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  1. tPF Why the State Dept Is Now Warning Americans Not to Travel to Iran
  2. tPF Anti-Trump operatives targeted in online ‘catfishing’ scheme
  3. Fed Finds NY Firms Cutting Jobs because of Obamacare
  4. Trump's hilarious pitch to black voters
  5. tPF Hate
  6. tPF Bombing the sky
  7. tPF Machete -vs- Scimitar
  8. tPF Bible Reloaded needs your help
  9. tPF Man, 91, shoots suspected robber in Eastpointe
  10. tPF Mother returns Pledge Of Allegiance opt out form
  11. Roxanne Quimby transfers 87,000 acres planned for national monument to US government
  12. Scott Brown accused in Fox sex harassment lawsuit
  13. tPF Despite Attack On Gold Star Family, Veterans Stand Behind Trump
  14. tPF Roanoke stabbing investigation- attacker shouts Allah Akbar
  15. smaller government
  16. tPF Black Voters Speak Out on Donald Trump's Recent Overtures
  17. tPF Trump gave at least $100K to Clinton Foundation
  18. tPF Trump's Boast of Aid to GOP Not Backed up by Finance Report
  19. tPF Challenge for GOP Senators: Surviving a Possible Trump Loss
  20. tPF Massachusetts judge under fire for sentence in sex assault cas
  21. tPF Many donors to Clinton Foundation met with her at State
  22. tPF UPI/CVoter poll: Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump hold steady in virtual tie
  23. tPF New revelations show a nation for sale under Hillary Clinton
  24. tPF Mylan CEO saw more than 600% pay increase
  25. Warning: thanks to libertarians the nation may be cursed with the most corrupt white house in
  26. Jason Richwine to Breitbart: Cost of amnesty = 6 trillion & death of conservatism
  27. Turkish tanks roll into northern Syria
  28. tPF As a dirty old man...
  29. tPF Black man shot by police, will win lawsuit lottery
  30. tPF More government regulation stifling initiative.
  31. 6.2 Earthquake in Italy
  32. Many donors to Clinton Foundation met with her at State
  33. Another example of government knows best
  34. tPF Destroyer USS Nitze Harassed by Iranian Patrol Boats
  35. tPF Chicago's detective force dwindles as murder rate soars
  36. tPF Obama, Kerry Caught With Pants Down On Chemical Weapons In Syria
  37. tPF Trump Exposes Trump
  38. tPF Assange: Wikileaks Will ‘Absolutely’ Release ‘Significant’ Hillary Documents
  39. Warning: Trump calls Hillary a "bigot"
  40. tPF Let me just grab a newspaper from the box... BOOM!
  41. tPF You think $400M was bad?
  42. Warning: Man gets 40 years for pouring boiling water on gay couple
  43. Iran Harrasses US Navy Ship
  44. New movie tomorrow
  45. The end is near for angry, old white males
  46. Mom, 2 others drugged and Raped a 10-year-old before killing her
  47. Hillary Goes There, Strongly Suggests That Trump Is A Racist
  48. tPF Assassination attempt on Angela Merkel
  49. tPF Russian Hackers Accidentally Post Different Versions of Stolen Docs. Post-Steal Editi
  50. tPF Top House Republican Presses Donald Trump to Release Tax Returns
  51. tPF Russian Hackers Altered Emails Before Release to Wikileaks
  52. tPF Finally: University of Chicago Warns Freshmen Not to Expect Safe Spaces, Trigger Warn
  53. tPF Hillary Clinton: Donald Trump Has Used 'Prejudice and Paranoia' in Campaign
  54. tPF Clinton Leads Trump by 10 Points in New Poll of Likely Voters
  55. Trump ~ 'I Will Get 95% Of Black Vote'
  56. tPF Travis County GOP on track to remove Morrow
  57. tPF Judge orders search of new Clinton emails
  58. tPF WHy is college so expensive
  59. tPF Most Welfare Dollars Don’t Go Directly To Poor People Anymore
  60. tPF 1/3 of Abedin emails 100% redacted
  61. tPF Judicial Watch: Hillary Clinton Withheld Or Deleted Benghazi Related Documents
  62. Quebec author faces slander trial for ‘greatly tarnishing’ Muslim school
  63. Florida ~ Trump Beitbart Campaign Manager registered to vote in empty house
  64. Alt-Right tickled pink with Hillary's denunciation
  65. WikiLeaks has the goods on Hillary now!
  66. Maine ~ Another Gov. LePage vile rant
  67. Carson to Trump: Cut it with the "bigot" talk
  68. tPF The race is Narrowing
  69. tPF The Race War...Being Waged By Two White People
  70. tPF University Of Chicago's 'No Safe Space' Policy
  71. Revealed: Isis sends new waves of jihadis to attack Europe
  72. tPF Hope for a City Now Lost
  73. tPF Portland Public Schools 'rap music' ban sparks allegations of racism
  74. tPF Julianne Assange interview
  75. tPF Justice Department Will Probe Metro Phoenix Sheriff Arpaio
  76. tPF Shades of Atlas Shrugged!
  77. Trump makes death of Dwyane Wade's cousin all about him
  78. tPF Orlando Hospitals Won't Bill Pulse Nightclub Massacre Victims
  79. tPF Dem Rep: Zika Threat May Help Rid Abortion Stigma
  80. tPF Bill Clinton bombed Saddam to distract from the Monica Lewinsky scandal -
  81. Warning: World's largest marine sanctuary
  82. tPF Did Okla. Police Go Too Far By Pepper Spraying an 84-Year Old Woman?
  83. tPF Over Half Of America’s College Students Are MENTALLY ILL Read more: http://dailycal
  84. tPF Donald Trump's economic plan won’t fix middle America
  85. tPF Group condemns Trump campaign CEO for 'anti-Catholic' remarks
  86. tPF Should the Federal government require hiring/training standards for cops?
  87. tPF New front/scam for the War on (Some) Drugs?
  88. tPF DNC Chair On WikiLeaks: We’re ‘Victims Of A Cyber Crime Led By Thug
  89. Did Google censor searches on Hillary's health?
  90. Central banks want government bailouts for corporate debt
  91. Wolfowitz so concerned with Trump that he may vote for Clinton
  92. Anyone notice some forum members seem fake?
  93. another victim of body cams
  94. tPF Weiner Sextexts while in bed with son
  95. Team Obama’s new low in the name of ‘trans rights’
  96. The Obamacare scam continues to fall apart and exposes its built-in treachery
  97. tPF Clinton Proposes Plan to Address Mental Health Treatment
  98. Warning: Weiner and Abedin to Seperate
  99. tPF Profits are more important than lives
  100. Gene Wilder gone: RIP
  101. tPF Fans Burn Jerseys After NFL's Kaepernick Refuses to Stand
  102. tPF Baltimore Residents Beg Police To Protect Their Neighborhoods Photo of Amber Randall
  103. tPF ObamaCare coverage options disappearing
  104. Russians Hacked Two U.S. Voter Databases
  105. tPF Clashes intensify between US-backed groups in Syria
  106. tPF After School Satan Clubs Take on Religion in Schools
  107. tPF What It’s Like To Be A Gay, Insultingly Handsome Fraternity Brother
  108. PC Culture Takes a Life
  109. tPF August most violent month in Chicago in nearly 20 years
  110. tPF Hillary’s Closest Aides Call Her Email Policy ‘Outrageous,’ ‘Unbelievable’
  111. The Hillary Black Face
  112. Trump: Less popular than the middle seat on airplanes!
  113. Apple ~ Faces $14.5 Billion Tax Bill After EU Investigation
  114. Maine ~ Gov. LePage to Resign ?
  115. Syria ~ ISIS 2nd-in-Command Killed
  116. Internal documents show internal discord in the Islamic State
  117. White Lives Matter to be declared Hate-Group
  118. tPF Reuters Poll
  119. Why is Trump in Everett, Washington?
  120. Trump Model Management
  121. Trump in Mehico ?
  122. Homeland Security to Take Charge of Elections
  123. tPF McCain, Rubio win Republican nod in U.S. Senate races
  124. tPF Trump to meet Mexican president Nieto
  125. tPF Johnson for executive amnesty
  126. Goiters and QuinnPeedOnaYak poll
  127. tPF Does this bother anyone else?
  128. In Maine's battle against drugs, why does race matter?
  129. tPF It helps people overcome opioid addiction. Of course the DEA is going to stop that.
  130. That snake skin in Maine? It’s from an anaconda
  131. tPF What Donald Trump Has Said About Mexico and Vice Versa
  132. tPF Hillary Clinton Hits Trump for 'Dropping In' on Mexico
  133. Kansas ~ Thousands of citizens my not be able to vote
  134. tPF EpiPen Price Hike Prompts Some US Families to Buy the Drug in Canada
  135. tPF Brzezinski On Clinton's Hidden Benghazi Emails:
  136. Russia claims victory against ISIS
  137. North Carolina ~ Loses Voter-Suppression Law
  138. North Korean soldiers given “nuclear backpacks” as tensions rise
  139. tPF Mexican President Contradicts Trump's Claims They Didn't Talk About Paying for the Wa
  140. Mexico President Peña Nieto ~ 'Trump is threat to Mexico'
  141. Democrats Call for FBI Investigation
  142. tPF Anthony Weiner Under Investigation By Children's Services
  143. Trumps' first diplomacy abroad ~ 'I love Mexico'
  144. tPF Nieto Calls Conversation With Donald Trump ‘Open and Constructive’
  145. tPF Judge Orders State Dept To Release Hillary’s Security Training Records
  146. SCOTUS to NC: NO to your racist voter suppression law!
  147. FEC to God: Prove you exist!
  148. USA Freedom Kid Dancers sue Trump
  149. What could happen to the Republican Party
  150. tPF Taxpayer Funds Were Used To Subsidize Hillary's Private Email Server
  151. Trump: Hillary BLEACHED her emails!
  152. tPF Prominent Hispanic Trump Supporters Revoke Endorsements After Immigration Speech
  153. tPF Donald Trump a 'Diplomatic Embarrassment,' Dem VP Candidate Tim Kaine Says
  154. tPF Bernie Sanders to Stump for Hillary Clinton Next Week
  155. ISIS endorses Trump
  156. tPF Chicago searching for answers to stem surging murder toll
  157. August Jobs Report
  158. Teleprompter Don
  159. "If Hillary's elected, you gonna have a taco truck on every corner"
  160. Citizens United whiners deafen us with their silence
  161. tPF Hillary Clinton Will Start Traveling With Press Corps on Larger Aircraft
  162. The "Dragon Lady"
  163. Warning: SpaceX rocket blows up - Zuckerberg bummed
  164. Court upholds ban on medical MJ users buying guns
  165. New Hillary Ad ~ 'Trump the Embarrassment'
  166. Warning: Next up on the job-loss parade: Security Guards
  167. Glass Houses
  168. FBI clears Hillary
  169. South Carolina kills millions of bees going after Zika mosquitos
  170. Trump names David Bossie as deputy campaign manager ~ denounced even by Bush's
  171. tPF FBI Played Trick on Clinton During Email Probe, Newly Released Documents Show
  172. tPF Breaking!!! More police In Chicago neighborhoods
  173. Detroit ~ Trump does the Black thang
  174. tPF Hillary Clinton Proposes Crackdown on 'Unjustified' Drug Price Hikes
  175. tPF So... red states are net takers from blue states?
  176. Modern Life is Killing Our Children
  177. tPF ‘This is our country!’: Tempers flare as Obama arrives in China
  178. Labor Day: Our first Communist holiday
  179. Is Alex Jones advising Trump?
  180. Chrissy Teigen unleashes the perfect Twitter Storm at Trump!
  181. tPF Merkels party comes in third
  182. God makes presidential endorsement.
  183. Blm
  184. tPF CNN Panel Laughs When Tim Kaine Says Clinton Talks To The Press
  185. tPF Obama defends Kaepernick’s national anthem protest
  186. The sexualcrats are gonna make you gay marry and have forced gay butt sex.
  187. tPF Well shutdown: since a Republican did it, is it acceptable?
  188. Well shutdown: since a Republican did it, is it acceptable? (children's thread)
  189. tPF Hillary Clinton Begins Traveling With Press Corps on 'Hill Force One' Plane
  190. No matter the next President, he or she inherits a foreign policy mess
  191. "Founding Mother of Conservatism' Phyllis Schlafly dies
  192. Ohio ~ Trump flat-out lies in your face with Poll numbers
  193. Michele 'Apocalypse Now' Bachmann (again)
  194. President Duterte : Obama is "Son of a Wh*re"
  195. tPF Isis has a burqa problem
  196. tPF Hillary will have a press conference when shes president
  197. tPF Hillary Donor is DOJ Official who led Investigation
  198. tPF UFC fighter Miesha Tate saves young girl
  199. Warning: The man who made Trump hate Mexico
  200. Trump *bribery* of Florida AG gaining notoriety
  201. Warning: Greta Van Susteren leaves Fox News
  202. Drone video captures destruction of Duckbill Rock in Oregon
  203. Angry Rudy laughs off Trump bribe
  204. The Odd Thing about BLM Protest @ London Airport
  205. tPF Hillary Clinton Calls for Scrutiny of Questionable Trump Foundation Dealings in Light
  206. tPF Clinton Hits Trump With Attack Ad Featuring Veterans
  207. 49'rs Colin Kaepernick ~ Jersey sales skyrocketing
  208. Southern Front rebels are at risk of disintegrating
  209. Chicago ~ Hits Grim Homicide Milestone
  210. Gretchen Carlson just cashed in for 20 MIL!
  211. Checking the line
  212. France is sending artillery to support the Battle of Mosul
  213. USA Freedom Kids sue Trump
  214. Ferguson Protester Found Shot To Death
  215. tPF Trade liberalisation has stalled and one can see a steady rise in protectionist measu
  216. Trump ~ 'I Love War'
  217. tPF Julian Assange Says Hillary Clinton Info Coming "Soon"
  218. tPF Student killed at J’Ouvert
  219. Obama nominates first Muslim-American as federal judge
  220. New laptop for every grade 9 student?
  221. Pundits Bravely Rush to Clinton's Defense
  222. Zika spray contains neurotoxin
  223. tPF Boxing as Punishment?
  224. Arrest Warrants Issued for Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka
  225. tPF We recommend Hillary Clinton for president
  226. Claim, crash that killed Putin’s driver was an assassination attempt
  227. tPF Player Explains Why He Stands for the National Anthem
  228. The Commander-in-Chief Forum
  229. Marine classified information case gets sticky for the Navy
  230. tPF Legislation Introduced to Stop Future Cash Payments to Iran
  231. tPF Only One New Email Out of 30 FBI Flagged as New in Hillary Clinton Investigation
  232. tPF Hollywood Democrats Nervous as Clinton-Trump Polls Tighten:
  233. Dallas Morning News ~ Endorses Dem first time in 75 years
  234. tPF Tensions Mount as Native American Tribe Fights to Block Oil Pipeline
  235. tPF Trump Says Putin Better Leader Than Obama in Military Town Hall
  236. tPF Assange Points Out A HUGE Lie In Hillary’s Email Defense Read more: http://dailycall
  237. Gary Johnson ~ What is Aleppo ?
  238. (R-TN) Sen. Bob Corker ~ 'Trump is evolving (on National Security)'
  239. Trump lands the coveted ISIS endorsement!
  240. Both Trump and Hillary want to end the military spending sequester
  241. tPF Clinton Attacks Trump, Reaffirms Commitment to Defeating ISIS
  242. Are Democrats the New McCarthyists?
  243. Guess who's taking aim at Fox News? Conservatives!
  244. security briefings
  245. tPF Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Dropped A Trump University Lawsuit And Received A Huge Campaig
  246. I didn't know Hillary used a wheelchair and has Parkinson's
  247. tPF Election Complaint Filed With DOJ Against Florida AG for 2013 Trump Foundation Contri
  248. Austin sex assault suspect deported 5 times
  249. Lindsey Graham compares Trump to Hitler ?
  250. tPF Mexico threatens to cancel treaty that ceded Texas and California to US if Trump gets