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  1. tPF Jeb Bushs son Supports Trump
  2. Judge to cut Blagojevich's Prison Term ?
  3. GOP Congress allows Zika to spread unless Planned Parenthood defunded
  4. Hillary's "black soul" auction removed from Ebay
  5. tPF Diversity or segregation?
  6. Mitt's Revenge
  7. tPF Clinton Accepts Fall Debate Schedule, Challenges Trump
  8. How Trump even jacks-up the SCOTUS Justice-Pick Garland obstruction
  9. The "Is Hillary Dying" hoax was started by Alex Jones and Company
  10. Trump Suggests Second Amendment Remedy For Hillary Clinton
  11. tPF Donald Trump Faces Increasing Resistance From Within His Own Party
  12. tPF A Gathering Storm Against...Ted Cruz?
  13. tPF Colorado's Initiative To Implement Single-Payer Health Care Is Way Too Expensive
  14. tPF WikiLeaks offers $20,000 for information on former DNC staffer's murder
  15. tPF Was the murdered dnc staffter a source ?
  16. tPF Emails by Clinton Aides Show State Department-Foundation Links
  17. tPF Hillary Aide Cheryl Mills OK’d Oil Deal That Put $500K In Bill’s Pocket
  18. tPF Survivors react to father of Pulse shooter at Clinton rally
  19. Obama releases criminals convicted of gun crime
  20. Warning Deutsche Bank teetering on edge of CRISIS
  21. WTF: Woman fatally shot by Florida cop role-playing as ‘bad guy’ during citizen polic
  22. Justice Department: Baltimore police regularly violated constitutional rights
  23. Nation's Sixth Largest Newspaper Calls For Trump To Be Removed From GOP Ticket
  24. Obama wants more gun control but releases 107 gun criminals
  25. Parents who force vegan diets on their kids may face four years in jail in Italy beca
  26. tPF Clinton Camp Formally Launches Republicans for Hillary Effort
  27. tPF Clinton Responds to Trump's 2nd Amendment Comments: 'Words Matter'
  28. The Trump Tower Climber
  29. John Negroponte endorses Hillary
  30. Why is gay-pedophile ex-congressman Mark Foley sitting behind Trump ?
  31. Trump ~ 'Obama the Founding (Father) of ISIS '
  32. tPF Vicious attacks on Trump may get him Killed
  33. Terror threat averted by RCMP in Ontario
  34. Secret Service has a little Pow Wow with Trump Campaign
  35. Theory about populating N. America is wrong?
  36. More shake-up at Fox?
  37. A revolution against rape in Ukraine/Russia
  38. Huckabee makes a hilarious joke about the Zika virus
  39. The liberal failure of San Francisco
  40. Time Magazine: Inside Trump's Meltdown
  41. tPF Hillary Clinton Expected to Release 2015 Tax Returns
  42. tPF Hillary Clinton to Deliver Economic Rebuttal to Donald Trump
  43. tPF The DEA and their job security is worth more than the truth...
  44. Top retailers closing stores this year
  45. The Perseid Meteor Shower
  46. tPF Media Cutting Off Guests
  47. 75 Republicans call for RNC to defund Trump
  48. tPF Emails Do Not Show Improper Influence From Clinton Foundation, State Department Says
  49. tPF Obama Is Not the 'Founder' of ISIS – These Guys Are
  50. 'I am patriaht ... you are traitor'
  51. tPF Why Evan McMullin Says Donald Trump Is More Dangerous Than ISIS
  52. tPF Ronald Reagan's Daughter Blasts Trump's 'Verbal Violence'
  53. tPF Congressional leaders were briefed a year ago on hacking of Democrats
  54. tPF Clinton State Department aide helped Clinton Foundation
  55. tPF : Joint FBI-US Attorney Probe Of Clinton Foundation Is Underway
  56. Clinton proposes higher taxes, more regulation and more obamacare
  57. Gun vote
  58. Trump on Obama as Founder of ISIS - It was just "sarcasm"
  59. GOP having a 'come to Jesus' meeting in Orlando
  60. tPF Competing Visions for America - Adam Smith versus Karl Marx
  61. Yet another child injured in amusement park accident...
  62. tPF CNN’s Cuomo comes right out and admits it:
  63. Meet the Quack behind the Dying Hillary meme
  64. NRA Barks at Trump's 2nd amendment dog whistle
  65. Indonesia Says No to LGBT
  66. Trump using multiple devices and by others ? ... sound familiar ?
  67. 50,000 voters polled: Trump 67% Clinton 19%
  68. tPF Hillary Clinton Gains Double-Digit Lead Over Donald Trump in Key Battleground States
  69. tPF Hillary Clinton Releases 2015 Tax Returns as Tim Kaine Releases 10 Years' Worth
  70. tPF McConnell Calls Chances of GOP Retaining Senate Control 'Very Dicey'
  71. Man convicted of perjury claims FBI full of bull
  72. Trump: The only way Hillary can win PA is if there's cheating!
  73. tPF Guccifer hacks democrats
  74. Conservative legal scholars prefer a liberal SCOTUS to Trump presidency
  75. Become a "Trump Election Observer"!
  76. Probe Of Clinton Foundation Is Underway
  77. Trump surrogate Katrina Pierson: "We weren't in Afghanistan until Obama went in"
  78. Reporter Who Was Allegedly 'Startled' By Clinton Seizure Says It Never Happened
  79. A "For what it's worth poll."
  80. God Help Us - De Niro Compares Trump to His Mentally Disturbed Taxi Driver Character
  81. Assange is an anarchist revolutionary who just wants to blow the whole thing up.
  82. Executed Scientist was mentioned in hacked emails
  83. Trump does his best Sarah Palin imitation!
  84. tPF Police shooting in Milwaukee sparks violent protest
  85. Sick liberals give US tax dollars to illegals ...25mil...
  86. FBI White Correction officers targeted in Black August Plan
  87. tPF Milwaukee police officer who fatally shot suspect is black
  88. tPF Soros Groups Get Hacked, Hundreds Of Documents Leaked Read more: http://dailycaller.
  89. tPF Progressives Wary of Clinton
  90. tPF Congress could get hillarys email interview with FBI
  91. tPF CCW permits and gun purchases soaring among Women
  92. Another million votes go to Trump
  93. Georgia cop killer arrested
  94. tPF One person shot, officer injured in second night of Milwaukee protests
  95. She's a real nowhere girl
  96. tPF Group against trump, connected to the Clinton foundation
  97. Hezbollah *endorses* Trump
  98. tPF Agitators hurl gay slurs at Milwaukee police
  99. tPF Illegal immigration surges past 2015
  100. tPF Juanita Broderick, I want to be believed
  101. Wall Street Journal to Trump: Make up your mind!
  102. Crooked Paul and his Ukrainian cash
  103. Black Rioters in Milwaukee target white people for attacks
  104. Battleground Map ~ Hillary surges past 270 Electoral Votes
  105. tPF Father of Milwaukee shooting victim: Put the guns down
  106. tPF Great Lakes No Help for a Struggling Trump on Road to 270
  107. Sister of dead Milwaukee thug calls for rioters to burn suburbs.
  108. tPF Muslim Hispanic Feud may have fueled murder of Imam
  109. tPF NYPD cop claims she was ordered to nix ticket for city councilwoman
  110. tPF New Poll Shows Millennial Voters Fleeing Donald Trump Like The Plague
  111. tPF Russia's Recurring Role in the 2016 Presidential Campaign
  112. Is Ivanka Trump On Vacation With Vladimir Putin's Girlfriend?
  113. Sailor Convicted of Taking Classified Photos Cites Clinton
  114. rudy 9/11 has lost it
  115. tPF Body-Cam Footage Shows Shooting Victim Had A Gun
  116. tPF Egyptian refuses to Shake Israelis hand after match
  117. tPF Wolf asks convicted attorney general to resign
  118. tPF White Reporter Pulls Out Of Milwaukee Because Of Racial Threats
  119. Beckerhead ~ 'All Pies Matter'
  120. Opiate abuse by pregnant libs up 500% during past decade
  121. tPF Obama is unloading gitmo prisoners
  122. No one's told Trump that "taking the oil" would be a gross violation of Intl Law
  123. ‘George Zimmerman 2.0’: Family demands justice after white homeowner kills black man
  124. tPF U.S. seeks Latin American help amid rise in Asian, African migrants
  125. SpaceX does it again
  126. tPF Donald Trump Keeps Hinting He May Lose the Election
  127. tPF Fact Checking Obama; It’s Easier in Some Neighborhoods to Get a Gun Than a Book
  128. tPF Not so great news: the Government Employed Over 277,000 Regulators in 2015
  129. tPF RIP John McLaughlin, 89
  130. Hackers claim to have hacked NSA and is selling NSA malware
  131. Roger Ailes ~ Trump Advisor
  132. tPF Grunting’ suspect in face-eating attack
  133. tPF 'Back to a close race,' Clinton 38%, Trump 36%
  134. tPF Clinton's Email Troubles Persist as FBI Sends Notes to Congress
  135. 'Trump loves Blacks' ... at an all-white Milwaukee rally ... LOL
  136. tPF Joe Biden Officiates Gay Wedding For Cute Whitehouse Staffers
  137. tPF Democrats worried some are too pro police
  138. tPF Milwaukee cop identified in Sylville Smith's death
  139. tPF Soros’ Investments Led To Senate Passage Of ‘Gang Of Eight’ Immigration B
  140. tPF Ellen DeGeneres accused of racism over Usain Bolt tweet
  141. Omaha suburbs complaining about potholes, city converts them to dirt roads. No money
  142. Man’s ‘unusual fixation’ with Lebanese neighbors led to killing, Tulsa police say
  143. Ahhh .. now we know why Trump rewarded Chris Christie!
  144. tPF Hillary Clinton Campaigns in Cleveland, Ohio http://abcnews.go.com/Live?stream=2&cid=
  145. Wharton School students and faculty pen a scathing open letter to Trump
  146. The Latest; We Don't Have All The Information Yet ...
  147. Trump Holds Security Roundtable Meeting (Video)
  148. tPF America to hand off Internet in under two months
  149. tPF La Times Presidential Poll
  150. tPF CNN ‘Regrets’ Misleading Edit on Racially Charged Milwaukee Police Shooting
  151. tPF Bill Clinton Isn’t Necessarily A Bad Guy even if he raped Juanita Broderick
  152. Hillary Clinton never took security training required 4 handling Classified Material
  153. Kaine, Fully Embracing The Clinton Way, Flip-Flops
  154. tPF Tim Kaine admits he wanted Bill to resign
  155. Hillary Clinton’s protective wall around Chappaqua estate
  156. Firefighters Ordered To Remove The American Flag From Their Fire Apparatus
  157. tPF Trump's 'Extreme Vetting' Is Legal
  158. tPF Soros Organization Tried To Buy Supreme Court Ruling On Illegal Immigration
  159. tPF Green Party Candidate Jill Stein: Clinton Is ‘Too Big To Jail’
  160. tPF Inmates made defective combat helmets for U.S. troops
  161. tPF Venezuelan Government Further Disarming Citizens By Crushing Guns,
  162. Two U.S. Swimmers Pulled Off Plane in Rio Amid Robbery Probe
  163. tPF And once again, Wapoop strikes with more pablum.
  164. He knows Steve Bannon - here's what you need to know
  165. tPF The Horror of Syria's Civil War In One Heartbreaking Photograph
  166. tPF Concealed Carry Holders most law abiding
  167. tPF Juanita Broaddrick: Clinton Lawyer ‘Spewed’ At Me During Meeting
  168. Justice Department says it's ending the use of private prisons
  169. 7 Chicago Officers Face Firing Over Laquan McDonald Cover-Up
  170. Another James O'Keefe wannabe gets stone cold busted!
  171. Trump's medical letter - chances good he or one of his Trumpkins wrote it!
  172. Alt Right Rejoices at Trump’s Steve Bannon Hire!
  173. tPF Defense Contractors Outnumber U.S. Troops in Afghanistan
  174. tPF Rasmussen Poll: Hillary Leads Trump by 2 Points
  175. tPF Obama Admin. Ending Federal Contracts With Private Prisons
  176. Baltimore terminates contract with attorney accused of neo-Nazi ties
  177. tPF Uncensored Trump Rallies Show Cornucopia Of Homophobia, Racism, Anger
  178. tPF Okay Fine, We Basically Paid a Ransom for Those Iranian Hostages
  179. tPF Leaked Soros Memo Lobbied Obama to Accept 100,000 Refugees
  180. tPF Obama's Latest Gitmo Transfers Were All Deemed 'High Risk
  181. Trump ~ 'I regret (some of) the shit I froth'
  182. Even Dana Perino says Polls matter
  183. Justice Dept. ~ Will end Private Prisons
  184. (R-AZ) Jan Brewer ~ 'Lying Killer Hillary '
  185. Hillary ~ 'Colin Powell advised me to use Private Email'
  186. The naked Trump
  187. The saddest 2016 campaign ~ McCain
  188. Merkel: Full Veils an Obstacle to Integration
  189. EPA: Obama Administration Fails to Follow Law
  190. tPF Clinton sex assault victims Unite against Andrea Mitchell
  191. Paul Manafort resigns
  192. RNC speechwriter may vote for Hillary Clinton
  193. Trump family member voting Hillary
  194. Breitbart's front page editor is a miserable person
  195. Former president Ken Starr leaving Baylor faculty
  196. Baltimore Police Lt. suspended over "Thugs" Email
  197. tPF Interesting issue of The Cannabist
  198. Washington man stabs kissing interracial couple, cites Donald Trump when arrested
  199. tPF Hillary: Colin Powell Told Me to Use Private Email
  200. An alleged ‘agent’ of Iran transferred from Guantanamo to the UAE
  201. tPF Alabama teen accused of 'evil at its finest' for killing, burning 85-year-old Korean
  202. tPF News Obama ‘furious’ at Malia for appearing to smoke pot
  203. Clinton middle-class tax claim
  204. tPF Pew Poll: Clinton Leads Trump By 4 Points
  205. CO Poll
  206. tPF Trump travels to flood-stricken Louisiana
  207. tPF He's lucky he's white, I guess.
  208. tPF So the cancer is back...
  209. Tea Party Sheriff Arpiao in Arizona
  210. U.S. Army fudged its accounts by trillions of dollars
  211. Flood Victims Need Permits for Repairs
  212. tPF Saudis and Major Banks fund Clinton Foundation
  213. tPF Semi-Literate Mayor Of Bankrupt City Denounces Critics As Racists
  214. Class Action Lawsuit Against Debbie Wasserman Schultz Moves Forward
  215. Policing for profit in Milwaukee?
  216. Pillows for Hillary!
  217. Migrants from terror-linked countries are surging at the southern border
  218. tPF Another DNC official busted by Wikileaks
  219. tPF Gun Owner Forced to Make Split-Second Decision When Attacker Opens Fire
  220. tPF US Boxer bursts into tears after losing
  221. tPF Police find out ‘old man’ is young fugitive in disguise
  222. tPF The Word ‘Man’ Is Banned At Princeton University
  223. Stay Classy Anti-Trumpeters
  224. tPF Merkel: Burqas Probably Aren't Helping Integration
  225. tPF Salvadorans are entering the USA in record numbers
  226. tPF Huma Abedin worked at a radical Muslim journal for 10 years
  227. tPF So... where's his goatee and pork pie hat?
  228. Trump backtracks (again) on mass deportation
  229. tPF American journalism is collapsing before our eyes
  230. tPF Will any RWers here complain about the truthfulness of this title w/ picture?
  231. tPF Legalized pot is making America’s lower class poorer
  232. tPF Ex-GM CEO: I've always voted Republican until now
  233. Satanic Ritual Filmed At CERN
  234. Democrats fret over timing of Clintons’ charity fete
  235. Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi Debacle: Arming Jihadists in Libya . . . and Syria
  236. tPF Powell: Hillary is trying to pin email scandal on me
  237. Warning: Louisiana Governor Changes His Opinion of Trump's Visit
  238. tPF Gaza militant rocket hits Israel,
  239. Twitter Chump Trump threatens to 'tell the real story' about Morning Joe 'clowns'
  240. Rudy "Noun Verb 911" Giuliani cites Internet for proof of Hillary's "illness"
  241. Michele Bachmann says she's advising Trump on foreign policy!
  242. Racism and talk of religious war: Trump staff's online posts
  243. tPF Another BIG FAT lie from Hillary Clinton; media barely bats an eye.
  244. U.S. judge blocks Obama transgender school bathroom policy
  245. New Abedin Emails Clinton State Dept Special Access to Top Clinton Foundation Donors
  246. tPF Calling Out ‘Political Correctness’ Is Offensive, Says University of Wisconsin
  247. Olympics scandal
  248. tPF Man rapes two 18 yr olds gets probation
  249. tPF Transgenderism ‘Not Supported By Scientific Evidence
  250. Trump - in debt up to his eyeballs to Bank of China and Goldman Sachs