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  1. Meet the man who may end gerrymandering
  2. Maryland Superintendent Calls Parents "Racist" and "Xenophobic" Over Illegal Rapists
  3. Trump White house told Nunes to block Sally Yates' testimony
  4. In the US - Solar Employs More People Than Oil, Coal, And Gas Combined
  5. Trump twists Obama's nipple... again
  6. DNC Chair Perez asks all Staffers to Resign
  7. Schock staffer was FBI informant, court filings reveal
  8. More Sean Spicer losing it ~ 'Stop Shaking Your Head !'
  9. Alabama to become electronic wasteland/desert?
  10. The Divided Left
  11. Sweden Warned Not to Return to High-Tax 70s
  12. Manafort's money laundering NYC real estate purchases
  13. Warning: LOL, to protect and serve....
  14. Trump's plan to gut Legal Aid ... hurts Trumpkins most
  15. LOL, but at least the children are safe!
  16. Warning: President Obama's Magical Time Machine strikes again
  17. First Lady Melania presenting International Women of Courage Awards
  18. Warning: Sure, let's MAGA by cutting the NIH. What could possibly go wrong?
  19. Warning: Pair involved in illegal filming of Planned Parenthood charged with 15 felonies!
  20. Bill O'Reilly apologizes to Maxine Waters
  21. T-housands S-tanding A-round
  22. Bridgegate ~ Bill Baroni sentenced to Prison
  23. Warning: Analysis: With 'Nuclear' Confrontation Brewing, Democrats offer nothing but
  24. Feds Charge State Department Official In Chinese Spy Case
  25. Judge Napolitano back on the air
  26. Top Dem Senator Is Concerned Russia Made Hillary Lose Key States
  27. Warning: How many Americans want Trump to resign ..... ?
  28. Ivankas' new Title ~ Assistant to the President
  29. From His Home in Russia, #Calexit Leader Plots California Secession
  30. California School Told To Cut Staff, Increase Class Sizes
  31. Massachusetts State Rep Caught Tipping Off Illegal Immigrants to Imminent ICE Raids..
  32. Paul Ryan against Trump working with Democrats to fix health care
  33. Trump approval rating - 35!
  34. tPF Nebraska Democrat Party: handing out voter registration forms to illegals
  35. 'Mr. Putin, did Russia (you) interfere with the U.S. Elections ? ... Read my Lips'
  36. Whitehouse gave Nunes Surveillance Reports
  37. GOP ready to go nuclear if dems filibuster Gorsuch
  38. tPF A Professor Attempts to Indoctrinate a Student But Fails Miserably
  39. tPF Republicans Considering New Obamacare Vote on Revamped Bill
  40. Minority colleges received $41 billion in tax $ over a six year period under Obama
  41. Warning: WSJ: General Flynn turns state's evidence
  42. Warning: "follow the dead bodies" witness tells senate intel committee
  43. Hillary Clinton aides had access to State Dept. after she left, says key lawmaker....
  44. Fox Niews calls bullshit on Nunes issue
  45. Connecticut considering weaponizing drones
  46. GOP pushes for 2% fee on money immigrants send home
  47. Mom watches as two sons are gunned down in restaurant
  48. Wikileaks: CIA Can Make Their Hacking Look as if It Came From Russia
  49. Armed police drones? Sure! What could possibly go wrong?
  50. New DHS Report Reveals Sanctuary Cities Are Releasing Violent Criminal Aliens.....
  51. Muslim parents protest against gay teacher at Berlin preschool
  52. Ted Yoho says Devin Nunes works for and answers to the Trump
  53. Warning: GOP lawmaker: the Bible says the unemployed shall not eat
  54. Anthem pulls the plug: No, Obamacare really is not doing well.....
  55. Michael Flynn’s Immunity Request Rejected By Senate Intelligence Committee
  56. Russia hired over 1000 anti-Clinton trolls
  57. The United States Declares War On North Korea and Kim Jung Un
  58. Chelsea Clinton warns global warming causes diabetes
  59. Seward’s Folly ~ 150 years ago today
  60. trump does more nothing
  61. Flyn hires an anti-Trump lawyer
  62. Warning: Trump Skips Out On Signing Executive Orders After Reporter’s Question About Flynn
  63. Warning: Pence's Rule to Never Dine Alone With Women Besides His Wife Is Illegal
  64. Schumer Says Trump Should Change the Nominee If Gorsuch Fails to Get 60 Votes
  65. Last Major Insurer Reportedly Plans to Abandon Most Obamacare Markets
  66. DHS Report Reveals Sanctuary Cities Are Releasing Violent Criminal
  67. Warning: WaPo Caught Red Handed In Big Lie, Tries To Quietly Overhaul Entire Piece
  68. Russian Nationalists & Putin want Alaska back!
  69. Trump Russia dossier key claim 'verified'
  70. Rahm Emanuel Invents New ID to Ensure Illegals Get Their Welfare......
  71. they're overpriced, but at least you can't count on them
  72. Warning: trump tweets again?
  73. Interesting point
  74. Mexico considers boycotting U.S. Corn
  75. Lol
  76. Border Wall Funding Solved
  77. 'bringing back blue passports'
  78. The Academy’s Assault on Intellectual Diversity
  79. What GWB REALLY thought of Trump's inauguration speech
  80. Why In the World Would Democrats Want President Trump Removed From Office?
  81. Warning: Judge sides with protesters attacked at Trump rally
  82. Bill O'Reilly's running total legal bills for sexual harassment settlements?
  83. Crowdstrike Amends Hacking Report
  84. Why I Left the Freedom Caucus
  85. Judge to Trump: No Protection for Campaign Rally Speech Inciting Violence
  86. Jeb figures out that the robots are taking jobs and that retraining lags
  87. Susan Rice Requested Unmasking of Incoming Trump Administration Officials
  88. GOP had all it can take?
  89. Terrorist-Attack in Russia
  90. Why did you fire your entire Staff, Tom?
  91. We're Taking Fewer Refugees Despite Trump's Ban Boondoggle
  92. Marketing: Carl's Junior says so long to the "Slutburger"
  93. The Far Right’s Witch Hunt Inside the Trump White House
  94. Want Medicaid coverage? A drug test should come first, Wisconsin governor says
  95. Warning: Trump Nominates Goldman Sachs "Alligator" Jay Clayton to Run SEC
  96. WikiLeaks' Assange asylum winner in Ecuador election
  97. Not if you're white.
  98. Great Truths
  99. Rand Paul Calls For Susan Rice To Testify On Unmasking Trump Officials
  100. Warning: Blackwater Clown Erik Prince tied to meetings with Russia & Trump
  101. Hey, kids, let's go to a cyborg chip implantation party!
  102. Putin Derangement Syndrome
  103. Trump the Destroyer
  104. White House to unveil new Obamacare repeal deal Tuesday......
  105. This picture hurts the heart
  106. Trump SEC Pick Jay Clayton Connected to Mysterious Firm
  107. Trump Campaign Associate Carter Page Revealed as Target of Russian Spies
  108. Jared Kushner - Boy Wonder
  109. Isn't "unmasking" Susan Rice an unauthorized release of classified info?
  110. North Korea
  111. U.S. to Review U.N.’s Peacekeeping, Human Rights Functions
  112. Rut-roh! FBI plans to create special unit to co-ordinate Russia probe
  113. No Definitive Proof Of Collusion Between Trump and Russia
  114. O’Reilly & Fox News Hemorrhaging Advertisers in Wake of Sexual Harassment Scandal
  115. Ok Folks, This Isn't Good...N. Korea Fires Missle into Sea of Japan
  116. LGBT Job Discrimination Prohibited by Civil Rights Law, Federal Appeals Court Rules
  117. Roger Stone trying to drive a wedge into the trumps?
  118. Not a Smidgen of Corruption....
  119. Socialism Frequently Leads to Dictatorship
  120. Some humans are worse than animals
  121. Key Demo Officials Now Warning Base Not to Expect Evidence of Trump/Russia Collusion.
  122. Quinnipiac: The Trump Slump Continueth
  123. Solar panels, tourist walks, and buried nuclear waste. What could possibly go wrong?
  124. Do Furries pay taxes?
  125. Spicer Nails the Left's "Russia Connection" Hysteria
  126. "Where are Hussein's WMDs, huh, huh?" SYRIA!
  127. Steve Brannon Removed from National Security Council
  128. Amid mounting evidence .. Trump cranks up the fog machine
  129. Trump loves tyrants and has little interest in promoting human rights and democracy
  130. Neil Gorsuch, plagerist?
  131. 8th Russion from the Pee Pee Papers dies
  132. Warning: House Prepares to Leave for Recess Without Health Care Deal
  133. quadruplets all accepted to yale and harvard
  134. New Georgetown Coach Patrick Ewing can't keep his son on staff
  135. Trump: The First 100 Years
  136. Chicago To Require College Acceptance To Get a Diploma
  137. One week, three more Trump-Russia connections
  138. Trump, Citing No Evidence, Suggests Susan Rice Committed Crime
  139. Nunes to step-away from Russia-Probe
  140. Gorsuch Nomination ~ Senate GOP prepares to change rules for confirmation
  141. Swalwell dares Trump: Declassify the surveillance documents
  142. Don Rickles dies
  143. Majority of Voters Want Congress to Include Clintons in Russia Investigation ......
  144. Massie Stuns CNN With Reasonable Question
  145. Top White House adviser Gary Cohn offers support for move that could break up big ban
  146. Chomsky: Dem Obsession with Russia is "A Joke"
  147. deportation schadenfreude
  148. Certainly, misogyny played a role
  149. Senate goes 'nuclear,' ends Democrats' blockade
  150. PolitiFact Retracts Positive Rating of Obama's Efforts in Syria
  151. US Weighs "Saturation Strikes" On Syrian Forces
  152. U.S. launches missiles at Syrian military targets
  153. kushner lied on security clearance forms
  154. Warning: Trump: GOP rivals want to 'start World War III over Syria'
  155. My Syrian Colleague Approves of the US Strikes
  156. Trump-Haters Miss the Big Picture on Syrian Missile Attack
  157. Many world leaders support syrian airstrke
  158. Democrat Leaders support trumps air attack
  159. C.I.A. Had Evidence of Russian Effort to Help Trump Earlier Than Believed
  160. Twitter sues US over anti-Trump account
  161. Donald Trump, who's totally not Putin's puppet, warned Russia before airstrike
  162. Irony
  163. Girl found living with monkeys in Indian forest
  164. US officials investigating possible Russian involvement in Assad chemical attack
  165. Warning: Terrorists 'Welcome' Strikes on Assad
  166. BREAKING: Neil Gorsuch Confirmed 54-45, Will Join SCOTUS Next Week.....
  167. Here are 45 times Trump said attacking Syria was a bad idea and might start World War
  168. Islamist attack in Stockholm
  169. North Korea ~ Trumps' commitment to a Nuclear Holocaust to be realized ?
  170. Enemies of the Republic
  171. Dayum, Big Jim, he plays victim REAL good! (But of course he's a Republican!)
  172. Pompeii hypothesis
  173. Mexico to grant residency to 588 stranded Cubans
  174. Today's, "Only in America" segment.
  175. Syrian Jets resume operations from Base hit by Trump
  176. It's almost as if the election of Trump has emboldened racists and morons.
  177. Indian police arrest alleged kingpin of U.S. tax scam
  178. Donald Trump's travel expenses in 10 weeks cost US taxpayers as much as Barack Obama
  179. "He said it's not the job of journalists to look for wrongdoing by police."
  180. More unhinged "media"
  181. Trump's insanity & incompetence is looming large over this special election
  182. How Republicans plan to blow up the 2020 census
  183. Boise steals 2.5 million dollar event from North Carolina
  184. Bombs Kill Dozens Of Christians On Palm Sunday In Egypt, ISIS Claims Responsibility .
  185. Syrian Survivor Praises Trump's Airstrike On CNN
  186. We Knew Assad Kept Chemicals....
  187. Civilians among 21 killed in US-led Syria strikes
  188. Boyfriend forced to watch as refugee rapes his girlfriend at knifepoint during campin
  189. Idaho: Refugee Boys Admit To Sexually Assaulting Five-Year-Old
  190. Tom Daschle: Dems More To Blame For ‘Erosion Of Institutional Pillars Of Senate’
  191. Was a server registered to Trump Org communicating with Russians?
  192. CNN Hilariously Tries to Connect Trump to Russia over Salad Dressing
  193. Trump wins trade concessions from China in first meeting: Report.....
  194. Toyota announces $1.33 billion investment in Kentucky plant
  195. Russia and Iran? Laughable idiots
  196. KGB at it again
  197. Hello Ms. Pinoccio good to see you at it again
  198. There are more Russia investigations than meet the eye
  199. Trump's Carrier deal - Part II
  200. Suspected Russian election hacker caught in Spain
  201. Donald Trump's super secret plan to destroy Isis!
  202. federal judge approves baltimore police consent decree
  203. Divorce? For what??!!
  204. Warning: San Bernardino elementary school shooting
  205. Breaking: FINALLY - Alabama's "The Love Gov" Resigns!
  206. Christians killed in Egypt
  207. Warning: United Airlines under fire after passenger dragged from plane
  208. U.S. FCC chair wants to end effort to allow cellphone use in air
  209. Extermination of Christians in Egypt Not Getting Enough Attention:
  210. Debunking Democrats' Misleading Claim on 'Unprecedented' Filibusters
  211. Ringleader pleads guilty in huge Social Security fraud scheme;
  212. UCLA religion professor attacks Trump and Pence as ‘arrogant Christians in the White
  213. Ohio woman charged with raping, robbing taxi driver
  214. Putin "very angry" - won't meet with T-Rex tomorrow
  215. The new age of Ayn Rand: how she won over Trump and Silicon Valley
  216. The Republican Old Man Of The Mountain is not pleased
  217. D.C.'s war madness
  218. Trump on a fast track to outspend Obama's entire travel tab in a single year
  219. Conservative lawmakers in 12 states want consumers to pay a ransom to access porn
  220. "It’s like they’ve gone to the Donald Trump School of Media Relations."
  221. Rolling Stone: The Speculation Over Trump-Russia Ties Is Becoming A Case Of -
  222. Warning: Barack Obama to Represent US in Berlin, Meeting with Merkel......
  223. Jeff Sessions channels Trump candidacy announcement on immigrant rapists!
  224. Spicer: Hitler 'was not using the gas on his own people the same way that Assad is
  225. Senile Ruth
  226. Democrats show their ass
  227. Warning: Anti-gay pastor who said Orlando shooting victims "got what they deserved" convicted
  228. Did Syria Bombing Give Trump a Bump in Approval?
  229. 57% of Democrats want changes to the ACA
  230. "Russia Is Preparing For Hot War"
  231. Is Carter Page a Russian Agent?
  232. J Geils dead at 71
  233. Democrats face uphill fight if Trump gets second U.S. high court pick
  234. Warning: 2 top Trump immigration advisers linked to alleged hate groups
  235. Warning: karma
  236. Kansas Republican wins congressional seat in special election
  237. Illegals that re-enter the country will be charged with a felony
  238. Ginsburg Talks About Her 'Fondness' for Scalia
  239. Migrants are being sold at open slave markets in Libya
  240. United Airlines Admits Controversial Flight Wasn’t Actually Overbooked
  241. What's Trump's plan for Syria? Five different policies in two weeks
  242. Eric Trump: 'See, the Syria bombing proves Dad has nothing to do with Russia'
  243. Church police
  244. Turns out Obama was the real Russian stooge
  245. Hmmm... sounds like the Dems are gonna copy a lot of Trump.
  246. Your move dems Russia is Trumps ally.....LOL
  247. AP Uncovers Nearly 2,000 Sexual Abuse Allegations Among UN Peacekeepers.....
  248. Paul Manafort May Register as a Foreign Agent
  249. Ex-British spy chief suggests Donald Trump may have borrowed money from Russia
  250. Warning: The first conviction for non citizen illegal voting