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  1. Profitable' Washington Post adding more than Five Dozen Journalists
  2. 2016 Most Admired Man
  3. Trump: I gave millions to "DJT Foundation - ALL of which is given to charity!"
  4. Montana lawmakers say no to armed Deplorables rally!
  5. Kerry: ‘Israel Can Either Be Jewish or Democratic — It Cannot Be Both’
  6. Warning: Ouch: Trump isn't smart enough to think beyond 140-character tweet
  7. Why Taylor Swift is awesome
  8. Warning: Fatah Thanks UNSC For Permission to Kill Jews
  9. Anti-War Leftists.......3 weeks away.
  10. Dog Tries To Warn Mom In The Middle Of The Night…
  11. Debbie Reynolds rushed to hospital
  12. OK Paper That Endorsed Hillary Still Hasn’t Recovered
  13. Mysterious illness tied to marijuana use on the rise in states with legal weed
  14. Warning: Oh no, Obama doesn't want your guns ......BS
  15. Clinton Campaign Donors Demand Investigation Into Missing $1.5 Billion ......
  16. For 8 years, I've watched you be The Better MAN
  17. Warning: Afraid of a fight, White Supremacist Backs Down
  18. States Are Beginning To Sound The Alarm On Obamacare Repeal
  19. MSM Spreading Fake News... Again
  20. Trump didn't convince Sprint to bring back 5,000 jobs. But he wants credit for it.
  21. Guess who's coming to Trump's inauguration!
  22. Obama's 7 Deadliest Lame-Duck Sins
  23. Warning: Breaking! Obama imposes hacking sanctions - expels 35 Russian diplomats
  24. Scientists edge closer to bringing back animals from the dead, the fabled aurochs
  25. Congress Moving to Cut U.S. Funding to U.N. in Wake of Anti-Israel Vote
  26. I was born in 1936, I saw America at it best....
  27. Warning: Obama further Trump-Proofs the White House and America!
  28. The luxurious, 45-acre compound in Maryland being shut down for alleged Russian espio
  29. US Military Prepares for First Execution in 50 years
  30. Number of cops killed by firearms in 2016 rose by 56%
  31. Conor Kennedy arrested in Aspen bar fight
  32. BLM Terrorist Propaganda Gets Congressional Sponsorship
  33. Texas parents sue Apple over facetime
  34. Trump's super secret plan to destroy ISIS and end terrorism is coming!
  35. Man saves abandoned baby doe
  36. The love affair continues
  37. Obama fake news?
  38. Five Afghan teenagers are convicted of gang-raping a boy at knife-point in Sweden
  39. Mormon Tabernacle Choir ~ Singer resigns citing 'Tyranny and Hitler on our doorstep"
  40. Warning: Huffpo Editor: Questions whether Obama was good for the Democrat Party
  41. Central Americans continue to surge across U.S. border, new DHS figures show
  42. Roseanne Barr Tweets: Obama Pushes Anti-Jewish Laws Just Like The Nazis
  43. Thomas Sowell commentary: History shows the folly of disarming lawful people
  44. How dangerous are the next three weeks?
  45. Warning: Russian Hacking Malware Found at Vermont Utility
  46. Got your tickets to Trump's New Years bash at Mar-a-Lago?
  47. Judge puts NC GOP elections board makeover on hold after Roy Cooper sues
  48. Jeff Sessions Omits Decades Of Records For His AG Confirmation Hearing
  49. I never thought I would say this
  50. When city retirement pays better than the job.
  51. Warning: Did the Obama Admin Hack Drudge?
  52. Protests? Let's track them.
  53. Trump tweets Happy New Year ~ 'To my many Enemies'
  54. Happy New Year to my friends at tPF!
  55. Istanbul ~ 35 dead in Nightclub Attack
  56. Refugee Admissions Surge 86% YoY As Obama Rushes Arrivals Ahead Of Trump Inauguration
  57. 15,479 Syrian Refugees Have Been Admitted This Year – 606% More Than 2015
  58. Homeland Security Officials Took Millions in Bribes to 'Look the Other Way
  59. M*A*S*H* ~ Father Mulcahy dies
  60. Happy New Year!
  61. Senate moves to condemn U.N. over Israel.....
  62. Ars Technica: White House Report Did NOT Make the Case for Russian Hacking......
  63. U.S. judge blocks transgender, abortion-related Obamacare protections
  64. The Enemy Within: Bribes Bore a Hole in the U.S. Border
  65. Trump: "I know a lot about hacking that other people don't know"
  66. Warning: Dershowitz: I'll Leave Democratic Party If Ellison Becomes DNC Chair
  67. Drunk Canadian pilot arrested after fainting in cockpit
  68. Illegal Alien Charged With Raping Teenage Girl Has Been Deported, Removed 19 Times
  69. Nevada’s universal gun background check law deemed unenforceable, put on ice
  70. I thought Obama was the muslim (terrorist) ?
  71. Part of Obama's shameful legacy and Rahm Emanuel owns it
  72. EPA To Alaskans: We Might Fine You For Burning Wood To Stay Warm
  73. AP New Year's poll: Americans enter 2017 on optimistic note
  74. A giant wave of store closures is about to hit the US
  75. WaPo Story Retracted: No Evidence of Russian Hacking Vermont Utility
  76. Warning: White House On Defense After Being Exposed as Architect of Anti-Israel U.N. Action
  77. Warning: Less than half of Americans think Trump can handle presidential duties
  78. Journalists Exposed By WikiLeaks Will Now Cover Trump White House
  79. Trump tweets who won the election
  80. Judge blocks Obama’s transgender mandate
  81. Ok, 'splain this one to me
  82. Alabama band to march at inauguration, igniting controversy
  83. Cops: Man urinates on trooper after Disney arrest, says 'F*** Trump'
  84. Warning: 115th Congress First 100 Days Agenda
  85. Mexican ambassador urges immigrants to apply for US citizenship
  86. This is how a Mature Adult responds to an Immature Child
  87. Day Arrives for Trumps Promised Revelation on Hacking
  88. Draining the Swamp Part I: Gut House Ethics Committee!
  89. Trump: No new business deals while i'm in office
  90. Primed Republicans
  91. Billionaire Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Trolls Trump: "I Bailed You Out Twice"
  92. US construction spending hits highest level in 10 years - What a Disaster
  93. Donald Trump spends New Year's Eve with convicted felon, Dubai billionaire
  94. tPF House Republicans Vote to Gut Independent Ethics Office
  95. Breaking News: No gutting of House Ethics Panel
  96. the dems keep losing......
  97. Dubai billionaire ready to do more business with Trumps!
  98. Warning: We're "100 percent certain" on Russian Interference
  99. Trump team seeks agency records on border barriers, surveillance
  100. Ford cancels plan for $1.6 billion plant in Mexico after Trump criticism
  101. Trump assails GM over car production in Mexico, threatens tax
  102. In Gallup Survey, Belief In Trump Lags Behind Last 3 Potus By Every Measurement
  103. Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly leaving to join NBC......
  104. Megyn Kelly going to NBC
  105. Clintons to attend Trump Inaugural
  106. Warning: Why America can't keep up with Trump Lies, Treason and Deviant Psycopathy
  107. U.S. fines TransUnion, Equifax for deceit over credit scores
  108. Sharyl Atkisson: No, Russia Didn't Hack Our Election
  109. New Italian PM Orders Mass Deportations of Migrants
  110. House Intelligence Chair: ‘No Proof’ Russians Were Trying To Get Trump Elected
  111. Schumer regrets Dems triggering 'nuclear option'
  112. Trump blasts defense contracting titans for overpriced weapons
  113. The War Against Alternative Information
  114. More Priority Votes for Congress ....
  115. Commander in Tweet cranks out another 140 character whopper!
  116. Warning: Trump Says Intelligence Officials Delayed Briefing on Russian Hacking
  117. The 2017 GOP Budget Resolution ~ National Debt will increase $1 Trillion a Year ?
  118. Daily Caller: Obama's fancy new mention is 1,000 feet from The Islamic Center of DC!
  119. California Hires Eric Holder as Legal Bulwark Against Donald Trump
  120. Defying Trump, Boulder declares itself a Sanctuary City
  121. Poll: Voters in Trump states want Democrats to keep him in check
  122. Enough of the tweets, China's state media tells Trump
  123. Hannity Fox News with Wikileaks' Assange ~ 'I believe every word Assange says'
  124. Whats your healthcare plan (R)'s ?
  125. Dems react to repeal of Obamacare ~ Make America Sick Again
  126. Google searches for "who is my representative" spike after R's try to gut ethics
  127. Trump taps Obama supporter Omarosa for plum White House job
  128. White Separatists turn on Trumpkin radio host Bill Mitchell
  129. Customer Consensus: Pro Trump pillows are a nightmare!
  130. Senate seeing red after Putin's election hack
  131. Trump to tap Wall Street lawyer, Jay Clayton, to head SEC
  132. Prominent Trump Backers Sign Letter Pushing To End Conflicts Of Interest
  133. Trump's tax cuts for the rich will add over a trillion a year to national debt
  134. Pres. Obama to Congressional Democrats: 'Don't Rescue Republicans'
  135. AMA To Congress: Don't Repeal Obamacare Without Clear Replacement
  136. Mexican president hands foreign ministry to official ousted after Trump visit
  137. GE Aviation orders 8.25 billion worth of Boeing 737s
  138. Celebrity-filled telethon set for Facebook Live on Inauguration Day
  139. NC's New Dem Governor Wants To Defy GOP Lawmakers And Expand Medicaid
  140. Warning: Rockettes Told to Tolerate Intolerance in Secretly Recorded Meeting With Management
  141. Wikileaks' Assange: 'A 14-year-old kid could have hacked Podesta' emails.....
  142. Warning: Pence: 'First Order of Business Is to Repeal and Replace Obamacare
  143. Warning: I won't spoil the fun but mark your calanders
  144. Treason: Yes, Nixon Scuttled the Vietnam Peace Talks
  145. Woman's March on Washington
  146. Is Trump willing to compy?
  147. With one bill, Republicans fast track plan to undo Obama regulations
  148. Warning: 4 arrested for torturing trump supporter
  149. Trump further thrashes, demeans and shovels shit on the the Jersey Fats
  150. tPF Court Strikes Down Obamacare Transgender Mandate
  151. Warning: Obama the egomaniac
  152. High School In Kentucky To Change Mascots
  153. GOP wins first Obamacare fight in Senate budget vote
  154. Bill 'O Reilly ~ 'Reverse McCarthyism going on in the Entertainment Industry'
  155. Trump plans to revamp top US intelligence agency, restructure CIA.....
  156. Intel Chiefs present hacking-case against Russia
  157. Private sector adds 153000 jobs in December: Thanks to Donald Trump
  158. Jeff Sessions says he handled these civil rights cases ... NOT!
  159. U.S. Has 'Conclusive' Russia Leak Evidence
  160. Trump has no plan to replace Obamacare
  161. Sears Sells Craftsman Brand, Will Close 150 Stores
  162. 46% of Trump voters believe "PizzaGate" conspiracy
  163. Pistol-Wielding Texas Grandma Runs Off Armed Intruder
  164. Winter is Coming: Prospects for the American Press under Trump
  165. New Study Shows That Women Have Saved $1.4 BILLION On Contraception
  166. Dow falls 100 points amid uncertainty surrounding Trump policies
  167. Trump HHS pick Tom Price ~ Trading Stock while writing Health Laws and in session
  168. 'I was stunned by the business': Fast food CEO says profits soared ...i
  169. Greta Van Susteren Lands At MSNBC
  170. Tucker Carlson takes over Megyn Kelly's slot, Martha MacCallum gets new show.....
  171. Major report on Russian hacking to go public
  172. Federal report finds Colorado Obamacare exchange potentially misused millions
  173. Crazy CNN Panelist Blames TRUMP For Kidnapped, Tortured White Man — ‘That Is Not A Ha
  174. Trump to ask Congress for money to build the Wall
  175. What are Trumps Russian entanglements
  176. Senior Russian officials captured celebrating Trump win
  177. Donald Trump will ask taxpayers, not Mexico, to fund border wall
  178. tPF Mainstream media’s 10 favorite fake news tricks
  179. As Trump targets Toyota over Mexico, Nissan faces bigger risk
  180. Are 4 out of 5 Americans Democrat? Of Course Not!
  181. Former CIA director James Woolsey quits Trump transition team
  182. Montville Township OH police caution residents amidst string of nighttime burglaries
  183. Trump very busy on the morning of intel briefing knocking Arnold's ratings
  184. Trump is about to have a lesson in Civics 101.
  185. Oops - Repealing Obamacare could cost 3 million jobs, study finds
  186. Trump hires Christie Bridgegate henchman Bill Stepien
  187. Repeal with no Replace is never going to make it through Senate
  188. First Lady Michelle Obama gives Final Speech
  189. Another day - Another contractor stiffed by Trump
  190. Warning: Panetta on Trump ~ 'I've never seen anything like this'
  191. Electoral College Vote Certification
  192. Biden to Trump: Grow up Donald ... Grow up
  193. Shots Fired Ft. Lauderdale Fl. Airport
  194. New Emails Show More 'Extremely Careless' Behavior by Clinton.....
  195. Warning: Trump out of meeting - acknowledges nothing
  196. Trump Orders Obama-appointed Ambassadors Leave Posts by Inauguration Day.....
  197. Journalist Investigating Rape Epidemic in Sweden Beaten
  198. Warning: California funds 1st US inmate sex reassignment
  199. John Kerry: Russia And Iran Saved Syria And Assad From Being Overthrown By extremists
  200. Union: Baltimore City Police in ‘Crisis’ Due to Officer Shortage
  201. Denialist in Chief aka Commander in Tweet right back at it
  202. Dear Comrade
  203. The Intelligence briefing Report
  204. Climatologist, Skeptic Resigns
  205. Just remember this
  206. Breitbart. Fake News Report.
  207. Labour MP claims it's 'highly probable' Russia interfered with Brexit referendum
  208. Joe Biden steamrolled Democrats objecting to Trump’s Electoral College victory
  209. Montel Williams Slams Chicago Suspects
  210. Tapper grills Kellyanne - who spins like a top!
  211. Jerusalem Truck Attack
  212. Warning: Just call him "Moscow Don"
  213. Warning: BREAKING: Records Suggest #FortLauderdale Shooter #EstebanSantiago Is Puerto Rican Is
  214. Tonight a speech at the Globe awards sums up decent peoples feelings
  215. Fiat-Chrysler to Invest $1 Billion in Michigan and Ohio, Plus 2000 US Jobs
  216. Warning: Trump Will Keep Campaign Promise, Won't 'Meddle' With Medicare, Social Security
  217. Warning: Ding dong she's finally gone
  218. tPF Why Democrats seem to be losing their minds and other notable comments
  219. Someone is trying to take down the Drudge Report — and it's a mystery who's behind it
  220. insHannity ~ 'Make Russia Great Again'
  221. A US Navy destroyer has fired warning shots at an Iranian Guard vessel in the Strait
  222. I guess Lies are No Longer Lies... Trump Responds To Streep
  223. Warning: American Idol runner-up says a Popeye's employee called him "white boy"
  224. Warning: What will Trump do about Putin's aggression in Georgia?
  225. Sessions tried to drop case against KKK lynching
  226. Clinton's trip to Broadway show went a little better than Mike Pence's
  227. Making America Great Again by weakening the agency which oversees Nukes
  228. Donald Trump says D.C.s dress shops are sold out of inauguration gowns. Wrong!
  229. Oh Snap! Schumer Nails McConnell
  230. Inauguration Announcer Charles Brotman
  231. Ford decides not to build plant in Mexico, but will expand American plants
  232. Liberal Tech Executive
  233. Democrats are Poorer
  234. Diplomat busted for grinding on woman on subway
  235. Hell gets ready to welcome Charles Manson
  236. Trump fires Inauguration Announcer since Eisenhower
  237. When Ronald met Donald
  238. U.S. charges Volkswagen executive with fraud over emissions scandal
  239. Black Pastors Defend Trump’s AG Pick Against Charges of Racism
  240. Laugh-out-loud hypocrisy-honesty from a Republican senator:
  241. Warning: Sessions AG Confirmation Hearing ~ 'Trump ordered AG to prosecute Hillary'
  242. Whites should gave an IRA Individual Reparations Account
  243. Obama, Clinton Loyalists Can't Find Jobs
  244. Warning: Another Trump lie uncovered
  245. Violence, racial divisions in Chicago cast dark cloud over Obama farewell address
  246. Good luck on that "Repeal with no Replace" Trumplings
  247. Convicted killer gets sex-reassignment surgery on California taxpayer's dime
  248. Charlotte Church Shuts Down Trump Inauguration Offer In Bold Tweet
  249. Dylann Roof Is Sentenced to Death
  250. FBI and U.S. Intelligence ~ Trump may have colluded with Russians