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  1. Georgia ~ Disney and Marvel to leave if Religious Liberty Bill is passed
  2. Let's Revisit The Dumpster Fire That Is The Donald Trump Twitter Page
  3. Trump ~ Did he actually say he would Nuke ISIS ?
  4. Garry Shandling Dies
  5. Challenger Disaster ~ Engineer who predicted explosion dies
  6. tPF North Carolina's Controversial 'Anti-LGBT' Bill Explained
  7. tPF Sanders applauds call to investigate Arizona voter delays
  8. The FBI now says that it may crack the iPhone without Apple's help
  9. tPF ISIL #2 killed in SoF raid
  10. President Obama's Visit to Cuba
  11. Rolling Stones in Cuba
  12. *Low Energy* Trump to miss 10 days of campaigning
  13. Another nominee for the Darwin Award!
  14. tPF Georgia Governor Under Pressure From Hollywood, Businesses to Veto 'Anti-LGBT' Bill
  15. tPF Leon Panetta Says Trump, Cruz Proposals ‘Will Put Our National Security At Risk’
  16. Brussels ~ White Right-Wing on the verge of Riots
  17. Isis executioner killed by assassins in occupied Iraqi city of Mosul
  18. R.I.P. Trump
  19. tPF The coming face of terrorism
  20. tPF Obama and Family Attend Easter Service at Historic VA Church
  21. Clinton email probe enters new phase as FBI interviews loom
  22. tPF Religion Of Peace update
  23. Compared To The GOP Candidates For His Job, Obama Looks Like A Keeper
  24. tPF Robots are coming for your job
  25. tPF Georgia Governor Said He Will Veto 'Anti-LGBT' Bill
  26. Supreme Court rejects ex-Illinois governor Blagojevich's conviction appeal
  27. tPF North Carolina Transgender Bathroom Law
  28. Capitol on Lockdown
  29. 4 threads in top 11 here are about the sexually flawed 1%
  30. RNC ~ No Guns Allowed
  31. tPF Filming a police stop with a cell phone? That's a shootin'....
  32. tPF The second half of the chess board
  33. FBI Hacks Terrorist Cell Phone: Apple Never Needed
  34. Warning: Dog Wags Tail, Cop Shoots Him Dead
  35. USGS releases map highlighting danger from man made earthquakes
  36. SCOTUS ~ Unions win in Tie vote
  37. Trump ~ Campaign Manager Lewandowski charged with Battery
  38. tPF Obama addresses opioid abuse
  39. Beginning to get a feel for this Hillary Email Scandal
  40. illegal border crossings via Mexico from Pakistan to more than triple
  41. D.C. Madam case Resurrection ?
  42. Wisconsin Teen Hit With Pepper Spray After Accusing Trump Supporter Of Groping Tits
  43. Look Herman Cain got a New Job as Chicago's New Police Chief
  44. Whens the last time anyone here saw Monthly Negative Jobs Report?
  45. Arizona Secretary of State Confirms Election Fraud
  46. US intensifies air campaign against al Qaeda in Yemen
  47. tPF Obama Voters or Job Creators?
  48. tPF Proposed bill would force gays, lesbians and TGs to get treated for sexual addiction
  49. 80 Big-Name Business Leaders Just Took A Stand Against North Carolina’s Anti-LGBT Law
  50. No Record of Rick Perry Voting in Texas Republican Primary
  51. "Goddamn Communist N****r Lover"
  52. Trump ~ 'Ban abortion punish women'
  53. tPF State Department FOIA lawsuits
  54. Hillary Clinton to be Interviewed by FBI Director Comey in Coming Days
  55. tPF Turkish president tells he White House was wrong to back the Kurds
  56. John Kasich: Obamacare repeal was "a stupid promise" by GOP
  57. Thank Goodness Donald Trump Clarified His Position On Abortion
  58. Trump Hotels executive Nathan Crisp busted for Easter beatdown on mother of two
  59. Tainted Drug May Still Be in U.S. Almost Decade After Deaths
  60. tPF Chicago off to deadliest start in nearly two decades
  61. tPF Hillary Clinton Knocks Bernie Sanders Over Response to Donald Trump’s Abortion Commen
  62. tPF Hillary Clinton Tells Greenpeace Activist She's ‘Sick of the Sanders Campaign Lying A
  63. FBI Source : 12 (Not 147) FBI Agents Working On Clinton E-Mail Case
  64. tPF Sit in with thousands. Save democracy for millions.
  65. tPF Trump Declares GOP Pledge Null And Void
  66. Trump ~ 'Only wealthy Muslims allowed in U.S.'
  67. tPF Clinton aides unite on FBI legal strategy
  68. Warning: Mississippi ~ Passes most repressive Religious Liberty Bill yet
  69. tPF Group hands out sex in the Bible tracts in Colorado schools
  70. Father accused of fatally shooting son because he was gay
  71. tPF The Flying Nuns
  72. Trump's Hells Angels ready to kick protester ass!
  73. Oops! Another train crash in New York.
  74. Trump ~ Plan to eliminate National Debt
  75. tPF Panama Papers: Offshore firms, what you need to know
  76. Stewardesses Forced to Wear Muslim Headscarf on Flights to Iran
  77. tPF Rover Lives
  78. "Canada... a glimmer of light in a world of 'sluggish economies'"
  79. Trump has an ace to play against Roger Ailes and Fox
  80. Joe Medicine Crow ~ Last Crow War Chief dies
  81. tPF Job Creator calls 911 to complain about homeless, get arrested.
  82. Palin inexplicably uses picture of dead boar to express support for Trump
  83. Trump - "I Know More About Nuclear War Than Obama Will Ever Know"
  84. Trump: Having to Get 1,237 Delegates For the Nomination Is ‘Very Unfair’
  85. tPF White House Mum on Petition Calling for Trump's Arrest
  86. tPF Worker Hangs Mexican Flag Atop Donald Trump's Vancouver Hotel
  87. tPF Supreme Court Bolsters Political Influence of US Latinos
  88. Anonymous ejack apparently finds that not even the hookers like Ted Cruz
  89. tPF The stoned soldiers of Santa Cruz
  90. Warning: The 2016 Wisconsin Primary
  91. Stay Classy Protesters
  92. Sorry, There Still Isn't Enough To Indict Hillary Clinton
  93. tPF NC Gov: "Nobody would actually kill NC jobs over the LGBT bill...."
  94. Mississippi Governor signs "Religious Freedom Bill"
  95. 7 lingering questions in the Clinton email investigation
  96. Man-made global warming hoax is getting desperate
  97. Fox and NBC call Wisconsinn for Bernie - BUT ...
  98. tPF Atheist-Christian man rapes and murders 15 years old school girl
  99. Trump's post election "concession" speech
  100. Law & Schadenfreude
  101. tPF Bernie Sanders Blasts Republican Field: 'They're a National Disgrace'
  102. Bill aimed at protecting Confederate monuments fails in Senate committee (LA)
  103. And the plot thickens: the Prime Minister claims he did NOT resign
  104. Studies Show That Millennials Are Most Vulnerable to Scams
  105. Wendy Bell, fired over her controversial Facebook posts
  106. First Syrians leave for US under surge resettlement program
  107. NC bathroom obssessed Republicans BUSTED by Fact checking
  108. New York City Murder Rate Drops To Historic Low
  109. 'Trump Institute' Partnered With Couple Who Got Prosecuted for Get-Rich-Quick Fraud
  110. tPF Applications for Jobless Aid Fall to Low Level of 267,000
  111. Anti-abortion activist has his home raided
  112. Domino’s Sued Again for Allegedly Paying Workers Less Than Minimum Wage
  113. tPF Caught red-handed while spying
  114. tPF Female U.S. Navy recruits the first to wear iconic 'dixie cup' headwear
  115. Obama busts a biggie tax dodger
  116. Warning: School Officer Slams 12 Year Old Girl
  117. tPF Are robots going to steal your job? Probably
  118. Rapper Azealia Banks: Sarah Palin Should Be Gang-Raped by Black Men
  119. Paul Ryan isn't interested in being president ...
  120. tPF Anyone else here bothered by the idea of a Kill Box?
  121. Heidi to Ted: "Honey, how do we get out of the Bronx?"
  122. BREAKING: Reports Of an Active Shooter at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio
  123. Something for police fellators to think about
  124. Community reacts to Keystone Leak - All connected downstream
  125. Wisconsin Court Strikes Down States Right To Work Law
  126. More Texas murders
  127. Ted Cruz eligibility lawsuit reaches Supreme Court
  128. Looks like Bubba's out again telling whoppers
  129. Not just SCOTUS - R's are screwing other courts (and themselves :)
  130. Creepy Crook Alien Dude Rick Scott launches personal attack against FL woman
  131. tPF Flying a Trump flag in front of your home in New Jersey? Yeah, that's a jailing
  132. tPF Charles Barkley Wants NBA to Move All-Star Game Due to 'Anti-LGBT' Law
  133. tPF PayPal Drops Plan to Build $3.6M Facility in NC Because of Controversial Law
  134. tPF Mississippi Gov. Signs Law Allowing Service Denial to Gays
  135. tPF Bruce Springsteen Cancels NC Show Because of Law That 'Attacks the Rights of LGBT Cit
  136. tPF Air Force gets their chit together on the A-10 Warthog concept
  137. tPF HIV is a good thing?
  138. Ex - N.O. Saints DE Will Smith shot and killed; wife shot and wouded after car crash.
  139. Kasich: Once again the adult in the room
  140. tPF President Obama Defends Hillary Clinton Amid Investigation Into Private Email Server
  141. tPF GOP Hatred LOSES More Ground: President Obama Named ‘Most ADMIRED Man In The WORLD’
  142. tPF Uh oh. Probably a good idea to leave ISIS controlled areas.
  143. tPF Rep. Cummings Endorses Clinton, Advises Her to 'Embrace' Sanders' Issues
  144. tPF Naught books library bans
  145. Ivanka & Eric Trump forgot to register to vote
  146. tPF Great euphemism: "poor optics"
  147. tPF Kansas's experiment with supply-side trickle down economics enters terminal stage
  148. tPF AP-GfK Poll: Clinton Has Edge Over Trump on Range of Issues
  149. tPF Hillary Clinton Shifts Focus to Donald Trump in New Attack Ad
  150. Ted Cruz "Honored" To Have Real Life Exorcist On His Colorado Leadership Team
  151. tPF 95 Mississippi Authors Call for Repeal of Anti-LGBT Law
  152. tPF Planned Parenthood shooter ‘happy’ with his attack
  153. tPF More freedom lies of US - 400 people are detained
  154. Deutsche Bank freezes North Carolina expansion over NC Law
  155. CIA would ignore torture orders from President Trump or Cruz
  156. Iowa Cafe changes menu to call out Chuck Grassley's SCOTUS obstruction
  157. Why does Paul Ryan need to declare he's not running for Prez ?
  158. DARPA Unveils Game-Changing High-Tech Weapon
  159. Donald J Trump: Felon or just a liar?
  160. No whites allowed: Seattle ‘yoga class for people of color’ excludes caucasians
  161. IMF lowers forecast for global economy
  162. Soros: EU in mortal danger
  163. tPF Billy Cyrus Speaks Out Against Discriminatory Laws
  164. tPF The Truth About The Anti-LGBT "Bathroom Predator" Myth
  165. Leahy
  166. GOP Governors just won't give up on drug testing SNAP recipients
  167. Study: Kasich would win White House
  168. Major porn distributor delivers blow to North Carolina's Viewing Pleasure
  169. tPF Bringing your loaded firearm into the courtroom is now OK in Texas
  170. hillary is for equal pay for men and women
  171. tPF Kansas' Experiment with Liberalism Enters Terminal Stage
  172. tPF Louisiana Governor Signs Order Giving Some Protection to LGBT Community
  173. Ted Cruz argued people have no legal right to use sex toys
  174. US takes in record tax revenue
  175. Air France's gay stewards rebel over flights to Iran
  176. Assad holds elections
  177. Naval officer faces espionage charges; possible execution
  178. tPF Hillary Clinton on Donald Trump: 'Everyone Sees This Bigotry for What It Is'
  179. tPF Boycott Over North Carolina's LGBT 'Bathroom Law' May Be Gaining Traction as Economic
  180. U.S. "JobLess Claims" FALL to match Lowest level since 1973
  181. So you really want to complete the Keystone pipeline...
  182. Megyn Kelly met with Donald yesterday at Trump Tower
  183. Fascinating development with SCOTUS
  184. The oil industry is even more evil than we thought
  185. al Qaeda affiliate faces unusual backlash from fed-up Syrians
  186. tPF Nice contact lenses there, buddy. Too bad if something happened to their replacements
  187. Iraqi leaders brawl in parliament
  188. tPF LOL, nicely juxtaposed Drudge headlines: min wage -vs- robot burgers
  189. Manson ~ Leslie Van Houten seeks Parole for 21st time
  190. tPF Democratic Debate Tongiht!
  191. tPF Best Lines of the Democratic Debate in Brooklyn
  192. More Hypocrisy Concerning the New NC Law
  193. He had hope but it's no Pope...
  194. NY POST Endorses Donald Trump For President
  195. tPF Everyone Files Their Taxes At The Last Minute
  196. tPF The Difference Between $12 and $15 Minimum Wage Bigger Than You Think
  197. God bless the top 10%
  198. There are over 100 pending LGBT discrimination bills pending
  199. High school boys are getting away with rape in Oregon
  200. Warning: Jesus Lunches
  201. Beretta settles in at Tennessee facility, holds grand opening
  202. Bee Life Matters
  203. Drone crashes into British Airways passenger jet as it comes in to land at Heathrow A
  204. GOP uses phony delinquency notices to raise cash
  205. The ACA has helped reduce the gap between haves and have-nots
  206. tPF ABC News Correspondent Gio Benitez Proposes To Boyfriend Tommy DiDario In Paris
  207. Republicans Pretty Sure They'll Think Of Obamacare Alternative Any Day Now
  208. tPF What to Know About the Big Immigration Case at the Supreme Court
  209. New McDonalds where kiosks take your order
  210. 6% say that they trust the media
  211. RIP Doris Roberts
  212. College Student Is Removed From Flight After Speaking Arabic on Plane
  213. Warning: The 2016 New York Primary
  214. The Secret 28 Pages of 9/11 ~ Closing-in on Bush and the neocons
  215. Trump refers to 9-11 as 7-11
  216. Time for Obama to start pardoning medical MJ growers
  217. the other 47%
  218. Warning: The Gay Cake Setup Game
  219. tPF Court Overturns Virginia School's Transgender Bathroom Rule
  220. tPF New York Democratic Primary Results: Hillary Clinton Is the Projected Winner
  221. tPF Hillary Clinton Declares New York a 'Personal' Victory
  222. LGBT discrimination law is costing NC tens if not hundreds of millions
  223. It Appears That Andrew Jackson's Racist Past has Caught Up With Him
  224. Flint, Michigan ~ 3 Snyder officials Charged
  225. Obamacare imploding
  226. Warning: Have you had an abortion? Missouri Republicans want to know.
  227. On Night Of His Biggest Win, Trump Retweets From White Supremacists Again
  228. ESPN ~ Fires Curt Schilling
  229. tPF 3 Officials Charged in Flint Water Crisis
  230. Here’s Who Else Will Be Featured on U.S. Currency
  231. The Obama Doctrine has made the world more dangerous
  232. Warning: Prince is Dead
  233. tPF old man beats racist white dudes ass after racial slurs at the 35th/Sox stop in chica
  234. Joanie "Chyna" Laurer
  235. tPF 2016 Primary Forecasts
  236. New Orleans Police Officers Plead Guilty in Shooting of Civilians
  237. tPF Donald Trump OK With Caitlyn Jenner Using Any Bathroom in His Tower
  238. tPF Clinton Holds Emotional Town Hall With Family Members of Sandy Hook Victims
  239. 2017 All-Star Game will be moved from Charlotte if LGBT law is unchanged
  240. Brits Unload on Obama: "Incoherent," "part-Kenyan," and "perverse"
  241. Official Castro state media calls obama the n-word after his visit to cuba
  242. BREAKING:Virginia Gov. McAuliffe Announces Major Restoration of Voting Rights to 206k
  243. Crazy Louie Gohmert threatens to boycot Target
  244. Breaking: More sad news from the music industry.
  245. Girls Killing Girls: Beatdown in the School Bathroom
  246. Don't Drink the Water - WTF - Pioneering Guitarist Lonnie Mack Dead at 74
  247. tPF Anyone know if World War III is imminent?
  248. More Bad News for Republicans - Jobless Claims Hit a 43-Year Low
  249. US turns back to its roots
  250. B-52s v. the Islamic State