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  1. SeaWorld....jus sayin...
  2. House Democrats Waste No Time In Fighting Back Against Paul Ryan’s Lies
  3. Houston Texans Owner Wants His $10K Donation to Anti-LGBT Group Refunded
  4. Fox News Turns On Carly Fiorina And Busts Her For Lying About Obama’s Jobs Record
  5. Democrats Lead In 2 Of 3 Southern Governor’s Races At Stake in 2015
  6. Court upholds reprimand for airman who opposed gay wedding
  7. Sheriff David Clarke
  8. Ben Carson’s church believes United States government will bring about the End Times
  9. CSpan Washington Journal segment on liberal destruction of law enforcement
  10. Outraged Conservative Christians Claim Chick-fil-A 'Goes Gay'
  11. CCW Holder Stops Robbery in Chicago
  12. Obama tells federal agencies to 'ban the box'
  13. Astronomers spot unidentified space object that will fall to Earth Nov. 13
  14. Rich Nugent won't seek re-election to Congress
  15. Keystone Pipeline Dead ?
  16. GOP debate revolt crumbles
  17. Donald Trump Says He's Better Looking Than Marco Rubio
  18. Afghan fuel station cost $43m, US military report says
  19. Warning: Americans becoming less religious, especially young adults:
  20. tPF Left wing radical kook throws bomb. Oh wait, sorry, did I say left wing?
  21. Obamacare Is Failing
  22. tPF Chicago Teens Terrorize Substitute Teacher
  23. Kentucky ~ (R) Matt Bevin projected winner of Governorship
  24. Donald Trump: Ben Carson 'Just Doesn't Have the Experience' to Be President
  25. Paul Ryan threatens govt. shutdown on eve of Elections
  26. SF Sheriff Loses.
  27. Ohio voters say no to legalizing marijuana
  28. Houston Equal Rights Ordinance fails by wide margin
  29. Trump goes Nazi and racisss on Jeb and the Bush's
  30. Democrats win their largest N.J. Assembly majority in 36 years
  31. Progressives supporting Christie ?
  32. Terror On Campus
  33. Russian plane crash: U.S. intel suggests ISIS bomb brought down jet
  34. The house of Carson is in trouble.
  35. remember the cop who was shot?
  36. Assertions of a GOP demise prove premature
  37. Media Matters rushing to cover the liberal lying rear ends
  38. Why Chris Christie and Bobby Jindal Could Miss the Next GOP Debate
  39. tPF Iran Cyber Attacks White House Personnel?
  40. Knife-wielding robber attacks woman breastfeeding her infant
  41. Former President George H.W. Bush slams Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld
  42. Democrats win their largest N.J. Assembly majority in 37 years
  43. Bush daddy blames everybody except Dubya for his failures
  44. Girl dragged into pool by teacher
  45. tPF Hey, things are improving with the police.
  46. tPF More Resource Officers will make things better
  47. Bill Clinton Super-Fans of the 1990s Reuniting for Hillary Clinton
  48. Alabama Boy Missing For 13 Years Found Safe in Ohio
  49. I didn't Know Jebbys' daughter was a criminal drug-addict
  50. Trashing Trump: Latino Kids Pound Racism Like a Piñata
  51. Ben Carson Raps for the Black Vote
  52. Confederate flag magnet sparks brawl between black and white men
  53. Kogalymavia says: External forces are the only possible cause for Deadly Crash.
  54. Chris Matthews Gives The Blunt Truth About Dr. Ben Carson
  55. Burst of Hiring: US Employers Added 271,000 Jobs in October
  56. Another cop shot to death
  57. Another Ben Carson extraordinary lie ?
  58. Warning: Kentucky clerk Kim Davis loses latest gay marriage appeal
  59. Warning: With nothing left to lose, Obama rejects Keystone and high paying jobs
  60. Iranians celebrate Embassy attacks while Obama kowtows to this Pariah Nation
  61. The MSNBC Democratic Forum
  62. Warning: Quietly, Hillary E-Mail Scandal May Fade Away
  63. Would You Buy This House?
  64. Nine Year Old Chicago Boy Lured Into Alley And Shot In The Back Of His Head
  65. Military frustration at highest levels in decades
  66. Cholera outbreak in Iraq
  67. Deep magma chambers under Mount St Helens
  68. Hunger strike at immigration detention center in California
  69. The US brings F-15Cs to Turkey
  70. Moron in Chief rejects Keystone pipeline
  71. Obama’s War Advisors Turn on Him
  72. Hillary Clinton edges Bernie Sanders in latest New Hampshire poll
  73. Warning: White Flight From Political Reality is Deadly
  74. Sanders, Clinton Jockey for Key Voters in South Carolina
  75. This is todays Schools
  76. GOP rivals wary of going after a wounded Ben Carson
  77. Two Louisiana cops charged with murder in 6-year-old boy’s shooting death
  78. Ben Carson Facing Scrutiny for Claim About Incident at Yale University
  79. Obama held hostage: How Iran’s using the nuke deal as license to go wild
  80. Veterans Day
  81. Another Ben Carson fable ? ~ Hiding White Students
  82. Ben Carson's House Is A Homage To ----- HImself
  83. Bill O'Reilly versus George Will
  84. Woman Says She Was Attacked for Speaking Foreign Language
  85. breaking pay TV firms' hold over viewers
  86. Inside the Pentagon's fight over Russia
  87. Does Germany have a new migrant policy?
  88. As U.S. Escalates Air War on ISIS, Allies Slip Away
  89. Warning: One Killed in Shooting Near New York Penn Station
  90. Obama Isn't Running For President, Carson Is
  91. Senator Asks Comcast to Swear It Will Say "No" to Fast Lanes After It Already Pushed
  92. University of Missouri President Resigns.
  93. The 4th GOP Debate
  94. Gunnar Hansen, 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' villain, dies at 68
  95. The next world war
  96. SeaWorld phasing out killer whale shows in San Diego
  97. Bachmann ~ 'Rapture is coming so convert Jews to Christianity'
  98. Cruz ~ 'A President who isn't on his knees in prayer is an atheist'
  99. Louisiana Governorship ~ The Attack-Ad on (R-LA) David Vitter
  100. Jordanian officer shoots dead two Americans, one South African at security training s
  101. Ben Carson’s Unhealthy Nazi Obsession
  102. ‘Confederate Veterans Lives Matter’ group files ‘discrimination’ complaint...
  103. Police Officer Dies After He Was Ambushed, Shot in the Head by Suspect
  104. A story that no one can get political over
  105. Trump Suggests Starbucks Boycott
  106. You Need To Get Out Shouted At Missouri University Reporter
  107. Alabama Police Officer Breaks Down on Stand, Admits to Lying to Cover Beating Suspect
  108. FBI Foils White Supremacist Domestic Terrorism Plot
  109. Oops. Austin Texas judge may not have been shot by republicans as liberals implied
  110. Warning: Women will likely have to register for the draft
  111. Strykers to operate north of the Arctic Circle for the first time:
  112. Judge sentences Frazier Glenn Cross to death
  113. Pope urges Catholic church to disavow conservatism and fundamentalism
  114. More republicans in Congress served in the military than Democrats
  115. Carson, Trump, Fail to Show Policy Prowess in GOP Debate, ABC Contributors Say
  116. Warning: Decades of Liberal Progressivism = 8 year old charged in beating death of 1-year-old
  117. Next generation of children 'will not know what money is'
  118. 49 13 Comment 23 Jailed Louisiana Cop Had Previous Run-In With Victim
  119. Lawsuit Alleges Birth Control Packing Error Led to Unwanted Pregnancies
  120. Donald Trump Models 'Deportation Force' After Inhumane Eisenhower Plan, Scholar Says
  121. Want the Reason Police are less qualified today
  122. Catholic Priest comes out of the Closet
  123. Ben Carsons' profits from massive healthcare fraud ?
  124. Illegal alien deported 3 times runs over police officer in Dallas
  125. Al-Nusra stronghold in Aleppo conquered by Syrian forces
  126. The Bullies Run The Campus
  127. Cruz and Trump tied in Texas
  128. Black Racism or CRYBULLIES.
  129. Keyless vehicles blamed for deaths
  130. Rep., Karma and Thanks.
  131. Do you agree with Utah Judge in Gay Adoption
  132. U.S. airstrike targets 'Jihadi John' in Syria
  133. Obama: Trump's Immigration Plan Would Cost 'Hundreds of Billions'
  134. Russia Accidentally Reveals Giant Nuclear Torpedo on State TV
  135. Warning: Cavy To-Liberal College Student Wants Free Everything
  136. Establishment worried Carson or Trump might win
  137. Trump's 95 minute Rant
  138. After decades of considerable social progress, the pendulum has swung the other way.
  139. Warning: Multiple attacks in Paris
  140. Some Voters Trying to Kick Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders Off NH Ballot
  141. This Morning - Obama: ISIS Is Not Getting ‘Stronger,’ We Have ‘Contained’ Them
  142. How Donald Trump and Ben Carson Went From Friends to Foes
  143. First load of 10K "Syrian Refugees" arrives New Orleans, All aged 18-45 Males
  144. Trump surges among likely Republican primary voters:
  145. French high-speed train derails & catches fire near Strasbourg
  146. Democrats Refocus For Their Love Session Tonight
  147. How to deal with the terror attacks.
  148. BLM idiots: Paris attacks stole their headlines
  149. The 2nd Dem Debate ~ Debate to shift to Paris Attacks
  150. Europe Has Become the Most Dangerous Place in the West
  151. A migrant camp set ablaze
  152. Paris Attacks: Syrian Migrant Was Among the Bombers
  153. Warning: Roll Call
  154. Jebby calls for Declaration of War
  155. Dozens of Afghan Troops Surrender to Taliban in Helmand
  156. Warning: France hits back
  157. Baltimore's 300th and 301st homicides
  158. 22 Islamic Terrorist Training Camps inside the USA, watched, but not shut down
  159. FBI Offices Told to Boost Surveillance of Terror Suspects in Wake of Paris Attacks
  160. Face Transplant Surgery Gives 41-Year-Old Former Firefighter a New 26-Year-Old Face
  161. Speaker Paul Ryan Opposes Donald Trump's Immigration Plan
  162. Growing number of states refuse refugees
  163. Warning: Source: Charlie Sheen Is HIV-Positive
  164. France: Panic in central Paris
  165. Warning: After paris, obama sends isis reinforcements....
  166. Feinstein breaks with Obama: 'ISIL is not contained'
  167. Anonymous hackers prepare to launch cyber attacks on ISIS
  168. 72 virgins to attack terrorists
  169. Terrorists hide plans by 'going dark'
  170. taunts of the Paris mastermind: Jihadist boasts of freely crossing Europe's borders
  171. FBI: Weapons missing after Worcester armory break-in
  172. best palin bullshit ever!
  173. Passengers removed from Spirit Airlines flight at BWI Airport
  174. More BS from BLM
  175. Germany-Netherlands Soccer Game Canceled Over Bomb Threat
  176. Russia claims 2300 sorties in the last 48 hours
  177. BREAKING NOW: Bobby Jindal suspends presidential campaign
  178. Ben Carson Is A Menace To The World, Needs To Quit Race
  179. Hillary Clinton's Experience a Plus, Donald Trump Has 'Drunk Uncle' Image, Voters Say
  180. Hillary Clinton Continues Strong Lead In National Poll
  181. 2 Air France Jets forced to Land
  182. Terrorist Reefer Madness
  183. Jebby ~ Syrain refugees need to prove they're Christian
  184. Suspects pinned down in building in Paris suburb of Saint-Denis
  185. FBI braces for holiday terror attacks
  186. Britain's new counter terrorism police
  187. There is ‘no data’ backing existence of a ‘Ferguson effect’
  188. Govt. shutdown over Syrian refugee crisis ?
  189. America's enemies within
  190. YAY Hes Dead!!!!!!!!!!
  191. Charlie Sheen spent $1.6 million on prostitutes in a year while HIV positive
  192. Suspected terrorists keep buying guns in U.S
  193. Ted Cruz to Obama ~ 'Say it to my Face'
  194. Kerry and this admin are sick! Should be removed.
  195. Warning: honduras Arrests Five Syrians
  196. The Bleak and Uncertain Future of the Democratic Party.
  197. Breaking news.... Paris terror mastermind killed
  198. Syrian Refugee Crisis ~ Obama to veto Hudson/McCaul Bill
  199. Cable News Talking Head Admits That Cable News Plays Into ISIS Hands
  200. Nigeria's Boko Haram Kills 49 in Suicide Bombings
  201. Five Foreign Nationals Arrested On Ohio Turnpike
  202. USAF Whistleblowers: Drone War an ISIS Recruitment Tool
  203. Most Americans oppose Obama's Syrian refugee plan
  204. 2016 GOP leaders: National security will end Carson and Trump campaigns
  205. German Motorcycle Club members join Dutch bikers in fight against Isis
  206. Warning: Obumer warns Isis 2 hours before US ait strike to limit enemy deaths
  207. Enter the Dragon?
  208. Ben Carson Writes Washington Post Op-Ed On How To Defeat ISIS
  209. More Mexicans Leaving Than Coming to the U.S.
  210. Anonymous goes to cyber-war with ISIL
  211. Ben Carson ~ 'Syrian refugees are rabid dogs'
  212. Trump rises in wake of Paris attacks
  213. UnitedHealth warns it may exit Obamacare plans
  214. Tennessee woman with loaded gun hidden in vagina pleads guiltyD
  215. Police officer in California ambushed and shot dead while sitting in his car
  216. Jared Fogle gets 15 yrs
  217. NRA defends stance on law that allows terror suspects to get firearms
  218. 100 more reasons Govt regulations are a MUST
  219. LOL, Terrorists going after red mercury
  220. Warning: Trump purports *Nuremberg Laws* for Muslims
  221. Warning: ISIS threatens White House, President Obama
  222. Warning: More bad news for liberals - new Trump media spokesbabe is attractive, Tea Party
  223. Mali Radisson hotel siege
  224. Canadian Couple Dies Having Sex in Hot Tub
  225. Terrorist bomb plot in VA foiled by FBI
  226. Goldman eyes $20 oil as glut overwhelms storage sites
  227. Columbia Student Claims To Be Traumatized By Reading About White People
  228. Pollard is released from prison after 30 years
  229. Are jihadis drug addled psychopaths ? and consequently not following their religion
  230. Russians killed 600 ISIS in one strike
  231. Your nationwide averages for regular gasoline
  232. NSA document reveals “sheer luck” needed to find useful info
  233. FBI director says impossible to certify refugees for entry
  234. Belgium ~ Attack Imminent
  235. Nearly impossible' to find jihadists among migrants, Greeks warn
  236. Ex-CIA head James Woolsey said he'd like to watch Edward Snowden be hanged for treaso
  237. 74 Click to share on Twitter Pinterest Comment 19 Paris Nurse Discovers The Man He
  238. Even Rand Paul is against blindly taking refugees
  239. Paris suicide bomber arrived in EU as ‘Syrian refugee’ via Turkey
  240. Frankenfish
  241. Mike Huckabee Calls 'Eye of the Tiger' Lawsuit 'Vindictive and Almost Unbelievable'
  242. Hillary Clinton Advises New Yorkers to Take ISIS 'Seriously' on 'Live With Kelly and
  243. Oklahoma man arrested for 42 drive-by shootings in one night
  244. ISIS planning attack on WWE event in Atlanta
  245. Against NRA Opposition Sen. Feinstein Pushes To End Gun Sales To Suspected Terrorists
  246. 7-year-old does something amazing after Texas Islamic center is disgustingly defaced
  247. Americans are reporting problems with taking their own money out of U.S. banks
  248. Siege on Aleppo Breaks as Syrian Army Retakes Key Road
  249. Democrat Defeats David Vitter in Louisiana Governor’s Race
  250. Warning: Thai waitress is left a 'disgusting' racist message on restaurant receipt and no tip