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  1. 3 missing women had all met the same man online
  2. Like debt? Vote Trump!
  3. It Appears That No One Of Note Wants To Speak On Trump's Behalf At The GOP Convention
  4. Democrats release Benghazi report
  5. Trump - "No mass deportations"
  6. Brexit ~ U.K. Credit Downgrade as stocks continue to Tumble
  7. Clues Sought In Killing of Rising Baltimore Rapper ‘Lor Scoota’
  8. Pope says Church should ask forgiveness from gays for past treatment
  9. Chinese Warships Now Training with U.S. Carrier Strike Group
  10. That’s what the PC media would rather ignore.
  11. German Woman Raped By Two Migrants, Said They Were 'Having A Bad Day
  12. Sanders Supporter: A Vote for Hillary Is a Vote Against Democracy
  13. tPF Mexico president urges North American integration after Brexit
  14. It’s Official — Bernie Sanders Is Staying In The Race And Will Not Concede
  15. Warning: Palin to Trump: choose running mate who "wouldn’t need a food taste-tester around him
  16. Howdy Gowdy on Morning Joe
  17. Ugly to the bone,
  18. The Official House Benghazi Report......
  19. Jenner's cover of SI
  20. tPF Oregon Mother Shoots and Kills Intruder She Discovered in Child's Bedroom
  21. Istanbul airport explosions: 28 dead, 60 injured, Turkish official says
  22. Gaddafi Loyalists Rescued Americans In Benghazi
  23. tPF Latest Tweak in Donald Trump’s Proposed Muslim Ban Raises More Questions
  24. tPF Clinton Leads Trump on Orlando Massacre Response, Trust to Handle Terrorism (POLL)
  25. Charles Manson disciple Leslie Van Houten should stay behind bars
  26. tPF Stasi: Cries of insensitive cultural appropriation are insane
  27. The Stanford Rapist's Judge Just Gave Three Years To A Latino Man For The Same Crime
  28. Study: Legal pot hasn't affected our youth
  29. Rio governor warns: Games could be a massive failure
  30. Obama ~ Approval rating at 56%
  31. Warning: Clinton almost 80% chance of winning whitehouse.....
  32. Trump Trying To Raise Campaign Funds In Foreign Countries, Which Is Illegal
  33. CIA Director John Brennan believes ISIS will carry out Istanbul-style attacks on U.S.
  34. tPF Benghazi panel caps 2-year probe: No bombshell, faults administration
  35. Obama Address to Canadian Parliament ~ Chants 'Four More Years'
  36. tPF Is the GOP Breaking Up Over Trump?
  37. Warning: Jesse Williams missed moment to speak truth to black power too
  38. please watch..
  39. Heterosexual Pride Day" Trends on Twitter
  40. Trump Hillary in dead heat
  41. Huma Abedin begining to Cooperate
  42. Warning: The GOP attitude I cant stand
  43. Gun Control doesnt work for bad guys
  44. Black Lives Matter leader warns Clinton of convention protests
  45. Warning: Trump ~ 'Most incoherent Presidential Candidate in U.S. History'
  46. Obama blows more ISIS back to the Virgins
  47. Joint Base Andrews Under Lockdown
  48. RNC moves to lock in Trump
  49. Pentagon lifts Ban on Transgenders
  50. tPF Veepstakes 2016: A Look at the Potential Vice Presidential Picks for Donald Trump and
  51. tPF Trump appoints gay-haters Reed, Dobson, Falwell to campaign advisory board
  52. tPF Obama Expected to Highlight His Relationship With Clinton on Campaign Trail Next Week
  53. So now we do it too? Great!!
  54. tPF Pentagon Lifts Ban on Transgender Service Members
  55. Lynch shields clinton foundation
  56. tPF Bill Clinton And Loretta Lynch Don’t Have An ‘Optics’ Problem, They Have A Corruption
  57. House GOP to Move on Blocking Terrorists from buying Guns
  58. tPF Congress is now asking for a special Prosicutor In the Clinton Foundation / Emails
  59. tPF Another Mass Shooting? This one you will not hear about
  60. tPF Democrats aren’t happy about Lynch and Clinton powwow
  61. tPF A man with a carry and conceal gun stopped a mass shooting at a nightclub
  62. he should have stuck to cookies
  63. Smugglers use Uber-registered drivers to move migrants to U.S. border
  64. Tesla car in Auto Pilot Kills Driver
  65. AG Lynch will accept FBI's recommendations in Clinton email case
  66. 100 years ago today
  67. 'Heebeejabees'
  68. tPF Lynch to Step Back in Email Probe
  69. tPF ObamaCare Is Killing The Blues
  70. tPF Trump: I'm Not Against Free Trade, I'm For Fair Trade; I Just Want Better Deals
  71. Russian firefighting plane disappears in Siberia
  72. IAVA praises lift on trans ban in military
  73. House of Reps water tainted with lead
  74. Confidence in Trump abroad
  75. Trump - waterboarding? Meh - "We're going to have to do things that are unthinkable"
  76. The Bangladesh Terrorist Action
  77. Forest Service worker killed by Montana bear while mountain biking
  78. Hillary reads and says "sigh" off of teleprompter LOL Big phony
  79. EU bans claim that water can prevent dehydration
  80. EXCLUSIVE: Hillary Clinton Scheduled To Meet With FBI On Saturday
  81. people prefer extinction to trump or hillary
  82. U.S. kills two ISIS Commanders
  83. tPF Wonder why MSNBC is not telling everyone about thier poll?
  84. FBI Source to Fox News: Agents Are 'Livid' About Clinton-Lynch Meeting
  85. Dhaka cafe standoff: At least 13 hostages rescued as siege ends
  86. News Lynch may be forced to charge Hillary after Bill’s shady powwow
  87. tPF Hillary Clinton Gives Interview to FBI About Emails, Campaign Says
  88. What’s really behind the ongoing push for gun control?
  89. tPF LGBT Rights Groups Win as US Judge Blocks Mississippi Law
  90. tPF Hillary interviewed by FBI about private email server
  91. tPF Trump Goes Full Racist And Admits He’s Looking At Firing All Non-White TSA Agents
  92. tPF Unstable Trump Goes Off The Rails And Jokes About Mexico Attacking The US
  93. Elie Wiesel Dies
  94. Holocaust survivor, Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel dies
  95. tPF Lynch-Clinton tarmac meetup leaves a permanent taint
  96. Trump now accepting big money - and Trumpkins don't care
  97. Al Qaeda: We'll Strike The U.S. If You Execute The Boston Bomber......
  98. Donald Trump Launches Blatantly Anti-Semitic Attack Against Hillary Clinton
  99. Muslim Doctor Shot Near Texas Mosque Before Prayer......
  100. tPF Navajo Artist Creates 'Make America Native Again' Hats to Critique Donald Trump's Cam
  101. Huma Abedin admits that Clinton burned daily schedules
  102. ADL blasts Trump for tweeting "Sheriff's Star".
  103. tPF US Diplomats Harrassed Obama does nothing
  104. tPF Hillary Clinton’s Busy Weekend: An FBI Interview and a Broadway Show
  105. tPF Rising Star Julian Castro Being Vetted for Clinton Vice Presidential Pick
  106. Florida ~ Dad shoots-to-death son at Gun Range
  107. tPF Trump supporter says Mexican restaurant refused to serve her
  108. FBI announces decision in Hillary email case
  109. I thought country music rednecks were well mannered and picked up their trash?
  110. tPF If negligence won't be charged...
  111. Student informant found with a bullet in his head and rocks in his backpack
  112. tPF Are you listening to the President?
  113. Remember the US Attorney Scandal in 2007, when 22 million emails were deleted?
  114. tPF Let me Get this Straight?
  115. tPF 'Fired Up' President Obama Tears Into Trump at Hillary Clinton Rally, 'Don't Boo, Vot
  116. tPF Roughly 3,000 women and girls are sold on ISIS sex slave market
  117. Bridgegate ~ Port Authority Chairman David Samson to plead Guilty to Felony
  118. WWE tough guy John Cena just made the most patriotic commercial EVER!
  119. ‘Is Lady Liberty a man?’: Fox worries France ‘pulled a fast one’ with transgender...
  120. tPF Trump Releases Condemning Video Showing Hillary Lie
  121. Watch White Cop execute Black Man
  122. Ex-Fox News Host Gretchen Carlson Files Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Roger Ailes
  123. Manning may have attempted suicide
  124. Why isn't the conservative rag posting news?
  125. 4-year-old girl drowns
  126. tPF Clinton Emails: DOJ Will Not File Charges Against Former Secretary of State
  127. How many "marked classified" e-mails were there? The NYT says TWO.
  128. Who likes Newt ?
  129. One lawmaker said she felt "bullied" and "like a hostage"
  130. 20-30 "Somali Males" Threaten Neighborhood Residents
  131. Paul Ryan ~ 'Deny Hillary Classified Briefings during Campaign'
  132. Watch another White Cop execute a Black Man
  133. The FBI Director James Comey House Congressional Hearing
  134. "Police: 1 dead after Palos homeowner shoots intruders" (Chicago Suburb)
  135. tPF Bill O'Reilly shares photos of Barack Obama in traditional Muslim dress
  136. Comey for President!!
  137. Marine to use the Hillary defense
  138. State Department reopens Clinton emails probe
  139. Partisanship a higher priority than the law
  140. Another democrat bites the dust.
  141. Warning: Dallas ~ Police Officers shot
  142. US Capitol on Lockdown, Police Searching for Individual
  143. tPF The Officers in Dallas pay the price of false accusations.
  144. White Nationalist Group Co-Sponsor Of Major Trump Rally In Cleveland
  145. Trump to GOP lawmakers: 'Hey losers - vote for me!'
  146. Powerful photo from Baltimore! Maybe Now The Racist will STFU about BLM?
  147. Obama Orders Flags to Half-Staff
  148. tPF Lessons on healing a nation.
  149. tPF Interesting interview in LA.
  150. tPF Tennessee shooter targeted white victims, similar to Dallas ambush
  151. Iran’s next target could be our grid
  152. Nra
  153. tPF Sheriff David Clarke Slams Obama, Clinton, BLM
  154. tPF Obama’s false racism claims are putting cops’ lives in danger
  155. Texas Lt Governor Dan Patrick - Can someone please muffle him?
  156. The uncomfortable reason why it came to this in Dallas
  157. Key Bridgegate figure will cop a felony plea
  158. An open letter about Trump to Reince Priebus
  159. tPF Hate Group Urges Gangs To Kill Cops
  160. Brazil searches for missing GITMO prisoner ahead of Games
  161. Matt Damon: ban guns in one fell swoop
  162. Obama: Gun Control Is Necessary ‘If You Care About the Safety of Our Police Officers’
  163. Hillary Clinton Blames Whites, Cops for Deaths of Young Black Men
  164. tPF How the ‘Ferguson effect’ is destroying Chicago
  165. More snipers in downtown Dallas?
  166. Black El Paso Police chief says
  167. Obama says U.S. 'not as divided as some have suggested'
  168. tPF Hillary Clinton Announces New Details to Health Care Plan, Bernie Sanders Applauds
  169. tPF With Nation on Edge, Officials' Comments Range From Appeals for Tolerance to Placing
  170. ISIS shoots down Russian helicopter over Syria killing two pilots
  171. Top police group wants Justice to investigate Dallas police killings as hate crime
  172. "R.B." Written in Blood: What Does it Mean?
  173. Obama: Careful with the anti-cop rhetoric
  174. Warning: Being black in America - even Newt gets it
  175. NYC Bodypainting Day was yesterday
  176. Nov. 2016 ~ First election in 50 years without protection of Voting Rights Act
  177. tPF Rudy Giuliani Goes On Sick Racist Rant About Black Kids During National TV Interview
  178. tPF In An Open Letter, Trump’s Alma Mater Condemns Him and His Message of Hate
  179. Black Lives Matter supporter killed after breaking into off-duty St. Louis officer's
  180. tPF Two New National Polls Show Hillary Clinton With Huge Leads Over Donald Trump
  181. Dallas mother thanks police for shielding her and her son
  182. As Baltimore Crime Spikes, Police Numbers Fall
  183. Warning: Leaked photo of Micah Johnson dead...
  184. Murder Rates Rising Sharply in Many U.S. Cities
  185. Alton Sterlings long criminal past.
  186. Man who posted Sterling video a victim of police retaliation
  187. Facebook sued for one billion dollars over terrorist use
  188. Jabba the Ailes - Six more women affirm his perversity
  189. tPF Chris Kyle - Not a Liar
  190. tPF Dallas Police Chief ‘We’re Asking Cops To Do Too Much In This Country’
  191. tPF Police Shootings come to MI
  192. tPF Star Trek’s Sulu will be gay in new movie Star Trek Beyond: Why it matters
  193. tPF Gay Guys Are Reporting Baby Fever In Droves. Is That Progress?
  194. The Black Panther's way to inspire unity.
  195. Harsh poll numbers
  196. tPF Black Dallas Doctor Struggles to Hold Back Tears
  197. An Italian baby raised on vegan diet hospitalized and removed from parents
  198. tPF First Black Miss Alabama: "I Don't Feel Sad for the Officers that Lost Their Lives.
  199. tPF Art gallery stands by anti-police violence flag in wake of deadly Dallas shooting
  200. Idaho is rooting out bad cops one by one by TWO
  201. tPF La. gov. defends 'Blue Lives Matter' law
  202. tPF More Female Fox News Anchors Come Forward to Defend Roger Ailes
  203. tPF Houston Official Calls for Form of Segregation
  204. tPF The War on Cops
  205. Syria refugee held in indecent assault on girl, 13 at pool
  206. tPF Wendy Williams’ race comments costing her
  207. Philando Castile deflects from telling the truth
  208. Republicans battle over social issues in platform - Busy busy BUSY!
  209. tPF Bernie Sanders Endorses Hillary Clinton for President
  210. tPF Top Intelligence Official Denies Paul Ryan's Request to Block Hillary Clinton From Cl
  211. tPF Brooklyn surgeon extracted more than $1M in Medicare billing scheme
  212. New Black Panther Party will be armed during RNC protests
  213. Warning: Obama & Bush do Dallas
  214. Baton Rouge prosecutor recuses himself
  215. President Obama refuses request to turn White House blue
  216. FBI Could Have Stopped Orlando Shooting If They Didn't Look Into My Personal Slush Fu
  217. Fox News just suspended Newt's contributor status.
  218. Study: Five more Idaho children died when religious beliefs blocked treatment
  219. Why did the cop shoot Philando Castile ?
  220. Former Miss Alabama suspended from TV station after calling Dallas sniper a ‘martyr’
  221. Pennsylvania police officer picks up couple’s tab after man refused to sit by cops
  222. Obama defends black lives matters at Dallas Police memorial
  223. Trump declines offer to speak at NAACP
  224. tPF To Obama, Racism in America 'Has a White Face, Never a Black Face'
  225. Quinnipiac Poll: Trump Gains in Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania
  226. Our State Dept used Taxpayer money to try and Oust Netanyahou
  227. GWB's speech yesterday was first rate - AND an obvious swipe at Trump
  228. Settlement of Syrian Refugees in the U.S. Accelerates
  229. China threatens to impose air defence zone on South China Sea
  230. 'Gotta Mow the Lawn' and other lies why Republicans won't attend Convention
  231. Swing-state stunner: Trump has edge in key states
  232. This ol bird needs to fly away
  233. Illinois Obamacare Co-op Becomes 16th to Collapse
  234. tPF Clinton’s lead over Trump shrinks dramatically
  235. The latest from the Sanders camp (told you)
  236. Tenors change words of O Canada
  237. tPF Transgender Woman Arrested At Target
  238. tPF Race Relations Are at Lowest Point in Obama Presidency, Poll Finds
  239. FBI Ends One of Longest Investigations, With Mystery Unsolved
  240. Meet the Woman who could take down Trump
  241. Would Bernie Supporters Vote For Hillary In General Election?
  242. tPF Lena Dunham Wants To Remove Guns From Bourne Movie Posters
  243. tPF Purdue Now Says It Won’t Expel Student Who Criticized Black Lives Matter
  244. Viacom in Talks to Sell Paramount Pictures Stake to Chinese Group
  245. Warning: Mexican hitwoman claims she has sex with corpses after beheading them
  246. tPF Cop’s new nightmare
  247. tPF 6 female inmates can sue guard for sex assault
  248. New research from Harvard shows a profound amount of racism by police…not less
  249. Trump releases list of speakers at RNC
  250. Justice Ginsburg says she regrets comments on Trump