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  1. "I’m Young, Black, and Male. I Live in Fear of a Trump Presidency"
  2. Clinton campaign sends legal warning on ads claiming she's 'under investigation'
  3. The 'potential' Trump Cabinet
  4. Let's just look at the front pages of the MSM today,shall we?
  5. High Hispanic Early Voting Numbers Seen as Boost for Hillary Clinton: Experts
  6. Philly ~ Bon Jovi, Springsteen, Obama & Hillary hold massive Raly
  7. GOP Sen. Perdue Says Senate Must Act on High Court Vacancy
  8. Trump proposed poll-monitoring in urban areas, so black voters are fighting back with
  9. Trump's Tax Returns Remain Mystery as Election Day Looms
  10. Used as anti-satellite weapons. Russian new S500 complex
  11. The 2016 Presidential Election
  12. 'You Have to Vote': Clinton Makes Final Plea to Supporters
  13. Hillary Clinton rallies massive crowd at birthplace of American Independence on eve o
  14. O'Reilly says Hillary blew it last night with Bon Jovi and The Boss
  15. Stop the Steal Trumpkin Roger Stone issues warning to poll watchers
  16. Trump files lawsuit
  17. WATCH: Donald Trump greeted by boos and jeers as he arrives at NYC polling place
  18. Eric Trump Violates Election Law By Posting Picture Of Ballot
  19. Democrats hold slight edge in contest to control Senate
  20. 2016 Presidential election
  21. 2016 Presidential election night
  22. Trump leads Clinton 8:1 thus far
  23. Thought I would join you for Election Night.
  24. Warning: Stock Markets Falling over potential Trump win...
  25. NE Voters Restore Death Penalty
  26. I found my silver lining for this election....
  27. Warning: Wall Street Journal: Trump Wins
  28. The Gods are Good and benevalent! Now the Hard Work of Reform and Rebuilding begins!
  29. Rioting in Okland
  30. Hillary still gets it wrong
  31. Election predictions from Nov. 7th, 2016
  32. How long for Hillary?
  33. Trump eyes Goldman alum for Treasury secretary
  34. Warning: Californians Suggest ‘Calexit’ in Wake of Donald Trump Win
  35. Election Victory Won't Shield Trump From Legal Woes
  36. Massive Fire at Bethlehem Steel in Lackawanna, NY
  37. The Ramifications Of A Trump Presidency
  38. Think Trump is gonna fill Cabinet and National Security with the best & brightest?
  39. Warning: New Hampshire Republican Sen. Kelly Ayotte Loses to Democratic Gov. Maggie Hassan
  40. Trump's victory ensures a conservative majority in Scotus
  41. Is There A Way To Stop Trump From Becoming President?
  42. The Anti-Trump Protests
  43. Get your IUD's before Trump takes office !
  44. Protests Turn Violent As Rioters Burn American Flag, Cars, and More
  45. Pollsters suffer huge embarrassment
  46. Hats off to both Hillary and Obama
  47. This is how Donald Trump won the election
  48. Trump Did BETTER Than Romney Among Hispanics, And Blacks
  49. Ed Klein: Hillary Couldn't Stop Crying, Told Friend She Blames Comey and Obama For Lo
  50. Willl Trump Pardon Assange?
  51. Obama executive orders Trump will deal with right away
  52. The Obama Whitehouse Meeting with Trump
  53. First Trump Wall under construction ~Trump Tower
  54. Boss tells pro-Trump employees to resign
  55. Attacks on Muslims and minorities begin after Trump victory speech
  56. Reince Priebus ~ Claims Trump won because of RNC not Trump
  57. FBI ‘Granted FISA Warrant’ Covering Trump Camp’s Ties To Russia
  58. Warning: Bernie Sanders not ruling out 2020 White House bid, says he could be Trump’s ‘worst n
  59. Donald Trump Victory Casts Shadow Over US Pledge to International Climate Change Goal
  60. Megyn Kelly Of Fox Says Trump Tried To Bribe Reporters For Favorable Coverage
  61. Flyer calling for ‘vigilante squads’ circulating around Texas State
  62. Riots in portland
  63. Ex-officer found guilty of involuntary manslaughter
  64. Warning: 20 Accounts Of Trump Supporters Calling Us “Fa*gots” To Our Faces
  65. Gay Man Reportedly Attacked Just Hours After Trump Elected President
  66. Trump Is Already Censoring The Press As Media Immediately Pays For Helping Him Win
  67. Domestic Terrorism: Trump voter brutally beaten, Thugs publish gleeful cell-video
  68. Inspired By Donald Trump, Republican Governor Refuses to Concede Defeat
  69. Domestic Terrorism: graffiti "Die Whites Die" "Black Power" "F*ck Trump" in NOLA
  70. Domestic Terrorism: Social media "sniper rifle and kill Trump" "Kill All Supporters"
  71. Trump could easily erase much of Obama's foreign policy legacy
  72. Paul Ryan: 'The Past Is the Past
  73. Mexico and Nafta willing to renegotiate nafta with Pres Elect Trump
  74. Illegal immigrant border crossings reach highest number in two years
  75. Clinton Couldn’t Win Over White Women
  76. Louis Farrakhan Shares Details Of Private Meeting With Obama
  77. She has a dog???
  78. Liberalism Must be defeated!
  79. Veteran's Day 2016
  80. MS-13 Gang members wanted in VA machete killing arrested in Medina, OH
  81. Russians build a Nuclear reactor
  82. Happy Vererans day to all my fellow vets.
  83. College Campus meltdown
  84. Fellow Progressives
  85. DNC Staffer Has Meltdown During Meeting, Screams at Donna Brazile For Helping -
  86. A Hillary supporter's mental rape of her little son. A snapshot of Leftist insanity
  87. Donald Trump 'Fueled His Campaign With Bigotry and Hate,' Senate Minority Leader Harr
  88. Wheelchair-bound teen stands for flag
  89. Trump Optimism Propels Dow to Best Week in Five Years
  90. The burn your New Balance sneakers movement
  91. George Soros being sued over Dallas BLM Assassination of Police officer.
  92. Robert Vaughn dies
  93. Trump appears to let Obamacare stand
  94. Trump Willing to Keep Parts of Obamacare, Stays Mum on Clinton Prosecution
  95. Father of officer gunned down in Dallas sniper attack sues Black Lives Matter
  96. Trump calls slain cop’s widow to offer condolences
  97. Warning: Michael Moore: Trump supporters are not Racist
  98. Schumer throws his support behind Keith Ellison for DNC chairman....
  99. De Blasio: NYC Will Resist Any Deportation Plans.....
  100. Taliban bomber kills four Americans at NATO base in Afghanistan.....
  101. Trump’s Plan For The Wall On The Mexican Border Materializes .....
  102. Michael Moore Blasts Donald Trump as 'Illegitimate President' as He Tours Trump Tower
  103. Warning: Remove the Electoral College
  104. Warning: Gallup: 84 Percent Of Americans Accept Trump As President,
  105. New York Times vows to start reporting honestly
  106. Washington Post: Trump voters are NOT racists, they're angry about Anti-White Policy
  107. Over 200 Reports of Hateful Harassment and Intimidation Post-Election, SPLC Says
  108. Army Special Forces soldiers killed in Jordan were working for the CIA
  109. Seething liberals vow revolution in Democratic Party
  110. Officials: 150 US border agents being sent to South Texas
  111. European Union Accepts the End of the TTIP Deal
  112. White House gives up on passing the TPP......
  113. Long Lost Footage Shows Rudy Giuliani Dressed In Drag with Donald Trump
  114. White man attacked in Chicago for "Voting Trump"
  115. Clinton Campaign Ignored Bill’s Advice
  116. NYT Publisher: We’re Going To Report Honestly Now......
  117. Trump to Immediately Deport 2-3 Million Illegals
  118. Leon Russell dies
  119. Trump says he will to not change Supreme Court ruling on same sex marriage
  120. But...but.. Hillary won the popular Vote! WRONG! Hillary & Dems Attempted to STEAL It
  121. let the irony flow
  122. House Democrats Need More Time to Think About Nancy Pelosi....
  123. House Democrats Need More Time to Think About Nancy Pelosi
  124. Trump will have broad power to crack down on immigration
  125. War coming alright
  126. Warning: Racist Post About Michelle Obama Causes Backlash
  127. Warning: A Trump Update
  128. Gwen Ifill of PBS Newshour and Washington Week in Revue has died.
  129. Trump Children to be Top National Security Advisers ?
  130. 'We're Not Going Anywhere': Millennials March Against Trump
  131. Bernie Sanders says he'll work with Trump, under certain conditions
  132. Rudy Rudy Rudy
  133. Media eating humble pie
  134. Democrats clash over the future of the Obama coalition
  135. Armed Bystander Guns Down Criminal Suspect Attacking Cop
  136. Ford's new EcoSport SUV will be imported from India
  137. It's All God Bless America, Stand for The Flag and Support The Troops ... unless ...
  138. Law and order break down in Brooklyn
  139. Well we all saw this coming a mile away
  140. Coal jobs are not coming back, no matter what Trump says
  141. Anti-Trump Demonstrators Attack Unaccompanied Woman
  142. Warning: Anti-Muslim Hate Crimes Up 67 Percent, FBI Says
  143. Dramatic Scenes as Thousands March in Protest of Trump's Victory
  144. Republican Lawmakers Struggle to Respond as Democrats Denounce Steve Bannon Hire
  145. Defcon nuclear threat reduced to safest level after US election
  146. Trump ~ Romneys' niece to run RNC ?
  147. Biggest Spike in Traffic Deaths in 50 Years? Blame Apps
  148. Taxpayers to fork-out tens of millions of dollars for Trump Tower security ?
  149. As Trump transition flounders, Trump uses Federal Govt. website to enrich himself
  150. (R) Kevin McCarthy ~ 'Border Wall Bill ready for Trump to sign on inauguration day'
  151. Tech CEO placed on leave for threatening Trump
  152. De Niro on Trump win ~ 'I feel like I did after 9/11'
  153. Trump Name to Be Removed From NYC Apartment Buildings
  154. Warrant: Indiana Workers Submitted Bogus Voter Registrations
  155. Mexican Government Bracing for Trump’s Deportations
  156. With Trump’s Signature, Dozens of Obama’s Rules Could Fall
  157. Trump considering Ted Cruz for US attorney general
  158. Hillary's fall is the 2016 equivalent to Boss Tweed of 1871. Similar Fate?
  159. Tech CEO who vowed to murder Donald Trump with a sniper rifle forced to resign
  160. Mentor WIlliams
  161. Twitter suspends Alt-Right accounts
  162. Michael Flynn linked to Turkish lobbying
  163. Trump using .gov website for shameless self promotion
  164. Jason Chaffetz: We Aren't Done With Hillary Yet.....
  165. Clinton popular vote victory may hit 2 million
  166. Sen. Paul Won't Support Bolton
  167. Nikki Haley tapped for Secretary of State ?
  168. Pence Drops Lobbyists From Trump Transition Team......
  169. Half of Americans More Confident in Trump Since Election
  170. Sandy Hook victims' daughter to Trump ~ 'Denounce Alex Jones'
  171. Gov. Scott Walker ~ 'Thank you Obama for resurrecting the GOP'
  172. Enemies of the internet
  173. Trump names Lt. Gen. Flynn as National Security Advisor
  174. Democrats Sends Letter to Bankers Slamming Trump Picking Steve Bannon for Top Job
  175. San Francisco Teachers Union Offers Trump Lesson Plan
  176. What Could Happen to DACA Recipients Under Donald Trump
  177. Trump team weighs 'infrastructure bank' to fund projects
  178. Republicans Now Control Record Number of State Legislative Chambers
  179. Democrats know why they lost, but won’t fix their problems
  180. Warning: Congress picks up Hillary Clinton probe post-election: Americans deserve to know
  181. Social Media Outlets, LinkedIn, and Georgetown Helping Obama Staffers Get Jobs......
  182. National Director of Intelligence James Clapper Resigns
  183. Trump taps Laura Ingrham for Press Secretary
  184. GOP Senate ~ 'The Dem Sore Losers'
  185. Notorious RBG makes her opera debut
  186. Trump name removed from Manhattan condo complex
  187. Trump Name Removal Not Related to Protest or Political - Says Building Owner
  188. How Trumpkin Twitterbots spread fake news
  189. Latest Obama approval rating from Gallup
  190. Drain The Swamp: Trump Imposes Five-Year Lobbying Ban
  191. Michael Browns father says BLM members tried to profit off his sons death
  192. Trump’s voters were not voting for less government
  193. Trump now considering the Mittster as Secretary of State
  194. Trump can't offer his son in law a position in cabinet
  195. California: Up to 4 million ballots left to count
  196. Setting a Record, Obama Adds 527 Pages of New Regulations in One Day......
  197. tPF Americans want Trump to focus on healthcare first: poll
  198. Trump taps Palin for Secretary of Interior
  199. tPF APNewsBreak: US releases Haitians coming from Mexico
  200. Will Trump consider Internment Camps for Muslims ?
  201. Cruz then Cruz now
  202. Congress appears to be taking a hard look at the 25th Amendment ?
  203. Cities Across US Push Back Against President-Elect Donald Trump's Proposed Immigratio
  204. Trump now considering Petraeus as Secretary of State
  205. Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan challenging Nancy Pelosi for House Dem leader
  206. Ford to Trump: We'll keep Lincoln MKC in Kentucky
  207. Trump taps Sessions for attorney general, Pompeo for CIA
  208. Trump taps (R-AL) Jeff Sessions as AG
  209. Suck it up Buttercup
  210. Kanye West: I would have voted for Donald Trump, if I had voted
  211. GOP could nuke filibuster for Supreme Court nominees
  212. Hothead Michael Flynn's son is even worse
  213. Proposed bill turns protesting into a felony
  214. The Crying Game: Tranny's go into panic on Trump election
  215. Trump looking to settle Trump University Lawsuit
  216. Jiffy Sessions: The perfect Trumpkin to dismantle Obama's DOJ & Legacy!
  217. Trump country hate crime a hoax
  218. Stop Calling Trump Voters Racist...Says Jon Stewart
  219. Trump University-related lawsuits settled for $25 million
  220. Obama to anti-Trump protesters: March on
  221. Congressional phone-lines jammed
  222. Fashion Designer refuses to dress Melania
  223. British woman 'gang raped' in Dubai says "I'm petrified out here alone
  224. Spawn Of Satan Jeff Sessions
  225. Pence boo'd at Broadway show
  226. Obama halts amnesty push in court, bows to incoming Trump administration
  227. Warning: Alan Dershowitz defends Steve Bannon
  228. Political Risks Come With Control of Washington for GOP
  229. Warning: #TrumpCup Is Happening at Starbucks......
  230. Harry Reids senate rule change Helps Trump
  231. Keep crying wolf about Trump, and no one will listen when there’s a real crisis
  232. Department of Justice...harassment classify as federal hate crimes
  233. Warning: These UVA students want to ban all references to Thomas Jefferson, founder of UVA
  234. House Democrats lament blue-collar collapse
  235. The Democratic Party Lost Its Soul. It's Time to Win it Back.
  236. President-Elect Trump Has Been Using Government Contracts To Enrich His Children
  237. Warning: If You Voted for Him
  238. Anti-Immigrant Trumpkins: Please stop being afraid
  239. Danny Davis wants 'state of emergency' declared after grandson's killing
  240. Trump's Popularity Surges After Election
  241. Trumpian pay to play - it's happening already
  242. Warning: Guess who's going to pay for Trump Tower security?
  243. More Hate Crime Hoaxes.
  244. Electoral College: Last hope to Dump Trump
  245. Houston Plays Oakland tonight in ... Mexico City?
  246. Kris Kobach's strategery for the first 365 days of Trump
  247. NSA: The DNC Email Hacks Didn't Cost Clinton The Election......
  248. Trump says will quit Pacific trade deal on day one
  249. Japan ~ Major earthquake hits Fukushima again
  250. Senate Democrats Won't Be Able To Stop Sessions Nomination