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  1. Killer or killers still at large after Pike County massacre
  2. Obama threatens Britain over Brexit
  3. tPF Naked Restaraunt
  4. Why Donald Trump Getting 1,237 Bound Delegates Doesn’t Mean He Wins
  5. 'A Protocol for Dying'
  6. Prince's former drug dealer tells how the legend spent $40,000 at a time on six-month
  7. Ohio 'mass-murder' probe continues with search warrants, interviews, still no arrest
  8. Summer 2016 to see lowest gas prices in 12 yrs. Thanks Obama (& Ma Nature)...
  9. tPF It's 'Possible' Hillary Clinton Could Be Better President than GOP Pick, Charles Koch
  10. tPF First Lady Targets Mississippi 'Religious Freedom' Bill in Commencement Speech
  11. W Kamau Bell - United Shades of America
  12. Tamir Rice’s Family to Receive $$6 Million $$ From Cleveland
  13. Fracking excutive admits it - Frack in poorer areas, not the richer ones
  14. Michelle Obama Just BLASTED Conservatives For Their Racist Lies About Our President
  15. Always take your gun to church!
  16. Warning: Colorado mandates Baker to make gay wedding cakes....
  17. is bernie sanders a two-faced tax cheat?
  18. White House says it will offer largest military package in US history
  19. Hope North Carolinians don't like pop music
  20. The 2016 Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island Primaries
  21. President Obama likes to Talk Softly but Dispatch The F-22 - Take that Vladimir Putin
  22. Why I'm wearing my college shirt today
  23. Turmoil In Trump Campaign As Dissension Over "New Trump" Strategy Surfaces
  24. Obama Sending Troops To Help Muslim Extremists
  25. tPF Disenchanted Koch Brothers Plan To Skip The Republican Convention
  26. tPF New Poll Shows Turmoil Ahead for Republicans
  27. tPF Clinton Surges to Nomination With 4 More Northeast Wins
  28. tPF Moving Closer to Democratic Nomination, Hillary Clinton Vows to ‘Unify Our Party’
  29. Well this is what its come to, around Woman's Public Bathrooms
  30. Polls Say Bernie Is More Electable Than Hillary. Don’t Believe Them.
  31. 5 downtown janitors sue for $4.5 million, say supervisor Snapped Bras, slapped Butts
  32. Like Mitt - Ted Cruz loves "sport"!
  33. U.S. trade deficit to show big drop in March, advanced report indicates
  34. Obama to visit Flint next Wednesday
  35. Cops force lesbian to leave ladies’ toilet after refusing to believe she’s a woman...
  36. Liberty University to allow handguns in dorms next fall
  37. Cruz to announce Running-Mate
  38. Ford recalls 202,000 vehicles for transmission issue
  39. Fed holds on rates, warns economy has slowed
  40. Chris' wife trounced, MSNBC neglects to report
  41. LePage apologizes for storming away from university event
  42. This is what happens when you give into the rabble
  43. Handwriting is on the wall. Sanders lays off hundreds of campaign staffers.
  44. Donald Trump Gets Biggest Endorsement From The Doctor Of Common Sense
  45. Obama Supporting Muslim Extremists
  46. tPF Despite Trump Claims, Clinton Earning More Woman Voters
  47. 20 years of data show Austrailias gun control laws work
  48. Boehner: "Ted Cruz is Lucifer in the Flesh"
  49. Unbelievable; People on this Forum believe Dennis Hastert’ is Innocent of Molestation
  50. tPF Another Kid Shot with a fake gun
  51. Emily Pitha, Fundraiser for John McCain arrested in drug bust
  52. tPF Caitlyn Jenner Takes up Donald Trump's Offer and Visits Women's Bathroom at Trump Hot
  53. Obama is First President Ever to Not See Single Year of 3% GDP Growth
  54. Black students connected in SU racist drawing
  55. tPF Ringo Starr cancels North Carolina concert in protest over anti-LGBT law
  56. Catty Carly now a VP candidate - but San Francisco knew her way back when!
  57. pissed off satanists take boehner to task
  58. The Overt Indoctrination Taking Place in College Campi
  59. Boom: NCAA says cities and states with anti-LGBT laws cannot host tournaments
  60. Friend of Alleged Charleston Church Shooter Entering Plea
  61. Murderers, rapists and thieves riot in protest outside Trump rally
  62. US aircraft carrier denied entry to Hong Kong, American consulate official says
  63. Warning: Simple way to end the state level LGBT bashing
  64. Bobby Knight ~ 'Nuclear Bomb saved billions of lives in 1944'
  65. 'Smo that Weed'
  66. 80 Year Old Grand-Ma Caps Dat-Ass ...
  67. Obama reveals push for 'smart guns'......
  68. Boise police officer’s mission is building trust with LGBT community
  69. California ~ Republican Convention about to Erupt
  70. tPF Army retains decorated Green Beret
  71. The Mosul offensive is off to a slow start
  72. Traitor Sending Troops To Syria
  73. Prince: victim of State theft
  74. Many in Piketon, Ohio Town Turn on Massacred Rhoden Family
  75. Warning: America's most PC and prejudiced places
  76. Don't miss tonight's White House Correspondents Dinner
  77. State of emergency declared in Baghdad as protesters take Iraqi parliament
  78. Protests in Baghdad throw administration’s Iraq plan into doubt
  79. Rev. Daniel Berrigan, R.I.P.
  80. Robert Gates Has ‘Worries’ About Trump as Commander-in-Chief
  81. Bernie Sanders Promises A Contested Democratic Convention.....
  82. Spying Billboards' Under Fire for Tapping Into People's Cellphones
  83. 1st cruise from a US port in decades leaves Miami for Cuba
  84. Ted Cruz refuses to say whether he'll support Trump
  85. Puerto Rico to Default
  86. tPF Clinton Raises $26 Million in April for Primary Bid
  87. Trump supporter to Cruz ~ 'We don't want you ... Drop Out'
  88. tPF Trump sees a decisive Indiana victory
  89. New Controversy on Mizzou Campus: Sushi Restaurant's 'Racist' Logo
  90. Cruz relied on 3 donors
  91. Armed good samaritan shot dead
  92. tPF For the judges, the "right to survival prevails over property"
  93. Josh Earnest acknowledges those are exactly the same arguments
  94. ‘Flasher’ On Bus Gets Beating From Angry Women.....
  95. 51 Sailors from USS Ronald Reagan Suffering Thyroid Cancer, Leukemia, Brain Tumors
  96. What's More Dangerous Than Guns? Medical Treatment!
  97. Trump dashes Cruz's hopes in Indiana
  98. Ted Cruz Calls It A Day, Ends Presidential Campaign
  99. RNC chairman: Trump is our Nominee.....
  100. tPF How Donald Trump defeats Hillary Clinton
  101. Trump it is, some reservations, but better than Hillary. Hope is outside Presidency!
  102. tPF Hillary Clinton Leads Donald Trump by Double Digits in New National Poll
  103. Warning: Kasich is out
  104. RedState: Confirm Merrick Garland before it's too late!
  105. Bill Clinton: Long time since a girl told me I look great......
  106. Told you so: Here's the answer to the abortion problem, folks
  107. Edward Snowden On Whistleblowing
  108. Romanian hacker Guccifer: I breached Clinton server, 'it was easy'......
  109. Fort McMurray fire: Entire city forced to flee as inferno rages
  110. Flint, Michigan ~ Snyder boo'd as Obama visits
  111. Mexico's President Fox Publicly Apologizes to Donald Trump
  112. Cruz Concedes, But Remains Optimistic - Really?
  113. Warning: While Drinking A Glass Of Flint Water, Obama Ripped The Heart Out Of The Republicans
  114. Rolling Stones to Trump ~'Cease using our Music'
  115. As Zika threat looms .. Republicans dither
  116. Romney will be absent from the RNC
  117. Provisional ballots mishandled in Durham
  118. McCain on tape: Trump damages my reelection hopes
  119. Uh oh! More businesses are letting people use the restroom!
  120. Trump SuperPAC head convicted of campaign-finance violations
  121. tPF More refusals of service in NC
  122. Arsenio Hall Sues Sinead O'Connor Over Accusation of Giving Drugs to Prince
  123. Man accused of putting rat poison on goods at Whole Foods
  124. London may elect their first Muslim mayor this Friday
  125. tPF CNN Reports FBI Has Found ‘No Criminal Wrongdoing’ in Hillary Clinton Email ‘Investig
  126. 5%
  127. Preparing for the Trumpocalypse
  128. SCOTUS appears hellbent on allowing unbridled political bribery and corruption
  129. Paul LePage jumps the line to adopt a puppy - breaks woman's heart
  130. Shootings reported at Westfield Montgomery Mall, Giant grocery; at least 3 injured
  131. $$$ Little Rock Settles Lawsuit Over 2010 Police Shooting $$$
  132. Feds Indict Cop, Arrest 48 alleged members of Gangster Disciples in 9 states
  133. Warning: FBI Confirms They Will Question Hillary Clinton
  134. Doctors call for single-payer healthcare to improve on Obamacare
  135. Happy Friday! Today's Politico Headlines Should End Your Week On A High Note
  136. Cheney says he will support Trump.....
  137. Hillary Gets Guccifered......
  138. San Andreas fault warning
  139. Royal Navy fires warning shots as Spanish vessel harasses a US sub at Gibraltar
  140. How to use a urinal like a lady: a trans woman's rebel tour of North Carolina
  141. Romanian hacker who claims he breached Clinton server spoke with FBI at length
  142. Conservative Solicitor Generals: Confirm Judge Garland!
  143. Unify behind Trump, or your Suburb will be "Enviromental Justice" Destroyed.
  144. Russia’s ‘Obama’ ice cream deepens chilly relations with US.....
  145. My local Sears is closing :(
  146. Uber and Lyft to Leave Austin
  147. Washington And The World Why Middle Eastern Leaders Are Talking to Putin, Not Obama
  148. Obama's Legacy: A park system that actually looks like us
  149. tPF Kerry slams Trump's wall
  150. Warning: Clinton hits Trump, says real estate mogul doesn't understand government
  151. tPF For Clinton, the general election is about married women
  152. tPF Clinton Releases a Brutal Anti-Trump Ad And she gets Republicans to do the dirty work
  153. Saturday's tornado in Wray Colorado
  154. N Carolina Stands by Bathroom Law and Sues Fed Government After Justice Dept Threat..
  155. Trump Won't Rule Out Effort to Remove Ryan as Convention Chairman
  156. Those poor Bundy Boys - "emaciated" :)
  157. Trump 300
  158. tPF Illegal Immigrants get more Welfare than Americans
  159. Donald Trump Taps Chris Christie to Lead Transition Team
  160. It's Over...The Terrorists Have Won
  161. How Trump clarified his position on taxing the wealthy
  162. Pentagon report reveals confusion among U.S. troops over Afghan mission......
  163. Nearly half of voters in EU countries say they want a referendum on whether to remain
  164. West Point ~ 'Power to the People Right On'
  165. Obama makes North American Bison National Mammal.....
  166. Military Times survey: Troops prefer Trump to Clinton by a huge margin
  167. 11 yr old charged with hate crime
  168. Warning: Trumps 2nd Divorce
  169. tPF President Obama Says Donald Trump Is Not Equipped to Be President
  170. tPF Clinton Warns Against 'Letting Obama's Legacy Fall Into Trump's Hands'
  171. 5 Ways In Which Trump Supporters Are Like Cult Followers
  172. tPF Dead heat: Trump, Clinton tied in 3 swing-state polls
  173. Pat McCrory has been hatin' on the LGBT community for DECADES
  174. Facebook censoring conservatives ?
  175. Obama to become first sitting US president to visit Hiroshima
  176. West Virginia state Senate candidate, a veteran, brutally beaten
  177. tPF America
  178. tPF Prepping for doomsday
  179. China Scrambles Fighters As U.S. Sails Warship Near Chinese-Claimed Reef
  180. War on women?
  181. Cliven Bundy sues Obama
  182. The 2016 Nebraska and West Virginia Primaries
  183. The new Trump Benghazi campaign ad ~ Using Victim families & Holocaust
  184. Bridgegate ~ Federal Trials to Begin
  185. tPF Former Senator Harris Wofford comes out at 90; will marry partner
  186. Reuters Hillary Vs Trump Rolling Poll
  187. tPF Clinton, Trump 'dead even' in Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania
  188. Former Clinton Chief of Staff Walks Out of FBI Interview Due to 'Off-limits Topic'...
  189. High school lacrosse team accused of killing guinea pig, using blood like face paint
  190. Hindu Extremists In India Pray For Trump Victory - "Only He Can Save Humanity"
  191. Tell me there isn't something in the water in Texas...
  192. Deadly West, Texas, Fertilizer Plant Explosion Was 'Criminal Act'
  193. Trump: My SCOTUS nominee may try to overturn Row v Wade
  194. Trump Backtracks on Muslim Ban, Now Saying It Was Only A Suggestion
  195. tPF Are you watching Fox News????
  196. tPF Middle class takes financial hit in most US cities this century
  197. tPF Hillary Clinton Slams Donald Trump's Tax Plan as Being 'Written by a Billionaire for
  198. Stop the world until the GOP unifies
  199. U.S. activates Romanian missile defense site, angering Russia.....
  200. tPF That chicken your eating... was it processed by someone wearing a diaper?
  201. Trump: Maybe i'll release my taxes in November
  202. Bridgegate unindicted co-conspirator list to be released Friday noon EST!
  203. Trump's longtime butler calls for Obama to be shot or lynched
  204. Cops pummel suspect who surrendered
  205. Feds open Texas border to 4,000 Cubans
  206. tPF FBI under investigation for murdering Levoy Finicum
  207. Wall Street Whistle-blower Drops BOMBSHELL About Clinton Foundation.....
  208. Dan Quayle partisan-hacks' his way to relevancy
  209. tPF Clinton charity gave $2M to company owned by Bill’s ‘friend’
  210. tPF Border Patrol union says directive provides open invitation
  211. Racism...in Indiana?
  212. Obama to deport hundreds of illegal immigrants
  213. World's oldest person, Susannah Mushatt Jones, dies at 116
  214. Will Trump use campaign donations to pay-off $36 Million loan ?
  215. Trump masqueraded as a spokesman to brag about himself
  216. The Donald's "opposition research"
  217. Obama to public schools: Allow transgender access!
  218. Facing a massive boycott, Target CEO doubles down on support of LGBTQ rights
  219. New Emails Show Clinton Opted to Use Home Phone Over Secure Line .....
  220. Kansas wants to toughen rules on trans birth certificates
  221. Arkansas has a new hero in the fight against gay perverts
  222. tPF More unintended consequences of legalizing the Demon Weed
  223. Iran suspends participation in the hajj
  224. tPF Where do most of the drugs enter the usa from
  225. tPF Advocates push for safer, 'more inclusive' co-ed bathrooms
  226. John Miller WHO???
  227. Is one of these congressmen the Capitol Hill whistleblower?
  228. tPF Mandatory viewing for those who fear a transgender in the "wrong" bathroom
  229. tPF Sheldon Adelson Is Poised to Give Donald Trump a Donation Boost
  230. Trump and the ladies - a historical review
  231. tPF Clinton Campaign Releases Video Slamming Trump's Refusal to Release Tax Returns
  232. Pfizer will not sell drugs to States for lethal injection.....
  233. Trump Won't Release His Tax Returns? Give Him The Birther Treatment
  234. Scenes From The Venezuela Apocalypse:
  235. tPF Michigan May have come up with the answer.
  236. State-Mandated Mourning for Aborted Fetuses......
  237. tPF 9/11 Was Warning From God About Evolution, Church-State Separation
  238. tPF Worse lies than Trumps publicist lie
  239. Judge Rules In Favor of Man Who Shot Down Drone for Hovering in Backyard
  240. The Target boycott has reached a boiling point — and sales may suffer as a result....
  241. Obama: Longest War President of Them All
  242. Jake Tapper Busts out Hillary's Clintons Lie that she was appoved for her Server.....
  243. Sanders supporter attacked by Actor
  244. tPF Bill Clinton Would Be 'In Charge of Revitalizing the Economy,' Hillary Clinton Says
  245. tPF Stopped, detained, cuffed and computer searched for SCWB
  246. The Clinton sleaze never ends
  247. Planned Parenthood to spend 30 million against Trump
  248. Conservative who knows that a 3rd party run would be seen as "heroic"
  249. Peak Stupidity: Snowflake Brigade From Portland State University Stages Die-In -
  250. Woman in NYT piece about Trump's mistreatment of women fires back