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  1. Trumps there's no country that we have trade surplus with
  2. AT LEAST three people have been injured after a car smashed into pedestrians in Germa
  3. Democrats elect former obama labor secretary tom perez as national party chairman
  4. Breaking: Man attacks girlfriend with a dildo
  5. Warning: Makes ya real proud of T(rump)
  6. Warning: Donald Trump Says He Will Not Attend the White House Correspondents' Dinner
  7. GOP Rep. Darrell Issa Calls for Special Prosecutor in Russia Probe
  8. 12 hurt when vehicle plows into Endymion parade crowd in New Orleans
  9. Trump Administration Cancels Back-Channel Talks With North Korea
  10. French Voters Want ... Obama?
  11. Happy Daytona Day
  12. A clear case of discrimination
  13. Chairs fly at Seafood City
  14. Trump budget plan will not cut Social Security, Medicare:
  15. Chuck Todd: Perez's 'Establishment' Win Proves the Party Has Gone Far Left
  16. 15,000+ Russians march to mark two years since Boris Nemtsov's killing by Putin
  17. Hannity defends Colmes from far left blog
  18. Trump: The First 100 Lies
  19. Bedbugs kill woman, caretaker faces charges
  20. Spicey makes his own staffers cry while employing Gestapo tactics on leaks
  21. Warning: Yemen Raid ~ Father of dead SEAL refuses to meet Trump demands investigation
  22. Democrats must overhaul party, attack big business
  23. Chicago Names City Street After Terrorist
  24. Rachel Dolezal Is Nearly Homeless, On Food Stamps And Still White
  25. North Carolina Law Makes Facebook A Felony For Former Sex Offenders
  26. Trump's choice to be secretary of the Navy withdraws nomination
  27. Dear Trumpf Voters ... your Savior is Betraying You
  28. March Madness
  29. Grocery Price War
  30. 'Asylum Seekers' Are Now Making Their Way to Toronto
  31. Distributors say layoffs coming because of Philly soda tax
  32. Trump seeks historic increase - $54 BILLION - in military spending
  33. Dubya injects himself into the Media & Trump Russian investigation
  34. NBC/WSJ Poll
  35. Remember: Candidate Obama Kicked Reporters Off His Plane
  36. Warning: Islamic Republic of Iran Celebrates the Oscars
  37. trump-"nobody knew health care could be so complicated"
  38. Trump blames Oscar flub on politics against him
  39. Trump Proposal Doesn't Cover Major Military Expansion
  40. No Jail Time For 19-Year-Old In Idaho Coat-Hanger Assault Case
  41. Attorney General Jeff Sessions Focuses On Violent Crime And Police Morale
  42. tPF Trump poised to press 'bold agenda' in first congressional address
  43. Pence asks Supreme Court to stay out of his redacted emails
  44. tPF Black Lives Matter Finds 'Renewed Focus' 5 Years After Trayvon Martin
  45. Obamacare defenders 'paid to post' hits on critics
  46. Trumpf ~ 'Obama is culprit behind Leaks & Protests'
  47. The Canadian town on front line of Trump migrant crackdown
  48. SpaceX to send first paying tourists around moon next year
  49. House Intelligence Committee Chair: We Have Zero Evidence That The Trump Campaign Had
  50. Yemen raid was a complete FUBAR
  51. Poll: Vast Majority Of Americans Believe Bathrooms Should Be Linked To Biological Sex
  52. Manafort faced blackmail attempt, hacks suggest
  53. Climate change deleted from Idaho science standards
  54. Illegal immigration dropped 27 percent in January: Reports
  55. Warning: Dems Refusing to Shake Trump's Hand Tonight.....
  56. Warning: The Xenophobe
  57. Navy SEAL killed
  58. Warning: Al Franken is a POS
  59. Address to Congress ~ The Democrat Response to Trump
  60. Warning: Beshear's response was exactly why we elected Bevin
  61. Trump: ‘My Job Is Not To Represent The World. My Job Is To Represent The United State
  62. Van Jones Praises Trump
  63. Commerce Secretary ~ How Wilbur Ross made Trump a wealthy man from the Russians
  64. Trump demonizes immigrants again ... but with a smile!
  65. Abuse survivor quits pope's commission citing 'shameful' resistance
  66. Warning: Dems remain seated when Navy Seal honored
  67. Democrats Refuse To Applaud America Putting Its Own Citizens First
  68. Warning: Colin Kaepernick Leaves San Francisco, Becomes a Free Agent
  69. House Democrats fire two IT staffers amid criminal investigation......
  70. Seven Baltimore police officers arrested on racketeering charges
  71. Conservative Students at Trinity Claim Harassment Over Nothing
  72. Warning: Sessions met with Russian envoy twice last year, encounters he later did not disclose
  73. Obamas book deals exceed $60M?
  74. Warning: gop lawmakers call on sessions to recuse himself from russian investigation
  75. Report: Obama officials spent final days purposely pushing Russia allegations......
  76. Illegal Immigrant Detained After Holding News Conference
  77. The Trump Team's many MANY denials about contacts with Russia
  78. AP reviews case of anal assault against black Idaho student
  79. Deployed US Navy Has A Pregnancy Problem, And It’s Getting Worse
  80. Uncle Ben confirmed as HUD secy
  81. Kushner & Flynn met with Russians in DECEMBER? - Drip Drip
  82. U.S. authorities raid Caterpillar's Illinois facilities
  83. Warning: Misconduct complaint filed against Priebus
  84. Rand Paul blasts GOP for keeping ObamaCare bill in 'secure location'
  85. Samsung chief's 'trial of the century' to start next week
  86. Colin Kaepernick Will Stand For The National Anthem
  87. Pence used a private email account to conduct state business
  88. Valerie Jarrett Moves in With Obamas to Help Oppose Trump
  89. Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak Appeared As Obama White House Visitor At Least 22 T
  90. Warning: Soon to be Trials of the Century ?
  91. In possible response to Trump, EU parliament calls to end visa-free travel for US cit
  92. Schiff: Comey and the FBI are stonewalling our investigation
  93. Leahy's written question to Sessions
  94. Teen who walked 17 miles a day to help his sick mom
  95. Warning: Key Democrats also met with Russian Ambassadors
  96. Flashback: Chuck Schumer Meets with Putin in New York City
  97. Leaked document proves Trump's Muslim ban is DOA
  98. Dead man found buried under massive pile of porn mags
  99. San Francisco's withdrawal from national terror intelligence network hikes risks, off
  100. Warning: Another Senseless Shooting by an Incompetent Cop
  101. trump's approval rating skyrockets
  102. Mexican cement company to bid on wall work
  103. Pennsylvania Democrats are being held hostage by ransomware hackers
  104. Six times Jeff Sessions talked about perjury, access and special prosecutors
  105. Warning: Conservatives Score Victory for Free Speech at California University
  106. University bans phrases like 'gentleman's agreement' for gender neutral terms
  107. Trump ~ 'Obama Wire-Tapped Me'
  108. Actor Patrick Stewart: 'I'm Moving to America to Fight Donald Trump'......
  109. President Trump: Obama Tapped My Phones During Election
  110. Disney introduces first gay character
  111. And The Evidence Emerges:Obama Orders FISA Wiretap of Trump Tower
  112. Two Republicans sign on to effort demanding Trump’s tax returns!
  113. Trump dossier agent may testify in US Senate
  114. Arizona is a red state
  115. Does this sound like a President of a powerful nation?
  116. Warning: SF Bay Area Trump Event Marred By Violent Clashes With Left Wing Protesters......
  117. Keystone Pipeline to be built and owned by Russians ?
  118. Warning: Well it's official: Wiretap claims a big fat NothingBurger
  119. Trump calls for Congress to investigate Wiretapping
  120. George W. Bush on the press
  121. Trump Whitehouse ~ More *Fine-Tuned-Machine*
  122. FBI tells Justice Dept. to drop the 'wiretap story' as is untrue
  123. Warning: Photos of naked female Marines reportedly shared on social media
  124. Steve Bannon Said That He Was 'A Leninist' Who Wants To ‘Destroy the State.'
  125. 7,000 Anti-Semitic Incidents Occurred Under Obama’s Presidency And The Media Was Sile
  126. Donald Trump against the World
  127. White House Council: Ethics don't apply to Trump or his staff
  128. Townhall Columnist Walter E. Williams Receives 2017 Bradley Prize
  129. WH to Propose 'Dramatic' Cuts to Foreign Aid
  130. Warning: Leashes Come Off Wall Street, Gun Sellers, Polluters and More
  131. Warning: FBI's Comey asks DoJ to refute Trump's wiretap claim
  132. Trump Administration Kills GITMO Detainee Released by Barack Obama.....
  133. Charlie Daniels: The Left Is Approaching a Tipping Point
  134. Warning: Barack Obama said "I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift."
  135. It's Here: House GOP Unveils Obamacare Replacement Plan......
  136. 9,400 to Zero: For 6 Years, Spy Court Denied No Electronic Surveillance Applications
  137. Trump tweets another whopper from Fox-n-Friends regarding Gitmo
  138. Feinstein, Grassley seek full briefing, transcripts of Flynn calls
  139. I thought tea-party nutjob Amy Kremer disappeared years ago ?
  140. Kremlin is totally enjoying Trump presidency!
  141. Chaffetz has idea for poor who can't afford health insurance - Don't buy iPhones!
  142. Trump backs House Republican healthcare plan, aims to cut drug prices
  143. WikiLeaks claims publication of secret CIA hacking tools
  144. CNN/ORC poll: Most back special prosecutor for Russia investigation
  145. Has this phony wiretap story pushed Trump over the tipping point?
  146. Trump met Russian Ambassador in 2016
  147. Record numbers of Americans renouncing citizenship over tax code
  148. Sen. Feinstein Worries 'The Justice Department Could Become Politicized
  149. Ivanka Clothing Line: Record Sales
  150. Lawyer bills New York City $520,000 in hunt to find $5,000 believed stolen from campa
  151. Warning: Another Trump Failure: The GOP Health Care Plan Is in Critical Condition
  152. Trump's Worst Business Deal
  153. NRA met with sanctioned Russian
  154. Putin yanked key election operative from US Embassy DC in the nick of time
  155. These people wonder why the folks at home are pissed
  156. President Trump Nominates Ambassador to NATO ......
  157. Samsung Plans U.S. Expansion, Would Shift Manufacturing From Mexico
  158. U.S. companies added whopping 298,000 new jobs in February
  159. Warning: Sen. Tim Kaine’s son arrested: Three cops, pepper spray used in arrest near St. Paul
  160. WikiLeaks Claims 99 Percent Of Its CIA Documents Not Yet Released
  161. Standing Rock Sioux march on DC
  162. AMA rejects GOP Health Care Plan
  163. Breaking news: Marines in Syria
  164. U.S. may deploy 1,000 'reserve' troops for IS fight
  165. CIA contractors likely source of latest WikiLeaks release
  166. senators request info from justice on trump claims
  167. Democrats Paid Ransom to Russian Hackers to Keep Protester Funding Secret?
  168. Melania's Approval Ratings are On the Rise
  169. Van Jones warning on Trump ~ 'Are we normalizing the scariest villain' ?
  170. Burger-flipping robot replaces humans on first day at work
  171. How will Trump woo (R) hardliners on Healthcare Plan ?
  172. The Julian Assange Wikileaks attack on the CIA Press Conference
  173. Authorities looked into Manafort protégé
  174. Why Republicans love tax credits
  175. Draining the Swamp: Part LXXIII
  176. Republicans are angry with Spicer
  177. Well Well Well
  178. Trump to cut Energy Star Program
  179. 28 CFR 600.1 - Grounds for appointing a Special Counsel.
  180. Sessions May Appoint Outside Counsel to Investigate Obama's DOJ
  181. Warning: Clapper: 'No Evidence' Trump Campaign Aides Recruited by Russia......
  182. Ex-CIA spy credits Trump for saving her from Italian jail
  183. Man ‘armed with an AXE injures several people at Düsseldorf train station’, reports c
  184. Trump & R's super-secret plan to kill Obamacare
  185. Pelosi: I Think The Press Helped Undermine The Election......
  186. Warning: trump admin seeks to increase debt
  187. WikiLeaks offers CIA hacking tools to tech companies: Assange
  188. New Amazon Bestseller!
  189. Top U.S. Military Official Takes 'Full Responsibility' For Controversial Yemen Raid
  190. tPF D.C. Restaurant Sues Trump, Claiming 'Unfair' Competition
  191. Saudis tell U.S. oil: OPEC won't extend cuts to offset shale - sources
  192. RadioShack goes bankrupt again as Sprint tie-up fizzles
  193. Vermont Mayor Who Pushed For Refugee Resettlement Defeated
  194. Obama's Brother Tweets His Support For Trump
  195. Why the Russia Story Is a Minefield for Democrats and the Media.....
  196. (R-Kan.) Marshall ~ Poor don't take care of themselves so they don't want Healthcare
  197. Trump didn't know Flynn was a Turkish Foreign Agent
  198. Trump scoops up four more Pinocchios on jobs creation
  199. Hawaii AG ~ Trump Travel Order is specter of 'Superior Race'
  200. Warning: Congress Warns Donald Trump: Stop Deleting Your Tweets!
  201. Strong U.S. job growth, rising wages set stage for Fed rate hike
  202. Draining the Swamp - Part 945
  203. 152,528,000: Record Number of Employed in February
  204. Federal Judge to ACLU Demanding Kim Davis Pay Its Legal Fees: Um, No
  205. Paul Slams GOP Replacement Plan: It's 'Dead on Arrival' in Senate
  206. Judge Resigns After Telling Woman In Rape Trial ‘Pain And Sex Sometimes Go Together’
  207. Warning: Report: Undocumented immigrants pay billions in taxes
  208. Ethics Watchdog to White House: You’re Not Above the Law
  209. Warning: White House: CBO has no 'authority' to score health bill after botching Obamacare....
  210. Lawsuit Filed After Teen Allegedly Forced To Have Sex With 1,000 Men Over 2 Years
  211. Paris region orders French spoken on building sites
  212. Foreign property purchase to face restrictions
  213. Nonprofits Helping Illegal Immigrants Took $291 Million From Taxpayers
  214. Sberbank confirms hiring Podesta Group for lobbying its interests:
  215. Senate Intelligence Dems Admit There May Be ZERO Evidence Of Collusion Between Russia
  216. Howard Dean again
  217. Warning: I guess some people will believe anything.
  218. Good Ol' Maxine's at it Again.....
  219. Neiman Marcus Is Selling Ivanka Trump Products Again
  220. insHannity ~ Trumpfs' *Son of Sam*
  221. Intruder Breaches Whitehouse Grounds
  222. Americans just love trump!
  223. Schwarzenegger describes gerrymandering perfectly
  224. Judge denies 'stand your ground' defense in movie theater shooting
  225. Kaine: What is the justification for sending troops into syria
  226. Rape Survivor Explains Why She Supports The Second Amendment
  227. Inside Julian Assange and Pamela Anderson’s strange courtship
  228. Warning: Michael Sandford
  229. How Trump can help end the overrated ‘gig’ economy
  230. draining the swamp
  231. Dem anger at Trump could break their midterm turnout curse
  232. What should we do with al-Baghdadi if we catch him?
  233. $611,318,000,000: Individual Income Taxes Set Record Through February
  234. White House counsel Don McGhan: Big part of the most inept White House in history
  235. Cybercrime: What we SHOULD be spending our money on
  236. Warning: House Republicans would let employers demand workers’ genetic test results
  237. Intel panel wants wiretap evidence by Monday
  238. Texas Republicans drew congressional districts on racial lines, judges find
  239. Trump advisor Stone communicated with DNC hacker “Guccifer 2.0” during election '16.
  240. Warning: Trump confidant Roger Stone admits WikiLeaks collusion, then deletes ...
  241. Yes, There Is A Point In Saying That Obamacare Is Killing Rural America
  242. Students Denounced As Racist For Wearing US Flag Colors
  243. New York To Scrap Literacy Test For Teachers In The Name Of Diversity
  244. Sweden Realizes It’s Been Financially Supporting Hundreds Of Terrorists For Years
  245. After Pledging to Donate Salary, Trump Declines to Release Proof
  246. Congressional deadline arrives for DOJ evidence on Trump wiretap claims
  247. Warning: Steve King Won't Back Down From His Tweet About 'Somebody Else's Babies'
  248. Sean Spicer confronted in iApple Store ~ 'How do feel about destroying our country ?'
  249. More instances of Trumpf uniting the Nation
  250. Obama’s White House Spent $77 Million To Advertise Obamacare Last Year