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  1. CIA Refuse to Present Evidence of Russian Hacks to House
  2. Angela Merkel turns on refugees as backlash boosts Germany’s far-right opposition
  3. Comey to Trump: The Russians Didn’t Influence the Election
  4. Smith and Wesson to change its name ......
  5. Vanity Fair: Trump Grill could be the worst restaurant in America!
  6. North Korea Child Labor Footage
  7. DHS Chief: 'No Evidence' Hacking Affected Ballot Count
  8. Democrats open to replacing Obamacare
  9. Trump Businesse could trip insider trading law
  10. General Flynn shared secrets without permission
  11. FCC Chairman Stepping Down, Giving GOP the Majority......
  12. Obama Leaves Office on High Note
  13. John *We may have to kill 'em next time* McGraw pleads no contest
  14. Ray Lewis: All Trump Wants is a Fair Chance
  15. Loretta Lynch Admits Blanket Pardon For Dreamers Is Impossible
  16. Sister Of Hijab Hoaxer Lashes Out At Media, New York City Police
  17. Whoopi Goldberg: Celebrating Christmas And Getting An Abortion Is The Same Thing
  18. DHS Knew OSU Attacker Was Terror Recruitment Target, Let Him Into The U.S. Anyway
  19. Warning: It’s Official: Hillary Clinton Ran The Most Incompetent ...
  20. CIA "hacked" DNC Not Russia
  21. Jack Daniels and Country Music Television team up to defeat Hate Bill
  22. Warning: Majority of Americans Aren't Buying Argument Russia Hacks Changed Election Outcome...
  23. About 75 Percent of Americans Support Relations with Cuba
  24. Racist Roofy Go POOFY!
  25. AP: Yeah, There's Really No GOP Elector Rebellion Happening
  26. Illegal immigrant marrys american for Greencard: THEN
  27. Dylann Roof Convicted
  28. Wikileaks/Former UK Ambassador - DNC not RF Leaked Emails
  29. The Long Island serial-killer may be ex-police chief
  30. Assange: Russia Not Our Source
  31. Warning: AG Lynch No Tech interference of election by Russia
  32. Venezuelan parents give away children amid deep crisis
  33. WSJ: RNC Security Foiled Russian Hack Attack.....
  34. Warning: North Carolina Pols continue to embarrass themselves
  35. Hillary Clinton in the Daily Mail
  36. The Ghost of Alexander Hamilton
  37. Chinese Warship Steals US Submersible Drone.....
  38. Putin Lashes Out At Obama: "Show Some Proof Or Shut Up"
  39. Trump ~ Picks war-mongering neocon-zionist as U.S. Ambassador to Isreal
  40. HHS Extends Obamacare Enrollment Deadline, Citing 'Extraordinary' Demand
  41. Ivanka Trump Gets HILARIOUSLY Trolled On Amazon With Perfect Reviews Of Her Shoes
  42. The President elect used words that Obama and his minions would choke on
  43. Assange: Some leaks Russian sources.
  44. Clinton: Russian Hacking And James Comey Cost Me The Election
  45. Warning: So You say you want Proof?
  46. Obama last Press Conference ~ Reagan would rollover in grave at GOP support for Putin
  47. U.S. Deploys Tanks to Bolster Force in Europe Army restocks Cold War-era Dutch depot
  48. FBI agrees with CIA, Russia hacked to help Trump USA Today - 14 mins ago
  49. Liberal group warns Democrats on Obamacare
  50. Trump calls own supporters vicious and violent
  51. Uhhhh. Can someone.....uhhhh
  52. 37% of Republicans approve of Putin
  53. It was once hope and change
  54. Trump Builds Team of Bosses to Shake up Washington
  55. Trumpkin Scott Baio got beat up by a girl!
  56. It was like a wake with a band
  57. Is 820,000 a lot?
  58. Japan tops China as No. 1 holder of USA bonds.....
  59. Corpus Christie ~ Water poisoned for 320,000 people
  60. SNL roasts Trump and Tillerson
  61. ackdoor attempt to pay off insurers burned by President Barack Obama’s signature leg
  62. Trump supporter John McGraw and the guy he sucker punched hug it out in court
  63. Gingrich ~ *Trumpism will repeal and replace the 20th Century*
  64. Electors Will Not Receive Intelligence Briefing Ahead of Monday's Vote.....
  65. Fake News ~ Alex Jones to sue Facebook and Snopes as CIA plot against him
  66. Lynch 'Regrets' Meeting Bill Clinton on the Tarmac
  67. Loretta Lynch Responds To Attacks From Clinton Campaign
  68. Time to face reality, Obama — Trump is going to be president
  69. How Russian cyberpower invaded the US election
  70. How we get (and keep) bad actors in law enforcement
  71. Scott Baio assualted for Supporting Trump
  72. Trump Has Message For Michelle Obama After She Said There’s No Hope
  73. Cuomo booked 200 hotel rooms for Clinton inauguration
  74. Fer Cryin' out loud! just pick one ......
  75. Zsa Zsa Gabor dies
  76. CALEXIT run by American living in Russia?
  77. Leak reveals Rex Tillerson was director of Bahamas-based US-Russian oil firm
  78. Salon: The Electoral College Is Racist
  79. Judge Jeanine Rips Michelle Obama:
  80. How one pedophile kept coaching gymnastics
  81. The left should listen to this NY Sen
  82. Kissinger ~ Miss Me Yet ?
  83. Trump tells China: Go ahead, keep that U.S. military drone you seized
  84. Lawsuits against jails, sheriffs, state hospitals have cost taxpayers more than $38M
  85. U.S. electors expected to officially confirm Trump victory
  86. Bill Clinton Blames Comey, 'Angry White Men' for Wife's Loss
  87. Republicans Will Repeal Many 'Midnight' Regulations Enacted By Obama
  88. The finally went there Now its the White houses fault hilly lost
  89. Surviving Trump's reality show
  90. Obamacare boasts biggest day ever Thursday on HealthCare.gov
  91. Obama Tells Funniest Joke of His Administration
  92. Russian ambassador to Turkey murdered
  93. Missouri Elector Rips Liberals Bombarding Her With Demands to Switch Her Vote
  94. Trump's private security force and is "playing with fire"
  95. The Electoral College Vote for President & Vice President
  96. Alcohol Poisoning Death Toll in Russian City Rises to 49
  97. Minimum wage going up in 21 states, 22 cities
  98. Berlin ~ Truck Plows Into Christmas Market
  99. Obama Takes Blame For Massive Wave Of Dem Election Defeats
  100. Electoral College: Where the vote stands
  101. DEA records show Chicago Illinois Flooded with Drugs
  102. Somehow this Headline feels out of place ... Brrrrrrrr
  103. Electoral College Makes Trump's 2016 Win Official, Clinches 304 Votes
  104. North Carolina's Legislature Poised To Repeal 'Bathroom Bill'
  105. Suspect in Berlin Christmas market attack came to Germany as refugee, reports say
  106. Trump loves Mexicans after all ... well, billionaire ones
  107. And so it begins, just as predicted ...
  108. Study: Zero evidence of "widespread voter fraud" in this election
  109. Obama Plans to Transfer 17 More Gitmo Detainees
  110. NSC: Massive exodus of national security experts prior to Trump/Flynn arrival
  111. Connecticut welcomes Syrian immigrants
  112. Rallies and Lies: THIS is how Tyranny begins!
  113. Why do states keep wasting millions on doomed abortion bills?
  114. Jerry Brown: If Trump turns off the climate satellites, CA will launch its own!
  115. Colorado to Trump: Don't mess with our $1 billion dollar pot business!
  116. Go get a damn briefing!: Internet shames Trump for tweeting petty insults at Clinton
  117. Kuwait cancels major event at Four Seasons under Trump family pressure
  118. Breaking News
  119. Real Breaking News:
  120. GM to cut second shift, 1,300 jobs at Detroit-Hamtramck
  121. Air Force General Challenges Trump Over the F-35
  122. Which Deplorables will Trump pick next?
  123. How THIS Trumpkin mansplains the repeal of Obamacare
  124. Attorney who sued to release FBI's Clinton warrant says it shows no probable cause
  125. Syrian Christians Celebrate Christmas In Aleppo
  126. tPF Russian Ambassador: Fair Game?
  127. 2 Former Flint Emergency Managers, 2 Others Face Felony Charges Over Water Crisis
  128. Trump auctions-off his Daughter
  129. Michael Flynn meets with Waffen SS
  130. Bill 'O Reilly ~ Electoral College should be for White Privilege only
  131. Mexican fireworks market explosion
  132. U.S. Foreign Policy ~ Trumps' (Nixonian) Mad Man policy is here
  133. Obama Admin Fires Scientist for Being Too Forthright With Congress
  134. Ex CIA Officer: Heres What Will Happen if Trump Doesnt Stop Scorning the CIA
  135. Obama invokes 1953 law to indefinitely block drilling in Arctic and Atlantic oceans -
  136. Warning: Seemingly Unprovoked White Woman Aims Laser-sighted Gun at Man in McDonald’s
  137. D.C. Mayor Signs Assisted Suicide Bill......
  138. Walmart to pull Black Lives Matter T-shirt after complaint
  139. Stock law most likely one to bring down Trump
  140. Vegas becomes first major US city who's municipal facilities are entirely green
  141. Denzel Washington on Media: If You Read The Newspaper, 'You're Misinformed'
  142. Despite Appeal, Democrat Congressman Still Headed Straight To Prison
  143. The Media’s 10 Most Mortifying Moments of 2016
  144. Bill Clinton Also Blamed Dems’ 1994 Loss On ‘Angry White Men
  145. Cops Nab 20yr old student for swastika Graffitti
  146. OMG, It's Killing Him ...
  147. Woman faces ban from Jefferson Mall after unruly outburst
  148. State Dept On Being Excluded From Syria Talks: -
  149. Trump Actually Called Ice-T to Perform @ His Inauguration, Ice-Ts Response Was Brutal
  150. The Subpoena That Rocked The Election Is Legal Garbage, Legal Experts Say
  151. China ~ Half-a-Billion smothering under 'Airpocalypse'
  152. Trump was just kidding!
  153. HB2 "Bathroom Bill" update
  154. Donald Trumps Fight With Hotel Workers In Las Vegas Comes To An End
  155. Donald Trump's sons behind nonprofit selling access to president-elect
  156. Warning: Another Obamacare Co-Op Exits Exchanges, Leaving Only 5 Co-Ops in 2017
  157. Happy Winter Solstice
  158. 70 staff members ill after Department of Health luncheon
  159. Jim Webb weighs in
  160. Limbaugh ~ Trump actually won Popular Vote
  161. Trumps' Doctor ~ 'They can just keep dying'
  162. Ohio's Kasich Signs New Gun Law Expanding Concealed Carry In Day Cares, Colleges
  163. 'Vote Trump' Miss. Church Burning Staged?
  164. Trump extracts pledge from Boeing on Air Force One costs
  165. Trump: I Was Right About Muslim Immigration
  166. Obama's Ironic Advice for Trump Regarding Executive Power
  167. So All that Bluster about AF-1 was just that .... "Bluster"
  168. "Cyber Experts" Cite Link Between DNC Hacks and Aggression Against Ukraine
  169. 'Draining The Swamp' Is Not A Thing Anymore
  170. New species of fish in Hawaii's waters named after Obama
  171. 3rd Quarter Economic Growth revised up to 3.5%
  172. Massive surge in Obamacare enrollments!
  173. Trump's team explores a "HALF BLIND TRUST"
  174. I Have The Greatest And Best Memory
  175. This man has a high level of political sensibility
  176. Obama to Dismantle Visitor Registry Before Trump Can Revive It
  177. Cybersecurity firm finds evidence that Russian military unit was behind DNC hack
  178. Trump Urges Obama to Veto U.N. Resolution on Israeli Settlements
  179. Man Who Interrogated 9/11 Mastermind:
  180. Warning: Ivanka Trump Harassed on JetBlue Flight
  181. President Obama Has Given 657 Commutations To Cocaine Dealers Since August
  182. Crowdstrike: link between DNC hacks and Russia proven.
  183. Politico: Clinton Team Was In Contact With Electors Seeking To Block Trump.....
  184. Albuquerque concedes forfeiture was illegal, continues with illegal forfeitures
  185. Berlin attack suspect shot dead in Italy, minister confirms
  186. ISIL burns two Turkish soldiers to death
  187. Putin to Dems: 'We hacked - You lost - Get over it!'
  188. Harry Reid Said DNC Was "Worthless" Under Debbie Wasserman Schultz.....
  189. Why Kentucky Obamacare recipients voted for Trump
  190. Warning: Trump in clear violation of the Logan Act
  191. 'Ghost Ship' failed by government.
  192. And 2016’s best-performing commodity is... bitcoin?
  193. Warning: RW idiots troll 9 year old transgender girl in Kansas City
  194. Joe Biden makes a plea for a focus on the middle class
  195. Carrie Fisher Massive Heart Attack on Plane
  196. Trump got a super-sweet Holiday letter from Putin!
  197. Woman brutally beaten by mob of men after resisting groping creep
  198. Obamas newest excuse for the massive loss's
  199. Metallica Frontman James Hetfield Found Bay Area Too 'Elitist'
  200. Investigations Into Alleged Trump Hate Crimes Stall For Lack Of Evidence
  201. Warning: I just um...Why? Why woule we think this is okay in our nation?
  202. No Kiss for Trump
  203. Merry Christmas all
  204. Police raided a family's home and mocked them on Snapchat — then realized it was the
  205. California man fights DUI charge for driving under influence of caffeine
  206. Gingrich: Trump's Twitter use to affect foreign policy is "brilliant!"
  207. Priebus launches an awesome new RNC Christmas message!
  208. George Michael dies
  209. Warning: Isn't that a hoot ~ Netanyahoo accuses Obama of *rigging* U.N. Vote
  210. Make the World Great Again !
  211. Russian Military Plane Crash ~ More than 90 dead
  212. Trump Christmas
  213. It's Not Over: Jill Stein Now Asking Loretta Lynch To Investigate Electoral College .
  214. Obama pulls a bait-and-switch on anti-Israel Security Council vote
  215. Put Jon Stewart in charge of DNC!
  216. Obama: I Got Rid Of That Registry That Tracks Visitors From Countries -
  217. Israel summons 14 ambassadors
  218. Indiana bill seeks to eliminate requirement for gun permits
  219. Countering Foreign Propaganda and Disinformation Act of 2016
  220. Donald needs a History Lesson, but that would have to come from an Adult.
  221. Trump: "The world was gloomy before i won"
  222. Trump ~ Power to Christmas Right On !
  223. Dershowitz:Obama Will Go Down In History As One Of The Worst Foreign Policy President
  224. Election complaints to the FCC
  225. US consumer confidence climbs to 15-year high in December - Trump's Fault Right?
  226. So much for legal weed
  227. Trump can't take a joke
  228. Californians calling for secession from the US say they've opened an 'embassy'
  229. Carrie Fisher dies
  230. Warning: UPDATE: West Virginia official who called Michelle Obama 'ape in heels" fired
  231. Warning: Hate Groups Promise Revolt If Trump Abandons White Supremacy
  232. Schumer: Obama's actions make it harder to gain peace in middle least
  233. Trump will fill 100 judicial vacancies
  234. Trump Foundation cannot dissolve amid investigation into charity spending
  235. ‘F**K YOU. GO TO HELL’: Georgetown Prof Loses It On Muslim Trump Voter
  236. Russia calls U.S. move to better arm Syrian rebels a 'hostile act'
  237. Unhappy Holidays: Houston Police Force Homeless People To Throw Away Food
  238. Freaking Cool Lagoon with Waterfall inside
  239. The numbers dont lie, but anti-immigration radicals do
  240. Obama close go flogging Poot for election interference!
  241. Mexico eyes border, migration as leverage in talks with Trump
  242. The Obama Era Has Wiped Out An Entire Generation Of New Democratic Talent
  243. Dramatic rise in police officers gunned down in line of duty in 2016
  244. Krauthammer ~ 'Turn U.N. into Trump Tower'
  245. Warning: Some of the Rockettes are refusing to perform at Trump
  246. Former Trump staffer gets 30 days in jail after being convicted on Election Fraud
  247. Another Trump Sex-scandal and not even prez yet
  248. Texas man confesses to scrawling 'N----- lover' on his home
  249. Netanyahu 'told New Zealand backing UN vote would be declaration of war'
  250. The latest tweet from the thin skinned little twit ...