Obama and Mr. James
  117. China school knife attack
  118. Warning: GOP's Early Christmas Present To Hillary Clinton
  119. Warning: Hurricane Patricia A Catastrophic Storm
  120. Lincoln Chafee drops out of Democratic primary race
  121. DNA evidence can apparently be fabricated
  122. Getting back to the Future; it has quietly arrived but no one noticed
  123. Our border problems don't begin at the border
  124. Ask not why the nation is heading the wrong direction - Here is why
  125. I loved this Opinion piece in the LA Times - As I lay dying
  126. Jebby on his way out ?
  127. IRS Investigation of Tea Party Not Politically Motivated, DOJ Finds
  128. For 1st time in decades, it's open season on black bears in Florida; protests planned
  129. Well, at least now we know where "I can't recall" came from
  130. Drug company attempts $1 alternative to Daraprim
  131. Ted Cruz Says He Won't Attack Any Republican Rival, Proceeds To Attack All Other Repu
  132. Hillary Clinton Sees Record-Breaking Campaign Donations After Benghazi Hearing
  133. Obama Makes 'Grumpy Cat' Face Talking About Republicans
  134. Trump Goes After Carson as 'Super Low Energy' and Says Iowa Polls are 'Wrong'
  135. Syria mission demonstrates Russia's new prowess
  136. 5 foods banned outside the U.S still consumed here
  137. Wharton Study Demonstrates Why Obamacare Exchanges Are Floundering
  138. Warning: Don't ever let a Democrat tell you they care about the Military.
  139. Plainfield Ordinance Bans Gun-Like Cellphone Cases
  140. Flooding causes train derailment in Texas
  141. Clinton Goes to Iowa Democrats' Dinner With Newfound Energy
  142. Democrats Focus on Rallies as Much as Speeches Ahead of Jefferson Jackson Dinner
  143. WCPT World-Wide Discussing Politics NOW
  144. FBI Director Ties Spike In Urban Crime To Cops’ Fear Of Doing Their Jobs
  145. ACLU lawsuit against NSA mass spying dropped
  146. Baby Deer Doesn't Want To Leave The Man Who Saved Her
  147. Drunk driver kills 4 people injures 44 with automobile not a gun
  148. Tony Blair ~ Apologizes for Iraq War & Rise of ISIS
  149. No More Tarantino Movies.
  150. Game changer 'insect' drone allows MoD to spy on ISIS - for 90 days straight
  151. Chris Christie Kicked Off Amtrak Quiet Car For Talking On His Phone
  152. Republicans View Donald Trump As Most Electable
  153. 7 St. Louis Churches Burned This Month
  154. 1 In 2 Working Americans Make Less Than $30,000 A Year
  155. Man Arrested For Having Over 7,000 Stolen Guns
  156. Ben Carson wants abortion outlawed, even in cases of rape or incest
  157. Joe Biden Says He 'Couldn’t Win' 2016 Race
  158. Warning: Support for Tea Party Drops to New Low
  159. Governor Christie apologizes for loud speech in Amtrak quiet car
  160. World Health Organization: Processed Meats Cause Cancer
  161. Russian Ships Near Data Cables Are Too Close for U.S. Comfort
  162. Human DNA Found In Hot Dogs
  163. Warning: Rubio ~ hateful spiteful senator will exit congress
  164. Ben Carson was a Thug
  165. "Benghazi video" A simple concept Republicans can't wrap their heads around
  166. California Liberals double down thumbing their nose at our Immigration laws.
  167. Thank you California Liberals; Prop. 47 revolution: Voters were sold a bill of goods
  168. Obamacare declining
  169. Happy Birthday Hillary !
  170. Walking Dead fan used a guitar and a microwave to beat his friend to death
  171. Questions around the U.S. bombing of the MSF hospital in Kunduz
  172. When Will Donald Trump Out ?
  173. Jebby has better things to do than run for Prez
  174. Warning: South Carolina ~ White Cop brutally attacks black girl in class
  175. Up to 10,000 stolen guns, 500 chainsaws found in South Carolina
  176. WhiteHouse disagrees videos have caused more crime
  177. Slain cop’s fiancée: Sharpton eulogy would be an insult
  178. 9/11 ~ The tie that binds the Bush's
  179. Catfight!
  180. Ben Carson Erases Donald Trump's National Lead In New Poll
  181. Iraq & Syria ~ U.S. will go Boots on the Ground
  182. Obumer grants foreign students more time in US after graduation
  183. US begins freedom of navigation patrols in South China Sea
  184. FBI warns of anarchist plot to ambush cops on Halloween
  185. House Republican Introduce Measure To Impeach Koskinen
  186. Ambushes of police are rising again
  187. Fact-Checkers Plead With Rand Paul To Stop Fabricating Quotes From The Founding fathe
  188. YLE: A mother say Teachers must address "N-word" in school textbook
  189. Israel: Europe to lose identity is Payback
  190. GM Recalling 1.4M Cars; Oil Leaks Can Cause Engine Fires
  191. Even more persecution of Christians
  192. Voters divided in 'tribes,' politics 'increasingly segregated, tribal'
  193. Sheriff Says 'Third Video' Shows South Carolina Student Punching Officer
  194. I pledge allegience to the flag.... one nation, under Allah....
  195. Deputy in S.C. classroom video fired
  196. Paul Ryan elected as House Speaker
  197. Budget Deal Paves the Way for President Hillary Rodham Clinton
  198. Metro NYC hipsters can now rent a mom
  199. Lion wins one
  200. Warning: Kasich lashes out: ‘What has happened to the conservative movement?’
  201. Sea of blue at funeral for slain cop lauded as hero
  202. The Ryan Budget's Radical Priorities Provides Largest Tax Cuts in History for Wealthy
  203. Play interactive BINGO online or print out to play along!
  204. The Nine Losers Running for President
  205. Hillary Clinton Live-Texts Her Reaction to the Republican Debate
  206. Warning: Ben Carson - Ignorance Is Bliss
  207. Fox News Ratings Plunge As Rachel Maddow’s Viewership Grows By 31%
  208. What you already know, but barely ..........
  209. Ben Carson's Connection To "Sugar Pill" Cure Nutritional Scam
  210. Trump demands Disney rehire workers
  211. US Jobless Aid Applications Fell to 42-Year Low Last Month
  212. Army misfires on pistol upgrade effort,
  213. St. Louis landfill fire could reach radioactive waste in months
  214. tPF The answer to the black and white divide
  215. Whelp, there go 654,000 jobs.
  216. Warning: Judge orders Louisiana to continue funding Planned Parenthood
  217. RNC out for next GOP Debates ?
  218. Noonan nails it.
  219. So now people are going to prison for decades when Republicans lie?
  220. Riddle me this
  221. Hillary Clinton to Roll Out Next Phase of Criminal Justice Reform Plan
  222. More Hillary Clinton Email Released, Half of Collection Now Public
  223. Black Lives Matter protesters interrupt Hillary rally
  224. Tarantino's dad joins police union in condemnation
  225. Murder Rates Don’t Tell Us Everything About Gun Violence
  226. St. Louis man charged in two local church fires; remains suspect in five other
  227. Queens contractor cheated workers out of $736G in wages and benefits
  228. Oregon girl, 16, diagnosed with bubonic plague after hunting trip
  229. 4 cops injured, 3 youths busted after brawl near Pennsylvania high school
  230. Judge tells 18-year-old offender he 'would probably be raped every day' in prison
  231. Russian airliner crashes in central Sinai - Egyptian PM
  232. Comment Medicare To Cover End Of Life Planning
  233. In Heroin Crisis, White Families Seek Gentler War on Drugs
  234. Students walk out to show support for fired S.C. school deputy
  235. Warning: Students Beat Female Cop The Crowds Cheered.
  236. Italy warns Canada that Toronto may see a mob war
  237. What the new Long Range Strike Bomber is replacing
  238. Marriage: what we want it to mean
  239. State And Local Elections Are A Super PAC Playground
  240. Harvey Weinstein furious at Tarantino for anti-cop rally
  241. National Police Union Calls for Total Tarantino Boycott
  242. CNBC and the tough guys
  243. Chris Christie ~ Mocks GOP Rivals' CNBC Debate Complaints
  244. Carson Calls for Major Changes in GOP Debate Format, Distribution
  245. SF Sheriff faces uphill battle
  246. Christie says GOP's plans to suspend NBC from next debate is a bit much
  247. Jesse Ventura Continues Attack on Chris Kyle
  248. The FBI investigation into violations of the Espionage Act
  249. A Glimmer of Hope for Syria
  250. Senator Fred Thompson Died.