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  1. tPF Hillary Clinton Projected Winner of South Carolina Democratic Primary, Exit Poll
  2. Donald Trump Dangerously Flirting With White Supremacist Vote
  3. Cop slain first day on the Job
  4. Cruz ~ 'Trump may have Mob ties'
  5. tPF A primer on unintended consequences
  6. DNC Vice-Chair Resigns, Throws Support Behind Bernie Sanders
  7. tPF Sen. Sessions to endorse trump
  8. tPF Live stream for Trump's Alabama Rally, Sunday 2/28, 4 pm cst
  9. tPF ANALYSIS: Hillary Clinton Takes Control of Democratic Race for President
  10. The Oscars ~ Latest Happenings Edition
  11. Trump ~ 'Mussolini is Mussolini ... What difference does it Make?'
  12. DOJ: Trump’s Early Businesses Blocked Blacks - “C” for “Colored.” Just 43 years ago!
  13. U.S. student detained in North Korea confesses to 'hostile act'
  14. Medal of Honor ~ Obama honors Navy SEAL
  15. Trump & David Duke ~ 'I didn't hear the question because of my earpiece'
  16. tPF Congresswoman Says We Need A Black Person On The Court
  17. Congressional Hispanic Caucus PAC backs Clinton
  18. John Oliver Hits Donald Trump And His Campaign In The Head With A Sledgehammer
  19. SCOTUS Justice Clarence Thomas speaks
  20. Hillary Clinton Shifts Strategy to Focus on Donald Trump
  21. Breaking: Social media captures apparent assault at donald trump rally
  22. BuzzFeed News : Trump Secretly Told NYT He Will Negotiate On Immigration Stance
  23. Did Obama/the dem party do this to give Hillary an advantage?????
  24. Super Tuesday
  25. tPF Vice President Biden Calls on Oscars Audience to Sign Anti-Sexual Assault Pledge
  26. George Kennedy dies
  27. tPF Judge Denies Government's Motion Asking Apple to Unlock iPhone in Narcotics Case
  28. Mic catches Trump Totally Humiliating Christie ... Epic Christie Fail!
  29. Donald Drumpf ?
  30. "Trump and America’s sewer politics: A campaign beyond embarrassment"...FOX political
  31. How the GOP created Trump back in 2012
  32. Beverly Hills Cop ~ Axel Foley Boss Gil Hill dies
  33. tPF John Oliver exposes Obama's utter failure
  34. Trump U: The lawsuit Donald Trump will be facing this summer
  35. 30 black students reportedly removed from a Trump rally before it even started
  36. USA TODAY Don't panic yet
  37. tPF Super Tuesday: What's at Stake
  38. young black woman isn't fooled by hillary's bullshit
  39. China Plans To Lay Off Millions Of State Workers:
  40. Reckon he needed to be looked in the eye
  41. Top border chief to agents who object to Obama amnesty: ‘Look for another job’
  42. tPF Super Tuesday: The Latest Democratic Results
  43. tPF Super Tuesday: The latest latest latest latest lates + infinity results
  44. an interesting approach to drug law enforcement
  45. White Supremacists Are Broadcasting From INSIDE Trump Rallies
  46. Just another Month of Job Growth - Sorry for the Good news
  47. You Won't Hear It From The Media, But Trump Underperformed On Super Tuesday
  48. Texas ~ SCOTUS hears Abortion Case
  49. GOP ~ Stop Trump Now !
  50. Newspaper that endorsed Christie: 'Boy, were we wrong'
  51. Your TSA is on the Job
  52. GOP Stares Into The Abyss
  53. tPF President Obama and First Lady to Speak at SXSW
  54. Romney ~ To give 'State of the 2016 Presidential Race' speech
  55. The calls for Chris Christie to Resign
  56. Ben Carson almost out
  57. Report: Illegals Rushing to Get into U.S. Before Trump Wall
  58. Alabama Officer Charged With Murder in Fatal Shooting
  59. Delta Force ~ Captures 'ranking' ISIS operative
  60. CNN analysts debate Trump, racism
  61. Kentucky ~ More Trump 'Get Out' !
  62. tPF Pelosi, House Democrats to Travel to Flint on Fact-Finding Mission
  63. tPF A Contested Republican National Convention: How It Would Work
  64. tPF FBI Hillary investigation almost over
  65. Opposition Lowers The Boom On Trump With Blistering TV Ads
  66. Rep Obsess Over Mexico, but Cops Just Busted Someone for Smuggling People Into Canada
  67. Romney Attacks Trump
  68. tPF Cop slaps student.
  69. Chief justice rejects plea to block air pollution rule
  70. GUILTY: Of making False Raciim Charges - Merry Christmas From Cigar
  71. tPF I am watching the Republican Party destroy itself and hand the election to Dems
  72. Man who repeatedly shoved black woman at Trump rally ....
  73. West Virginia's no-permit hidden gun bill vetoed again
  74. In new letter, Republican foreign policy experts declare war on Trump
  75. tPF Mexico Government Says It Won't Pay for Trump Wall
  76. tPF Katy Perry, Elton John Perform at Hillary Clinton Fundraiser In New York
  77. Kim ugh! Readying Nukes!
  78. Detroit ~ The 2016 GOP Debate
  79. Caitlyns' Pick
  80. tPF Speaker Paul Ryan Declines to Criticize Donald Trump as Mitt Romney Attacks
  81. Trooper who arrested Sandra Bland formally fired
  82. tPF How rare! A Christian who knows his Jesus.
  83. Knife found buried on OJ Simpson’s estate
  84. tPF US Adds a Strong 242,000 Jobs; Rate Holds at Low 4.9 Pct.
  85. tPF Fact Checking Claims From the GOP Debate
  86. There Might Not Be Enough White Men In America To Elect Donald Trump President
  87. Warning: Ben Carson Officially Drops Out of Presidential Race
  88. Flint, Michigan ~ More Tea Partiers eating their own
  89. Is Turkey in the opening phase of a civil war?
  90. tPF Seeds of GOP Splinter in Opposition to All Things Obama
  91. Bergdahl ~ Defense wants to meet with Trump
  92. tPF 104 classified emails authored by Clinton
  93. tPF Italian Cuisine Worth Going to Prison For
  94. Rapper's lives matter?
  95. First Lady Nancy Reagan dies
  96. tPF Donald Trump's Voicemail Hacked, 35 Voice Messages Leaked
  97. tPF A Clinton-Castro ticket gets put to an early test in Iowa
  98. The Trump Oath Swearing
  99. Idaho ~ Pastor shot after praying with Ted Cruz
  100. Warning: Canada About To Start Paying People Just For being Alive
  101. Wife of Eagles' Randy Meisner Shot and Killed, Investigation Ongoing
  102. Rubio Appears To Be Closing In On Trump In Florida
  103. tPF Intelligence sharing with Turkey increases
  104. tPF US builds two air bases in Kurdish controlled north Syria
  105. Boston Marathon Bombing ~ Survivor Victoria McGrath dies
  106. tPF Michael Bloomberg 'Will Not Enter' 2016 Presidential Race
  107. tPF Congratulations William!
  108. Somalia ~ U.S. conducts mass-casualty Airstrike on Al-Shabab
  109. tPF Security Logs Of Clinton Email Server Show No Evidence Of Foreign Hacking: NYT
  110. tPF Hillary Clinton Pledges to Never Let Donald Trump Become President
  111. tPF Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of Lesbian Mother To See Her Kids
  112. Humorous Ads Targeting Muslim Stereotypes Debut on NYC Subway
  113. GOP pigs are flying over 30 Rock ...
  114. The Real Trump Tax Scandal
  115. Survivor Of Boston Marathon Bombing Dies In Car Crash In Dubai
  116. Democrats Win 3 House Races, a Blow to GOP Takeover Attempts
  117. Desperate Times call for Desperate Measures - We Need Emails, Running out of Excuses
  118. tPF The Gig Economy goes away in 20 years
  119. tPF Migrant swap: Insanity
  120. tPF DOJ discusses legal action against climate deniers.
  121. Police: 5 Dead, 3 More People Wounded In Wilkinsburg Shooting Spree
  122. Trump ~ 'Islam hates us'
  123. Meanderings Of A Habitual And Pathological Liar
  124. The GOP will survive Trump like they did with Goldwater
  125. Welfare Queen Trump Cried Poor To Swindle $150,000 in 9/11 Victims Funds
  126. tPF Trump Model: Felt Like 'Slave' Working for Donald's Agency
  127. Fiorinas' sad attempt to blame Dems for what's wrong with the GOP
  128. tPF Reporter Says She Was 'Jolted' and 'Yanked' by Donald Trump's Campaign Manager
  129. Rubio ~ You needs glasses to look smart
  130. Obama Says Republicans Have Selves to Blame Over Party `Crackup'
  131. Arizona family finds abandoned newborn girl outside home
  132. Typical example of the kind of trash young people are becoming nowadays....
  133. Trump Supporter ~'Next time we see 'em we might have to kill 'em'
  134. Donald Trump : 1237 Is A Random Number
  135. tPF Captured ISIL operative interrogated over chemical weapons
  136. The Notion That Trump Is Self-Funding His Campaign - The Ultimate Con
  137. Carson endorses Trump
  138. Wounded Warrior Project execs Fired
  139. Americans say by 2-to-1 that Senate should hold hearings on Obama’s Supreme Court nom
  140. Michelle Obama Stuns In Strapless Floral Gown At State Dinner
  141. U.S. labor powerhouse to launch anti-Trump ad campaign
  142. Spineless GOP Fails to Hit Trump’s Thugs
  143. Chicago ~ Trump Rally postponed
  144. rip keith emerson
  145. Marco Rubio - I still intend to support the Republican nominee "but it's getting hard
  146. Ohio ~ Protesters rush the stage at Trump Rally
  147. tPF Shameful: Trump inspires anti-Latino chants at High School basketball game
  148. tPF The GOP’s destruction of its own party
  149. tPF Family kills escaped prisoner holding them hostage
  150. Watch Yo-Back Donald
  151. tPF President Obama Wants Republican Candidates to Condemn Violence at Rallies
  152. Warning: Black Trump Supporter Shot Dead by Chicago Protestor Thugs
  153. When Donald Trump Was A Bad Landlord
  154. tPF One does not have to be convicted to have commited
  155. CA Democrats Want to Unionize Uber
  156. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
  157. Maryland police officer slain in ambush, two suspects arrested
  158. Americans say by 2-to-1 that Senate should hold hearings on Obama’s Supreme Court nom
  159. Former officer takes Canadian military to court
  160. Todd Palin Hospitalized, Sarah Leaves Florida
  161. Rising Sea Levels May Disrupt Lives of Millions, Study Says
  162. Trump Defends His Tweet of Fake ISIS Video: "All I Know Is What's On The Internet"
  163. No Free Tampons, No Peace
  164. A Week's Worth Of Trump Speeches - Filled With Lies, Errors, And Mistakes
  165. Two Hellfire missiles found on Portland bound flight
  166. Police consider charging Trump with inciting a riot over violence at North Carolina
  167. tPF ISIL uses chemical weapons in Iraq
  168. Russia pulls out of Syria
  169. tPF Ted Cruz Pledges to Support Donald Trump Unless He Actually Shoots Someone
  170. tPF Hatchet swinging attacker shot and killed by customer at 7 11
  171. How Black, Latino & Muslim college students organized to stop Trump rally in Chicago
  172. Conservative Magazine : Trump's White Supporters Are Welfare Bums And Dope Fiends
  173. tPF President Obama Calls 'Vicious' 2016 Campaign a 'Race to the Bottom'
  174. tPF President Obama Mocks Trump's Business Ventures: 'Has Anybody Tried That Wine?'
  175. tPF Obama Says GOP Is to Blame for the Rise of Donald Trump
  176. The 2016 GOP Primaries ~ Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Missouri and Illinois
  177. tPF Anonymous declares total war on Trump
  178. Rubio out
  179. tPF Really? Hillary?
  180. tPF After 3 Projected Wins, Clinton Tells Crowd: 'This Is Another Super Tuesday for Our C
  181. tPF Trump's Path Stays Clearest; Clinton's, Perhaps More So (EXIT POLL)
  182. Warning: North Korea ~ Sentences American tourist to 15 Years in Prison
  183. tPF "The vile characteristic of Western"
  184. Anita Alvarez Concedes Bid For Third Term in Chicago
  185. Warning: Obama to announce Supreme Court nominee
  186. Tammy Duckworth wins Illinois Democratic Senate Primary
  187. Anders brievik in court.
  188. Utah ~ GOP debate cancelled
  189. GOP ~ Conservatives plot 3rd Party challenge to Trump
  190. Cleveland prosecutor who cleared cops in Tamir Rice’s death defeated in Dem primary
  191. Christie has no self respect and of course Trump is crude
  192. Trump ~ 'Riots if I'm not nominated'
  193. Paul Ryan ~ Not interested in a presidential nomination
  194. Trump Presidency ~ 'A Global Threat'
  195. Jorge Ramos is a Hack
  196. More classy Trump ~ 'Billary bark like a Dog'
  197. Frank Sinatra, Jr. Dead At The Age of 72
  198. Trump Presidency Rated Among Top 10 Global Risks: EIU
  199. Flint, Michigan ~ Gov. Snyder Congressional Hearing
  200. Hacker Group Anonymous Releases Trump SS#, private phone #
  201. tPF Hillary Clinton Wins Missouri Democratic Primary
  202. Charlie Hebdo & Paris Attacks Mastermind Captured
  203. tPF The Danger for National Securities
  204. GOP Reps Walberg & Chaffetz lied at #FlintWaterCrisis hearing about meeting with EPA
  205. Army announces multiple deployments to Middle East, Korea, Europe
  206. tPF Mexican Actress Kate del Castillo Explains Seemingly Flirtatious Text Messages to ‘El
  207. Hulk Hogan awarded $115 Million in Lawsuit
  208. Left wing protest shut down AZ hiway
  209. Suicide bomb attack in the capital of the World
  210. Trump family getting Anthrax letters ?
  211. Princess of 'Worlds Smallest Nation' dies
  212. American ISIS fighter captured by Kurds: ‘I found it hard’
  213. Arizona ~ More Trump Rally violence
  214. Anti Trump rants can be deadly
  215. tPF Italy bans kebab
  216. tPF US Army wants to buy MPT-76
  217. POll: Trump Losing To Clinton (and Sanders) In One Of The Reddest States In America
  218. Syringe Warrant: Deputy, "Suspect" Dead
  219. Air-Force One Landing Cuba
  220. Why Rabbis Are Boycotting Trump's Speech To Israeli-American Group
  221. Another Sad Shooting Story - Boy playing with gun shoots friend, 13, in the face
  222. Trump wins over AIPAC audience with strong pro-Israel stance
  223. Supreme Court issues another blow to the left
  224. tPF The largest newspaper in Arizona just made the case for Hillary Clinton.
  225. tPF Trump Refers to Sen. Elizabeth Warren as 'The Indian' After Her Twitter Tirade Agains
  226. Belgium ~ Terrorist Attack
  227. intelligentsia comes out for trump
  228. Former Mayor Rob Ford has died
  229. Anonymous ~ 'Exit presidential race Ted Cruz or else'
  230. The 2016 Arizona Primary
  231. The 2016 Utah & Idaho Caucasus
  232. Trump Tweets WARNING Ted Cruz: ‘I Will Spill the Beans on Your Wife’
  233. AP: Legal Experts Say There Is Little Chance H. Clinton Will Be Indicted Over E-Mails
  234. AIPAC President Apologizes For Donald Trump Speech To Group
  235. tPF Ted Cruz Calls For Police State: We Must “Empower Law Enforcement To Patrol Muslim Ne
  236. tPF Ted Cruz Blocks Emergency Relief To Flint But Demanded Aid For Texas
  237. tPF Trump’s Supreme Court Plans Would Set Us Back Decades
  238. tPF March 22 Democratic Primary and Caucus Results
  239. State Department issues travel alert for Americans in Europe
  240. East Texas woman fatally shot when child picks up rifle
  241. Why Trump is winning: His supporters think America is screwing over whites
  242. More Facts: Flint Water Crisis Inquiry Finds State Ignored Warning Signs
  243. Obamacare ~ SCOTUS appears headed for Tie
  244. Palin ~ TV Judge
  245. Joe Garagiola dies
  246. Paul Ryan ~ ' Political discourse didn’t used to be this bad'
  247. tPF Syrian army expects to retake Palmyra 'within hours'
  248. Alabama ~ Governor in sex scandal
  249. tPF Ted Cruz Faces Twitter Backlash After Call for Muslim Surveillance
  250. Obama in Argentina