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  1. tPF Senator Hillary Clinton (was using a private email account too)
  2. 3 boys dead in north Phoenix; mom hospitalized with self-inflicted wounds
  3. Report Shows Modern Slavery Exists Worldwide
  4. tPF Trump Leads Clinton on Top-Ranking Economic Issues
  5. Paul Ryan succumbs to Trump
  6. Autopsy: Prince Died Of Overdose Of Fentanyl
  7. Susan Sarandon on Clinton: 'There's going to be' an indictment
  8. tPF Murder victim’s father goes nuts on serial killer in court
  9. Warning: Hillary Clinton Eviscerates Donald Trump In Her Best Speech Yet
  10. muhammed ali hospitalized
  11. tPF Hillary Clinton Calls Donald Trump 'Temperamentally Unfit' to Be President
  12. tPF Donald Trump Gives Conflicting Answers about Trump University Hiring
  13. tPF Smuggling network guided illegals from Middle East
  14. ACLU leader quits after daughters encounter men in the women's restroom
  15. 1.6M Green Cards to Immigrants from Predominantly Muslim Countries since 9/11
  16. Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton in a tight race in California
  17. DOJ refuses to release names of illegals given amnesty
  18. Donald Trump ally secures $32 million for new super PAC
  19. Foreign Policy ~ Trumps' babbling incoherent rant in response to Hillary
  20. Unemployment rate declines to 4.7% in May; payroll employment changes little +38,000
  21. Texas ~ The Ft. Hood Flood
  22. TRUMP : "Ted Cruz is no longer a liar!" "We love Ted!"
  23. tPF It's about time! Hitting bad cops in their wallets!
  24. Sanders jabs at Clinton's foreign policy credentials following speech.....
  25. France Floods
  26. Right Wing Media Crank Dick Morris Joins The National Enquirer
  27. Intel source: IG report ups pressure on DOJ to seek criminal charges against Clinton.
  28. tPF Trump University Script Tells Students to Inflate Income
  29. tPF First Lady Tells Graduates 'We Don't Build Up Walls' in America
  30. 9-year-old banned from 'Making America Great Again'
  31. tPF U.S. "Special Forces" rescued from Colorado...
  32. tPF Legal Experts Worry After Trump Attacks Judge for Alleged Bias, Judge's Brother Calls
  33. Minneapolis Police Union Leader: “Black Lives Matter is a terrorist organization"
  34. Judge Orders Bryan Pagliano To Produce Immunity Agreement With Justice Department....
  35. Obama Proclaims June 2016 as Homo and Gender Confused Pride Month
  36. tPF Judge Targeted by Trump Once Faced Death Threats From Mexican Cartel
  37. tPF ANALYSIS: Paul Ryan Gambles Policy Vision in Embracing Donald Trump
  38. tPF DHS Quietly Moving, Releasing Vanloads of Illegal Aliens
  39. Howard Dean says Elizabeth Warren is too old to be Clinton's running mate
  40. New Reuters Poll : Clinton Opens Up An 11 pt. Lead On Trump
  41. tPF Clinton on Trump: 'We Are Trying To Elect a President, Not a Dictator'
  42. Man Trump Referred To As "My African-American" Is A Bundyite Who Hates The Government
  43. Vox editor suspended for encouraging riots at Trump Rallies....
  44. OJ Simpson expected to confess
  45. tPF President Bill Clinton Will Give a Eulogy for Muhammad Ali at Interfaith Service Frid
  46. Warning: Secret service agent book rocks clinton campaign
  47. How Ayatollah Khomeini suckered Jimmy Carter
  48. tPF Hillary Clinton Invokes Muhammad Ali to Bash Donald Trump
  49. who do you trust ?
  50. Libertarian Candidate "Doesn't Know" If U.S. Should Have Intervened In World Wars
  51. Isis is so paranoid about spies that it’s killing more and more of its own members
  52. What Happened When a Student Streamed a Movie on Facebook Live
  53. tPF Inside the Purge of Tens of Thousands of Ohio Voters
  54. tPF Donald Trump Suggests Muslim Judge Might Also Be Unfair
  55. World health chiefs to reconsider Zika threat to Rio Olympics
  56. The ‘Story’ of the Iran Deal Is Coming Back to Bite the Democrats.....
  57. Murder, rape and other violent crimes have soared this year in major US cities
  58. Father of Stanford swimmer - whose 'light' six month sentence for rape was heavily...
  59. tPF Hillary Clinton Within Striking Distance of Democratic Presidential Nomination
  60. The 2016 Puerto Rico Primary
  61. tPF Secret Service Agents detest Hillary
  62. DUI Arrest in Cali ... Impeccable Timing
  63. Isis burns 19 girls alive for refusing to have sex
  64. Ron Kesseler Reporter - Author
  65. Philippines president-elect: Public 'can kill' criminals
  66. 80 yr old woman attacked on a Bus
  67. tPF Why the media experts continue to get it all wrong
  68. tPF Bernie Has to Unite The Party Behind Clinton- or Someone Will Do It For Him
  69. 1,870,000 new guns sold in May
  70. tPF Crime on the rise...wanna know why?
  71. tPF Secret service agent exposes 'real' hillary
  72. tPF Defiant Sanders signals he will fight on to Democratic convention
  73. tPF Clinton Hits 'Magic Number' of Delegates to Clinch Nomination
  74. tPF Sanders camp condemns ‘rush to judgment’ on Clinton nomination
  75. New Surge of Central Americans Seen on Border
  76. Mixed martial arts fighter Kimbo Slice dies at 42
  77. tPF Sanders was screwed
  78. FBI offers second secret filing in Clinton email suit.....
  79. Gowdy: Democrats get no say in Final Benghazi Report, Deal with it!......
  80. Al Qaeda Goes to Syria: How to Build an Islamic Emirate Overnight
  81. 1st Trump un-endorsement ~ (R-IL) Sen. Mark Kirk running scared
  82. The 2016 California & New Jersey Primaries
  83. Clinton tech aide asks court to keep Immunity Deal Secret.....
  84. Safest states to live
  85. tPF Hillary Clinton WINS New Jersey!!
  86. A Weekend in Chicago: Where Gunfire Is a Terrifying Norm
  87. tPF Trump-Backed House Republican Renee Ellmers Loses in Primary
  88. tPF Hillary Clinton Acknowledges Historic Nomination as 'Milestone' for Women
  89. Did Trump give Fl. AG Pam Bondi $25k bribe to drop fraud investigation of Trump U?
  90. tPF California Coming Up Next!
  91. VA will conduct sex change operations
  92. I don't know if this means anything to you but......
  93. Michigan hit & run driver kills 1 injures 4. Poliice withhold ID of suspect
  94. Alabama ~ Astronaut charged with Murder
  95. Warning: The morally bankrupt GOP will continue to hold America hostage
  96. Warning: Man Charged With Recording Boy In Wrigley Field Bathroom.....
  97. tPF Hillary Clinton Leads Donald Trump in ABC News' Electoral Ratings Before Tough Battle
  98. tPF Former Independence cop gets 4-year sentence for nearly killing son of another cop
  99. Trump ~ Does business with Iran and Terrorists
  100. Conservative Radio Host Hugh Hewitt: RNC Must Dump Trump
  101. FBI claimed Petraeus shared ‘top secret’ info with reporters
  102. tPF U.S. flags removed from Confederate graves
  103. Trump ~ 'I'm gonna destroy the Clintons' (maybe on Monday) ... LOL
  104. tPF Sex Change Bombshell:
  105. tPF HISTORY! Trump Shatters Republican Primary Vote
  106. Rocky Marciano undefeated Heavy Weight Champion of the World
  107. Justice Sotomayor: Ethnicity ‘May And Will Make A Difference In Judging’
  108. Sanders 'disappointed' and 'upset' at news of Clinton's win
  109. Florida mother saves 13-year-old daughter from would-be kidnapper
  110. Norman Seabrook, NYC correction officers' union head, arrested on federal corruption
  111. tPF Worried about CAF? You ain't seen nothing yet.
  112. Babysitter is arrested on abuse charges
  113. Philly Police Identify 18-Year-Old Suspect In Theodore Street Homicide
  114. Arrest warrant issued in murder of delivery driver in Delaware County
  115. Albany man's murder conviction upheld
  116. 19-year-old Joshua Dukes defined as "serial killer"
  117. Burka-clad stranger attacks woman with American flag
  118. Man convicted in Boxing Day shooting of Jane Creba denied escorted temporary prison
  119. Chicago man who was shot seven times by police sues city for $15M
  120. Longtime funeral director dies after being found burned and beaten
  121. Arrest made in death of man, 73, found inside McKees Rocks home
  122. Police searching for woman who allegedly gunned down man at SE Oak Cliff motel Monday
  123. Serial drunk driver sentenced to life in prison
  124. Social media video shows gas attack at McDonald's
  125. Black Muslim Chases, Tackles White Trump Supporter After San Jose Rally – Then Brags
  126. Landlord shot, killed and set on fire while trying to collect overdue rent
  127. Local pizza worker's loved ones speak out after his murder
  128. Experts: Clinton emails could have compromised CIA names.......
  129. Marilyn Mosby and her lying botched race baiting trial
  130. Pickup Truck Fatally Runs Over Five Bicyclists
  131. Data Security: Not a Big Concern for Millennials
  132. Feds spend nearly $20,000 to settle every refugee
  133. Your ObamaCare Fail of the Day
  134. Epic Correction of the Decade: Unbelievable
  135. Woman kicked out of Beyoncé concert at Citi Field for using men’s restroom
  136. tPF Obama reinstates ‘catch-and-release’ policy for illegal immigrants
  137. Women for Trump – his female fans speak out......
  138. tPF Bilderberg group meeting
  139. FBI: Records from Clinton's email server being held as 'evidence'......
  140. Ohio's 'dirty little secret': blue-collar Democrats for Trump
  141. Donald Trump winning over Democrats in blue Northeast states
  142. Report: Bernie Sanders is Really, Really Trying to Get DNC Chairwoman Fired ......
  143. Obama endorses Hillary
  144. tPF Elizabeth Warren to Call Donald Trump a 'Loud, Nasty, Thin-Skinned Fraud' in Upcoming
  145. Judge Aaron Persky: Prospective jurors refuse to serve
  146. Donald Trump Stiffed Hundreds Of People And Businesses Over Money He Owed Them
  147. tPF Hispanic activists’ anti-Trump efforts fall flat as citizenship push sputters
  148. tPF Hillary Takedown: 8 Right-Leaning Films Set for Theatrical, Online Release
  149. tPF Baltimore judge scolds prosecutors for withholding evidence in trial of officer
  150. Deputies shoot and kill another family pet...
  151. tPF Paul Ryan Calls Trump's Judge Comments 'Beyond the Pale'
  152. Warren endorses Hillary
  153. It's news to me...
  154. tPF Federal appeals court rules gun owners do not have right to concealed carry
  155. Nine DWI's but there won't be anymore...
  156. tPF White House calls FBI probe into Clinton's classified emails a 'criminal investigatio
  157. tPF San Francisco Hopes Trump Fear Will Lead To Voting Rights For Illegal Immigrants In C
  158. tPF All My Very Rich Friends Are Holding A Lot Of Cash
  159. University of Kansas 'Jane Doe' identifies herself, speaks out about sexual assault
  160. Judge Aaron Persky, under fire for Brock Turner’s sentencing
  161. Russia vs NATO: Putin’s military might could overrun NATO forces in 60 hours
  162. Republican Congressman demands court overturns Brock Turner's 'pathetic' sentence
  163. tPF Russia vows response to U.S. naval ship's entry into Black Sea
  164. tPF BIll Clinton humiliates hillary
  165. Gawker Media Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
  166. They are Shooting in Dodge City Again! Shots Fired at Dallas Love Field
  167. US Airlines to Start Scheduled Flights to Cuba
  168. tPF Bill Kristol: It May Be Time for a New Party If Trump Alternative Doesn't Materialize
  169. At their Convention, Democrats should SHOW U.S. How safe and kindly they are...
  170. It's not really news but it's news to me....
  171. The reduction of the Islamic State
  172. Alabama ~ Jury convicts House Speaker on 12 charges
  173. Singer Christina Grimmie shot at concert
  174. Medical errors still the 3rd leading cause of death in America
  175. The V.P. of Iran and her garment attire.
  176. Telemundo Reporter sucker punched live
  177. tPF Trump backers sing 'Happy Birthday' to presumptive nominee
  178. tPF Alaska scrambles to prevent Obamacare collapse
  179. tPF 2016 Lawyers in Trump University case seek maximum political pain
  180. tPF Clinton’s third-term dilemma
  181. The image that kicked off Clintons email scandal
  182. tPF Cuba wont extradite two cop killers that ran there to hide
  183. 'The Voice' singer Christina Grimmie dies after shooting
  184. tPF High-Profile GOP Donor Meg Whitman Indicates She Is Likely to Support Hillary Clinton
  185. tPF Another sign Hillary Clinton’s State Department was for sale
  186. tPF ALABAMA: GOP House Speaker Mike “Sanctity Of Marriage” Hubbard Convicted On 12 Corrup
  187. tPF Things Have Gotten So Bad For Trump That He Is Lying About His Endorsements
  188. tPF Poll: Hillary Clinton Leads Donald Trump In Double Digits
  189. tPF Julian Assange: Google Is In Bed With Hillary’s Campaign
  190. tPF Snowden Eviscerates Hillary In Just Two Sentences
  191. tPF Hillary, First Potus Nominee to be under investigation
  192. Make America Great Again
  193. tPF Crime Skyrockets. Morale Plummets
  194. Warning: Hillary a career criminal
  195. Police Chief of Dallas shoots man at Dallas Airport.
  196. tPF Human Rights Campaign On Donald Trump: Everything We Have Fought For Is On The Line
  197. Warning: Several people injured in shooting at Florida gay club
  198. Trump full speed ahead 'feel like i'm 35'
  199. Children in NYCHA housing test positive for high lead levels in blood
  200. tPF What should be Done about mass Shooting!
  201. Shooter may have ties to radical islam
  202. Orlando Massacre ~ Whitehouse Reacts
  203. Shooter called 911 and pledged allegiance to Isis prior to shooting
  204. tPF I am very Proud of the Islamic leaders Statement.
  205. Has Ms. Jacqueline Bouvier Onassis' files been opened yet?
  206. Imam Speaking in Orlando Said Gays Must Be Killed Out of 'Compassion'
  207. Laid-Off Americans, Required to Zip Lips on Way Out, Grow Bolder
  208. All in the family
  209. tPF Backlash to Trump's Tweet Accepting Congratulations Over Warnings Against Radical Isl
  210. Christina Grimmie ‘Greeted Killer With Arms Open’ At Meet-And-Greet Before Shooting
  211. Are any of you guys REAL?
  212. Does it ever feel like your computer and t.v is being controlled by outside sources?
  213. The Obama Muslims are here, so, like it or not, safest to avoid being around LGBT
  214. Nightclub shooter tied to radical imam who was an ex-gang leader
  215. The gun debate continues
  216. Microsoft Buys LinkedIn for $26.2 Billion
  217. Donald Trump Fleeced His Investors In Atlantic City
  218. How to Help the Victims of the Pulse Orlando Nightclub Shooting
  219. Muslim Migrants throw acid on 4 British Teens on train, Blinding one, Scarred faces
  220. Bill Rejected By The GOP 6 Months Ago Would Have Stopped Florida Shooter ....
  221. Court overturns verdict in Ventura defamation case
  222. Warning: Police tactics expert rips Orlando SWAT team
  223. Hope versus War.
  224. Warning: Orlando Massacre ~ Gun Store owner blaming everyone but himself
  225. Trump kicks Washington Post off campaign bus
  226. Skateboarders on Freeways
  227. tPF Gay Gun Rights Activist: Arm Yourselves
  228. The Plot Thickens - Was Shooter Gay ?
  229. France ~ ISIS claims responsibility for killing of Policeman and his wife
  230. tPF Mother of Orlando Shooting Victim Makes Emotional Plea
  231. U.S.-born kids of immigrants are fertile jihadist recruiting grounds
  232. tPF The World Mourns for Orlando
  233. Victims in the Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting
  234. LGBT-Q, TransGenderism, and Others.
  235. Stop blaming Orlando shooting on everything but radical Islam
  236. Trump ~ 'Something going on with Obama and Terror'
  237. London’s Muslim Mayor Bans Sexy Women In Advertisements.....
  238. Orlando gunman had used gay dating app and visited LGBT nightclub on other occasions
  239. A Tragic Farce - Donald Trump’s anti-terror speech was full of lies.
  240. White House considers sending illegal immigrant children to Sessions' home state
  241. Two rapists escaped from prison here.
  242. House of Reps. ~ Dems now shouting down Ryan and GOP after Orlando Massacre
  243. Russian Govt. Hackers steal entire DNC files on Trump
  244. Omar Mateen's wife may be arrested as co-conspirator
  245. Obama press conference happening now.
  246. We got silly Lucky with the actions of Omar Marteen!
  247. Amarillo (Texas) police on scene of active shooting, possible hostage situation
  248. Are all members of this "The Political Forums" really.....
  249. Oh, The Orlando Killer Didn't Use An AR-15 Rifle......
  250. Andrea Mitchell: President Obama "just eviscerated Donald Trump"