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  1. SNL Writer Who Mocked Barron Trump, Suspended indefinitely
  2. Trump Wins The Unions:
  3. Minnesota governor collapses while addressing legislators
  4. Verizon reports 5.6 percent fall in quarterly revenue
  5. U.S. blocks health insurer Aetna's $34 billion Humana acquisition
  6. Trump White House Extending Access to More Journalists,
  7. How Trump's Presidency Could Affect Sneaker Prices
  8. Warning: Kellyanne Conway gets Secret Service protection
  9. Trumps' *Alternative Facts*
  10. You think Trump is petty, and he is but....
  11. Debate Over Whether Networks Should Stop Interviewing Kellyanne Conway
  12. Warning: It's Pipeline Tuesday
  13. Trump: The first “fake it ’til you make it” presidency in American history
  14. Julian Assange wants President Trump's Justice Department to cut him a deal
  15. After Protesters Shout At McCrory, NC Lawmaker Wants To Make It A Crime
  16. Trump signs executive orders on manufacturing, infrastructure
  17. Supreme Court rejects Texas appeal over voter ID law Fox News - 1 day ago
  18. Irony Alert: Trump bans EPA employees from giving social media updates
  19. GOP Message to Flint Residents ... F U
  20. Trump signs actions to advance pipeline
  21. Trump Admin Removes Apology for 1950s Mass Government Discrimination Case
  22. Warning: Ex-Michigan gang member who saw sentence commuted by Obama
  23. Wanna mess with Standing Rock Sioux?
  24. Breaking:President Trump To Sign Executive Orders Regarding Immigration
  25. Trump says he will 'send in the Feds' if Chicago doesn't end 'carnage'
  26. Trump set to order construction of Mexican border wall
  27. Giant pipeline spill in Saskatchewan
  28. Texas Showdown: Governor, Sanctuary City Clash Over Immigration
  29. That Awkward Clip of Donald and Melania at the Inauguration Is Definitely Real
  30. Thanks Donald Trump - DOW hits 20,000 for the first time ever
  31. Trump will investigate the *Millions of Illegals that Voted*
  32. Denver Secret Service agent says she wouldn't take a bullet for Trump
  33. Trump promises major investigation into the illegal voting he made up
  34. You think Kellyanne is just a prolific liar?
  35. Dear Democrat Party
  36. Kellyanne Conway & other top White House staff caught using private RNC email system
  37. Warning: There is Voter Fraud goin on allright
  38. Mary Tyler Moore dead at age of 80
  39. Trump moves ahead with wall, puts stamp on U.S. immigration
  40. Top 10 U.S. sanctuary cities face roughly $2.27 billion in cuts
  41. Trump draft order reportedly will halt refugee processing for Syrians
  42. Looks like Philly is rolling out the Welcome mat for Don Cheeto tomorrow.
  43. Trump preparing executive orders to reduce U.S. role in U.N
  44. Trump's voter fraud probe could pave way for tougher voting rules
  45. Warning: Trump Fans Leave Huge Tip, Kind Note for Stunned Anti-Trump Waitress
  46. The Trump administration has frozen Obama’s quiet attempt to send $221 million to Pal
  47. Six shot during vigil for gunshot victim in Chicago
  48. President Donald Trump to publish weekly list of crimes committed by immigrants
  49. "I will not cut Social Security or Medicare"
  50. The State Department's entire senior management team just resigned
  51. Mexico Cancels Summit: So Donny ... Next Negotiation Tactic Please
  52. Border Patrol chief out day after Trump border fence decree
  53. Ouch, this is going to leave a HUGE Scratch - 36 - 44 percent job approval rating
  54. Ryan says he is AOK with paying 15 BILLION for Rump's wall,
  55. Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto cancels meeting with Trump
  56. Trump new Announcement to pay for Border Wall ~ 20% tax on all Mexican imports
  57. Just read a description of Sean Spicer that I loved!
  58. 3 of the top 5 world economies have nothing to do with the Germanic tradition
  59. Trump single-handed advances Doomsday Clock
  60. Mikhail Gorbachev: ‘It All Looks As If the World Is Preparing for War’ Time - 1 month
  61. Mexico trade deficit after Nafta
  62. Warning: Secret Service Agent expelled from retired agents group
  63. Miami-Dade mayor orders jails to comply with detention requests -
  64. Women’s March Featured Speaker was a Rapist
  65. And now the Orange Oaf is attacking Mexico again this Morning
  66. Any Bets? It's Pay-Black-Time for Russia
  67. Trump's Approval Rating Hits 59 Percent......
  68. Oklahoma DOC seeks $1.6B as inmate population soars ....
  69. Bannon to media - SHUT YOUR MOUTH!
  70. Trump ordered Park Service to back up his claims about crowed size
  71. Philly.com - Trump's first days resemble those of a Tin-Pot Dictator
  72. Trump takes over Voice of America
  73. Evan McMullan puts out awesome video on Trump/Putin
  74. The Big Story That POTUS Will No Doubt Be Devoting All His Attention To Today
  75. The Real Poll that matters to Don Cheeto
  76. Dow Closes Above 20,000 for the First Time. So what's the Path Ahead?
  77. Trump's reality check
  78. Meet he conspiracy theorist Trump gets his '3-5 million illegal voters' whopper from!
  79. Trump tweeting about the 3 Million " illegal" votes
  80. Clinton received 800,000 votes from noncitizens, study finds ......
  81. Good News Bad News
  82. Trump's Mexican standoff puts half a trillion in trade at risk
  83. Better plana parade and get your hats out!
  84. Over 800,000 Noncitizens Might Have Voted For Hillary
  85. Trump: If Democrats Filibuster My SCOTUS Pick, I Want Republicans to Go Nuclear
  86. Preet Bharara to question Mayor de Blasio over City Hall corruption
  87. Warning: Emmett Till’s accuser admits: It was all a lie
  88. New Baylor lawsuit alleges 52 rapes by football players in 4 years,
  89. John Hurt dies
  90. 'Perry Mason' ~ 'Della Street' dies
  91. Here's how Putin does it and Crooked Donny would too if he could...
  92. Warning: WikiLeaks Says It Will Publish Donald Trump’s Tax Returns
  93. Warning: Not a single US terrorist came form the 7 countries in Trump's Muslim ban
  94. How George Orwell predicted Donald Trump
  95. Secret tapes reveal Republicans in total disarray on that pesky "Replace" thing
  96. Kraft Heinz gives all employees the day after Super Bowl off~
  97. Black Sabbath Keyboardist Dies From Lunch Cancer
  98. tPF In unprecedented move, pension plan cuts benefits promised to retirees
  99. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard. "Stop Arming Terrorists"
  100. Federal court halts Trumps immigration ban
  101. USC student group chops ‘women’ from name to empower transgender members.
  102. Washington State To Teach Transgenderism To Kindergartners
  103. Anti-War protests
  104. The Opposition Party's fake news
  105. Trump conducts first Military Strike ~ Women & Children killed
  106. Stay Classy Leftist Women
  107. Dick Cheney: "Trump's Muslim ban is against everything we stand for"
  108. Housing is health care?
  109. Oscar nominated Iranian directors and actresses won't attend Oscars
  110. He's got em crying!
  111. Garrison Keillor: Help us GOP - You're our only hope
  112. Business as usual
  113. Immigrant Genius Elon Musk weighs in
  114. tPF Obama had a ban as well!
  115. Trump's Best Tweet Ever?
  116. Smaller States Rejoice as Amazon Finally Collects Sales Tax
  117. Looks Like L.A. Police To Move In On L.A.X
  118. Lifetime Ban on Administration Officials Lobbying for Foreign Governments
  119. Warning: The Trump Executive Order On Immigration Is Legal
  120. Canadian terror attack on muslims in Mosque
  121. It's about strength.
  122. Thanks Saudi Arabia and oil enablers. We are ALL Muslim now.
  123. NBC wants to be ‘the next Fox News,’ insiders say
  124. Two Americans who play professionally in Iran are stranded,
  125. Iraqi Lawmakers Urge Ban on U.S. Citizens ~ Threatening ISIS Fight
  126. Trumps first 7 Days ~ Protest Nation
  127. Who hasn't Trump banned?
  128. Trump's Supreme Court Nominee Could Hear Case Affecting Trump Golf Courses
  129. NASCAR star Dale Earnhardt Jr.: My ancestors were refugees
  130. Reports: Arrested Russian intel officer allegedly spied for U.S.
  131. Trump Smashes Disapproval Record
  132. Trump Signs Order Requiring Two Regulations Be Nixed For Every New One
  133. Breaking: Senate set to vote on Putin's Pal Tillerson
  134. EXCLUSIVE: Iran tests ballistic missile in defiance of UN resolution, US officials sa
  135. Trump immigration ban tipping point in worst stock market selloff in months
  136. Japanese arcade pioneer and 'Father of Pac-Man' has died.....
  137. Starbucks Announces It's Hiring 10,000 Refugees......
  138. Warning: Trumpf fires Acting AG Sally Yates
  139. Trumpf replaces Acting I.C.E. Director
  140. Warning: Trump Dismisses Insubordinate Obama Appointee
  141. The Immigration Ban is a Trump Head-fake, don't fall for it.
  142. Rex Tillerson Clears Senate Procedure, Vote Set for Wednesday.....
  143. HOT MIC! Rep. Ryan, Sp. of the House, just whispered "Waste of my F'CKING Time"
  144. Where Are You Now?
  145. Credit where due! Trump smashes record!
  146. Over 200 State Department officials sign letter of dissent on Muslim Ban
  147. Boy Scouts will allow transgender boys to join
  148. Bannon to sit in on National Security Council!
  149. Dems boycott votes on two top Trump nominees
  150. Iraqi refugees ‘heartbroken’ by Trump order, worry they’ll never see families
  151. Sources: Trump Will Select* Judge Neil Gorsuch for SCOTUS......
  152. Conservative expert calls out Muslim ban for it's horrifying incompetence
  153. We Democrats put up with rants against Prez Obama for 8 years
  154. Today's Google Doodle honors Fred Korematsu
  155. Dow takes another dump after Trump's Muslim Ban
  156. Most Support Temporary Ban on Newcomers from Terrorist Havens
  157. Investigation Shows Planned Parenthood Only Uses Ultrasounds for Abortions......
  158. tPF French elections update
  159. The Trump Miss Universe SCOTUS pick Reality Show
  160. Trump the Murderer
  161. Warning: SCOTUS pick ~ 'Do to Trump & the GOP what they did to Obama'
  162. Nancy Pelosi Caught On Hot Mic: ‘Tell Them You’re A Muslim
  163. Now they blame Obama
  164. BMW says will stick to investment plans despite Trump threats
  165. CNN producer detained at ATL will challenge Trump travel ban under two federal laws
  166. Republican Senators Change Rules
  167. Spicer and Trump himself called it a Muslim ban
  168. Sessions' questioning of Sally Yates
  169. Senate Judiciary Approves Jeff Sessions for Attorney General
  170. Democracy Wins One as a Federal Court Strikes a Big Blow Against Gerrymandering
  171. Trudeau's office gets Fox News to apologize for false report on Quebec shooting
  172. Trump calls out Chicago violence during Black History Month meeting
  173. Warning: Join me and sign the petition calling for impeachment of Trump
  174. Warning: Nat. Sec. Advisor Flynn *Draws Red-Line* on Iran
  175. Another Abortion Thread
  176. Donald better not F with Nike or anyone else!
  177. President* Trump Badgered And Berated The Prime Minister Of Austrailia In Phone Call
  178. Trump loses $5 Million Lawsuit
  179. The 'Indivisible' Movement
  180. Trump threatens to invade Mexico
  181. Trumps approval rating is rising
  182. Illegal Aliens ‘Are Law-Abiding Citizens
  183. Sessions is the new Attorney General
  184. Congrats to WWIII Trumpkins - OWN it
  185. The radical left celebrates free speech
  186. Get out of the road stupid
  187. Warning: Trump's Strange Observations About Black Historical Figures
  188. So what's going on with the Trump Dossier?
  189. The 2017 Prayer Breakfast
  190. Kellyanne Conway accuses Australia of leaking Trumps belligerent phone call with prim
  191. The 'Government-Wide Initiative to Respect Religious Freedom' Executive Order
  192. US military officials: Trump-ordered raid in Yemen...was approved .....
  193. McCain: I Called Australian Ambassador To Express 'Unwavering Support'
  194. 'No readout of Trump-Putin call because White House turned off recording'
  195. Federal workers turn to encryption to thwart Trump
  196. Bannon ~ 'We're going to War with China'
  197. Treasury Dept easing Sanctions on Russia
  198. Trump: "Iran is Taking over Iraq!"
  199. Jews give Muslims keys to their synagogue after fire destroys their Mosque
  200. Trump asks faithful at National Prayer Meeting to pray for Celebrity Apprentice
  201. After Violence at UC Berkeley, Trump Suggests Ending Federal Funding
  202. Warning: Bombshell from Reuters:
  203. Not everyone is happy with Megan Kelly at nbc
  204. Warning: U.S. hopes to have border wall finished within two years: official
  205. Senate panel advances Trump EPA chief pick over Democrats' boycott
  206. Microsoft wants exemption on stupid travel ban
  207. U.S. to issue new Iran sanctions,
  208. Protesters storm NYU over conservative speaker’s seminar
  209. tPF Seattle “Protester”: White People Need to Give ......
  210. Breaking news: Jihadist attack in Paris
  211. Bowling Green Massacre?
  212. Trump vows to 'totally destroy' law against pastors preaching politics from the pulpi
  213. Russian activist poisoned by Putin before is poisoned again
  214. Hello! Anyone Home? Israel Hits Back at Trump Over Settlement Intervention
  215. GE, Boeing, Oracle form coalition to support Republican border tax
  216. Refugees are welcome in this Georgia town
  217. Reporters trying to get Brady to denounce trump
  218. More Fake news
  219. We're Gutting Dodd-Frank Because My Friends Can't Get Loans
  220. Trump named in more than 50 Lawsuits since Inauguration
  221. Neiman Marcus Has Dropped Ivanka Trump Jewelry
  222. Uber is going to suffer the Childish Wrath of Don Cheeto now!
  223. Warning: Photo of Muslim and Jewish kids protesting at O'Hare goes viral
  224. Less Than Half Of Americans Would Be Opposed To Impeaching President* Trump Right Now
  225. Trump is obsessed and small
  226. Senators flooded with record number of calls against Betsy DeVos
  227. Capitol Police probing House Dems IT contractors over ‘unauthorized’ computer access
  228. Schneiderman may be just the guy to take down Trump
  229. Warning: Arkansas just passed a law that will let a rapist sue his victim for having an aborti
  230. U.N. Official Reveals Real Reason Behind Warming Scare
  231. Warning: Federal Judge blocks Trump's Muslim Ban
  232. White House nixed Holocaust statement naming Jews
  233. Bannon film outline warned that US could become "The Islamic States of America"
  234. ‘Clock boy’ defamation case explodes in court — ordered to pay attorney fees
  235. Over 100 retail giants band together to fight border tax
  236. Trump immigration ban puts $20 billion in Boeing aircraft sales at risk
  237. Homeland Security suspends travel ban
  238. tPF Secretary of Education (Public schools)
  239. George Forman's Advice to President Trump: "You Must Step Forward and Fight!".....
  240. Trump shuts down public access to his presidency
  241. Appeals Court Knocks Back Bid to Swiftly Reinstate President Trump's Travel Ban
  242. Bill that protects motorists if they run over protesters
  243. The tech industry and other Corps against Illegal immigration ban
  244. Trump's Comparing US to Putin's Russia Draws Bipartisan Backlash
  245. Trump Tweets "any negative polls are fake news".
  246. CBS Poll: Most Democrats Think Christianity Is as Violent as Islam.....
  247. Iraqi Christians will pass on Trump's offer to exempt them from his Muslim Travel Ban
  248. Kellyanne admits transcripts of leaked calls with Australia and Mexico "looked bad"
  249. Are Refugees a source of terrorism and crime?
  250. 97 tech companies thumb noses at Trump Muslim Ban