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  1. tPF Bernie Sanders Walks Back Claim His Campaign Is Unsettling Global Markets
  2. tPF Hope For Peaceful Race Relations Looks Bleaker Than Ever
  3. William Krystal's Magazine 'Weekly Standard' Incinerates Donald Trump's Reputation
  4. tPF Trump Calls Out Protester Wearing a Turban: 'He Wasn't Wearing One of Those Hats, Was
  5. Colbert has a blast with Palin's endorsement speech
  6. Gun Shop Owner And Son Die In Shootout Over $25 Service Charge
  7. Young Ted Cruz Is A Dweeb
  8. tPF Michael Bloomberg to Decide on Presidential Run in First Week of March, Friend Says
  9. tPF Bernie Sanders' One Answer on How He Would Get Anything Done
  10. tPF President Obama Dismisses Comparisons to Bernie Sanders in 2016 Race
  11. Ground Floor! New Internet Rumor!
  12. tPF Clinton, Once in Cabinet, Wins Support From Obama Officials
  13. 8 to face trial for botched repair job on King Tut's mask
  14. An Open Letter to Sarah Palin
  15. more news about those planned parenthood videos
  16. Warning: Feds now foresee $30 trillion debt
  17. tPF Flint, Michigan's water crisis has still left the city with fewer poisoned children t
  18. Want to know why businesses leave California?
  19. CIA declassifies UFO documents
  20. Militia members vow to protect Flint residents & distribute water
  21. Lead Poisoning Strikes Another U.S. Town
  22. Active shooter at Naval Medical Center San Diego
  23. Fallwell endorses Trump
  24. tPF Donald Trump Says Ted Cruz Is Telling 'Lie After Lie'
  25. Christie in N.H. on Jersey Floods ~ 'You want me to go down there with a Mop' ?
  26. tPF Denmark Passes Law Allowing Confiscation Of Refugees' Valuables
  27. tPF Thousands of Cuban Refugees Crossing the Border
  28. Abe Vigoda dies
  29. Warning: Bundys escalating showdown with feds
  30. Supreme Court ruling on juveniles serving life terms
  31. tPF GOPers Call Trump the Likely Winner; His Lead Stays Big, With Cruz Behind (POLL)
  32. tPF Hillary Clinton Would Consider Appointing President Obama to Supreme Court
  33. Trump will skip Fox's GOP Debate
  34. tPF Clinton Strikes New Tone Toward Sanders as Iowa Caucuses Near
  35. Cleveland fires six police officers over deadly 2012 chase
  36. tPF Bernie Sanders: "We Will Raise Taxes. Yes We Will."
  37. Talk about Poetic - Gov of Michigan Requesting Expansion of Obamacare to Cover Ass
  38. Ted Cruz favorability with Republicans is sinking
  39. Jeb Bush Says He Doesn’t Think Donald Trump Is a Christian
  40. tPF Oregon Standoff: 1 Dead, 1 Wounded As Feds Arrest Ammon Bundy and Others
  41. One shot dead as FBI arrests Oregon occupation leader, others
  42. Fox News accuses Trump of Terrorism
  43. Maine ~ Gov. LePage so wacked he's not even doing a State of the State Address
  44. Cruz challenges Trump to one-on-one Debate
  45. Flint, Michigan ~ Gov. Snyder calling for more Govt.
  46. Does The Indictment Of Planned Parenthood Accusers Take Abortion Off The Table ?
  47. A second Clinton administration could mean a future Justice Barack Obama.
  48. Republicans' grasp of National Security is at a child's level ...
  49. MIA: Hollywood's Power Women for Hillary
  50. Without Trump 83% Say They WILL NOT Watch GOP Debate
  51. black, mentally ill inmate Darren Rainey’s torturous death in Miami prison an acciden
  52. Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America ~ Don't want Trumps' money
  53. tPF HRC Joins Hillary Clinton on Campaign Trail
  54. tPF Five Reasons Hillary Would Be Better Than Bernie
  55. Pelosi distances Democrats from Sanders's plan to raise taxes
  56. Warning: Five Reasons Why Bernie Would Be Better Than Hillary
  57. tPF White House Knocks Trump For Backing Out of Debate
  58. MSNBC's Jeff Scarborough would set himself on fire then Attend Debate With Megan Kell
  59. Tom DeLay: FBI ready to recommend Hillary indictment
  60. Jackson played by white man is an issue but Nancy drew by anything but white...
  61. tPF Hmmm, got something in my eye...
  62. The Cop Who Killed Laquan McDonald Had Broken His Dashcam On Purpose, Report Says
  63. Chelsea Clinton's fundraising FLOP
  64. tPF Clinton Seen as Winner in November; A Trump Presidency Inspires Anxiety (POLL)
  65. Paul LePage: Strap up and start killing drug dealers!
  66. tPF Senate Dems Pitch $400 Million Fix for Lead Pipes in Flint
  67. Conservatism ~ 'Too Dumb to Fail'
  68. Zuckerberg ~ Now wealthier than the Kochs
  69. Warning: Bundy bitter clingers are not afraid to die
  70. tPF Trump 'Is Acting Like Another Hitler By Inciting Racism," Says Anne Frank's Stepsiste
  71. tPF Russia Adds Hillary Clinton To Terror Watchlist
  72. tPF Sanders Wants to Repeal Gun Maker Liability Law He Once Supported
  73. tPF Biden Says Tumultuous GOP Primary a 'Gift From the Lord' for Democrats
  74. Zika Virus
  75. The 7th 2016 GOP Debate ~ Fox news invites candidates to attack Cruz
  76. China accuses Canadian of spying
  77. Warning: Oregon Shooting
  78. In the end, non-Dems want a Serious, Diplomatic Candidate.
  79. Trump ~ 'Ted Cruz is a Canadian anchor-baby'
  80. Merkel immigration policy unpopular
  81. tPF Spain: Princess Loses Legal Battle to Avoid Tax Fraud Trial
  82. 90 year-old Nazi's raided
  83. Hillary Emails ~ State Dept to not release 22 emails
  84. Gross Domestic Product Fourth Quarter and Annual 2015 (Advance Estimate)
  85. Legal Expert Dan Abrams : Hillary Clinton Has Committed No Crimes
  86. tPF Unions Lean Democratic, but Donald Trump Gets Members’ Attention
  87. Water filters can't handle lead levels in Flint
  88. Hillary's Corporate Democrats Taking Down Bernie Sanders
  89. Wal-Mart whistleblower pharmacist wins $31 million
  90. tPF Politicians don't want to talk about the Nordic model because it actually works
  91. tPF Iowa Political Parties Acknowledge Major Gap in Online Caucus Tool
  92. tPF Bill Clinton Says Hillary in ‘Dog Fight’ for Iowa Caucus Win
  93. tPF GOP establishment to back Hillary if Trump nominee
  94. tPF Clinton, Sanders Campaigns Agree to Add New Hampshire Debate
  95. tPF Bernie’s Past With the Far Far Far Left
  96. tPF Donald Trump reclaims lead in latest Iowa Poll
  97. tPF Gabby Giffords Makes Emotional Plea for Hillary Clinton as Caucus Nears
  98. DoD: no further punishment for David Petraeus
  99. Kochs ~ 'We are not a secret Cabal' ... despite hosting secret Cabals
  100. Who is Trump in 25 facts
  101. Iowa voter asks Calgary Ted what he'll replace Obamacare with
  102. tPF The final Des Moines Register Iowa poll has good news for Hillary Clinton
  103. Thug Gangs Brawl at Denver Expo Leads to 1 Dead, Multiple Injuries
  104. tPF Ted Cruz Facing Controversy Over Iowa 'Voter Violation' Mailers
  105. Want a great conspiracy? Saw this guy on tv and it caused me to read up
  106. tPF Bernie Sanders Says Hillary Clinton 'Getting Slapped' by Email Controversy
  107. el chapo escapes again
  108. 80 percent of Chicago PD dash-cam videos are missing audio due to ‘officer error’
  109. Small group of Chicago police costs city millions in settlements
  110. Hundreds Of Union Plumbers Spent The Weekend Installing Water Filters For Flint ...
  111. Two Virginia Tech students charged in death of 13-year-old Girl
  112. Warning: 4Q fizzle
  113. 19 years later,single mom writes Open Letter to Pres. Carter about her 'Habitat' home
  114. Oh Donald ... Looks who's HUGE
  115. Donald Trump tries to put money on Communion Plate
  116. One World Observatory
  117. Trump snags the coveted Kid Rock endorsement!
  118. tPF Hillary Clinton's ticking time bomb
  119. tPF Sweden to deport 80,000 refugees
  120. A Million People Are About to Lose Food Stamps
  121. tPF Hillary Clinton a 'Better Candidate' Than in 2008
  122. tPF Mike Huckabee Suspends 2016 Presidential Race
  123. tPF Martin O'Malley Suspends Presidential Campaign
  124. tPF US General Calls 'Carpet Bombing' ISIS Against American Values
  125. tPF 2016 election center
  126. tPF Republican Iowa Caucus 2016 Results
  127. tPF Hillary Clinton Wins!!
  128. Flint, Michigan ~ FBI joins poison-water investigation
  129. Groundhog Day ~ What Punxsutawney Phil predicted
  130. New Hampshire ~ Hillary hammers Bush to todays' conservatives
  131. The 2016 New Hampshire Primary
  132. Even Fox News is calling out Ted for his ACA and Obama jobs record whoppers!
  133. Christie on Rubio ~ 'Boy in the Bubble'
  134. tPF Hillary Clinton Declared Winner of Iowa Caucuses
  135. Australian authorities search for driver who ran down 17 kangaroos
  136. tPF Aetna next big insurer to question sustainability of risk pools
  138. DC bill would pay people stipends not to commit crimes
  139. Candidate rides
  140. Rand Paul is Out
  141. Emails going to be a problem
  142. tPF Army and Marine Corps chiefs: It’s time for women to register for the draft
  143. Record Number of False Convictions Overturned in 2015
  144. tPF That superseekreet gubmint agency that supplies the Paid Actors is working overtime
  145. Warning: Decrying anti-Muslim bias, Obama pays 1st visit to US mosque
  146. tPF Donald Trump Goes on Anti-Cruz Tirade With 'Dirty' Campaign Charge
  147. Santorum is gone
  148. tPF ZOMG Marijuana prevented the New Horizons probe to Pluto and Curiosity rover on Mars
  149. tPF Red States Outnumber Blue for First Time
  150. US president visits Baltimore mosque
  151. tPF Judge denies Benghazi suspect’s bid to be returned to Libya
  152. Free State Project Reaches Goal
  153. Iowa ~ Trump calls for new Caucus
  154. If the election was tomorrow
  155. tPF ISIL radio station in Afghanistan destroyed- while on air
  156. tPF IRS Computer Problems Shut Down Tax Return E-File System
  157. Your Thoughts, Predictions and Analysis of a Cruz Vs. Sanders General 2016 Election?
  158. George W. Bush cancels Swiss visit over fears of being arrested on torture charges
  159. Donald Trump Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize
  160. Warning: New Hampshire ~ The Hillary Sanders 2016 Dem Debate
  161. Michigan Governor Says Flint Residents Should Get a Discount on Toxic Water
  162. tPF Monsters Inc.
  163. Abdelhamid Abaaoud proud of the attack that killed 130 people
  164. New Hampshire ~ Jeb calls on mom to help campaign
  165. Rut-Row:Condoleezza Rice Aides - Colin Powell Also Got Classified Info on Pers. Email
  166. Watch Elijah Cummings' impassioned speech about Flint water crisis
  167. Grand jury indicts 16 people for Oregon wildlife refuge occupation
  168. 'Pharma Bro' Shkreli invokes the Fifth
  169. Flint, Michigan ~ Emergency Manager Darnell Earley refuses to Testify
  170. tPF Derrick Henry gets it
  171. tPF “Idealism” Has Nothing To Do With It
  172. tPF Iowa lessons — 5 about Republicans and 2 about Democrats: Michael Medved
  173. RIP Maurice White: co-founder of Earth Wind & Fire
  174. Voice of Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck ~ Joe Alaskey dies
  175. Bernie Sanders now under Secret Service protection
  176. tPF Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice Staffers Also Handled Emails Later Deemed Classifie
  177. tPF Clinton Tells Sanders 'If You Got Something to Say, Say It'
  178. tPF Many of the children migrants are Latin gang members
  179. tPF Soldier’s wife shoots and kills intruder
  180. tPF Obama to propose $10-a-barrel oil tax
  181. Emails show Snyder’s own office was aware of the outbreak since last March.
  182. Out of Touch
  183. GOP ~ 'Repeal Obamacare defund Planned Parenthood after we Win'
  184. Using simple math we cannot
  185. Filmmaker Michael Moore in ICU with pneumonia.
  186. tPF Doctor gets 30-life for murder / over prescribing pain pills
  187. tPF Chinese Defector reveals Beijing’s secrets
  188. Chuck Todd asks Hillary to release transcripts of speeched to Goldman Sachs
  189. National debt hits $19 trillion
  190. Cool Grandpa
  191. tPF Michigan GOP whitewashes Snyder role in Flint H20 crisis
  192. Chris Christie will charm the hell out of Nancy Pelosi if president
  193. tPF A Closer Look At New Hampshire's Track Record of Predicting Presidents
  194. tPF You Want To Read Hillary Clinton's Goldman Sachs Speeches? Here - Watch One!
  195. tPF Democratic donor contacts Biden allies about possible run
  196. tPF Alex Jones: Bernie Sanders Supporters Like Nazis Clamoring For Adolf Hitler
  197. Madeleine Albright slams Sanders
  198. tPF Diana West Decries 'Hispanization' Of US, 'Demographic Invasion' From Southern Border
  199. tPF Mexican Supreme Court decision could lead way to marriage equality
  200. tPF Gloria Steinem Slammed for Suggesting Young Women Support Bernie Sanders to Chase Boy
  201. North Korea ~ Launches Long-Range Missile
  202. tPF Leaked documents reveal serious issues at U.S. Southern border
  203. The 2016 GOP New Hampshire Debate
  204. Warning: Presidents and religion / candidates and religion
  205. tPF Marco Rubio Was a Disaster
  206. tPF Hillary Clinton Says She Has 'Never, Ever' Let a Donor Influence Her Vote
  207. Iowans claim instances when Sanders was shorted delegates
  208. tPF Anti-Sanders attack ad isn’t quite what it seems to be
  209. tPF World-Class Doubledown
  210. tPF 'There's a special place in hell' for women who don't back Clinton
  211. tPF Hillary Clinton Blasts 'State's Neglect' for Flint Water Crisis During Visit to City
  212. The 2016 Super Bowl ~ Latest Happenings Edition
  213. Poor Hillary! Sanders within 3% Nationally
  214. tPF ANALYSIS: Marco Rubio Misses Moment as Donald Trump Rises, GOP Braces for Long Haul
  216. tPF Pentagon orders commanders to prioritize climate change in all military actions
  217. tPF Record number of citizens renounce citizenship in 2015.
  218. Warning: Mexico 'won't pay single cent for Trump's stupid wall'
  219. Leaked police files contain guarantees disciplinary records will be kept secret
  220. "The president is our boss"
  221. tPF Did Ted Cruz learn anything from his last round of dirty tricks?
  222. tPF Why we have a problem-half of new driver's licenses in California went to illegals
  223. tPF Why we have a problem-sanctuary movement grows for immigrants here illegally
  224. Confused about what feminism means?
  225. Apparent breach of FBI, DHS worker data?
  226. tPF Sanders leads in Favorability over Clinton
  227. tPF A Legal Victory for Gun Rights
  228. More than 630,000 immigrant students nationwide
  229. Flint, Michigan ~ Parents of 'tragic" 2-year-old sues Flint
  231. tPF Sanders, Clinton in dead heat - Reuters/Ipsos poll
  232. tPF Jeb Bush wants to overturn Citizens United
  233. tPF 4 in 10 GOP Voters Say They Could Change Their Minds in New Hampshire
  234. Trump calls Ted Cruz a Pussy
  235. Eight dead, 50 seriously injured in head-on train collision in Germany
  236. tPF FBI Confirms Clinton Email Investigation
  237. Rubio winning the hearts and minds of NH journalists!
  238. Trudeau, following up on campaign promises on Syria
  239. tPF Democrats Are Fuming About Hillary Clinton's 'Smear' Line
  240. 4.1 Trillion
  241. 70 4 24 Sears warns Q4 worse than expected, accelerates store closures
  242. Albright and Steinem play the sex card
  243. Anyone else get their retirement savings statement this week?
  244. #RubioRobot
  245. Killed by meteorite
  246. tPF Top General Takes 'Umbrage' at GOP Candidate Claims Military is 'Gutted'
  247. tPF $365,694,500,000: U.S. Merchandise Trade Deficit With China
  248. tPF Supreme Court puts Obama's Clean Power Plan on hold
  249. Christie's 'independent' Bridgegate lawyers now funding his campaign
  250. Hackers publish contact info of 20,000 FBI employees