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  1. tPF Chris Christie Says the 'Anointment' of Marco Rubio Is 'Over'
  2. tPF Bernie and Trump win New Hampshire
  3. tPF Republican and Democrat by rank in NH
  4. Pssst: While All Eyes Are On The Presidential Race ...
  5. 2 Bedrooms In Chciago's Cabrini-Green's New High Rise Start At $3,200 A Month
  6. tPF New Hampshire proves Americans hate politicians
  7. 83-year-old ex-priest arrested for murder of Beauty Queen 55 years ago
  8. Hillary ~ To Hire Former Obama Deputy Campaign Manager
  9. NRA's Ted Nugent Posts Anti-Semitic Photo On Facebook
  10. New Hampshire ~ Why Hillary won more Delegates than Sanders
  11. Trump attacks Bernie & threatens to kill Kim Jong Un
  12. Chris Christie out ?
  13. Nate Silver is FINALLY taking Trump seriously
  14. Coach humiliates black players by forcing whites to touch them
  15. Bernie raised 5.2 million since the polls closed last night
  17. Carly Fiorina out
  18. Maher on Cruz: He's smart, evil and diabolical
  19. I can't tell who's the action figure ~ Trump or Cruz
  20. John McCain Just Openly Mocked ‘Dangerous’ GOP Candidates On The Senate Floor
  21. U.S. sues Ferguson
  22. Sirhan Sirhan denied Parole for 15th time
  23. tPF 4-Year-Old Clinton Supporter Crushed When His Mom Doesn't Vote for His Candidate
  24. Tamir Rice family billed by Cleveland officials for expenses of being Shot by Police
  25. tPF Senate Passes Bill to Hit North Korea With Harsher Sanctions
  26. Maryland ~ Cops suspect die
  27. tPF Will Hillary Clinton win the Democratic nomination?
  28. tPF Happening NOW: FBI Seige at Wildlife Refuge
  29. tPF FBI Arrests Cliven Bundy,
  30. North Korea ~ Kim Jong Un executes Top Military Chief
  31. Manslaughter charges possible against Snyder & "emergency manager"
  32. Warning: Auschwitz ~ 94-year-old camp guard stands trial
  33. Congressional Black Caucus endorses Hillary
  34. tPF Hillary Clinton's commitment to civil rights
  35. 52 Dead In Mexican Prison Riot
  36. Rolling Stones to Trump: Stop using our damned music!
  37. tPF Bernie: Rhetoric vs. reality
  38. The 2016 DNC Debate thread
  39. man solves his own cold case
  40. tPF What Bernie Sanders can learn about single-payer from his home state of Vermont
  41. Report, Clinton foundation records subpoenaed last fall
  42. tPF It Gets Harder From Here For Bernie Sanders
  43. tPF ANALYSIS: Hillary Clinton Seeks Reality Check on Bernie Sanders
  44. tPF Judge Orders Faster Release of Final Hillary Clinton Emails
  45. Planned Parenthood Tells Carly Fiorina To Go F*ck Herself On The Way Out The Door
  46. Cruz 'n Porn
  47. Who owns the rights to the Rolling Stones Music?
  48. The Language Barrier Is About to Fall
  49. Warning: Why in God's name is Hillary aligning herself with Kissinger?
  50. Warning: MS lawmaker wants creationism and climate denial taught in science classes
  51. tPF Pope Francis Bound for Having Historic Meeting 1,000 Years in the Making
  52. Warning: 2 girls shot dead at Glendale, Arizona, high school, police say
  53. San Diego backs off ban of 'gender-biased' term 'Founding Fathers'
  54. North Carolina reveals results of welfare applicant drug tests - and you guessed it..
  55. Look what I found: New Mexico auditor finds $4.4 billion in unused funds
  56. tPF Posted on YouTube yesterday! THE REVOOLUSHION IS ON, PEOPLE!
  57. Cuddly as a cactus
  58. Donald Trump Threatens To 'Blackmai'l Ted Cruz Over Birth Issue
  59. Why wasn't the Clinton Foundation discussed
  60. tPF Why Hillary Clinton Has More Delegates Than Bernie Sanders
  61. How many times did Hillary say Obama at the PBS Debate ?
  62. N.Y. Mets ~ Jerry Mejia banned for Life
  63. Muslim man of color slashes 4 at Jewish-owned restaurant in Ohio
  64. tPF Bill Would Make Men Confirm Marriage for ED Medication
  65. tPF Former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore Suspends Presidential Campaign
  66. tPF Hillary Clinton’s Appeal to African-American Voters: I Won’t Make Promises I Can’t Ke
  67. tPF Wasserman Schultz: We Separate Superdelegates From The Voting Process So Party Doesn'
  68. tPF Hackers are trying to steal our tax returns again
  69. Sanders meets Sharpton in wake of New Hampshire victory
  70. Debbie Wasserman Schultz admits that Democrats are not democratic
  71. Former top Obama intel officer: Clinton should withdraw from race
  72. tPF New Batch Of Clinton Emails 81 marked Classified.
  73. Supreme Court Justice Scalia found dead at 79
  74. Sanders and Clinton tied nationally
  75. tPF Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders Blast Republicans for Threatening to Block Scalia Rep
  76. "Does this look to America like a party ready to govern anything?”
  77. The GOP debate: Entertaining but shameful
  78. The SCOTUS Battle ~ Obamas' potential nominees
  79. Why do Republicans make up quotes?
  80. Donald Trump Supporters File Lawsuit to Declare Ted Cruz Ineligible for White House
  81. tPF Bernie Sanders Hopes President Obama Nominates Replacement for Scalia 'As Soon As Pos
  82. tPF Supreme Court question
  83. Why do Democrats make stuff up?
  84. British Rock Band Viola Beach Killed
  85. tPF Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders Attend Same Service at Las Vegas Church
  86. tPF Who Obama Might Nominate to Replace Scalia on Supreme Court
  87. tPF Obama' 300mil cut to the terror budget
  88. Obama SCOTUS pick that would be Mitch McConnell's worst nightmare !
  89. What Is Partisan About The President Doing What The Constitution Instructs Him To Do?
  90. Would you live in a shipping container house?
  91. McCain ~ Threatens to Subpoena U.S. Sailors Held by Iran
  92. New SC poll - Nope, Trump's 911/ Bush comments haven't hurt him
  93. The 2016 Endorsement Primary
  94. Warning: Obama Fillibuster Allito's Appointment
  95. tPF Senate's Responsibility to Confirm Supreme Court Nominee 'Ironclad,' White House Says
  96. tPF U.S. Approves Plan to Build First American Factory in Cuba
  97. Iran will receive the latest Russian weapons
  98. Prime Dem Litmus Test for Justice Nominee support for Racial Discirmination Pandering
  99. Vanity dies
  100. What I wouldn't give to see Trump debate Duhbya
  101. Even Alberto Gonzales thinks Obama should pick a nominee
  102. Has Scalia’s “Originalism” Been Particularly Important?
  103. Scalia to lie in Repose
  104. Not Agian? Opening Shot In Rubio’s “Morning Again In America” Ad Appears To Be Canada
  105. tPF 2 questions for the forum Ladies
  106. Anger Builds Where Obama Seeks Shelter for Immigrant Children
  107. Sanders: Wall Street buying influence with Hillary Clinton
  108. Jebby ~ Come to think of it what about Zimmy ?
  109. Ted Cruz' Tax Plan Is A Massive Giveaway To The Rich
  110. tPF Calif tax offices have a problem: cash on their desks
  111. tPF Looming Battle Over Scalia Successor Becomes Democrats' Rallying Cry for Senate Contr
  112. Should Big Govt. force Apple to unlock iPhone of San Bernardino mass-murderer ?
  113. Saudi Arabia, Russia to Freeze Oil Output Near Record Levels
  114. Your feel-good cop story of the week
  115. tPF Trump Leads Nationally by a huge margin
  116. The Gipper has a message for Turtle-boy & his band of intransigents
  117. Jebra wants South Carolinians to know he has a really badass gun!
  118. 'Dolt .45'
  119. Judge to the Welfare Cowboy: "No bail for you!"
  120. Trump can't name one of the "hundreds of friends" he lost on 911
  121. Americans divided over whether GWB kept us safe
  122. No Judge Did Not Order Apple To Break Encryption
  123. tPF Changing Jobs Again and you know what that means!
  124. GOP Tries To Bamboozle Unsuspecting Nation
  125. Dramatic GOP Shake-Up
  126. Hillarys email woes getting worse
  127. tPF Hillary Clinton Proposes $2 Billion Plan to End ‘School-to-Prison Pipeline'
  128. tPF Hillary Clinton Implies Racism Behind GOP Efforts to Stop Obama SCOTUS Nomination
  129. tPF Nike Drops Manny Pacquiao in Wake of Anti-Gay Statements
  130. tPF Pope Francis Calls for 'Open Hearts' During Mass at US-Mexico Border
  131. White House Says Obama Regrets
  132. 'Mob Wives' ~ Big Ang Dies
  133. tPF Biden: Obama Seeking Court Nominee Who Enjoys GOP Support
  134. How a Trump presidency could affect Canada
  135. tPF Cliven Bundy, 4 Others, Face Federal Indictment in Nevada By Lisa Baumann, Associated
  136. Is There Such A Thing As "Trump Derangement Syndrome" ?
  137. Warning: Sign Up Sheet for TPD To Work Beyoncé Concert Blank!
  138. Pope ~ 'Trump not Christian'
  139. Justice Dept. - Cliven Bundy Is A Bad Rancher Who Is Negligent To His Cattle
  140. Obama met with Black Lives Matter in teh White House
  141. tPF Rep. James Clyburn to Endorse Hillary Clinton Friday
  142. Ted Cruz ~ President Eligibility Lawsuit heads to Court
  143. Trump ~ Supported Iraq War
  144. Ted Cruz Attack-Ad on Rubio ~ More Rubio Robot
  145. Spying on ISIS
  146. tPF Gop: Rip 2016
  147. family found guilty of cyberstalking-sentenced to life
  148. ISIS beheads boy
  149. Harper Lee dead at 89.
  150. tPF Lawsuit Over Ted Cruz’s Eligibility to Run for President Heads to Court
  151. Who paid for Antonin Scalia's vacation to the luxury resort in Texas?
  152. 2 women share accounts of forced labor/sex abuse by prominent Christian leader Gothar
  153. Michael Jackson ~ Jermaine Jackson Blasts Trump as a Fool
  154. tPF Explaining How the 1st US Penis Transplant Will Work
  155. tPF A Vote for Bernie Is a Feminist Act
  156. tPF Obama’s Response to Marine Beaten by Black Mob Will Make You SICK
  157. Supreme Court will not stay ruling calling for overhaul of gerrymandered N. Carolina
  158. Trump ~ 'Pigs Blood' (torturing executing Muslims)
  159. The 2016 South Carolina Primary
  160. The 2016 Nevada Caucus
  161. tPF 'Ugly Betty' Star's Pitch for Hillary Clinton: 'I’d Like to Netflix and Chill' With H
  162. tPF This guy jumped the gun just a bit, and is now in trouble.
  163. tPF This is the essence of evil.
  164. Why the GOP will lose in 2016
  165. tPF Hillary Clinton Projected to Win Nevada Caucuses
  166. Jebby Out
  167. tPF ANALYSIS: Donald Trump Takes Ownership of Republican Party
  168. 6 Dead, 3 Hurt in Apparently Random Shootings in Michigan
  169. tPF US tells Russia where SoF troops are
  170. tPF Military tells congress it can’t send Gitmo detainees to US
  171. CNN Calls BS On Trump's "Minority Outreach"
  172. tPF Canadians Left With Questions After Being Barred From 'Jeopardy!'
  173. Nevada ~ 'Make America Great Again' except at Trump Hotel
  174. SCOtUS back in Session ~ 28 years since 8 member predicament
  175. tPF Guess Which Presidential Candidate Kendall Jenner Is Officially Voting For
  176. The Press Is To Blame For Donald Trump's Rise
  177. Ted Cruz ~ Calling for his Campaign Director to Resign
  178. tPF Mayor Wants Supervised Heroin Injections
  179. (D-Missouri) Sen. Claire McCaskill diagnosed with Breast Cancer
  180. Iraqi troops move into Kurdistan in prep for battle of Mosul
  181. Der Spiegel interviews the Saudi Foreign Minister
  182. tPF Pharrell Endorses Hillary Clinton for President: 'Women Think About Things in a Holis
  183. Ted Cruz small govt. epiphany. ~ 'I would send Agents to hunt Illegals'
  184. Trump extends violent rhetoric to Vets
  185. Trump Orchestrates TV Interview During Break - "Nothing too hard, Mika"
  186. Canadian Arms Trade, questions arise
  187. Warning: Ben Carson: Obama 'Raised White,' Doesn't Understand Black Americans
  188. The Uber Shooter
  189. tPF Obama’s Radical Decision to Cozy Up to a Brutal Dictatorship
  190. tPF Why Hillary Clinton Has the Upper Hand on Super Tuesday and Beyond
  191. Sales of Existing U.S. Homes Rise to Second-Highest Since 2007
  192. Key GOP Senators Emerge From Meeting: No Hearing For Obama SCOTUS Nom
  193. will this cycle change political races in this country
  194. tPF Union Worker With ALS Loses Coverage!
  195. Both FBI and Apple are right, and each doing its part for Civil Liberties/Justice
  196. tPF Obama Sends Plan to Congress to Close Guantanamo Bay Prison
  197. i must hate cops
  198. tPF Gun bills head to VA governor’s desk
  199. The 2016 GOP Nevada Caucus
  200. EX DOJ Criminal Division Boss:Reason To Believe Clinton Not In Any Criminal Jeopardy
  201. Scalia was such a sick man that an autopsy wasn't neccessary
  202. RNC Chair Priebus on Trump ~ 'We'll take the Moral Poison to Win'
  203. Let's get a better idea how a Trump Oval Office would look
  204. Judge orders discovery to continue in State Department FOIA case
  205. Fairfield Students Don't Understand Why 'Ghetto Party' Was A Bad Idea
  206. tPF Mothers of Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner Offer Emotional Endorsement of Hillary Clinton
  207. Another dead teenager. Did the cops gun him down?
  208. Trump Jr.:When Dad Says He Wants To Punch Protesters In The Face, It Is A Good Thing
  209. Apple to argue First Amendment rights in FBI decryption battle
  210. tPF President Obama Outlines What He's Looking for in a Supreme Court Nominee
  211. tPF Obama: No Excuse for GOP Not to Vote on a Court Nominee
  212. tPF Were the first Americans Muslims?
  213. Romney ~ 'There's a bombshell' in Trump's tax returns'
  214. tPF Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval Floated as Possible Supreme Court Nominee
  215. Great interview on Trump & Cruise's immigration stance
  216. Warning: Bill James Says What The Republican Party Is Gutless To Say About Donald Trump
  217. Romney In Trumps Eyes
  218. Applications for US jobless benefits rise to still-low level
  219. Orders for U.S. Capital Goods Climb by Most Since June 2014
  220. tPF Why does it take a Brit to tell us the truth about Trump?
  221. tPF The Democratic witch hunt against Rick Perry ends - ALL FALSE charges dismissed
  222. tPF Obama’s Economic Report Mentions Freedom Once, Inequality 235 Times
  223. the media has spoken
  224. tPF Former Mexican President to Trump: 'I'm Not Going to Pay for That F------ Wall'
  225. Former KKK Leader says voting against Trump is Treason
  226. Kansas Massacre ~ 'More Thoughts & Prayers'
  227. Lindsey Graham ~ 'GOP has gone Bat**** Crazy'
  228. Trump- “We’re going to have terrific people, terrific brains the best of the best"
  229. tPF Oscars Security: “It Will Be Like A Military State”
  230. tPF Who won last nights Republican debate?
  231. tPF Bernie Sanders Recants 1972 Article on Women’s Fantasies of Rape
  232. Christie endorses Trump
  233. Obama's Satirical New Motto: I got my Phone, my Pen and Pillow! Anything come of it?
  234. Mrs. Clinton, Show Voters Those Transcripts
  235. Birmingham Raises Minimum Wage and Alabama Takes it Away
  236. tPF Update on Disney replacing work force with foreign labor
  237. Ex-New York police chief pleads guilty in civil rights case
  238. tPF Update: U. of Missouri fires professor who called for “muscle”
  239. Donald Trump LIED About His Position On Libya 2011 In The Debate Last Night
  240. tPF GDP revised upward for 2015 Q4
  241. tPF Shiite cleric leads anti-corruption protest in Baghdad
  242. tPF Watchdog finds billions in possible fraudulent Obamacare payments
  243. Another Massacre
  244. tPF San Francisco Wants Homeless to Leave Tent Camp
  245. tPF Bill Clinton Loses It Over Benghazi
  246. Donald Trump wet his pants?
  247. President Trump Would Tamper With First Amendment Rights
  248. tPF Superlice coming to a state near you.
  249. tPF Religious intollerance - NY Farmers Fined $13K
  250. tPF Live South Carolina Democratic Primary Exit Poll Analys