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  1. S.C. Voter ID Law Approved
  2. Romney's emotional story remembered very differently by friend of fallen SEAL
  3. Ooops: Letting us in on a secret
  4. Unemployment Numbers are Bogus
  5. The First Duranty Prize Winners
  6. The 2012 VP Debate
  7. Alien Origin? Captured Creature Still A Mystery?
  8. Qur'an burning pastor Terry Jones denied entry into Canada
  9. Atlas Shrugged: Greece's Biggest Company Quits Country
  10. Michael Vick Has A Dog
  11. The Joe-ker
  12. Biden contradicts State Department on Benghazi security
  13. Cutter: Romney, Ryan 'entire reason' Libya attack is political issue
  14. European Union wins Nobel Peace Prize
  15. Oh, oh....Mr. Obama, you have a big, big problem now......
  16. Consealed Handgun possibly saved my neighbor's life today
  17. Skydriver attempts to break speed of sound
  18. The Cause of Black People has NOT be helped by Obama the Messiah - report
  19. Why Presidential Debates ?
  20. Off Duty Cop Murdered in Trayvon-style Concrete Assault
  21. Arlen Specter dies
  22. Amazing Coincidences
  23. Something you don't see in the hood everyday ...
  24. Coal miners ask Obama to stop ‘absolute lies’
  25. Swing States poll: Women push Romney into lead
  26. Gym teacher sues after 50 pound first grader allegedly beats him up
  27. GM has lost $6.5 billion overseas since bailout
  28. Pensioner Karate-Kicked And Stamped By Thugs In Wolverhampton
  29. Jusr in time. A sacrificial lamb for the Beghazi slaughter
  30. Hulk Hogan Sex Tape Lawsuit
  31. Iran will make every effort to help restore peace in Syria, Ahmadinejad tells Brahimi
  32. Polar Bear Hunt Goes Terribly Wrong
  33. More Skyrocketing Energy Costs
  34. Did Hillary Clinton Setup Obama for Tonight’s Debate?
  35. Obama Has Job Creators Afraid to Create Jobs
  36. 1 Million Construction Jobs Lost Under Obama
  37. $6 Gas, $4000 Gold Result of QE3
  38. 'Stunning that He’s in Politics, Because He Really Doesn’t Like People'
  39. Ross Perot endorses Mitt Romney
  40. George McGovern admitted to hospice
  41. Poll: Voter expectations lower for Obama this debate
  42. Electric Car Battery Maker Files Bankruptcy
  43. Socialist Canada Now Richer Per Capita than Tea-Party Occupied US
  44. Make up or break up dither ‘killing EU’
  45. The Crowley Effect
  46. Fact check for debate #2
  47. The Cost Of Obamanomics: Violent Crimes Rose 18 Percent in 2011, property crimes +11%
  48. Unbridled Liberalism Strikes Again
  49. Out of Control Romney Bullies Moderator, Blathers About "Binders Full of Women"
  50. MSNBC's Undecided Voter Panel Swayed by Romney
  51. Threats to Assassinate Romney Explode After Debate
  52. Unemployment Plummets to 7.3% -- Romneyroids Looking For New Conspiracy Theory
  53. Thieves Grab Picasso, Monets, Gaugin, and Matisse Paintings
  54. Oh my: Gallup shows Romney leading by five — in swing states
  55. Crowley Interrupts Romney 28 Times, Obama Just 9
  56. Another Presidential Candidate Arrested At The Debates
  57. More evidence of deception
  58. Official Deabte Winner
  59. Companies Pressure Employees to Vote for Romney
  60. Another Hair Salon Massacre
  61. Initial Jobless Claims Jumped To 388,000
  62. Under Obama Federal Government Spends $11 For Every $7 It Brings In
  63. Why Does Obama Hate Coal Miners And Appalachia?
  64. Romney takes lead in Electoral College
  65. Obama Lied About Lily Ledbetter During Debate
  66. Playing Umpire During Debate And Failing, Candy Crowley Admitted Romney Was Right
  67. Oh My! Mitt Romney Takes Lead In RCP Electoral College Map
  68. Charles Schwab warns senior investors to be afraid if Obama is re-elected
  69. Another boost for Obama's 'gay' accuser
  70. Obama screws up on question about Benghazi, downplays imprtance of dead Americans
  71. Al Smith Dinner in progress
  72. Romney's "Al Smith Dinner" speech killed~
  73. 68 Nobel Prize-Winning Scientists Endorse President Obama’s Science Policies
  74. Now There’s A List Of Obama’s Green Energy Failures
  75. Tingles Unhinged: Romney Violated Constitution By Debating Obama
  76. PA Is In Play For US Senate And Presidential RacesLast month I told you that Pennsylv
  77. Why the Sudden Swing in the Polls to Romney?A lot of voters have not been following t
  78. Another Left Leaning Newspaper Endorses Mitt Romney
  79. Video: Watch These Clueless Obama Supporters
  80. Romney Surges In Polls, Nate Silver Hardest Hit
  81. Universal Studios' comedy skit lauds Obama, laughs at Romney
  82. Gun industry thrives during Obama's term in office
  83. When Morals & Politics Cross, Conservatives Ignore their Bible
  84. Romney Enlists General Behind Iraq Debacle as Key Military Adviser
  85. Romnesia & Ryanopia
  86. Candy Crowley Self-Destructs
  87. Liberal commentator Alan Colmes calls for Eva Longoria's resignation
  88. Republican operative arrested for voter-registration fraud
  89. International monitors at US polling places draw criticism
  90. California Liberals Poisoning Successful Banks
  91. Inhofe: EPA 'punting' regs until after election that 'spell doom' for jobs, economy
  92. Merkel, Hollande differ sharply at EU summit
  93. New media in US election
  94. Obama campaign staffer caught helping activist vote twice
  95. Calif. official whose agency under-reported unemployment stats was Obama donor
  96. Liberals Play The "Minorities Are Stupid" Card...Again
  97. Obama and his "Non-existant" Second Term Agenda
  98. Should Questioning and Challenging the President be Illegal?
  99. Obama Foreign Policy Legacy: Resurgent Russia, New Ottoman Empire
  100. Obama Supporters: If They Only Had a Brain The more interviews with Obama supporters
  101. Welfare Cost $746 Billion Last Year – More Than Social Security or Basic Defense
  102. Gender Gap Near Historic Highs
  103. The Problem With Debating Obama
  104. Did Obama Admin Recognize Iran’s Right To Nuclear Weapons?
  105. Young Liberal Voters Open To GOP Plans On Entitlement Reform
  106. "Not Optimal" Obama is Running Scared
  107. Not Optimal Now Blames Intelligence Community for Lies on Benghazi
  108. Billy Graham backs Mitt with ad in Ohio paper
  109. Life in America under 4 more years of Barack Obama’s leadership
  110. The final 2012 Presidential Debate
  111. Romney gets SMOKED in the third and final debate and FLIP FLOPS ....AGAIN!!
  112. A Red Carpet for Radicals at the White House
  113. West in a ‘Colossal Mess’ in Five to 10 Years: Marc Faber
  114. Seantor's Son Beaten
  115. Negative Campaigning: Why Do They Do It and How To Respond
  116. Team Obama: N.C. gone. Is Va. next?
  117. A Horse Is Not A Submarine…
  118. Yawn -- The Donald reveals Obama's....
  119. HE KNEW - E mails prove Obama knew Benghazi attack was terror withing hours
  120. Wal-Mart Goes Back To Basics
  121. Residents of Israeli Town Complain about Obama Debate Reference
  122. In Defense of Bayonets & Horses! 5 Problems With The President’s Zinger
  123. Barack Obama and the Harvard Years
  124. Thanks Rush... PMS IS A LIE!!!
  125. Jim Moran's son Patrick giving voter fraud advice
  126. "Shuck and Jive"
  127. Gloria Alred - Pinch Hitter for Obama?
  128. This is what you really get with Republicans!
  129. Women Liking Romney More and More.....
  130. MSM Defeatism
  131. Fracking Revives Manufacturing
  132. Toon: Oh crap, a Republican Crick-or-Treat!
  133. $26.86 per second
  134. More People on the dole than ever before
  135. UN Elction Monitors: Stay Out of Texas!
  136. Father of Slain Navy Seal: "Obama could not look me in the eye!"
  137. Make your first time with Barack
  138. Pot Legalization destined to pass in Washington State.
  139. Obama Campaign with Fundraisers in Switzerland, Sweden, Paris and Communist China
  140. Hurricanes and tornadoes
  141. Obama Calls Romney a ‘BullSh***er’
  142. Obama Supporters Trust a Lesbian and Two Stand-Up Comedians for Truthful News
  143. Will Voter Fraud Win Obama a Second Term?
  144. When Americans Saw the Real Obama
  145. Oh My! As State Senator, Obama Voted ‘Present’ On Protecting Rape Victims
  146. Thanks, Obama! Thanks, Maffei! Crouse Hospital Laying Off Workers Thanks To Obamacare
  147. Gay Republican nearly beaten to death by liberals
  148. Obama Told Des Moines Register Sequestration Will Happen, Bush Tax Cuts Will Expire
  149. Green Energy Fraud - Police invesigation
  150. Guess where Obama got the idea for the "Like a Virgin" ads?
  151. Romney Endorsed by MSM
  152. Fox News poll: Romney up by two points in Virginia Read more: http://www.foxnews.com
  153. Romney opens up 7-point lead over Obama, as electoral map begins to shift
  154. McCain Slams Powell over Obama Endoresement
  155. Republicans are puttng the pressure on over Benghazi
  156. Barack Hussein Obama Continues to Buff his Base
  157. Desperate Liberals resorting to Voter Fraud already....
  158. Jeffco ‘Democrat Of The Year’ Convicted Of Felony Theft from blind wheelchair woman
  159. "Moving Forward"? Not our racial attitudes.
  160. Don't Forget, It's Almost Jesus Ween
  161. What really happened in benghazi..
  162. Liberal Des Moines Register Endorses Romney, First Republican Endorsement in 40 Years
  163. Obama Chuckles When Asked About Wasting Tax Dollars on Green Energy
  164. 7.7 Earthquake rumbles Canada's NW coast - Miracle no damage
  165. Madonna backs Odumba. Crowd walks out. Madonna is a racist.
  166. Hurricane Sandy
  167. BREAKING: JEEP closing plants and moving to China, while Sensata not moving to China.
  168. Shut Down Federal Disaster Agency, Send Responsibility To The States
  169. John McCain, Benghazi-gate, and Racists . . . oh my!
  170. Expecting an Announcement from Bill Graham any day now ...
  171. Seriously Folks … If you’re in the path of this storm … don’t be a hero.
  172. Sandy created by HAARP for Romney
  173. Will the Perfect Storm halt the election?
  174. Disaster aid, Mitt-style ...
  175. Democrats Ground Game Hasn’t Closed Enthusiasm Gap
  176. New poll shows Romney, Obama appear tied in Ohio Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/p
  177. New pro-Obama ad has children blaming parents for aftermath of a Romney win
  178. Are Americans Finally Seeing the True Obama Presidency?
  179. Associated Press “Racist” Poll Shows AP Hates White People
  180. Clash Of Cultures
  181. Benghazi = Watergate
  182. Why No Medal of Honor For Woods and Doherty?
  183. Odumba calls for 'Secretary Of Business'
  184. 12 Reasons He Doesn't Deserve a Second Term
  185. RFK Jr. didn't pay for many of renovations to make Westchester mansion eco-friendly
  186. Romney Leads D+7 WaPo/ABC Poll By 1 Point
  187. Romney Campaign Donates Bus To Help With Storm Relief Efforts On East Coast
  188. Funny Business At The Polls In Ohio
  189. Philly Inquirer Poll Has Obama Dropping To Under 50%
  190. Labor Dept. May Not Release Jobs Report Before Election Day
  191. What a Surprise: The White House knew terrorists were organizing in Libya!
  192. Foreward! Obama's home town surpases last year's homicide rate
  193. Ford posts better-than-expected Q3 profit
  194. Governor Christie doing an President Obama Leadership Tour
  195. Throughout the coming days, American Unions will show it’s Power and Relevance!
  196. Government at Work; Plus lots of Great Pictures
  197. What a Surprise, more Lies from The Romney Campaign
  198. Sandy Re-Poses The 9/11 Question
  199. “I have no idea, nor am I the least bit concerned or interested,”
  200. Election 2012: Ohio President
  201. Daily Swing State Tracking Poll
  202. General in Benghazi Scandal Suddenly Retires
  203. Obama Administration: UN Election Observers “Immune” to State Laws
  204. Maybe we should have UN observers looking art the Benghazi attack
  205. Proving once again liberals no matter what their age have no morals. New Fat Ass ad
  206. Fuel Prices On East Coast To Go Sky-High
  207. Gallup: Obama's Early Vote Advantage Collapses 22-Points Over 2008
  208. Do you still doubt climate change?
  209. BREAKING NEWS: Mitt Romney will donate $5 Million for Hurricain Victums and Relief
  210. Time to Stick Mitt's Nose in his own Lies !
  211. It just keeps coming: Home prices rise for fifth month in a row
  212. A Man's got to do what a Man's got to do. Obama Cancels Wednesday Campaign Events
  213. What is The Line?
  214. Mr. Romney … any Comments?
  215. 80 year old goiung to jail for not being able to stand public lies
  216. Obama's Layoff Bomb !!!
  217. Gingrich: Senator told me networks may have White House emails commanding Stand Down
  218. Chevrolet Donates 50 Trucks to Red Cross for Storm Relief
  219. Wash Po Tells Obama to Come Clean about Benghazi
  220. The End Of October
  221. Why Obama will win because of "Sandy"
  222. Republican senators accuse Obama administration of 'stonewalling' on Benghazi
  223. Lets hope this monster loses his case
  224. Train wrecks & plane crashes
  225. Sex scandal to hit campaign
  226. Shameless Looters Display Stolen Goods On Twitter
  227. I love a happy ending. John Ferguson, 64, to Be Executed in FL Tonight
  228. Oh,OH Obama and his stooges have some "splainin' to do on job creation
  229. Cable Warned Consulate Couldn't Withstand 'Coordinated Attack'
  231. SEE VIDEO: Menendez Sex Scandal
  232. U.S. Economy Added 158,000 Private-Sector Jobs in October, According to ADP
  233. President Barack Obama Tours Storm Damage in New Jersey
  234. Reverend at Obama’s Inauguration Says He Thinks All Whites Are Going to Hell
  235. Arch-Warmer Caught In A Whopper
  236. Comedian ‘Redistributes’ Children’s Candy in Hilarious ‘Obama-Style’ Halloween Prank
  237. Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Clarifies: Shariah Must Be Basis of New Constitution
  238. A Detailed Look at Obama’s Radical College Past…And We’re Not Talking About Barack
  239. Romney Versus the Automakers
  240. Romney’s Financial Sacrifice To Serve America
  241. Facebook Protects Obama by Pulling Message from SEALs
  242. Today’s terrorists are tomorrows Democrat Leaders
  243. Senators to Obama: ‘You Have Not Been Forthcoming’
  244. Best Republican Ad of 2012
  245. ‘The Obama Youth’ and Some Scary History
  246. Deal Put al-Qaida in Charge of Tripoli Security; Libyan Diplomat Blames U.S., NATO
  247. Romney blasts Obama's 'secretary of business' plan
  248. Three Numbers That Could Hold the Key to a Romney Win
  249. Let's Talk Poverty
  250. The CIA's detailed Report For Libyan Attack