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  1. The local Sheriff to Bundy Boys: Go home to your families!
  2. Trump Rally
  3. tPF Guatemala warily monitors erupting volcano
  4. tPF More than a dozen US troops trapped amid Afghanistan firefight
  5. Gun Companies Stock Soars as President Cries
  6. Gov. Snyder declares state of emergency the moment DOJ announces investigation
  7. North Korea says it successfully conducts hydrogen bomb test
  8. Thank you all
  9. Trump: "I'm winning with the smart people, I'm winning with the not-so-smart people,
  10. Pat Toomey, background checks backer, denounces Obama's move
  11. Sorry: More Bad News! Private Sector Employment Increased by 257,000 Jobs in December
  12. Trump ~ ' Cruz citizenship a problem '
  13. Warning: TRUMP and MUSLIM CRAP
  14. Chipotle Subpoenaed as Part of Investigation; Sales Plunge
  15. Ann Coulter Now Suggests Ted Cruz Isn't A ‘Natural Born Citizen’
  16. tPF Trans Canada Files Federal Lawsuit Over Keystone Pipeline Rejection
  17. Obama is in the pocket of corporations and wall street
  18. tPF Cell phone distracted Parenting
  19. ISIS executes female citizen journalist
  20. tPF Chinese market meltdown
  21. Slowly but surely: Texas Trooper Brian Encinia charged with lying
  22. 20 earthquakes registered in Oklahoma since Wednesday night
  23. Market Drama
  24. Market Trends
  25. Trump ~ Gives out 20,000 free tickets for 1,400 seat venue
  26. (D-Fl.) Alan Grayson to file eligibility lawsuit against Ted Cruz
  27. Warning: New Navy Ship Will Be Named After Civil Rights Icon John Lewis
  28. 'One Day at a Time' ~ Schneider dies
  29. Flint mayor: Water fix could cost as much as $1.5B
  30. Woman Faces Up To Ten Years In Prison For Giving Water To Thirsty Pigs
  31. Time Warner Cable Says 320,000 Passwords Possibly Stolen
  32. Maine's gov: Out-of-state drug dealers like "D-Money" are impregnating white girls
  33. tPF Planned Parenthood Endorses Hillary Clinton
  34. tPF Trump Rally Draws Hundreds of Protesters in Bernie Sanders' Home State of Vermont
  35. tPF Immigrants in the Workforce, State by State
  36. tPF Moderate Dems run from Obama
  37. Constitutional law professor explains why Calgary Ted's eligibility NOT settled law
  38. tPF Teen girls gang-raped by four Syrian nationals in Germany
  39. tPF How To Make Sense Of Conflicting, Confusing And Misleading Crime Statistics
  40. tPF Philly Police Officer shot by man claiming he did it for Islam
  41. tPF Obama Vetoes Bill to Repeal Signature Health Care Law
  42. Bernie Sanders Takes on Donald Trump Online
  43. 'El Chapo' Captured
  44. tPF 6 Reasons Obama Is Untrustworthy on Guns
  45. Warning: New York Police Sergeant to Face Internal Charges in Eric Garner Confrontation
  46. Smoking Gun: Email Suggests Hillary Broke Law
  47. Islamic State fighter publicly executes his mother
  48. Warning: Texas Governor Joins GOP Calls for Constitutional Convention
  49. Warning: Muslim woman booted from Trump rally
  50. tPF 25-year-old NYPD police officer shot in leg
  51. tPF Tears & Anger Against Crime In Brooklyn Ingersoll Houses
  52. tPF Victim thankful to NYPD officers for nabbing serial slasher
  53. tPF Anti-Islam protesters throw firecrackers and bottles at cops in Germany
  54. tPF Terror charges inflame refugee debate
  55. tPF Former Md. cop who held gun to man's head gets 5 years
  56. tPF Suspect in Philly cop shooting traveled to Middle East
  57. tPF Man arrested for impersonating Newark cop found with gun
  58. tPF For Republicans, Mounting Fears of Lasting Split
  59. Conor McGregor calls out Floyd Mayweather Over Race
  60. New video reopens Salt Lake City police shooting case
  61. Warning: Hey SCOTUS - Just settle this Ted Cruz eligibility thing
  62. Sean Penn largely credited with El Chapo capture
  63. tPF McConnell Shuts Down Notion That Obama Will Get War Authorization Against ISIS
  64. tPF Maine Democrats to Press for Impeachment of Gov. LePage
  65. tPF Trump on North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un: 'You Gotta Give Him Credit'
  66. tPF The new way police are surveilling you: Calculating your threat ‘score’
  67. Donald Trump, Made in China
  68. Donald Trump’s big tent
  69. David Bowie Dead at 69
  70. tPF 2nd Baltimore officer in Freddie Gray case goes on trial
  71. tPF Spain's Princess Cristina Faces Historic Tax Fraud Trial
  72. Paul Ryan promises GOP will totally come up with Obamacare-replacement one day
  73. tPF Politicians urging the Purchase of Smart guns for NYPD
  74. Washington school shooter’s dad gets 2 years prison for possessing gun
  75. Rand Paul, Fiorina dropped from next Gop Debate
  76. Hillary Clinton's Lead Over Sanders Nearly Vanishes
  77. U.S. bombs 'millions' in ISIS currency holdings
  78. Black Lives Matter organizer scolds Hillary Clinton on criminal-justice platform
  79. Rand Paul and Carly Fiorina Cut From Next Republican Mainstage Debate
  80. tPF House Votes to Give Former Presidents a Pension Cut
  81. tPF Armed Group Says It Has Accessed Government Files at Refuge
  82. ather of Koch Brothers Helped Build Nazi Oil Refinery
  83. tPF Donald Trump Gets Heckled at New Hampshire Diner: 'Enjoy Your Burger, Racist!'
  84. Bundy Bros to be fined 75,000 per day
  85. More than 100 people shot in Chicago in first 10 days of 2016
  86. USA TODAY GOP Power Rankings: Trump, Cruz break away from the pack
  87. Ted Cruz is not eligible to be president
  88. Pat Buchanan says Donald Trump is the future of the Republican Party
  89. Jebby ~ 'Rubio the Weathervane'
  90. Istanbul ~ Germans targeted in suicide blast
  91. tPF ISIL burns fighters from Ramadi alive for failure
  92. why are the republicans bailing out vw?
  93. Kentucky governor to dismantle state's health insurance exchange
  94. Iran Holding US Sailors Hostage
  95. Warning: Ohio Man Fatally Shoots Teen Son He Mistook for an Intruder
  96. tPF 10 U.S. sailors in Iranian custody
  97. tPF Poll: Sanders leads Clinton by 14 in New Hampshire
  98. tPF Don’t underestimate the power of Trump’s rage-fueled rise
  99. tPF On Every Leading Economic Issue Black Americans Have Lost Ground Under Obama
  100. tPF N.J. Amazon plant didn't report workplace injuries; fined by feds
  101. the apple doesn't fall far from the tree: chelsea lies her ass off about sanders
  102. tPF Man Vidoes neighbors
  103. support pours in for oregon occupiers
  104. Top Ten 2016 Obama SOTU Lies, Breitbart checks the facts, and makes a List.
  105. GOP finally picked a winner to deliver SOTU response!
  106. Anti-Obama march organizer fatally shoots right-wing militant buddy in drunken disput
  107. tPF Florida Militia Leader Says Group Would Be Ready for a "Call to Arms
  108. tPF China arrests most prominent woman rights lawyer for subversion
  109. GOP courts LGBT votes in stunningly stupid Snapchat campaign
  110. The one guy in congress who actually LIKES Ted Cruz won't endorse him!
  111. tPF Pope Francis Expands on Remarks About Gays: ‘God Loves All His Creatures’
  112. Oregon Militiamen Appear To Be Preparing To Put Local Officials On 'Trial'
  113. How Trump made the Cruz Birther attack stick
  114. Tavis Smiley: On Every Leading Economic Issue Black Americans Have Lost Ground Under
  115. Good Obama Story
  116. Maine ~ Lawmakers to impeach Gov. LePage ?
  117. Time to take Bernie seriously
  118. Ashley Olsen's murder in Florence seems solved
  119. A vote for Hillary is a vote for war
  120. Warning: The 6th 2016 Presidential GOP Debate
  121. Oscars 2016: Complete List of Nominees
  122. Carlos Santana Praises Obama’s SOTU
  123. tPF Bernie Sanders Would Be the Oldest President In U.S. History
  124. Tavis Smiley's good friend; Tim Wise ... also a Good White Leader
  125. State of Michigan, Gov. Snyder sued in class action lawsuit over Flint water crisis
  126. New York Rep Peter King to Ted Cruz: Go back under a rock!
  127. Economic confidence hits highest level in months!
  128. Cruz flip-flops on Snowden
  129. Small German town send its migrants to Merkel
  130. Did you hear Ben carson refer to us on The Political Forum?
  131. tPF Fact-Checking the GOP Debate
  132. Trump More Than Doubles National Lead in NBC/WSJ Poll
  133. tPF Quarter of Republicans think Cruz's birthplace disqualifies him for president
  134. Serious Accident' In Medical Drug Trial
  135. Legionnaires' disease adds to water concerns in Flint
  136. WalMart to close 269 stores
  137. Two teenage girls face trial in Colorado for 'planning mass school shooting'
  138. tPF Jakarta terrorist attack
  139. My favorite moment from last night - Trump's interaction with Nikki Haley
  140. 'Drop Dead Ted'
  141. tPF The Bromance Between Trump and Cruz Is Over
  142. Today's DOW
  143. Chipotle Restaurants to Temporarily Close for Safety Meeting
  144. A smart conservative's take on Calgary Ted
  145. Cluelessness in the First Degree - Wow!
  146. Mosquito-Borne Zika Virus May Be Linked to Rise of Birth Defects, Puts Officials on A
  147. 'Grizzly Adams' ~ Dan Haggerty dies
  148. tPF 9/11 Widower Invites Ted Cruz to Learn About 'New York Values'
  149. Ted Cruz ~ Failed to Report a Second Campaign Loan
  150. Employee wellness plans not voluntary any more
  151. New Jersey may seize Atlantic City
  152. Texas ~ Lawyer Files 'Birther' Lawsuit against Ted Cruz
  153. Iran ~ American Reporter and others held prisoner released
  154. Bush donors await green light to jump ship!
  155. Carly Fiorina Repeats After Girl: 'Donald Trump's a Moron'
  156. Debate: Ted channeled Glacier Gidget and Trump channeled Jon Stewart
  157. tPF How Top Republicans Are Preparing for a Contested Convention
  158. NH Poll: Bernie Sanders leads Hillary Clinton in every major voting bloc
  159. tPF Donald Trump Calls Ted Cruz 'Hypocrite' for Accepting Loans
  160. Warning: Email Bombshell: Benghazi Response Teams Deliberately Stopped By Whitehouse
  161. U.S. Military Readies Punishments for Botched Afghan Airstrike
  162. District leaders furious Walmart breaking promise to build stores in poor neighborhoo
  163. Water crisis in Flint, Michigan - President declares emergency
  164. tPF GOP Establishment Loses Hope of Winning Iowa, New Hampshire
  165. tPF Donald Trump Ramps up Attacks on Ted Cruz, Says 'He's a Nasty Guy'
  166. tPF Hillary Clinton 'Flattered' by Karl Rove Attack Ad
  167. Pentagon takes aim at ISIS hackers
  168. tPF Wisconsin manufacturing plant takes away Muslim worship breaks
  169. tPF Fact-Checking the Democratic Debate
  170. tPF Fourth Democratic Presidential Debate: 5 Moments That Mattered
  171. The 62 Richest People On Earth Now Hold As Much Wealth As The Poorest 3.5 Billion
  172. MPs to debate call to ban Donald Trump from UK
  173. Justice at its Best is Love Correcting everything that stands against Love
  174. tPF Good Samaritan armed with a gun helps subdue armed suspect at 5th Ave Mall
  175. Apparently Canada is "hip" - NY Times
  176. Danville police officer killed
  177. Oregon Brothers launch anti-Bundy fundraising campaign
  178. Obama’s approval rating is back over 50 percent; Hillary Running on Obama Legacy
  179. Penthouse magazine to end print publication, focus on its digital offerings
  180. R.I.P. Glenn Frey
  181. tPF The Republicans who did ‘exactly what Hillary did’
  182. Hollande and Bernie
  183. tPF 2016 Democratic Presidential Nomination
  184. Bernie Sanders Hits Hillary On Goldman Sachs Speaking Fees
  185. tPF Some 9/11 First Responders Slam Donald Trump for Not Backing Their Health Care Fundin
  186. tPF Donald Trump Mistakes Biblical Citation at Liberty University Event
  187. tPF Bernie Sanders Doubles Down on Critique of Hillary Clinton's Speaking Fees
  188. Chris Christie's Beef With Michelle Obama's Healthy Eating Initiative
  189. tPF Exclusive: Pentagon May Demote David Petraeus
  190. tPF German girls are just there for sex
  191. tPF Swedish woman being harassed and groped by gang of ‘migrant’ men
  192. St. Paul police sergeant allegedly told drivers to "Hit & Run" BLM protesters
  193. Palin ~ To endorse Trump in Iowa Today?
  194. Prick Snyder admits Flint poisoning is "his Katrina"
  195. tPF Supreme Court To Review Obama Immigration Plan
  196. tPF Clinton Receives Endorsement From Largest LGBT Organization
  197. World's Oldest Man Dies
  198. Stuntman? Jamie Foxx don't need no stinking stuntman
  199. Italian woman loses key and asks to be freed from chastity belt
  200. Ben Carson Van flips in Iowa
  201. Michigan ~ Gov. Snyders' State of the State Address
  202. tPF Trump Says Cruz Has Flip-Flopped on Birthright Citizenship
  203. Poll: Hillary Clinton losing voters under 50
  204. Palin's word salad on Trump endorsement ... SO delicious!
  205. Palins Son beats Girlfriend threatens to shoot himself
  206. tPF Violent crime rose across America in first half of 2015, FBI says
  207. tPF Clinton emails contained 'need-to-know' classified info
  208. tPF Rubio Says Sanders Should 'Run for President of Norway'
  209. tPF Despite republican claims, there is no FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton
  210. Ironicly - Obama Vetoes GOP Bill that would Kill Clean Water Rules
  211. Bob Gates on the GOP field: 'They don’t know what they’re talking about'
  212. Fast and Furious rifle found at El Chapo's hideout
  213. Trump & Palin in Oklahoma
  214. tPF Academy Members Defend Their Oscar Votes
  215. Officials: New Top Secret Clinton Emails "Innocuous"
  216. I've lost a lot of respect for Palin for endorsing Trump
  217. Jaime Foxx rescues motorist from burning car
  218. How Much Will The Obamacare Co-Op Disaster Cost Taxpayers?
  219. tPF I decapitate you' Women workers threatened
  220. Oregon governor blames feds for response to Bundy occupation
  221. Good News coming out of Washington DC
  222. Paris terrorists families Suing French Police, Alleging Murder Of Loved Ones
  223. U.S. Marine Comes Home to Michigan After Release From Iranian Prison
  224. tPF Backdoor Account Found on Devices Used by White House, US Military
  225. Iceland Sentences 26 Corrupt Bankers To 74 Years In Prison
  226. Sgt Nick Irving (The "Reaper") has anyone seen this guy?
  227. tPF Marco Rubio: Donald Trump Is Not 'Ready' to Be President
  228. Flint, Michigan ~ EPA Administrator Quits
  229. tPF Meet Darnell Earley, the man behind Flint’s water crisis
  230. 'Against Trump' ~ Trump response to National Review
  231. tPF Former Sec Def Robert Gates: ‘Odds Are Pretty High’ Russia, China, And Iran Accessed
  232. tPF The Surprising New Normal in the Abortion Debate
  233. TeaTed gets spanked by JFK's grandson
  234. East Coast ~ The 2016 Blizzard of Oz
  235. tPF GOP Lawmakers Want Exemptions for Gay Marriage Opponents
  236. The Hillary Pickle
  237. Limbaugh: FBI will not sacrifice its Integrity and Reputation to protect Hillary
  238. Update Info from Email issues
  239. JPMorgan Raises Jamie Dimon's Pay 35 Percent, But With Strings
  240. tPF Strict Canadian gun laws didn't prevent this shooting
  241. tPF ANALYSIS: The Storm That’s Hit the GOP
  242. PolitiFact debunks Jeb! claim about Hillary being FBI target...
  243. tPF Trump Video on American Veterans Shows Russian Military Ribbons
  244. Flint, Michigan ~ Gov. Snyder hires Spin Doctors
  245. tPF Michael Bloomberg Planning for Independent Run for President
  246. tPF Donald Trump Jokes He Could 'Shoot Somebody' Without Losing Support
  247. tPF Hillary Clinton and Marco Rubio Pick Up Coveted Iowa Newspaper Endorsement
  248. tPF Woman Confronts Hillary Clinton About Her Health
  249. PolitiFact's Lie of the Year (and it wasn't even close ;-)
  250. The dead people of America really don’t want Hillary Clinton to be president