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  1. Donations to Clinton Foundation Nosedive
  2. In Milwaukee, hard-pressed black voters dumped Clinton
  3. Kanye West reportedly hospitalized after abruptly canceling remaining leg of tour
  4. Suspect arrested in killing of San Antonio police officer
  5. tPF Targeted Shootings? Four Police Officers Shot In 24 Hours;
  6. Why hundreds are killed in crashes in parking lots and garages every year
  7. tPF Obama Admin Fines Police Department For Not Hiring Non-Citizens
  8. College kids are proving Trump’s point
  9. tPF Trump: I'm Working On Executive Actions That Will Restore Our Laws
  10. US issues Europe travel alert after France foils ISIS-linked plot.....
  11. Trump Won't Pursue Investigation Into Hillary Email Server or Clinton Foundation
  12. Fact checking Trump's 100 day action plan
  13. Trump Cancels Meeting With 'Failing' New York Times.....
  14. Tulsi Gabbard takes a meeting with Trump
  15. Trumpkin Kanye West hospitalized after losing his marbles and cancelling tour
  16. Steven Arrasmith's very bad Monday
  17. Warning: Family of slain SAPD officer says Donald Trump called to offer condolences
  18. Trump Suggests That He Has A Right To Run His Business Himself While He Is President
  19. Medal of Freedom
  20. 'Bathroom Bill Guy' in NC refuses to concede
  21. Warning: Example Of Trump's Profound Incompetence - He Is Quickly Talked Out Of Waterboarding
  22. Second largest internet ad placement company drops Breitbart.com over hate speech
  23. tPF Dems wonder if 'identity politics' did them in
  24. AP: Trump to Tap Gov. Nikki Haley As Ambassador to UN ......
  25. Trump Said to Offer Carson Post Leading Housing Department - WTF
  26. Immigration ~ 'Trump would have never existed'
  27. Trump Infrastructure plan a "scam that gives massive tax breaks to large companies"
  28. Looks like The Right has some more Forgiving and Forgetting
  29. These are not normal times-This is about racism, bigotry, intimidation & corruption
  30. Americans Who Live Near Border Say Trump's Wall Is Unwelcome
  31. McCrory: The biggest threat to NC election integrity
  32. 20 million Trump voters will lose overtime pay if Republicans rescind Obama's XO
  33. Mexican cement maker ready to help Trump build border wall
  34. How's this for Racism In our four major sports.?
  35. tPF I Hate White People!’: Shocking Train Attack in NYC
  36. Dr. Jill Stein raising money to pay for a presidential election recount in Wisconsin
  37. How long before the white working class realizes Trump was just scamming them?
  38. Meet the billionaire RW Donor & Partisan who will kill public education
  39. tPF Bet founder said Black Americans should give Trump a shot
  40. Foreign Donors Begin Pulling Out From Clinton Foundation
  41. Trump Foundation Took Donations From Controversial Ukrainian Clinton Donor
  42. Squirrel hospitalizes Chicago politician who spoke out against squirrels
  43. DNC chair blames ‘voter suppression’ for election losses
  44. Warning: Trump Has Made His Education Secretary Pick.....
  45. Warning: How much are you paying to protect Trump ?
  46. Poll: Majority Think Trump Will Do A Good Job As President
  47. Central Americans surge north, hoping to reach U.S. before Trump inauguration
  48. Blue-collar Democrats to party: It's still the economy, stupid
  49. Warning: Black Lives Matter Plans To Block White-Owned Businesses On Black Friday
  50. lleged New Black Panther Couple Wanted To Start Race War With Police Ambush
  51. Florence Henderson dies
  52. Mexican cement company offers to build Trump’s wall ......
  53. Dylann Roof Declared Competent To Stand Trial In S.C. Church Killings
  54. 1 Dead In Nevada Wal-Mart Parking Lot Shooting
  55. Human traffickers telling migrants to get to U.S. before Trump sworn in
  56. Trump names Fox News Host as a Deputy National Security Adviser
  57. Fidel Castro dies
  58. Warning: Pentagon plan will allow troops to carry personal firearms on base.....
  59. The 2016 Democratic Party Destruction summed up in just three words:
  60. Donald Trump Adds K.T. McFarland to His National Security Team......
  61. Trump says he will do all he can to help Cuban people
  62. Some mourning Castros Death
  63. White Nationalist Leader To Speak At Prominent University
  64. Matt "Bagger" Bevin to dump Kynect exchange at end of year
  65. Trump - "the president can't have a conflict of interest"
  66. Breaking: Clinton team joins Stein recount effort
  67. Army Corps Of Engineers Tells Pipeline Protesters To Leave Camp By Dec. 5
  68. WaPo Disgracefully Promotes a McCarthyite Blacklist
  69. Something is up in New Orleans
  70. Joe Biden and others saw blue-collar voters slip from Democrat base
  71. Post election, Only 40% of Americans believe Trump Has a mandate to pursue an agenda
  72. Obama Administration: No One Hacked The Election
  73. Retired Female Marine Breaks Down Why Trump Won The White House
  74. Genocide threatening letter sent to three California mosques
  75. If you live in Tennessee .. check your Powerball numbers
  76. Wisconsin elections officials see no proof of hacking of voting machines
  77. Former Sanders Spokeswoman Symone Sanders: "We Don't Need White People Leading Dems"
  78. Warning: Rep. Tim Ryan says Dems no longer ‘a national party
  79. Cruz Doesn't Disown Prior Claim That Trump 'Lies' But Pledges to Help Him as Presiden
  80. Hundreds of churches offer sanctuary to undocumented migrants after election
  81. Obama Has Commuted More Prison Sentences Than His 11 Predecessors Combined
  82. Texas ~ Alt-Right neo-nazi Richard Spencer trashed by his elite prep-school
  83. Holocaust-themed ice skating routine by Putin aide's wife sparks outrage
  84. Has the GOP Been Taken Over by Satan?
  85. Kaepernick booed in Miami for Castro comments
  86. Warning: Trump Makes Baseless Claim That 'Millions' Voted Illegally, Costing Him Popular Vote
  87. Reddit CEO admits to editing posts on popular pro-Trump page
  88. Chuck Todd: It Sounds Like Jill Stein Was Talked Into This Recount Effort......
  89. Trump To Ask Foreign Governments To Probe Clinton Foundation
  90. Cuban-American NFL Player Tweets Photo Of Himself DESTROYING Colin Kaepernick
  91. Giuliani demands to be Secretary of State
  92. Nancy Pelosi Challenger: ‘Our Message Has Been Wrong’
  93. Obama grants 79 more commutations to federal inmates, pushing the total past 1,000
  94. Elian Gonzalez returns to public eye to praise Fidel Castro
  95. Trump 'furious' over Kellyanne Conway comments on Sunday shows about Romney
  96. Warning: What should be the political platform planks of the OWLs?
  97. Pastor speaks in tongues to Heil Trumpf!
  98. Warning: Ohio State ~ Active Shooter
  99. Charleston Church Massacre ~ Dylann Roof to act as his own Attorney
  100. The disruptive Trump supporter on the Delta flight has just been banned from Delta.
  101. Warning: Trump Threatens To 'Terminate' Normalized Relations With Cuba
  102. Wisconsin commission rejects Stein request for recount by hand ......
  103. While presidential recount continues, Clinton lawyer wants GOP to stop North Carolina
  104. Trump Supporters are really starting to loses their minds, if they ever had one
  105. Jill Stein Requests Recount in Pennsylvania
  106. Blue Wall Bulldoze Complete: Trump Officially Wins Michigan
  107. Ohio State Shooter Muslim Refugee
  108. Trump Meeting With David Petraeus.....
  109. After Election, Diversity Trainers Face A New Version Of 'Us Versus Them'
  110. Patton Oswalt apologizes for tweet telling terrorists to 'come 'n' get'
  111. Principal Apologizes After Speaker Lectures Teens On Their ‘White Privilege’
  112. Veterans protest at Massachusetts college that removed US flags
  113. Interesting stories by WW2 veterans
  114. Kansas' experiment not looking to good. Pay attention Trump.
  115. Progressives Demand Gun Control After Knife Attack At Ohio State University
  116. Clinton supporters terrorize Electoral College voters with taunts, death threats
  117. Flag Burners ~ Be prepared to be deported after you serve your jail sentence
  118. Tennessee Burns
  119. Warning: Melania Trump threatening to sue over video implying her son has autism
  120. Marineland faces 5 counts of animal cruelty
  121. Trump picks (R-Ga) Rep. Tom *Go Home and Die* Price to head HHS
  122. Trump to begin *Adoration Tour*
  123. Trump set to violate his Oath of Office (and constituion) on Inauguration Day
  124. California regulates cow farts
  125. Carrier & Trump Jobs Deal ~ Tax Breaks instead of penalties
  126. North Carolina ~ Will they remove Gov. McCrory kick'n & scream'n from office ?
  127. Trump's Carrier Deal
  128. Charles Barkley Defends Police And Crowd LOSES It
  129. Warning: That Time When Clinton Wanted To Jail People For Flag Burning
  130. Canada to employ "Nickelback Torture" on drunk drivers
  131. ADP Reports 216,000 Increase in November Payrolls, Topping Expectations
  132. Nancy Pelosi Reelected As Leader of Democrats
  133. Obama Blamed Fox News For Democratic Loss
  134. Going To Bat For Us'
  135. Trump Health Czar Tom Price Is a Nightmare for Women
  136. Morons who voted for Republicans now worry they will take away their health care
  137. Trump "hate" message carries on after election ...
  138. Philip Morris CEO looks towards phasing out cigarettes -BBC.....
  139. Warning: N.C. Officer Will Not Be Charged In Shooting Death Of Keith Lamont Scott
  140. History made at Charlotte Douglas with Havana flight takeoff
  141. Turkey Invades Syria to “Remove Bashar al-Assad”
  142. Trump cracks down on Pakistan
  143. Europe's Trump moment: Rise of populist leaders amid anger over economy, migrants
  144. Trump taps Palin for Secretary of VA ?
  145. Breitbart Flails Back
  146. Warning: Pence gave Carrier $700k in Indiana EDC money. Taxpayers save their own jobs?
  147. Draining the swamp update
  148. Thousands of Veterans to Form a Human Shield Around Standing Rock Protestors
  149. Ivanka Wants To "Reach Out" On Climate Issues, 'Cuz She Just Cares So Much
  150. Trump - Making 'Murica's schools great again!
  151. Donald Trump staffer found guilty on 10 counts of election fraud
  152. Mark Wahlberg: "Hollywood is Living in a Bubble
  153. Dentist at VA Hospital May Have Infected Hundreds of Veterans With HIV
  154. Warning: Trump Is Driving Liberals to New Heights of Fussy Fury
  155. Only 1 in four Americans want to see a complete repeal of Obamacare
  156. Megyn Kelly could leave foxnews
  157. Terry McAuliffe: Clintons are probably done with politics
  158. Warning: Columbia U Prof: Stop Calling All White People Who Disagree With You 'White Supremaci
  159. Dem Senator: I’m kinda regretting nuking the filibuster on presidential appointments
  160. Is anyone here Surprised Pam Bondi to meet with President-elect Trump
  161. Trump already winning — and he’s not even president yet
  162. New Jersey's Christie mulls run to lead Republican Party
  163. Extension of Iran Sanctions Act passes U.S. Congress
  164. Donors on Hillary Blowing The Election: We Basically Lit Our Money on Fire
  165. Texas to Require Burials After Many Abortions
  166. Warning: Hillary lead up to 2.5 Million Votes
  167. Vladimir Putin says 'we are ready to cooperate' with Trump administration
  168. Trump vows to punish firms that outsource jobs
  169. Obama supports registering women for military draft
  170. Warning: Court in India orders 2 sisters to be RAPED as punishment
  171. Trump picks Gen. James 'Mad Dog' Mattis as Secretary of Defense
  172. tPF Why is unbridled Illegal Immigration Good for our country
  173. Reeling Democrats confront brutal 2018 Senate map
  174. North Dakota ~ 2,000 U.S. Vets to form human shield to protect Native Americans
  175. Warning: It is illegal for Gen. Mattis to become Secretary of Defense
  176. Iran says U.S. extension of sanctions act violates nuclear deal
  177. GOP's Medicare plans run into wall in the Senate
  178. Warning: 'I called Mrs. Obama Monkey Face and I'm still not Racisss !'
  179. DOJ Declines To Comment On Why Agency Won’t Investigate Threats To Electors
  180. Trump Strikes Back: Challenges Stein’s Recount In Michigan......
  181. Clinton Aides Melt Down At Harvard, Accuse Trump Of Winning With White Supremacy
  182. Warning: Trump Sounds Call for Unity, 'America First'; 'There Is No Global Anthem'
  183. Drumpf forgot to declare victory about the 700 jobs Carrier is still moving to Mexico
  184. Unemployment rate declines to 4.6% in November
  185. Congress Refers Planned Parenthood For Criminal Prosecution
  186. White House Science Committee quotes Breitbart News
  187. Here's How Many Manufacturing Jobs We've Lost Since Obama Took Office
  188. Wikileaks bombshell could DESTROY Merkel's plans for EU domination,
  189. Trump surrogate: "There's no such thing as facts"
  190. Snoop Dogg slams Colin Kaepernick for Castro praise
  191. Search for video game may be why Colombia plane didn’t refuel
  192. Florida man tells 911 operator 'I killed one I think' after three intruders break int
  193. BREAKING: Federal Judge Stuns America & Orders NEW ELECTION In North Carolina (DETAIL
  194. Kellyanne Conway Dodges Question on Trump's Claim That 'Millions' Voted Illegally
  195. The Most Telling Moment at Trump's Bizarre Victory Rally Was Not What You Think
  196. First Day Of Wisconsin Recount Nets Hillary One Vote
  197. The letter from Carrier to its employees that Donald Trump doesnt want you to read
  198. Warning: mattis left my men to die: decorated green beret officer
  199. U.S. health spending in 2015 rose at fastest rate since 2007
  200. Shaquille O’Neal says Trump won election ‘fair and square’
  201. Poll finds almost a third of Americans would support a military coup
  202. Warning: The 2016 National Popular Vote Tracker
  203. Trump breaches U.S. protocol and speaks with President of Taiwan
  204. Trump invites Philippines President to Whitehouse
  205. Indiana ~ Rexnord moving to Mexico
  206. Palin goes rogue on Trump
  207. Emails: LGBT Law Cost N. Carolina Project With 700 Jobs
  208. 'Sanctuary' Granting Officials May Be Prosecuted
  209. Feds Suspend Citizenship Applications, Naturalizations After Obama Admin Goof
  210. Petition Launched Calling For Termination of VA Dentist
  211. Ford Willing to Work With Trump If Policies Are Right, CEO Says
  212. Nabisco Now Wants to Talk to Trump
  213. College Brings Back US Flag After Mass Denunciations
  214. LA Weekly: ‘Liberal Pop Culture Has Officially Outlived Its Usefulness in Politics’
  215. North Carolina ~ KKK to hold Trump Victory Rally
  216. Texan to Muslims ~ 'You Belong'
  217. Another Fashion Designer refuses to dress Melania
  218. Lone Juror Says He Can't Convict Ex-Cop in Walter Scott Killing
  219. Oakland fire
  220. Warning: USC professor fatally stabbed on campus, student in custody, LAPD says
  221. Dem Rep.: 'Got To Say We Have No Strategy and We Have No Plan’ For ‘New Era’
  222. Jill Stein Nixes Statewide Recount Effort In Pennsylvania
  223. Female suicide bomber uses 3 children as decoy then blows herself up in new low for I
  224. Warning: Trump: There Is No Global Flag, No Global Currency, No Global Citizenship.
  225. Feds halt new citizenship approvals after Obama admin gaffe on background checks
  226. This town gives Trump a second look after the Carrier deal
  227. tPF Border Patrol agents warming burritos, babysitting for illegals, chief says
  228. Adopted people can start getting N.J. birth records revealing their parents
  229. BLM Ohio State University Staffer Expresses Sympathy with Campus Attacker
  230. Trump targets another company, draws Sanders' criticism
  231. Trump shrugs off fuss over Taiwan call
  232. Tucker Carlson Is Making Cable News Great Again
  233. Real men use Duct Tape to hold their tie together
  234. Trump's tweets reveal his priorities and concerns
  235. Harry Reid Giving Farewell Address Thursday
  236. Farmers push back against animal welfare laws
  237. Hey Trump ... save Sears !
  238. 4 quit after Oklahoma veteran with maggots in wound dies
  239. Trump renews threat of tariffs on companies that move jobs overseas
  240. Dem blame game rages over Clinton loss......
  241. Bergdahl Pleads With Obama To Pardon Him Before Trump Takes Office
  242. Here is the President of the USA
  243. Jon Huntsman reportedly in the running for Secretary of State
  244. Metal band loses Chicago gig over 'excessive use of guns and violent imagery'
  245. US Regulators Look To Reduce Road Deaths With ‘Driving Mode’ For Smartphones
  246. Nick Cannon Slams Planned Parenthood As 'Modern-day Eugenics' .......
  247. Warning: Law professor: Trump’s businesses make him a ‘walking, talking violation of the Const
  248. ABC host hammers Pence over voter fraud claim: ‘Why is it refreshing to make false st
  249. Netanyahu to discuss 'bad' Iran deal with Trump
  250. Pelosi: ‘I Don’t Think that People Want a New Direction’