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  1. IRS Will have to know about your health insurance under Obamacare!
  2. Hurricane Sandy ~ Where's the Private Sector ?
  3. The Class Nature of Disaster Response
  4. 7.9%
  5. Nonunion Ala. crews turned away from Sandy recovery
  6. SEAL Team Six
  7. ‘If Mitt Romney Win, We’ll Be Going Back to the Crop Fields’
  8. Question to Members about The NY Marathon
  9. NPR: Obama Admin. Official- F-16's Could Have Gone to Benghazi from Aviano, Italy
  10. Occupy Wall Street Helps Sandy Victims
  11. U.S. waives Jones Act to help get fuel to Northeast
  12. Obama's Katrina
  13. Someone called Bloomberg
  14. Florida Poll: Romney 51, Obama 45
  15. Obama seeks votes as complaints mount over storm response
  16. FEMA has run out of water
  17. CIA confirms role in US consulate attack in Benghazi
  18. Tuesday Prediction, numbers only
  19. The CIA Annex team also had Ground Laser Designators
  20. Think tank recommends big (military) benefits cuts
  21. Sandy may be the Albatross for Obama
  22. Benghazi: CIA Version of events disputed
  23. EPA Extremists Not Sanguine About Obama Re-election...
  24. REDSKINS RULE Predicts Romney Win.
  25. Freedom of SpeecH? Not when Obama is talking - HERE COME THE MAN!
  26. America's Workers & Union Members Pitched in Big Time for Hurricane Sandy
  27. The Fox-induced hysteria over Benghazi collapses
  28. Typical Democrat Illustrating Typical Democrat Idiocy
  29. What's causing gas shortages in the Northeast?
  30. Ohio voting machine software patch unvetted and going to court
  31. World Class Chutzpah
  32. Here We Go Again
  33. Vote intimidation in philly?
  34. New Black Panthers back at Philly voting site
  35. Obama Left The Back Door Open
  36. Swing-state papers flip to Romney ahead of Election Day
  37. Mural of obama in philly polling place!!!
  38. 12:09 AM ET A tie for Obama and Romney in nation's first results
  39. Bigger Than The Internet?
  40. I can't stand this waiting.
  41. MSNBC Calls Election for Obama — Before Polls Open
  42. Is Obama Guilty of War Crimes and Treason by Gifting Libya to Al Qaeda?
  43. Hell hath no fury like a Progressive scorned
  44. Misplaced Priorities, Growing Danger to America If Obama Wins
  45. Obama & Clinton Guilty of Perjury Says Judge
  46. You Admit You’re a Slave if You Vote for Obama
  47. US Senate Candidate Wendy Long Told By Poll Worker To Vote For Democrats
  48. Philly Activist Group Destroys GOP Voter Registrations
  49. A ‘Flood’ Of Obamacare Regulations To Hit After Election
  50. Poll Worker Tells People to Vote Democrat
  51. Is it time to drop the Electoral College?
  52. The 2012 Presidential Election
  53. Election Night Chat Thread
  54. Vermontians Love Them Some Socialists...
  55. Iowa Voters Being Abused At Voting Stations
  56. Romney has 8x as many electoral votes as Obama.
  57. Anyone Notice Who's Conspicuously NOT Here Again Tonight?
  58. Eaerly returns show Romney in the lead...
  59. ROMNEY 149 OBAMA 127 Just called.
  60. FOX news declares OBama the winner
  61. So I guess all the early polls.................
  62. AMENDMENT 64 PASSES - Colorado.
  63. Akin And Mourdock
  64. That Was Close!
  65. republicans
  66. Bend Over, Here It Comes <again>
  67. Chris Matthews "I'm so glad we had that storm last week"
  68. Now What?
  69. Obama May Levy Carbon Tax to Cut U.S. Deficit, HSBC Says
  70. Looks like you got your Riots! Enjoy watching your Animals handy-work
  71. Ohio Residents Told They Already Voted When They Showed Up At the Polls Tuesday
  72. What Would George Washington Say About the 2012 Election?
  73. Just to shopw how really dumb progressives are...
  74. Could Have Been Better...
  75. For those who think this was about a "stolen election"
  76. Boehner ready to hike our taxes....bend over
  77. Obama Administration Facing Massive Federal Lawsuit
  78. Hey Libs, Hey Obama. We told you so.
  79. The New Normal
  80. UN Arms Treaty AGAIN
  81. Moscow delighted with Obama's flexibility on Missile defense
  82. Obama’s Second Term Regulations That Will Destroy America
  83. 2012 Was a Romans 1 Election
  84. Robber Told Store Clerk at Gunpoint to Vote For Obama
  85. My GOP Proposal for the Next Four Years: Comply with Democrats 100 Percent
  86. Firings and Layoffs Begin (more, that is)
  87. Obama administration to contractors: Hold off announcing layoffs until after the elec
  88. Did Lockheed Martin Just Win Virginia for Obama?
  89. Why the Stock Market Is Bummed About the Election
  90. One Thing About Re-Election
  91. Transparent my ass
  92. Bill Ayers: ‘Dear President Obama: Congratulations!’
  93. After Obama win, U.S. backs new U.N. arms treaty talks
  94. Californians approve massive tax hike on the wealthy
  95. MSM Ignored Oct. 30 Report Showing US Dropped Out of Top 10 in Prosperity Index
  96. Muslim Brotherhood: Obama Needs To ‘Accept The Will Of The Arab People’
  97. CBS Hides Obama Refusal To Call Benghazi Terrorist Attack
  98. The night we waved goodbye to America... our last best hope on Earth
  99. West wants voting machines impounded
  100. Kenyan King To Visit Cambodia
  101. How many businesses have announced closings or lay-offs since obama won a second term
  102. Its over now..The people have spoken
  103. Reality Check
  104. Boehner: ‘Obamacare Is The Law Of The Land
  105. Republicans Consider Welcoming People Who Believe in Math and Science
  106. Minorities and women voting Obama because they ‘want stuff’
  107. Election Fraud
  108. 51 States In Americas Future?
  109. GOP Stock is Down – Time to Buy!
  110. Election Results Quickly Takes Toll on Economy and Jobs
  111. Obama, Dems Already Holding America Hostage & Blaming GOP
  112. Obama Phase II: First Up, Arms Treaty and New Taxes
  113. Sanders on the Fiscal Cliff
  114. I Have An Announcement
  115. Interior proposal would limit commercial oil shale development on federal lands in We
  116. Mourning in America - Here's Those Layoffs We Voted For Last Night
  117. Obama on forcing Israel to accept a Peace Agreement
  118. A New Beginning
  119. An Interesting Mess: Petraeus and Broadwell
  120. More Questions Than Answers -Patreaus Resignation
  121. Louisiana Starts Petition to Leave the Union
  122. Military timeline from night of Benghazi attack begs more questions
  123. Liberals Lose in Michigan
  124. Constitution Amendment in Lousiiana Passes 73%-27%
  125. In this country we take care of our own
  126. Sandy: Katrina On The Hudson
  127. Voice sesame street elmo denies had gay sex with minor
  128. Obama Causes Man To Get Ran Over
  129. Grover Norquist: Obama Won Because He Called Romney A 'Poopy Head'
  130. Rice To Sec. State - Kerry To Def Sec.
  131. Petraeus Personally Investigated Benghazi Attack in Libya - ABC News
  132. Thanksgiving - Swept Under The Christmas Welcome Mat
  133. Patreaus: It is a multi-headed monster
  134. Obama Promises Swift Action On Immigration
  135. "i am not going to budge"
  136. Taxes will be going up :)
  137. Diversity is here ... and here to stay
  138. Susan Rice "not qualified" to be Secretary of State, guilty of "not being very bright
  139. Why You REALLY Want To Secede From The United States
  140. I’d love to see President Obama go Samual L … on that Ass!
  141. Oliver Stone's Untold History of the United States
  142. Sex King Patraeus to testify....in secret
  143. Romney: Obama won with 'gifts' to certain voters
  144. CIA: We Didn’t Ask for Help During Benghazi Attack
  145. Christie Reverses Stand on Tax Increases After Storm
  146. The GOP Adults are begining to speak about Miit Romney's theory
  147. Mysterious 'black people'
  148. The Evil of Islam Spreads
  149. BP ~ largest settlment ever and 2 BP employees charged with manslaughter
  150. Hostess to close its doors
  151. Another Hussein Obama Success
  152. Israel set to invade Gaza ?
  153. Oil rig explodes in Gulf of Mexico
  154. Walmart workers plan walkout on Black Friday
  155. Jordan ~ Another Arab Spring ?
  156. jpmorgan and creditsuisse to pay 417 mil for cheating investors
  157. Hostess Going Under
  158. Train Slams Into Parade Float - Kills 4 Veterans, Injures 16.
  160. Very bad news for people who hate Obama
  161. ObamaTax Hasn’t Kicked In Yet…
  162. Too Hot for French TV
  163. EPA To Consumers: Pound Sand
  164. Mr. Drudge: Please keep telling the truth
  165. John McCain - US War Hero
  166. The southern white vote
  167. Terror Arrests: 4 California Men Arrested
  168. What Is The EPA Hiding?
  169. Unemployment rates fall in 75% of US states
  170. Senate bill rewrite lets feds read your e-mail without warrants
  171. Knockout Game UK
  172. 9 questions about Israel-Gaza you were too embarrassed to ask
  173. Gaza rockets hit Israel after ceasefire: police
  174. New zealand's 'lord of the rings' volcano erupts
  175. CBS: Obama Admin Refuses to Release Photos of US Officials During Benghazi Attack
  176. Priceless example of jumping in a hole with someone!
  177. Benghazi-Gate: Rep. Gowdy to Obama: 'You come here and testify'
  178. Clapper's Flip-Flopping Benghazi Story
  179. The Triumph of Mathematics in Illinois
  180. Our Lord and Savior Barack Obama'
  181. Trump called Mitt Romney's "self-deportation" plan a "crazy policy"
  182. Oops, looks like Republicans are going to need another Benghazi
  183. Fluke Nominated by Time for Person of the Year
  184. McCain descends further into incoherence
  185. President Obama to meet with Mitt Romney
  186. CNN reporter's claims
  187. Stinky Regulations
  188. CBS NEWS: Who changed the Benghazi talking points?
  189. Another Zimmerman-like shooting-death ?
  190. Mass-Murderer James Holmes says he *felt like he was in a video-game*
  191. Surprise!
  192. here comes California to save the day
  193. The Best and Worst Run States in America
  194. BlackPanthers call for arrest of store ckerk for shooting thug
  195. US birth rate hits a record low
  196. School Removes "God" from Poem
  197. Do It in Secret...and in a hurry
  198. Bonus Checks for US Auto Workers
  199. November 2012 Ratings: MSNBC Doubles Audience in Past Year
  200. Boehner appoints a Housekeeper
  201. Was Obama & US Snubbed at Asian Economic Summit?
  202. Break Every Window in Benghazi
  203. Chinese 'maternity hotel' sparks outrage in California suburb
  204. Bureaucrats Snuff Jobs
  205. They’re Small But Not Stupid
  206. Consumer Group Squawks About EPA Abuse
  207. New Zimmerman Pic
  208. Republicans Counter-Offer Obama's Laughable Arrogance
  209. Right-Wing hysteria on Bob Costas (Belcher tragedy)
  210. Elizabeth Warren Wins Senate Banking Committee Seat
  211. Senate rejects UN treaty for disabled rights in a 61-38 vote
  212. Fixing climate change
  213. House Dems force Tax Vote ?
  214. Sanford cops a problem for prosecutors in Zimmerman case, experts say
  215. Wisconsin Judge Orders Deadbeat Dad Of Nine (With Six Women) To Stop Procreating
  216. George H. W. Bush Still In Hospital Because Of Lingering Cough
  217. Report: ATF review board recommends firings over Fast & Furious
  218. "Our People supported the reelection of this president"- Bail Out Detroit
  219. Here's to 79 Years of Freedom!
  220. Families want to know what happened in Benghazi Obama administration not telling
  221. Family decorating Christmas tree robbed by three men
  222. Senate Passes $631 Billion U.S. Defense Legislation
  223. US home prices rise in October by most in 6 years
  224. UNICORNS EXIST - Just Ask North Korea
  225. Syria ~ Preparing to use Chemical Weapons ?
  226. Dead pig found at Cypress mosque (Texas)
  227. DeMint to leave Senate
  228. John McAfee detained in Guatemala
  229. Battery maker that received stimulus money could be sold to Chinese company
  230. Protests erupt in Michigan
  231. Obama Avoiding Fiscal Cliff - By Jumping The Ship and Into The Surf
  232. U.S. Unadjusted Unemployment Shoots Back Up
  233. 7.7%
  234. Zimmerman sues the liars at NBC
  235. Cooling The Mark
  236. Boehner ~ *No Progress averting Fiscal Cliff
  237. Good news: Your government isn't borrowing 40 cents of every dollar it spends now.
  238. The Roe v Wade of Gay Rights
  239. Obama requests $60 Billion from Congress
  240. MSNBC Goes Full Retard
  241. Happy Hanukkah
  242. Obama The Anti-American And Psy, The Object Of His Affection
  243. Gingrich ~ GOP will lose in 2016 if HillBillary runs
  244. RNC to perform autopsy of GOP
  245. A solar panel for every home
  246. Jamie Foxx Is A Racist Mother****ing ****sucker
  247. Father Shoots 7-Year-Old Son to Death Accidentally
  248. Zimmerman denied removal of GPS & lowered bail
  249. 85-year old woman mugged
  250. Looks like the Republicans picked another Winner