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  1. Black GOP Senator Tim Scott pulled over 7 times in a year
  2. tPF Hillary Clinton Ad 'Role Models' Goes After Donald Trump's Impact on Kids
  3. tPF Log Cabin Republicans: GOP Party Platform the 'Most Anti-LGBT' in Party's History
  4. Indy Star sticking with their story - Pence is Trump's guy
  5. tPF Trump takes Florida lead over Clinton in latest Quinnipiac University Poll
  6. tPF White House Watch
  7. Openly gay Libertarian will address RNC convention
  8. Attack in Nice, France - Bastille Day
  9. AT THE CLOSING BELL ON 14 July 2016 - Guess the world didn't End 2w Ago
  10. tPF Dem Congressional Candidate Thinks 9/11 Was 'One of the Greatest Events
  11. So this guy goes into a Waffle HOuse with an AK....
  12. Police Chief Guilty of Federal Assault, Excessive Force
  13. tPF AP-GfK Poll: Email investigation has hurt Clinton's image
  14. tPF Health Care Costs Per Person Expected To Soar Past $10,000 For The First Time
  15. tPF At least ten children among 84 slaughtered by truck driver
  16. tPF We don't want ANY refugees here
  17. tPF Democrats ‘freaked out’ about polls in meeting with Clinton
  18. tPF Obama Has to Finally Admit Radical Islam Is The Cause
  19. This is the moment police killed the Bastille Day attacker
  20. Jessie Ventura: Trump needs to pick someone crazier than he is or ...
  21. Trump RNC speaker likes to tweet about his (and your) balls
  22. Democrat security plan less then 2 pages long
  23. In France, You Will Not Hear Calls For Truck Control'
  24. New tax filing reveals memberships dropped by $47 million
  25. Truck terrorist "not a Muslim" .. beat his wife, drank alcohol, ate pork, took drugs.
  26. tPF Clinton Campaign, DNC Planning Counter-Convention During RNC
  27. Warning: 8-year-old boy dies in accidental shooting
  28. Attempted Coup in Turkey
  29. tPF Here are 5 disturbing things you should know about Trump’s likely VP pick Mike Pence
  30. tPF Social Security Advocacy Group Slams Mike Pence As He Prepares To Be Trump’s VP Pick
  31. Republican renegades denied free delegates.
  32. GOP can't even fund their own Convention
  33. tPF Reports: Trump picks VP candidate with long anti-LGBT history
  34. tPF Every Remaining Obamacare Co-Op Is On The Verge Of Total Collapse
  35. As Clinton stumbles, Trump takes an apparent slim lead in new tracking poll
  36. CEO who guaranteed 70k minimum gets a new TESLA from employees
  37. Democratic platform panelist Cornel West endorses Green Party nominee
  38. More treason from Obama
  39. 28 Pages Released, Saudi Govt. Implicated in 9/11
  40. Us-turkish tensions rise after failed coup attempt
  41. GOP, Dems Unite to Demand Increased Iranian Sanctions
  42. Louis CK is against Trump
  43. Beware the soros zombies
  44. Sanders supporters and Clintons potential VP's
  45. Obamma's critics vindicated
  46. Flashback
  47. Cops shot in Baton Rouge
  48. Two shot and killed in Florida hospital
  49. Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal
  50. Cleveland ~ Massive Gun Rally ?
  51. Another black murderer identified
  52. Indian rape survivor was allegedly raped again by the same five men
  53. Poll: Clinton Losing Ground Among Women
  54. Sheriff Clarke rips cnn over BLM
  55. tPF Baton Rouge Ambush: The Victims
  56. Warning: Baton Rouge Shooter Gavin Eugene Long Was Nation Of Islam Member
  57. tPF NO Lives Matter
  58. Baton Rouge police say group stole guns and wanted to shoot officers
  59. Warning: Largest Cleveland police union: Suspend open carry for convention
  60. Oopsie
  61. Killer worked for Newsball?
  62. The Man Who Wrote 'The Art Of The Deal' For Trump Says Trump Is A Sociopath
  63. Another failure for Baltimore Prosecutor Mosby...
  64. They Were Never Close To Indicting Hillary, 20 Years Ago Or Now
  65. The 2016 RNC
  66. Mosby 0, Cops 4
  67. Secret document eases Iran nuclear constraints
  68. Millwaukee cop shot by Mexican today.
  69. Our Children Are Watching
  70. Iraqi Shia cleric calls on attacks on US forces
  71. Man With Axe Attacks Dozens on German Train
  72. The Biggest Chump
  73. Footage shows fatal police shooting of Oklahoma City man acting erratically on bus
  74. Victims of illegal immigrant criminals plead for border security at convention
  75. The Kelly File tonight
  76. Doing it right in my town
  77. Another Blow for Bernie: Philadelphia Denies DNC Rally Permit
  78. Mike Pence ~ Praises Hillary for Libya Intervention
  79. Warning: Mosbey facing pressure of disbarment
  80. Warning: watch melanoma trump not plagiarize michele obama
  81. GOP speakers declare everything is awful, and then go on to prove it!
  82. Coming soon (probably) to a police force near you.
  83. Trump/Republicans continue to thumb their noses at intellectual property
  84. More (R-Iowa) Rep. Steve King 'Its a (white) Man's World'
  85. tPF Last night at the RNC Convention......
  86. Poll: Clinton and Trump Now Tied as GOP Convention Kicks Off
  87. Megyn Kelly has told Murdoch lawyers she was sexually harassed by Roger Ailes
  88. No firings for plagiarism incident in Trumpster fire campaign
  89. tPF Well here is another shooting.
  90. tPF For Trump's Convention, Quiet Parties and Sluggish Fundraising
  91. Fox News ~ Roger Ailes departure near ?
  92. "Moderate" Syrian Rebels Behead Child
  93. Man sucker-punched while walking quietly down the street
  94. BLACK OLIVES MATTER' Outrage after restaurant twists ‘Black Lives Matter
  95. Republicans swear that for the next two nights, they'll talk about Trump
  96. Parents of boy killed by alligator at Disney resort will not sue
  97. Trump Vets Adviser ~ 'Execute Hillary'
  98. Challenges For Black People:
  99. Trump platform backs Glass-Steagalls return
  100. Dallas restaurant refuses service to police officers
  101. Hillary Can't Stop Lying About Her Email Scandal
  102. Anti-Trump Organizers Ask: Where Is Everyone?
  103. Nets Keep Hammering Melania Trump, Went Easy on Obama Plagiarism in ’08
  104. cons' pet gay permabanned from twitter
  105. Soldiers will leave the military if Hillary is elected
  106. The writer of Melania Trumps speech is a Registered Democrat
  107. tPF Views on Experience vs. Outsider Status Pose a Potential Challenge for Trump (POLL)
  108. tPF No Endorsement from Ted Cruz For Trump!
  109. N Miami police shoot unarmed black mental health worker with his hands in the air
  110. The Dream Of Muslim Outreach
  111. So your Cleveland Protesters
  112. White House Not Planning to Punish Castro For Promoting Hillary
  113. Daily Caller News Foundation Michael Moore: ‘Trump Is Going To Win
  114. PROOF: There is a God
  115. In hot Acapulco, too many bodies in morgue's fridges
  116. The Secretary General of *NATO* just had to reassure the world ....
  117. Man surrenders after tossing fake bomb into police van in Manhattan
  118. H. Clinton steps in it again
  119. I Agree That Ted Cruz Is an A**hole
  120. US Navy's newest $12.9bn supercarrier doesn't work
  121. Two DNC delegates excluded over gender
  122. NBA to move All-Star Game because of anti-LGBT H2 law
  123. Warning: Protesters Block Sidewalk, Cite "White Privilege"
  124. $60 Million Golden Parachute - Where do I sign up?
  125. Dangerous President
  126. Oh damn....Montel pissed off
  127. Indonesia guilty of genocide; US, UK complicit
  128. tPF NBC’s Today Ignores Possible Lawbreaking In Interview With Trump Campaign Chairman
  129. tPF Media Stunned As Cruz's Non-Endorsement Tears Apart RNC Convention: “What A Disaster”
  130. tPF White Supremacist Used Pass To Broadcast Live For A Racist Program
  131. Demc PAC files FEC Complaint over Melania Trump's RNC Speech
  132. tPF Scenes from BLM Protest in Atlanta - 2 stores robbed
  133. tPF Humana To Leave Vast Majority Of Obamacare Markets
  134. tPF Shouting pastor wants your help electing Donald Trump
  135. Dozens of Civilians Killed in U.S.-Led Airstrike
  136. tPF Donald Trump Gets Bipartisan Condemnation for NATO Comments
  137. tPF Trump Kills It.
  138. tPF PayPal Co-Founder Peter Thiel Says He's 'Proud to Be Gay' at the RNC
  139. tPF NBA Pulls 2017 All-Star Game Out of Charlotte, North Carolina, Over 'Anti-LGBT' Law
  140. tPF Trump’s RNC address could mark the start of an American revival
  141. tPF We are ignoring honor killings
  142. tPF The Ferguson Effect
  143. Trump Enrages the War Party
  144. Munich Massacre
  145. Hillary to announce VP Pick
  146. Concerns over double standard for H. Clinton in FBI investigation
  147. 20,000 hacked DNC emails released
  148. David Duke: 'Thanks to Trump, my time has come!'
  149. North Miami police commander suspended for allegedly fabricating information
  150. Another politically correct failure
  151. They're catching up with Clinton
  152. Clinton Kaine 2016
  153. tPF VA Supreme Court says NO to Felons Voting
  154. tPF Trump’s RNC speech wasn’t just a success — it was a smash hit
  155. Kaine’s VP pick greeted by blowback from progressive groups
  156. tPF Hillary Clinton Slams Trump's RNC Nomination Speech: 'We Can't Let Him Become Preside
  157. tPF CNN: Donald Trump Asked If He Could Back Out Of Pence VP Offer
  158. tPF Elizabeth Warren Blasts Donald Trump, Mike Pence and the GOP in Twitter Truthbomb
  159. American Taxpayer pays $65,000 to help fund Islamic convention.
  160. VA Supreme Court Says no to Felons voting
  161. tPF Joanne Chesimard and BLM
  162. Wikileaks Releases Nearly 20,000 Hacked DNC Emails
  163. Breaking News: Birds are Singing and The Sun is Shining even after RNC Convention
  164. 'Art of the Deal' Ghostwriter ~ ' Trump is a Psycho '
  165. Ivanka wrote a check her Dad won't cash
  166. Clinton Kaine take the Stage
  167. No dismissal on Trump University lawsuit
  168. Trump - resident of America's safest big city peddles fear
  169. Race a factor in Obama’s endorsement of Kamala Harris
  170. WASHINGTON POST Minces No Words As It Says Never Never Ever Ever Trump
  171. Trump could seek new law to purge government of Obama appointees
  172. Nixon August 8, 1968 ~ Gloom Doom 'I will Make America Great Again'
  173. More Muslim Murders
  174. Hillary's America
  175. Kaine accepted clothes, vacation as gifts
  176. Leaked emails show how Democrats screwed Sanders
  177. tPF Bernie and the Break-up
  178. I finally found one thing to like about Tim Kaine
  179. Steve King is wrong: Christianity owes very little to white people
  180. Whoa - Conveniently Forgotten Facts
  181. tPF German machete attack: At least one person killed and two others injured in Stuttgart
  182. Florida Gators linebacker stops rape
  183. Bernie Sanders Calls for Debbie Wasserman Schultz to Resign in Wake of Email Leaks
  184. DNC has Little Debbie Wasserman quarantined!
  185. Benghazi ~ Mom of Ambassador Stevens to Trump & GOP ~ 'Stop invoking my sons' death'
  186. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz to resign as DNC Chair
  187. Germany machete attack: Syrian asylum seeker murders 'pregnant' woman in Reutlingen
  188. Bloomberg to endorse Hillary
  189. Obama’s half-brother says he’ll be voting for Donald Trump
  190. At least one dead and 12 injured in suicide bomb attack at German wine bar
  191. Syrian refugee in Germany arrested after killing woman in machete attack
  192. Ali David Sonboly after he named as Munich shopping centre massacre gunman
  193. Wasserman Schultz steps down as DNC chair
  194. Here's what's in the DNC emails.
  195. Angela Merkel faces fresh backlash over open door immigration policy
  196. Fort Myers Nightclub, 2 dead 14 people wounded
  197. DNC chair out, protesters storm Philly
  198. There’s some outrageous anti-Hillary swag at the DNC
  199. Warning: Trump ordered to pay 300K for lawyer's fees after losing lawsuit - Loser
  200. This makes cops less prone to draw
  201. Wall built around DNC
  202. The left stirring up trouble against police
  203. DNC CANNOT let Little Debbie gavel in
  204. Bernie Sanders Supporters Chant ‘Lock Her Up’ in Philadelphia Protest Against Clinton
  205. Speakers at DNC
  206. Is everyone enjoying the summer "Heat Dome"?
  207. California Delegates Boo Speakers at Convention Breakfast
  208. Bernie Sanders started a political revolution. Now he can’t stop it.
  209. Three White Nationalist Trumpkin Thugs face criminal charges
  210. tPF Sanders campaign manager tells candidate’s supporters to knock off the ‘lock her up’
  211. crime and CRIME
  212. tPF Why the Democrats are likely to become the majority party for decades to come
  213. Sanders delegates exploring challenge of Kaine selection
  214. Man stabbed 19 people to death injured 45 in Japan
  215. Breaking: Islamic State claims to have shot down a US fighter jet
  216. tPF FBI confirms it is investigating cyberattack on Democratic National Committee
  217. Personal attacks shadow Hillary Clinton's big moment
  218. '19 dead and 45 wounded as knifeman goes on rampage at building for disabled in Japan
  219. two storeis that show the division in the dems
  220. Democrats Followed by Their Own Divisions to Philadelphia
  221. 4 brutal poll numbers that greet Hillary Clinton at the at the convention
  222. Even Warren Heckled and Boo'd WE TRUSTED YOU
  223. More protest at dem conv than at Cleveland
  224. Union endorsements are going to Republicans
  225. Trump gets bump following GOP convention
  226. perv gropes 5 women says he never saw white women before
  227. Let's watch Cruz at the RNC again
  228. Isis supporters shot dead after taking hostages and killing priest i
  229. Every day! More than one time a damn day!
  230. Trump & Pence at VFW Convention
  231. Dem resigns over voting 2X. Finally, an example of electoral fraud we can all condemn
  232. Warning: DNC shows it colors, again...no flags but foreign ones
  233. Trump's Pootie love runs DEEP!
  234. tPF Is Trump a Russian Stooge?
  235. Leaked DNC memo: gay donors too high maintenance to handle
  236. Even the Brits noticed the lack of flags
  237. Aside from Islam, no other religion at DNC
  238. tPF Hillary Clinton Has Clinched the Democratic Nomination for President!!
  239. DNC Leak, Cruz's Dad & Oswald
  240. At DNC, Bill Clinton Talks About How He "Met a Girl"
  241. As hillary is given the nomination
  242. tPF Sanders loyalists bash Clinton nomination, clash with police
  243. Reagan Assassin ~ John Hinckley to be Freed
  244. Wasserman re election in jeopardy
  245. Maddow: I Found Top Part of Bill’s DNC Speech ‘Shocking and Rude
  246. tPF Trump has 7 point lead over Billary
  247. tPF 'Merkel is RUINING our country
  248. tPF Freddie Gray case: Charges against three remaining officers dropped
  249. Kremlin Paid “Army Of Internet Trolls” To Pose As Pro-Trump Americans On Social Media
  250. Trump Leads Clinton on Top-Ranking Economic Issues