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  1. Crude oil ought to be $150 per barrel: Iran
  2. Japan tooth patch could be end of decay
  3. Obama Destabilized the Middle East on Purpose
  4. The Press Buying Obama's Version of Mid East Meltdown?
  5. Ted Nugent has his own ammo brand now
  6. Teachers Strike Continues
  7. Get ready for Stagflation 70's-style, thanks to Ben "Bailout" Bernanke!
  8. Who's lying: Obama or Libya?
  9. Once You Go Barack, You Never Go Back
  10. Obama, stung by Romney, hits China on trade
  11. CNN Reporter Sends Obama Donation Request Form to Twitter Followers
  12. Protester dies after inhaling smoke from burning U.S. flag
  13. Truth Market
  14. I hope you are all sick.
  15. Quantifying The Obvious
  16. Never Waste A Good Crisis
  17. Obama’s Security Breach In Libya Is Ignored By American Media
  18. Egyptian Filmmaker Cited Poor Health in Fraud Case
  19. Rushdie: free speech under threat from 'religious extremists'
  20. 47% what?!?!
  21. Obama Admin Backing Away Slowly from Libyan Attack Big Lie
  22. New Liberal Math
  23. School Bans Mother/Son Activities
  24. DNC Surrogates
  25. Lake Forest High School Opens
  26. U.S. Downgraded! It begins!
  27. The US DoJ and Media Matters Conspire Against America
  28. Obama, the great pretender
  29. Unemployment Rate Would Be 10.1%, if so many people hadn't dropped out of labor force
  30. The Electric “Train Wreck”
  31. 80 Million Hours
  32. Boy Scouts as an organization covered up hundreds of cases of sexual abuse
  33. Muzzy Brotherhood In Cairo Issues Arrest Warrant For Free Speaking Americans
  34. Today the Obama Administration Flirts with the Truth
  35. Deflation's Here, and the Downward Spiral Has Started??
  36. New Topic: Chicago School Strike Over! New Topic:
  37. Coal company- aggressive regulations 1,200 layoffs
  38. French Mag to Publish Cartoons of Prophet Mohammed
  39. 10 Year Old Girl Charged With Manslaughter
  40. Obama's Foreign Policy Approval Rating takes a dive
  41. So, can someone help explain why Lindsay gets multiple chances?
  42. the Blind Sheikh to be transfered
  43. BREAKING: No DNA from Trayvon found on Zimmerman's Gun
  44. Speaking of the evil 1%
  45. Tape Mysteriously Edited
  46. BREAKING: No evidence AG Eric Holder knew of 'Fast and Furious'
  47. Obama Admin ambassador Assassination Big Lie Falling Apart......
  48. The Last Supper with Ubama
  49. "The Consulate attack was magic," infers an Obama official.
  50. Reports: Chick-fil-A to stop funding anti-gay groups
  51. Ooop! Obama Definitely Lied About Tax Increases
  52. Tax Penalty to Hit Nearly 6M Uninsured People
  53. Green Party Candidate Touts ‘Remarkable’ 2 Percent Poll Showing
  54. Nbc exposes obama admin's contradictions over libya embassy attack
  55. Celebrity of the United States Lies About Libya on Letterman
  56. OWS Is Dead
  57. Obama calls for 'democracy with a small d'
  58. Gallop: obama 47% Romney 47%
  59. New Powerful movie-Occupy Unmasked.
  60. Obama: ‘You Can’t Change Washington from the Inside’
  61. Obama Launches For ALL Campaign.....
  62. You Didn’t Build That
  63. ‘You can’t change Washington from the inside’
  64. The Son Of Privilege
  65. My biting reply to a report on a media bias poll
  66. Taxes At 3 PM
  67. Romney paid 14% effective tax rate in 2011
  68. Obama continues to insist attack on Consulate result of the movie
  69. Occupy One Year Later
  70. How Do You Feel About YOUR Tax Dollars Funding TV Ads In Pakistan?
  71. 2016 full movie-Obama's America
  72. Harry Reid: Make our day, release your 2011 tax return
  73. Your Gov't at Work
  74. Obama Knew About Benghazi Terror Attacks 90 Minutes After They Began… Went to Bed
  75. a “10 to 15 year managed depression” in Southern Europe
  76. Obama to condemn christian filmmaker before un
  77. Mauled NY man:"I wanted to be one with the tiger" ...... liberal fool.
  78. Fairness no longer an issue....
  79. The Toll of Obamanomics: More Americans now commit suicide than die in car crashes
  80. Egypt's President, US needs to fundamentally change its approach to the Arab world
  81. Obama’s Shaky Libya Narrative
  82. Chicago Symphony Orchestra Musicians Strike.....
  83. Egyptian Islamist Leader Due to Visit US Tells the NYT that America Must Change
  84. More bad news...
  85. Sob Story Sequel...
  86. US Prepares for Riots, Buys 1.2 Billion Bullets
  87. Kudlow: Did White House Lie About Libya Attacks?
  88. Well, I'll be damned...
  89. Gibbs defends administration's response to deadly attack, says not ‘misleading’
  90. Wind Power Chaos In Germany
  91. cnn reports details of amb chris stevens private diary
  92. Foxconn Riots
  93. Media put 18,000 in not-quite-full 5,000-seat arena for obama in wisconsin
  94. Romney: Obama 'jumped gun' casting libya attack as unplanned
  95. France goes insane. Elimiates Mother and Father designation from official docuemnets
  96. No Morsi-Obama meeting after all?
  97. Educational Reform
  98. Losing The Veterans
  99. Romney Favored By The Middle Class
  100. It's about Time; Enough of this BS .. Grow-Up and Play Nice or Else
  101. Madonna: Vote for the 'Black Muslim in the White House'
  102. Obama garbles U.S. history in human trafficking speech
  103. Bacon, pork shortage 'now unavoidable,' industry group says
  104. americans leaving nazi germany america at astounding rate.
  105. EU Socialists Eating Garbage with 50% Unemployment
  106. Are Your Kids Bitching Yet?
  107. A Regulatory Boondoggle
  108. U.S. Officials Knew Libya Attacks Were Work of Al Qaeda Affiliates
  109. The NFL is a perfect example of what happens when you pay your employees peanuts
  110. Obama Too Busy Trying to Save His Job Than to Actually Do His Job
  111. Yes It CAN happen here...Leftists riot in Greece and Spain
  112. Spokes-Harpy Coulter Says Another Stupid Thing About Race
  113. Damon's anti fracking film is in trouble
  114. "durable goods orders in August fell by the most since the recession"
  115. Abortionist who fed babies to dogs receives bail
  116. Pro-choice Penny Marshall glad there was ‘no choice’ when she was carrying her first
  117. 30 abortion workers have left, and now abortionist wants out: Abby Johnson
  118. Second Quarter GDP Revised Down to Dismal 1.3%
  119. Law Breaker Kathleen Sebelius to Hit the Campaign Trail for Obama
  120. How Will Romney Deal With Obama the Serial Liar in the Debates?
  121. Are You Familiar With Obama’s Puppet Master?
  122. Obama Spokeswoman Says ‘Women Don’t Care What Happened Over the Past Four Years’
  123. Hillary Clinton Wants to Tax the ‘Elites’ All Around the World
  124. Allen West Slammed Obama’s UN Speech
  125. It’s Official, Barack Obama is the 10% President!
  126. Netanyahu Delivers An Outstanding Address To The UN
  127. HATE CRIME: Black Mob BRUTALIZES Bloodied White Man
  128. The Polls ARE Skewed--but Reps are Crazy
  129. Yahoo! Tries to Spin and Cover for Obama
  130. Government taking more risks with YOUR MONEY!
  131. Americans love Team GB
  132. Media Ignores Economy While Fixing The Election
  133. Sons of Anarchy' actor dead
  134. It's Friday: Any news about PA Voter ID yet?
  135. It's Friday ...
  136. Blitzer Puts Smackdown On Conservative Poll Conspiracy Theory
  137. Dude Just Blew His Brains Out On Live TV!!!
  138. Panetta says they, meaning US, have lost track of Syrian Chemical weapons
  139. Couple Endures Death Threat, Vandalism Over Romney Sign
  140. Feds Arrest Producer Of Controversial Anti-Islam Filmmaker
  141. Ubama to give Egypt $450 Million in Aid
  142. That's "Mr. Christ" to you, pal...
  143. The Michel Bachmann Effect
  144. Michael Savage leaves radio show after legal win
  145. Intelligence office says it got Libya attack wrong, not White House Read more here:
  146. Bishop Paprocki warns of 'intrinsic evils' in Democratic platform
  147. Voter Registration Fraud in Florida... Here We Go
  148. Obama Manipulates - Again
  149. Massive GOP Election Fraud Scandal Grows!
  150. Election Night Results May Take Days - Weeks..
  151. Univision expose of Operation Fast & Furious
  152. Former abortion clinic workers detail conversion stories
  153. 'Zombie Economy' May Give Markets a Scare in October
  154. Turns out Wiscnonsin, California and Vermont are selling you morphine
  155. US military deaths in Afghanistan hit 2,000: Anti-War Left Still Missing
  156. Dodger Stadium to host 'joyous' pro-life youth event
  157. Univision connects Operation Fast and Furious scandal to murders of 16 Teens
  158. Racial Double Standards at MSNBC
  159. ADA Kills Another Small Business
  160. Walmart, Shell, Big Corps Support Affirmative Action In SC Case
  161. Cop lays the smackdown on protestor
  162. Obama Buying More Votes from Illegal Aliens
  163. Public School Classroom Flies Gay Flag Twice The Size Of American Flag
  164. The Revival of the Hollywood Blacklist
  165. Obama Seeks to Boost Ego with Taxpayer Money
  166. Baltimore MTA Demands Man “Show Your Papers”
  167. Obama Commie Zombies Say We All Belong to Obama
  168. White House Hack Attack
  169. Eric Holder participated in armed takeover of former Columbia University ROTC office
  170. Only 9% of sampled households gave an answer to pollsters in 2012:
  171. Romney Presses Foreign Policy Criticsm Anew.....
  172. California To Give Illegals Driver Licenses
  173. The GOP Operative Behind The Voter Fraud Conspiracy Emerges
  174. Oops, IRan publishes humor as fact and gets egg on its face
  175. Justin Beiber Barfs On Stage as "Believe" Tour opens...you saw it here FIRST!
  176. Benghazi-Gate:U.S. Consulate in Benghazi Bombed Twice in Run-Up to 9/11 Anniversary
  177. A pollster under oath
  178. ABCNEWS Stephanopoulos declares Dem winner in 8 of 9 last debates...
  179. Oh, No....Did Obama ignore requests for added securtity in the Liyan terror attack?
  180. Florida schools will monitor trash cans with trash cams
  181. (Obama '07 Viddy)Fake accent, same message. It's all whitey's fault
  182. Some Interesting Polling Returns
  183. Springfield Missouri City Council repealed a marijuana decriminalization ordinance
  184. Another Bipartisan Committee Finds Widespread Waste And Abuse
  185. "Urban youths" (AKA black teen thugs) Forcefully take over gas station "We own this!"
  186. Did the White House order a cover-up over the murder of Libya's US Ambassador?
  187. Detroit Police Chiefs Unable to Control Their Sexual Urges: 2nd One Suspended
  188. Clinotn orders Independent Inquiry of Liyan Al-Qaida Attadck on Consulate
  189. Socialized Medicine Strikes Again
  190. Real Time Pres. Debate Thread
  191. Nat'l Geographic: The end of the Carribean Coral Reefs
  192. Mitt Won this Debate ...
  193. Chris Matthews Freaks/Romney Was "Winning"
  194. The Romney Haters All Calling It An Early Night
  195. Racist black teacher publically humilated student for wearing Romney T shirt
  196. Fact checking the debate
  197. Hags on "The Skew" totally silent on last nights debate
  198. U.S. coal stocks jump on Romney comments: analysts
  199. Al Gore The Moron Blames Altitude For Obama's Failure
  200. The results are in. Debate timing as follows:
  201. Another lying liberal pretending to be neutral once again insulting our intelligence
  202. Teens on a Bus Brutally Sucker Punch Elderly Bus Driver
  203. France: Woman Assaulted for Walking on Bridge by Muslims
  204. The MSM Will Seek Revenge
  205. Guess what the employment numbers were
  206. Suspicious Package targeted Bristol Palin on DWTS
  207. New Study Confirms Obamacare’s Birth Control Mandate Could Reduce Abortion Rate
  208. Dow hits five-year high on strong jobs report
  209. A small piece of my Software shipped off to South Carolina today
  210. Are The New Job Numbers Too Little Too Late for Obama?
  211. PakiTaliban ready to greet CodeOink with Suicide BOmbers
  212. Ohio court backs voters rights
  213. A Promise Kept by Obama...
  214. Oops...Obama has a teeny weeny problem with LIbya...
  215. Man Tells Obama: Business 'Terrible Since You Got Here'
  216. Obama Denies Ambassador Dies
  217. Third Party Candidate Debate
  218. Oh, this is just begging....Obama rolls over....
  219. Black Actress Endorses Romney
  220. Clinton aide swiftly briefed lawmakers on 'coordinated' Libya strike
  221. Attack on teacher caught by surveillance cameras
  222. China and Afghanistan have agreed to strengthen ties
  223. Socialist Big Bird
  224. Cooking the Books, or How to Turn a Conspiracy into Fact.
  225. Quantum Optics – Wins Nobel Prize in Physics
  226. The 15 Most Overrated White People
  227. CBS Reporter Says Obama Lying — Jihadists Stronger than Ever Read more: http://godfa
  228. Why the Looming Obama-Donor Scandal Will Not Matter Read more: http://godfatherpolit
  229. Why Is Photo ID Required for Everything Except To Vote? Read more: http://godfatherp
  230. Romney’s Debate Win Biggest In History Says Gallup
  231. Iran Steps Up Threat With Drone Downed on Way to Israeli Nuclear Plant
  232. Laws Don’t Apply to Obama and Company
  233. Thirteen Minutes That Could Kill Obama’s Re-Election Bid
  234. who closed socialist big bird
  235. Typical Democrat Scum use theft, assult and vandalism to silence free speech
  236. Afterlife exists says top brain surgeon
  237. Big Bird Has Spoken: Shut up Obama!
  238. Sandusky gets at least 30 years, denies wrongdoing
  239. 'No Religion' Is Increasingly Popular Choice For Americans
  240. Arkansas Legislative Candidate Endorses Death Penalty For Rebellious Children
  241. Abu Hamza Snubs Judge
  242. Nevada Voter Fraud Law Upheld
  243. Ann Romney To Visit Cancer Center That Benefited From Stimulus Funds
  244. Jack Welch Calls BS On Unemployment Rate
  245. Nabbed: Obama Campaign Enabling Vote Fraud
  246. Is “Big Bird” a 1%-er?
  247. Google Image the phrase: Complety Wrong
  248. I don't trust Romney. He shouldn't make my son's death part of his political agenda.
  249. Um yet again Congress soft stepping this President...
  250. Kirsten Powers: Big Bird Ad Shows Obama "Out of Touch"